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Totem Style

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Totem Style This style of fighting seeks to emulate the movements of animals. Those skilled in its use can make quick strikes as a snake, powerful takedowns as the bear, or devastating charges as the bison. A true master will know how to combine each of these into a cohesive and dangerous combat art.
  • Requirements: One of [Perception], [Deft Hands], or [Rigid Structure]
[quote=Totem Style]This style of fighting seeks to emulate the movements of animals. Those skilled in its use can make quick strikes as a snake, powerful takedowns as the bear, or devastating charges as the bison. A true master will know how to combine each of these into a cohesive and dangerous combat art. [list][*]Requirements: One of [b][Perception][/b], [b][Deft Hands][/b], or [b][Rigid Structure][/b][/list][/quote]

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Cobra's Strikes][/b][/color]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Deft Hands][/b]
The user folds their hands over where the thumb and fingers make a cone-like point. Their defenses consist of dips and sways to dodge attacks. Their offenses are focused on pin point application of pressure using these points and lightning quick strikes.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Bear's Endurance][/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Rigid Structure][/b]
The user takes a stable stance with their arms wide and their legs slightly past their shoulders. They are turned slightly so either shoulder is facing their opponent. This stance offensively emphasizes powerful sweeping blows that are designed to break bones and cause great damage while defensively the stance focuses on resilience and forcing through to cause your own strikes to land through theirs.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Tiger's Hunt][/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
The user's stance is low and focused on fluidity. They advance with each attack given or received, dodging to the left or right rapidly but always closing the gap. Once closed they attack with rapid, if unaimed, strikes focused on overwhelming their opponent.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Turtle's Shell][/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Rigid Structure][/b]
This stance is focused on resilient defenses at the sacrifice of nearly all offensive ability. The user holds their hands open and their body perpendicular to their target. They use their strongest points to absorb incoming damage, protecting their core. Often they will grab or redirect attacks to simulate them sliding off a turtle's shell.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Balance][/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Perception][/b]
This is a neutral state that is often the start of most combat. It consists of feet spread shoulder width and arms held in a prayer-like position. They focus their senses to best understand which stances will be needed, and cleanse their habits from other stances to better emulate their next one.
[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Cobra's Bite][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Deft Hands][/b], [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Cobra's Strikes][/color][/b]
The user makes a string of rapid attacks aimed at the collarbone, throat, and shoulder. They focus more on speed than power, causing each attack to be slightly weak but still damaging and very draining. If the user has more strength than their opponent the collarbone will be broken, the shoulder severely bruised and difficult to move, and they will have trouble breathing.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Bear's Slam][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Rigid Structure][/b], [b]*[color=Darkred]Totem Style • Bear's Endurance[/color][/b]
The user charges forward in a surge of speed for momentum. When able they will bring both arms around in powerful slams to either side of their target's body. From here they will lift them up over their head before coming back down in a powerful slam against the ground. If done right their opponent will most likely have broken ribs and a shattered spine or skull.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Tiger's Pounce][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b][b]*[color=Darkred]Totem Style • Tiger's Hunt[/color][/b]
The user makes a full sprint at their target, using their legs to rapidly move to the left or right of any incoming attacks. Once there they will leap at them with full force, aiming to place themselves on top of their opponent, using their body to push them down. If this works they will unleash a flurry of strikes to take full advantage of the situation and end the fight quickly.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Turtle's Iron Wall][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Rigid Structure][/b], [b][color=Darkred]*[Totem Style • Turtle's Shell][/b][/color]
The user will use their open hands and forearms to slow the momentum of incoming physical attacks. They will then angle and push against to force the attack behind them and away. While not complex, this nearly negates all damage from physical attacks that aren't pierce of slash based.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • One With All][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Perception][/b]
The user focuses on their animal spirits and drops into a pseudo-meditative state. They focus their mind against goading and unnecessary internal distraction. While like this they have a lessened sense of self, seeing themselves as a vessel through which the animal spirits flow. However, they are more capable of switching between their stances with absolute fluidity, often doing so mid action.
[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Crushing Bear's Paw][/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][color=Darkred][b][Totem Style - Bear's Endurance][/color][/b]
Requiring great strength and amazing tenacity this move can end most matches in a single stroke. By buckling down and pitting strength against strength the adept will attempt to grapple their opponent. Once achieved the will grab any of the limbs and repeatedly slam them against the environment or any terrain, often doing so with such speed and force as to forbid any real retaliation. The final slam is done by gripping an arm and a leg, leaping into the air, and sliding the grappled target beneath them mid leap. They will then come down full force with their feet firmly planted in their target's spine. Such a display is taxing and can only last for a number of posts equal to (stamina/10).

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Furious Tiger's Claw][/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Tiger's Pounce][/color][/b]
Relying on great speed and ferocity the adept will close the distance in a series of lightning quick bounds. Once close they will unleash a flurry of attacks with little aim, but great in number. These attacks can be made with feet, head, limbs, or any other implements they might currently have. However, this assault leaves minimal to no room for a counter attack. The most powerful aspect of this assault is it's ability to be made while their opponent is on the retreat, and the seemingly impossible angles they're able to strike while still moving forward. Such a display is taxing and can only last for a number of posts equal to (stamina/10).

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Dragon's Ascension][/color][/b]
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Dragon's Divinity][/color][/b], 35 Strength
The adept can launch themselves skywards a number of yards equal to their strength. By kicking against the air with such force that they create a shockwave behind them, they can repeat these jumps off of the air itself and sustain this pseudo-flight as long as their stamina allows. They move in arcs, always falling downwards towards the end of their arc, and at a speed equal to their (strength+speed)/2 but no higher than their speed stat.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Turtle’s Total Defense][/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Rigid Structure][/b], [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Turtle's Shell][/color][/b]
A defensive skill used by the adept against even chakra based attacks. By balancing their stance and holding their arms open they ready for any and all incoming attacks. Pitting their strength, speed, and tai skill against their opponent's they aim to reflect nearly all attacks launched at them. They will strike any solid attack in such a way as to prevent cuts, pierces, or abrasion and send it towards their opponent at full force. Such a display is taxing and can only last for a number of posts equal to (stamina/10).
[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Phoenix's Birth][/color][/b]
A-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b][Perception][/b]
Reaching the point of unreal the adept is capable of focusing their mind and body to great lengths. They control the surface temperature of their skin to raise to unimaginable degrees, nearly causing them to burst into flames. They must focus for a full post but can sustain this stance for (stamina/5) posts. This heat does hurt but does not travel beyond the surface layers of their body, protecting the inner tissue. While in use the user moves constantly in wide arcs, dispersing heat rapidly to prevent too much damage.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Phoenix's Flame][/color][/b]
A-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Phoenix's Birth][/color][/b]
A quick sweep of the user's arms causes the friction heat from the wind alone to ignite and send a swath of flames in a 15m wide arc. These flames travel and strike at a speed equal to 4/5 the speed of the user out to a distance equal to 2/3 the user's strength in meters. They're intense, igniting flammable materials on contact and causing second degree burns with every connecting flame.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Phoenix's Claw][/color][/b]
A-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
[b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Phoenix's Flame][/color][/b]
The user locks their hands into a claw fashion and raises the temperature of their entire body to sweltering heights. In a powerful surge they thrust their hands forward, sending a pressurized wave of fire and air directly forward at a rate of 4/5 their speed. It strikes with a force of 4/5 their strength out to their strength in yards in a straight line. The flames are intense enough to cause combustibles to burn instantly and cause third degree burns. The user can not do this again for 2 posts else risk taking the full force of the burns to themselves.

[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Dragon's Divinity][/color][/b]
A-Rank Taijutsu Stance
[/b]Prerequisite:[/b] All previous archived stances
The adept has reached the peak of their ability, thus learned the most potent stance of this style. By focusing their body the adept is able combine the most powerful aspects of all other stances into a single fluid style. In doing so they remove the requirements for specific stances from their maneuvers.
[b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Dragon's Purity][/color][/b]
S-Rank Taijutsu Stance
[/b]Prerequisite:[/b] [b]*[color=Darkred][Totem Style • Dragon's Divinity][/color][/b], 45 Stamina
By focusing on their bodies along the adept can repair wounds and purge impurities from their body. This requires them to remain absolutely motionless for the duration of their meditation. They are fully aware of their surroundings and can defend themselves, but doing so ends the effects immediately. The adept can seal wounds slowly, focusing on one injury at a time. Minor wounds would require [1] post, Moderate wounds would require [2] posts, Extensive wounds would require [3] posts, and Critical wounds would require [4] posts for individual injuries to heal.

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