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Newbie new!

Post by Chiaki » Sun Apr 24, 2022 7:58 pm


My name is Amy and I can't wait for you to meet Chiaki!

I've been RPing on and off with another site which is now dead :( but I am excited to join your community and RP with you folks!

Thank you for having me, and take care of me please!

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Newbie new!

Post by Zao » Mon Apr 25, 2022 8:03 pm

Welcome to Saigen!

Hope you enjoy your stay. :D
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Newbie new!

Post by Valkier » Tue Apr 26, 2022 5:09 pm

Any questions please ask away, there's usually a few of us around the discord
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Newbie new!

Post by Chiaki » Wed May 04, 2022 7:18 pm

My this is awesome this May event.
Alright, down to business, with the funhouse post.
Yes, I think that this might be a bit silly, but the premise seems to be fun.
This sort of an exercise in writing really brings out people's creativity and I used to use it when I was a teacher.
Heated arguments would take place in class when people completed the assignment, but did it in an unconventional way.
Everyone got into the spirit of things by the time that the writing prompts were done though, so it seems like a good way to get someone to commit to a good environment.
Forced writing prompts make us think outside the box, and inspire creativity in ways that we wouldn't normally seek them;
Or perhaps are a secret to becoming better writers ourselves through mimicking a certain constraint such as haiku or villainelle.
Recall: it is the limitations of our language that make writing beautiful, because each sentence can be interpreted in infinite ways.
Compliance with some limitations leads to sparks in ideas, and even genres in less constraining circumstances.
Even if you don't comply 'all the way'. It still sets your mind to thinking about things that you wouldn't normally.
Being present for your writing, such as figuring out what letter you're beginning each sentence with is especially metacognitive.
Even if you try to make it cohesive, sometimes it fails.
Welcoming a different perspective or narrative is a good way to broaden your scope and grow as a writer.
Intentionally limiting your scope can also help hone your skills.
Then you can pinpoint a certain mood, emotion, expression, detail, or even sensory image that you've been working on.
Heavy topics can also become lighter if set to a different tune.
Youth can be captured in writing in a whimsical way, as can the nostalgia of yesteryear.
Of course, there are other topics which might be trivialized by this use of whimsy.
Utilize all your tools, and don't be afraid to let the force be with you.



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