Phase 2: Genjutsu, Companions, Country Ranks, and more

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Phase 2: Genjutsu, Companions, Country Ranks, and more

Post by Ace Trainer » Sun Feb 28, 2021 7:08 pm

Alright, next round of updates upcoming. See below, let me know if you have any questions, you know the deal.


The major change is the update to genjutsu. There were some things that were clarified, and some things changed entirely. One thing that needed to be underscored is that - as you will see further down this announcement - a gap of WP of 10 or less is manageable, and that the impact of genjutsu on a taget is a sliding scale based on the gap between the users WP and the target. This means that while you'll be trapped in a genjutsu, you don't necessarily feel the full effects. We hope this clarification will help reduce the stigma against having less than 50 WP. For status genjutsu, the effects of the technique will be stronger or weaker depending on the gap, so a status genjutsu that makes you depressed may make someone absolutely distraught with a larger gap, but only slightly upset with a small gap. In the case of illusions, this mean the hypnotic effect of the illusion may not be as strong, so while you may not have enough willpower to kai the technique, you'll have a neasier time recognizing when something is fake which may help in defending against it.

Additionally, while the [Control] requirements will remain as is, the [Willpower] requirement for breaking genjutsu will no longer be higher than the caster’s [Willpower], but instead higher than the caster’s [Willpower]-5. This includes the removal of the concentration debuff genjutsu currently has. However, if you are able to kai from a genjutsu, if you kai from the genjutsu too quickly, you will suffer from a Will Power debuff, depending on the rank of the genjutsu. This means that ther may be some scenarios where it makes sense to simply endure a genjutsu rather than make yourself more susceptible to them. You will be able to see the full details of this in the genjutsu rules.

Country Ranks

This was already explained in [Here], but I just wanted to reiterate, countries will now be ranked, which gives a general idea of their relative strength compared to other countries, and what you may or may not be able to get away with in them. The rank also impacts the cost associated with establishing a headquarters or outpost in that country.

Power Ranks vs Village Ranks

We're going to make a small change to the rank structure, introducing instead "Power Rank" and "Village Rank", for missing ninja, this will be your "Power Rank" and "Bingo Book Rank", your power rank is based off of your stat total, while your village & bingo book rank are based off of the leave assigned to you by the village. For most characters, these will mostly be the same, but in some cases there may be situations where you grow dramatically in strength, but are not granted a higher rank for a variety of reasons. More importantly, the payment for ranking up, and the earning of a perk, is determined by your power rank not by your village rank.

Kekkei Genkai Splicing Drains

If you have a kkg implanted on you, or have receive a gene splice for a kkg, there is a flat -5 CP drain attached to it. In appropriate circumstances, this can be exchanged for a -5 End drain with staff approval.

Org RP to Ryo
Orgs have had like 5 different iterations and ways of obtaining things. With the hope that Ryo is the last iteration, we're wanting to get everyone on the same page. So there are a few different ways to convert.

If they have Resource Points, that just can translate directly into Ryo.
If they only have PBs, then they get 5 Ryo per PB rank (5 D, 10 C, 15 B, 20 A, 25 S).
If you have threads or missions, they pay out directly to what the threads or missions paid out for.

Clarification on Stat Gaps
This has oft been said, but the stat rules are being updated to explicitly state the following:
As a frame a reference, a stat difference from 1 to 9 is still considered manageable. Oftentimes, stat gaps in this range are able to be overcome with the other stats, good techniques, and good roleplaying. For example, if you have 7 less strength than someone, and you're in a grapple with them, you may still be able to overcome them if you have a specific technique for grappling, or if your endurance is much larger than theirs.

Companions are getting a slight update given concerns about the cost for companion slots, so we are bringing back the companion master ability, and we are also adding a Natural Leader Concentration, which is essentially a mini version of companion master. We're also moving henchmen around a little, and creating two new types of henchmen. While this isn't changing the standard henchman by much, the two new types (Mercenaries & Dynamics) are slightly advantageous for different reasons.


Salt Release is being change ever so slightly, to make it so that the endurance drain it imposes can be undone via exposure to water, or treatment with a burn healing iijutsu technique.

I think thats everything. Will take me a couple of days to actually go through and update the rules, but let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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