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Minor Announcements List

Post by Niro » Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:26 pm

Denjiton has been nerfed after staff was alerted to how strong it had become. Below are the following changes:
  • Remove damage effects, it only affects chakra. No more nausea/body tremors, etc.
  • Str of Jutsu vs Control of Jutsu, if Str is more than Con it breaks down the jutsu.
  • Control of the jutsu required for the stat battle is assumed to be equal to the jutsus rank unless there is a prereq on the jutsu for another Control amount, or if the jutsu is continuously channeled the Control used is the users actual Control.
  • Increased chakra cost of continuous jutsu (e.g S/T, Sankaton)
  • Remove Tai Spec limitation
The clan has been edited to accommodate the changes. Any Ishiguro are free to swap out their jutsu with the new versions.
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