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Ochiba Style

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Ochiba is a weapon style originating from the fire country, one of the few weapon styles developed by Shinobi and not Samurai. Ochiba translate as “Dead Leaf” As it is a weapon style that focuses on the use of a Kunai which are similar in appearance to a leaf. The kunai is held in a reversed manner, the handle comes up by the thumb and the blade comes down by the bottom of the hand. This allows for short, yet quick strikes and parries. Though this style is developed to use a kunai it can be transposed to other short weapons such as ninjato & tanto, though not all techniques will be available.
Requires: Deft Hands and Sword Weapons
*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Single Finger Draw[/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Utilizing this Maneuver, the user is able to quickly draw a kunai from its holster. This is done by placing their finger through the lip of the holder and into the ring of the pommel, flicking it up and out quickly, having the kunai in the user’s hand within an instant.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Oaken Defense[/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Speed
A technique that specializes in fighting Samurai and equalizing the battle field. The user will wait for their target to attack, and will quickly counter this by gliding the blade of their kunai onto the opponent's blade. The user will quickly move in towards their opponent while also sliding their kunai closer and closer to the opponent's hilt. This will force the angle of their blade to be raised and leaves the opponent wide open for attack.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Dance Detour[/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Speed
A technique that relies highly on speed, much like a floating leaf being swept away by the wind, the user will attempt to slap away any incoming melee strikes or projectiles with their kunai. The average of the user's speed and strength needs to be higher than the strength the projectile was thrown at, using the momentum of their own speed to deflect the strike.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Extending Branch[/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 8 Taijutsu
Using extremely quick thinking, if the user attempts to land a hit but their kunai is just short of hitting their target, they can very quickly spin the kunai on their finger, effectively extending its reach by a few inches.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Round and Round[/color][/b]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will start by performing an extremely quick and powerful slash aimed at the target, and then continuing with that movement, they will spin themselves around and follow up with a powerful roundhouse kick.
*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Somersault Assault[/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user awaits for an attack by the enemy, baiting them into aiming for their head. When the opponent strikes they will take a step back in order to dodge, crouch down, and run at the target. If they successfully get to their target, the user will then attempt to land a few quick slashes with their kunai, do a backbend, and flip their legs back to get away from the opponent. While doing this, they will also try to slam their feet into the opponent’s jaw.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Guerilla Warfare[/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
The user has become a master at movement and energy expenditure being able to make the best of quick movements while also being able to maintain awareness and escape from a sticky situation. They utilize the utmost of their speed to make every movement count, and can create quick formulated movements that are efficient.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Leaf Duster[/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
The user will place their middle finger through the pommel of the kunai, gripping it so the blade hangs out of the side of the palm, using the weapon as a knuckleduster. The user will keep their hands up to protect the face in this stance as they prepare for maneuvers mostly hand to hand based, but blades at the ready should they need them. Any physical punches used with this technique will add blunt damage.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Blinding Leaf[/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Speed
Utilizing their kunai as a throwing weapon, the user sprints at their opponent and when they are less than a meter away, whilst sprinting, they will toss their kunai directly at their target’s face. If the attack is done correctly, it will simultaneously blind the target by blocking the majority of their vision and distract them. Also, it creates the appearance that the user is actually thrusting with the kunai instead of releasing it, allowing them the opportunity to strike.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Spare Ribs[/color][/b]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
A simple, yet effective strike. Often used in correlation with Ochiba • Oaken Defense, however not required. The user simply needs to be up close, they will swing their kunai in a horizontal motion towards their opponent's rib cage, aiming for the cavities between the ribs and damaging any organ behind it. The user will then turn the kunai, breaking the rib if their strength is 5 higher than the opponents and even has a chance of separating it entirely from the rib cage.
*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Relent[/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will begin by dashing around the opponent, so they are facing their back. They will then deliver a very fast slice from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, effectively making all arm movements intensely painful. While doing that, with their leg, the user will deliver a powerful kick aimed at the back of their knee. This is to get the opponent down to one knee. The target's strength must be 10 higher than the user's to resist the buckle. Once they are on their knee, the target will be open to a variety of attacks.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Tendon Tension[/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 25 Speed
A technique that relies heavily on speed, the user lowers themselves down taking a loose stance, rocking back and forth on their tip toes. The user will slice the target's ankle from the front to the back, adding more power as it reaches the achilles tendon. This will likely cut it completely making the tendon useless.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Last Mistake[/color][/b]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
When fighting a sword user, the user tries to bait the opponent into performing a slash with their weapon. Expecting it to come, the user will quickly block the strike with their kunai, stopping the momentum of the attack. The user will then open up their hand and allow the kunai to loosely hang on their finger. Then, the user will try to grab onto the wrist of the opponent and quickly pull them to the ground, and also kicking at the target's front foot, pushing it towards their back one, weakening their footing and making them easier to topple. While doing so, the user’s free hand will be placed on the opponent’s back, trying to aid in pushing the target to the ground or at least stagger them. While the opponent is falling forward, or is staggered, the user will very quickly grab onto their kunai and thrust it forward into the opponent’s chest, usually the heart or lungs.
*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Dance of The Devil[/color][/b]
A-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 30 Speed
Though often used in correlation with Ochiba • Single Finger Draw it is not a requirement, as long as the kunai is already withdrawn. The user will lower themselves down and side step thrusting upwards and cutting the targets hamstrings, making their legs useless so they fall to the floor. In a fluid motion, they will pirouette to the opposite side and slice the targets throat as they are falling. If the targets taijutsu+instinct/2 is less than the user’s speed, they won’t see the user move until it’s too late.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • When The Last Leaf Falls[/color][/b]
A-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 30 Speed & Ochiba • Blinding Leaf
The user starts by using the Blinding Leaf technique to get in close to their opponent and distract them. While the kunai is moving towards the opponent’s head, the user will slam their elbow into the solar plexus of the opponent, pushing their body back and doing intense damage to their ribcage. After that, in a split second, they will catch their kunai, and very quickly deliver a series of stabs across the opponent’s stomach and chest.

*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Leaf in a Gale[/color][/b]
A-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 35 Speed
The user will start by getting in close to their opponent. The user will constantly side step, perform cartwheels and jump around the opponent, making themself an extremely difficult target to hit. While doing this, the user will deliver a flurry of stabs and cuts along the opponent’s body. This jutsu is very useful in dealing lots of damage to an opponent while still being left unscathed unless the opponent is fast enough to keep up with you.
*[b][color=#60C659]Ochiba • Blur of The Autumn Storm[/color][/b]
S-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: 40 Speed
The user will get into a low stance, with one foot set far behind the other, and all weight put on the back foot in order for explosive speed. The user’s hands will be right next to the user’s face, one clutching a kunai the other open palmed for versatility. In this stance, the user’s focus is speed and unpredictability. Every move they make will become a blur, making their exact movements impossible to make out, but the user will be visible during the very start and end of each movement. Those unfortunate enough to have a taijutsu+instinct/2 below the speed of the user will be affected by this.

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