[Accepted]Shinji Rank Up

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[Accepted]Shinji Rank Up

Post by Izanagi » Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:23 am

Application: Shinji

Add Connections Perk

Update Height to 5'9
Weight to 153lbs

Add a second picture


Update Rank from Chunin to Special Jounin

Replace Upper and Lower Body Concentration with

[quote=Close Quarters Combat]The fundamental skill of [b][Close Quarters Combat][/b] indicates the user's proficiency to efficiently utilize martial arts and advanced combat moves involving the body, for example but not limited to, advanced kicks, grapples, advanced punches, etc.[/quote]


[quote=Medicine]The fundamental skill of [b][Medicine][/b] describes the user’s mental and physical ability to perform traditional and mainstream medicinal practices. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.[/quote]

[quote=Heavenly Body Control]The fundamental skills of [b][Heavenly Body Control][/b] cannot be mastered by those with less than 35 Taijutsu, Strength and Speed. These skills include those required to create almost ninjutsu-equivalent effects simply from the movement of one’s body such as animal shaped blasts of compressed air from especially positioned hands and other similar feats which are beyond reality. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu, and requires Taijutsu Specialist.[/quote]

Add 35 Points

Payment: C-Rank PB
Natsuki Takeo - Hokage of the Leaf
Karagata Shinjiro - Kiri Jounin; Jinchuuriki, Seven Swordsmen of the Mist
Natsuki Yozei- Konoha Chunin
Takeda Ichiro - D-Rank Waterfall Country

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Shinji Rank Up

Post by Sanjuro » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:07 am

Just be aware that with your stats as they are you cannot use Heavenly outside of Form.

Name Village Rank Color Code
Hirohito, Hideki Kirigakure Bannin #0047AB
Higurashi, Kazuo Iwagakure Special Jounin #FFC40C
Akechi, Gendo Cold Country C-Rank pink
Courtesy of SiaShow

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Shinji Rank Up

Post by Niro » Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:32 pm


Ofc you're gonna make me do actual work rather than provide a nocode D:
Kosuke [color=#DC143C]Miracle CountryC-rank
Tatsuo [color=#940839]IwaBanninTeam 18 Jousai
Kinomichi [color=limegreen]IwaGenin


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