[House] Mizutane

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[House] Mizutane

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Mizutane Clan
General Information Type: House
Village: Land of Tea
Size: Medium (3-5 Families)
Traits: Members of the Mizutane clan have raven black hair and eyes, all have an affinity to :fuuton: Fuuton.
Traditions: Training in Shinobi and Samurai arts.
Influence: While their influence is minimum, even though they are one of the oldest families in the country, it is due to a lack of desire for such influence rather than lack of ability to gain it.
History The Mizutane clan date back to the formation of Konohagakure and the creation of the Acadamy, assiting in teaching the basics of martial arts to the first generation of students. Once the acadamy and village were stable they chose not to join the village proper and instead settled in nearby Tea country. They brought with them the basics of Ninjutsu and continued to hone their swordsmanship each becoming masters of Iaido and augmenting it with the Shinobi arts.
Shinobi Information Definitions:
Requirements: All blood members of the Mizutane clan have raven black hair and eyes, as well as innate affinity for :fuuton: Fuuton. Blood members must also have at least 5 Control and 5 Chakra Pool as well as purchase all Basic Ninjutsu or attend the Academy in Konoha.

Clan Jutsu
Fuuken Style:
[Fuuken Style] combines Iaido style with Fuuton to create a style of swordsmanship unique to the Mizutane clan. Each strike is enhanced with Fuuton chakra and applies it's cutting passive effect.
[Iaido Fuuken • Vortex Draw]
C-Rank Nintai Maneuver
Prerequisite(s): 15 Speed, [Iaido • Death’s Gate].
Drawing upon the superlative speed of Iaido while channeling Fuuton into their blade, the practitioner momentarily torques the muscles in their body to draw their sword from its scabbard and deliver a blindingly fast slash before sheathing their blade. The speed of the draw combined with the channeled Fuuton results in a vortex being drawn behind the blade striking with [Control] strength and applying Fuuton passive. Properly reading this attack requires the opponent to have a Perception technique of equal or higher rank than this technique. Otherwise, they cannot accurately read the attack and will be unlikely to completely avoid the attack, if at all.

[Iaido Fuuken • Howling Winds]
B-Rank Nintai Maneuver
Prerequisite(s): 35 Speed, [Iaido • Phantom Funeral].
The superlative speed of Iaido combined with channeling Fuuton chakra, momentarily torquing the muscles in their arms, the practitioner manages slashes so fast that they spawn vacuum blades of Fuuton that follow the trajectory of their original attack. This attack spawns a single vacuum blade that travels up to a number of meters equal to [Control], and hits with [Control] Strength. If this technique is used in tangent with a melee attack, the vacuum blade strikes immediately after the original attack is finished, potentially sealing the opponent's guard and creating an opening. This technique can be used in conjunction with other techniques.

[Fuuken • Cyclone Stance]
A-Rank Nintai Stance
Channeling Fuuton and assuming the proper stance, the user raises a cloak of Fuuton chakra with [Control] strength out to a distance of [Control/5] meters. Anything of lower strength inside the cloak is pushed back to the edge plus one meter per difference in strength. Anything of equal strength is held back unable to advance. The user breaks the stance upon attacking creating a sudden explosion of wind at [Control] strength and speed, out to [Control] meters. This applies Fuuton passive.

[Iaido Fuuken • Pandemonium Draw]
S-Rank Nintai Maneuver
Prerequisite(s): 40 Speed, 25 Control, [Fuuken • Cyclone Stance].
Initiated from the Cyclone stance, the user tensions their muscles to release a super sonic attack that coalesces the chakra cloak around the blade before instantly dashing forward up [Speed] meters and delivering a devastating slash, unleashing the stored Fuuton on the target. On impact the target is encased in swirling Fuuton chakra of [Control] strength constantly slashing them for [Control/5] posts. The quasi-teleportation effect of this technique constitutes the use of one of the character's two teleportation uses per thread.
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[House] Mizutane

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