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Coming Changes

Post by Ace Trainer » Fri Jan 08, 2021 5:54 pm

Hello all,

So I made a "short" informal announcement on the discord about the state of affairs and everything with the change in leadership, and kind of where NSRP is going. The short is the past year or so has not been great for NSRP, and I think that falls on many shoulders but especially mine. I'm hoping to start rebuilding a bit and getting NSRP back to the place we all know and love. While its going to take a bit of work from the staff, they are all vocal in their desire to help and ideas they have for change. Right now, those changes are in discussion.

We have no intent to do any sort of major overhaul or revamp. Everyone is revamp-ed out so to speak, and while there may have been some changes that didn't work out with the recent revamp, we feel the underlying framework that was used -- particularly the changes in stats, ninjutsu, concentrations and pyramids -- were in the right direction and should be useable moving forward.

Right now, staff is looking to identify points of issue, contention, imbalance, and "choke" points that slow down the process and cause a loss of motivation. The Great War Event that is going is a stop gap, as previously discussed, to keep everyone entertained and busy without having to rely on any sort of rules or rulings that might change, while also keeping the general story on NSRP moving forward. While we don't want to do a complete reset, the general impression that I got from the staff is that the potential for a clean slate would be appreciated, and a timeskip is a good opportunity to at least emulate that.

In the mean time, we will be entering "open season" for revamps, redos, modifications, and adaptations until the end of April (this is a tentative date and may be extended). What this means is that you will be able to freely make changes under the pretext of adapting to any rule changes that you feel you need to adapt to. It will work similarly in the fact that you won't be able to just get stuff for free, but it will be less of an overhaul as we have done in the past. If a rule change doesn't effect your character, you can carry on. If it does, you can update and change things around accordingly. We are aiming to minimize the impact the changes will make to existing characters, and instead adapt in a way that lets things simply move forward, but we appreciate the understanding in that some people may have to adapt to things as they change.

Questions, concerns, suggestions and thoughts are always welcome here, on the discord, or to me privately. Thank you all.
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