Hunting Missing Ninja

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Hunting Missing Ninja

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The shinobi world is cut throat, and shinobi hunt each other on a daily basis. With this means Missing-Nin may hunt Village Nin, Village Nin may hunt Missing-Nin, and Missing-Nin may hunt other Missing-Nin. This is based on how many stats determine who can hunt who. We also have a few rules regarding limitations on hunting, as well as a guide on how it works. Hunts can involve many things such as stealing a legendary item off a person, unsealing a special spirit they have, or just in general to intimidate and spy on a person.

Base Rules
  • Shinobi may only hunt those within 20 stats of their own.
  • A hunter must perform a number of info threads before they can proceed with the hunt, this is based off of the hunted's stat table. The higher the stats, the less info threads required. The table is provided below this list.
  • Info threads can be waived if the hunted permits the hunter to do so.
  • When invading a thread, those that are indirectly involved in the hunt must state whether they are "death enabled" or not. This clarifies whether the hunter can kill them, and whether they can kill the hunter. Declaring one self not "death enabled" does not prevent the hunter from hurting or maiming.
  • After initiating the fight thread, if the hunter does not post within 2 weeks of the hunted at any time the hunt is called off and the hunted escapes while the hunter must re-initiate the info threads if he seeks to continue his hunt. Same goes for the hunted however they will be mod killed if they do not post. (Exceptions will be given for appropriate reasons.)
  • Henchmen and companions of the hunted are free-game as well to the hunter unless the hunted specifically state they are not present and nor will be.
  • Please note this is a standard layout for all hunting procedures, but if agree'd upon between two parties it can be changed as long as they both agree.
  • The hunted may bring in as many partners to defend them in the hunt as they wish as long as they are within 20 stats of the hunter. The hunter target in response may bring in as many partners equivalent to the hunted as he wishes that are within 20 stats of the hunted. Those already in the thread do not count as "partners." (Partner's constitute as consistent groupings between shinobi. It is mod discretion whether or not it constitutes as a partnership.)
  • If someone takes direct hostile actions against a player, org, or village (Meaning invasion, espionage, sabotage or theft), that target can respond to the threat by initiating a hunt regardless of stat difference, however for every 20 stats beyond the usual hunting guidelines adds an extra info thread requirement.
  • Please NOTE, Minor Country Characters fall under these rules as well and use the Missing-Nin rules.
  • Village Nin can hunt other Village Nin however this must be approved by a standing Kage of the village or the OOC before it can be done. From there the hunter will follow the rules a Missing Nin does for hunting a Village Nin.

Stat Table and Info Threads
40-100 StatsC-Rank PB: 4 Info Threads Required
101-180 StatsB-Rank PB: 3 Info Threads Required
181-280 StatsA-Rank PB: 2 Info Threads Required
281+ StatsS-Rank PB: 1 Info Thread Required

Village-Nin hunting a Missing-Nin
  • After the Village-Nin has completed all of his/her info threads they are given one chance to invade the Missing-Nins next threads, regardless of open, closed, PB, or social status.
  • Alternatively they may also post a fight thread for the hunted to post in within the next two week. (Exceptions may be applied to those with a reasonable excuse).

Missing-Nin hunting a Village-Nin
  • Village-Nin are only huntable after they have passed 160 stats, prior to that they cannot be hunted by Missing-Nin.
  • A Missing-Nins info threads should be visiting previous places of a Village-Nins outside the village missions, or gathering info from outside sources.
  • After the Missing-Nin has completed all of his/her info threads they are given one chance to invade the Village-Nins next threads outside of the village, regardless of open, closed, PB, or social status. This is the primary way of a Missing-Nin initiating the fight.
  • Alternatively the Missing-Nin may post a fight thread of which the Village-Nin can respond to, but the Village-Nin is in no way required to respond to this thread.

Missing-Nin hunting another Missing-Nin
  • Because Missing-Nin do not have a hold of bingo books they are in possession of another thing which are black market bounties. This allows Missing-Nin to hunt any Missing-Nin that stats are 160+ they so desire. Any thing below that ranking is off limits unless they have met prior. This goes for lower ranked shinobi (D-B) that wish to hunt similar ranked shinobi.
  • After the hunting Missing-Nin has completed all of his/her info threads they are given one chance to invade the hunted Missing-Nins next threads regardless of open, closed, PB, or social status.
  • Alternatively the Missing-Nin 1 may post a fight thread for the hunted to post in within the next two week. (Exceptions may be applied to those with a reasonable excuse).

Bounties Bounties are awarded to characters who have successfully completed a hunt against another. The total awarded to those who successfully hunt another character are determined by their over all point accumulation total. This is the second number next to a characters current usable point total on the right hand side.
  • A character is awarded 25% of the hunted character's total point accumulation number for winning the hunt, whether it ends in the hunted captured or killed. For example if the hunted were to have a total point accumulation of 200, the hunter character would derive 50 points from winning. This is applied to all different types of hunting, VN on MN, MN on VN, and MN on MN.
  • Village OOCs and Kages may add additional rewards for certain bounties on a scale of 1-30 points.
  • Bounties are always rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • A bounty can only be claimed if the target is captured alive or killed.

Looting Characters are able to loot [loot means to successfully end/leave a thread with a stolen item] items off of other characters with no additional cost attached to acquiring the item once looted. If members are deemed to be colluding with each other to unfairly trade an item, the moderating staff will take appropriate action in removing the item, not allowing it to be transferred, deeming the thread non-canon, charging the new owner the full price of the item or any other action that is deemed worthy by staff. Once looted, the looter must post a modification with both the looter and looted's applications so their equipment can be updated, with the thread where it occurred serving as payment.

If you need help, private message Niro, Valkier, or the nearest online Moderator.


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