Guess I should make it official

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Guess I should make it official

Post by Aes Sedai » Tue Jun 28, 2022 6:12 pm

I've had a couple different people approach me lately asking when I'll be back, or if. To be honest I thought people knew and I was avoiding making an official post as I didn't want to risk causing any issues or coming off dramatic. I didn't realize that instead to most people I just vanished.

My apologies, I really did think people knew.

I'm sorry, but this departure isn't a break, I really am gone. This is permanent. I even put in the deletion of my old discord account today. I've already deleted my pinterest folders of my characters, eventually I'll get around to deleting my imgur folders too. (So if you weren't aware, again I'm sorry, and if I'm hosting your images you should snag them now)

I'm sorry, I really did think people knew. I'm walking away from NSRP completely. I'm rethinking who I am, I've been learning a lot about me lately...

Part of that, a huge part, is that Katya is gone. The name itself is dead to me. Many of you know that the name is just what I call myself online, it just doesn't feel right anymore, and its not longer what I go by either.

A few people know how to get a hold of me now, how to find me. I've updated user preferences here so you can email me from the board, I think I got that updated right. Otherwise, ask around. If you're interested in staying in touch outside of NSRP things, as real friends, you're more than welcome to, though I suspect I've already gotten the ones that want to. I hope I haven't missed anyway.

Goodbye, Saigen. It's been a crazy 10+ years.


Edit: If allowed, I'd like any points remaining on any of my characters to be split among currently active weapons and jinch holders... in my leaving, drop them a shot in the arm for me, will you, mods?
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Guess I should make it official

Post by Principal » Thu Jun 30, 2022 5:51 am

I will miss you n Ty
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Guess I should make it official

Post by Valkier » Tue Jul 05, 2022 4:03 pm

Sad to see you go, we've had some good times and I'd hoped for many more. Hope you find another place to be happy and enjoy.

No problem @ the donation to current hosts + weapon holders. I've done a quick search of all your characters I've found and will split the ryo (822) into a nice 46ryo boost for each of the 18* recipients
*18 because several of the jinches also own legendary objects, so we're splitting it evenly among viable characters rather than doubling up for some who qualify twice.
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