Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

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Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

Post by Golnax » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:22 pm

Aight so. It's ya boi, back at it again with the pokemans.

2020. What a fuckin' year, eh? And let's not discredit how shitty 2019 was either. Just... goddamn. Which of course explains why I haven't made an update for this whole thing since 2018.

Well it's 2 years later, we're in the middle of a global pandemic and I just remembered that this exists. So, we're back at it again I suppose and we're doin' it live with as much gusto as I can muster, which is admittedly not a lot but here we are.

This is a link to the nuzlocke thus far, I advise you go refresh your memory on it before continuing onwards.


Additionally, having posted that, I would respectfully ask that other people don't hijack this thread for their own challenges if they so choose to start/continue them. Keeps things better organized.

Without further adue, let's continue on. I'll post what I do next after this post, but do know that the first thing I'm going to do, after getting on the game and seeing where I was, is leveling everyone up to level 20 because I lost a lot of friends the last time around I did this and I'm not mentally prepared to lose any more. So for the first big chunk of this I'm just gonna be grinding everyone up.

Stay tuned.
Gojira the Croconaw
Queen Marchesa the Nidorino, female
Archimedes the Hoothoot
IFO the Magnezone
Cerberus the Arcanine
Kunimitsu the Scyther
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Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

Post by Golnax » Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:24 pm

So while grinding, I ran into this guy outta nowhere.

Sharpedo is cool I guess. I've trained I think one before? He was a pretty solid offensive option. But considering that we have Gojira and Tristen both as solid water types I don't feel too bad about missing out on the buttless shark.

So we got everyone leveled up to 20 except for Queen Marchessa who got boosted to 21 because, as we found out going back into this, Archimedes is kind of our weak link in the team. He's great for catching new friends because he has hypnosis but with only tackle and peck as offensive moves, he's not hitting anything hard just yet. Thankfully once he got to 20 he evolved, so we've got that going for us which is nice.

With everyone leveled up and evolved we headed into Goldenrod city to do some exploring... because I have no idea where we're at in the story. I think we're going to run into Team Rocket again soon? Maybe? Something about a radio station? I don't know...

We did some exploring around Goldenrod. Found the department store, everything's way to expensive, found Bills' moms' house, and then we ran into Bad Bitch Lyra again.

She graced us with a fashion case before mercifully being on her way and we were allowed to explore some more, finding a bunch of trainers and proceeding to kick their asses. They didn't even have anything special, so it was basically free money. I did notice that the highest level trainer pokemon I ran into was 11, so... we might have over leveled a little bit. Oh well.

We finished exploring around and didn't really find anything of interest, found that the gym leader was at the radio tower and noticed the obvious Team Rocket guy hanging outside of there as well and pretty much knew that that's where we needed to go to progress the story. However. Instead of doing that we decided to head up to Route 35 to battle some more trainers and catch a new friend. Our roster is only 5 right now and the pokemon we have in the box aren't really all that great. Plus, being over leveled, I figured that we could catch someone who's under leveled and keep them out front to gain some free EXP.

So we fought some trainers whose pokemon weren't actually all that far behind our own, spared a couple and found a patch of grass where we would find our next friend, who turned out to be...

An Arcanine! Oh hell yeah! Finally a chance to catch a fire type! I did my best to be careful while catching this guy 'cause I really, really, REALLY didn't want to kill it. Thus, as delicately as I could, I did my best to catch him. And... I'm gonna be honest. I used a save state here for one very important reason: Arcanine knows Roar. Which meant that there was a chance he would just yeet us off into the wild and ruin our chance at catching him. Frankly? I feel like that's kinda shit. So what I ended up doing is just reloading the state and trying to catch him on the first ball over and over again before he could use Roar. Is that cheating? A little bit. It's 2020 though cut me some slack :V

Let me be clear as well, this Arcanine was not easy to catch even doing this. I went through nearly half of my balls and used my only ultra ball, unsuccessfully, before finally managing to catch this big doggo in a regular pokeball of all things, so if nothing else I'm paying for using a save state by having to go buy more pokeballs. But, in the end we caught him on a lucky streak when we could put him to sleep and he just didn't use Roar. Archimedes took like 3 Fire Fangs like a champ. Everyone, say hello to Cerberus.

Truth be told I can't remember ever training an Arcanine before, so this should be nice. Not only do we finally have a fire type but one that I've never played with before. Hype, hype. Bold natured and quick tempered indeed you little shit >:V Oh and look, he was holding a TM as well. Reflect, weirdly enough. We took that off of his paws and gave him that charcoal we picked up ages ago, so now he'll do a lot of fire damage. Cerberus joins Gojira and IFO in the "we have items that make our STAB moves better" club. Also, upon reading his pokemon entry it became clear why he's called the legendary pokemon. It specifically says "Chinese pokemon" in the entry which is weird 'cause China doesn't exist in pokemon, but as a meta context it makes sense once you look at Arcanine and realize that it's based on those Fu dog statues. You know the ones, the weird lion dog things that sometimes have an orb under their paw (If they're supposed to be male). Arcanine's design is based off of those which I never knew before. The more you know.

Anyways we headed back to the pokecenter, healed up, put Cerberus out front and then went back to deal with the stragglers as well as see who else we could have caught on route 35. There was one trainer that actually gave us a bit of trouble with their fucking miltank.

The set up on this thing was actually kinda genius and I hate it. It knew the following; Defense Curl, Bide, Milk Drink, and I don't actually remember what the last move was. But, Miltank is tanky as I'm sure you all know which meant that even a super effective double kick did hardly anything to dent this things' health. So it'd just use bide, let me attack, which I'd only do once to not get OHKO'd, then when it was low on health use Milk Drink and occasionally Defense Curl so that it was even harder to kill. Just... god damn. Props to that trainer, that miltank is wicked solid.

Still kicked their ass tho.

We ran into Crobat, who could have been cool I guess. Possibly a replacement for Archimedes if he died. Crobats are fast little fuckers, and I've never trained one before so there was that as well. They're all around just a pretty solid pokoemon from what I remember. Still glad we ran into Cerberus first though.

We found an Iron Plate, which is cool I guess. If we ever come across someone who uses a steel type move or two, they can join the club with IFO, Gojira and Cerberus.

Yet another starter we missed out on. Mudkip honestly might have been preferable to an arcanine. Maybe. I do love me some fire types, and we've got an over abundance of water types right now, but... c'mon. It's mudkip. Mudkip would have been siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Ah, oh well.

Found another TM, which is cool and all. Might teach this to someone at some point, idk.

Found an exeggcute by headbutting a tree. Exeggcute would have actually been nice, we don't have any grass types and we don't have any psychic types either even though Archimedes can learn some psychic moves. Would have been a nice type filler in the party. Still would have taken Cerberus over it tho.

After heading up past Route 35 we found the National aprk, but I decided against heading into the grass just yet for 2 reasons. The first was this is a thursday, meaning that there's a bug catching contest thingy that I can apply for and I'm going to. I decided that since the contest is its' own separate thing during one day of the week (pretty sure it's just one day, any ways) that I was going to treat it as a separate encounter entirely. This means that I'll technically catch 2 pokemon from the national park, but I'm going to medigate that slightly by doing the following. If you'll recall, there's 2 distinct patches of grass in the National Park, one short and one tall. For the purposes of the bug catching contest I'll only go into the short grass, while for the free roam I'll go into the tall. This way each instance is completely separated from each other. As best as possible anyways. Just so we're all on the same page.

Oh hell yeah, Dragon Pulse is a dope move. Soon as I have someone who can use it I'll teach 'em this. Maybe Gojira can? Lemme check...

Nope. But Cerberus can apparently. Tempting. Tempting. I'll keep it in mind for now (or at least try to) and come back to that later. If no one else comes along who is more deserving, sure. Cerberus can have a little dragon pulse. As a treat.

We headed out of the park after picking that up and went to talk to the contest guy in order to try and get our pokemon off of the contest. Low and behold:

Aw hell yeah. Scyther is fuckin' siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Love me a good Scyther, and he's a bug type which we don't have. That means we really, really want this boy. Especially since I think we might have a metal coat that we could use to evolve him potentially. After giving him a good bite that got him down to the yellow we threw some balls at him and badda bing badda boom, we caught a scyther. But we're not able to nickname him just yet. Gotta finish the contest first, but I won't be catching anything else. Every other pokemon will just get bit to death by Cerberus. Let's see who else we could have had.

Pfffffffft. A weedle. Next!

A beedrill. Nice. This is the third bug pokemon that I've run into in a row, which makes me wonder if the bug catching contest isn't actually affected by the randomizer? It's possible. Either way, we're happy that we ran into Scyther first.

Definitely not affected by the randomizer. Butterfree is a monster in nuzlocke challenges for catching new friends because of all the different status effects it can inflict, but. Scyther.

That was really all that there was to catch of note. We finished the contest and got second place, winning an ever stone and getting to nickname our new friend. I've been playing a lot of Tekken 7 lately, and I don't know if you guys know this or not, but Season 4 just came out along with a returning character. With that in mind and the pokemon description of how fast Scyther is supposed to be, we had the perfect nickname for her. Everyone, say hello to Kunimitsu.

We went back to the pokecenter and switched Tristen out for Kunimitsu for party balance reasons. Having two water types is never all that smart. With our latest friend and having done quite a bit of exploring and grinding, we decided it was time to actually progress in the story a bit and so we headed to the radio tower with our new friend. Before doing that though we took a quick peak at what TMs we had to see if we could teach Kunimitsu anything neat. Ultimately I decided to teach her Roost because the thought of having a Scyther that can heal itself just seemed right.

We found Whitney in the radio tower taking a quiz to win a radio. We took it ourselves and got the answers, then Whitney left to head back to the gym. Seeing as how we couldn't go any higher in the tower for now the gym was the logical place to go. So we went, and we started heading for Whitney with a team full of spunk and a fistful of grit. We cut our way through the gym trainers without any issue. I got spooked for a second when one of the trainers sent out a seel that knew Ice Shard, a super effective move against Kunimitsu, but when I saw it only did 10 damage I wasn't worried any more. After we took care of the corneys it was time for the main event: Whitney.

She started off by sending out a level 17 Snover which made a hail storm. Not the worst thing in the word but definitely bad news for Kunimitsu here. If only we had an answer for this. If only there was some way to combat this snowy threat, some sort of dog to take a hot piss all over this snow covered tree so to speak. Just a real hot dog...

Yeah we took it down in one shot when we switched out to Cerberus. Thanks 4x effected STAB fire move~

Next she wanted to send out a Shuckle. Which. Was. Bad. News. You do not fuckle with the shuckle. Shuckle can turn your world upside down if it wanted to. Shuckle is more powerful than Arceus! We did the sensible thing, though, and kept Cerberus in since he one shotted the last guy after all. It took 3 shots rather than 1, a testament to Shuckle's sheer might even in the hands of a pissant trainer like Whitney, but we beat 'im, and we beat 'er, giving us our third gym badge.

And that's where I decided to call it for the day. Having caught 2 new friends and a clear avenue of where to head to next, Route 36, to catch even more friends and help Kunimitsu grow even more, it's time for a break. A lot happened this time around and, thankfully, we lost no friends. Fingers crossed we can keep that trend up from here on out.

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Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

Post by Golnax » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:40 pm

So after we got the plain bade we headed to the department store so that we could stock up on items. Mostly pokeballs since we now have access to Great and Ultra balls, but our stock of regular balls was getting low too. We bought some potions as well and, most importantly, got our stock of antidotes up to 5. I don't want any friends dying due to some random poison fucker down the line. Once we did that we checked the radio tower, no changes, so it was on to Route 36 to catch a new friend and beat up some more trainers.

So we were headed there to do that when

Why? Why live? Why continue this nuzlocke? We could have had a Charizard - a fucking charizard - as our fire type. I ran into Arcanine like 3-4 times while grinding a bit on 35 and I didn't run into Charizard once, then when I'm heading to the next route he decides to just pop out of the grass and taunt me? ANOTHER STARTER WE COULD HAVE HAD AND MY FAVORITE GEN 1 STARTER!?!

I killed him out of spite and then moved on.

We got to Route 36 and ran into the first trainer there who had a fucking Gible that knew dragon rage, so THAT was dangerous. Dealt with that and then suddenly remembered that we had a stipulation for the National Park to catch another buddy because of the bug catching contest. So after taking a quick trip to the pokecenter and healing up (because Kunimitsu was down to 3 health, jesus christ) we went back to the National Park, went into the tall grass and ran into our next potential friend, who turned out to be:

A nidoran male. Huh. Aight, so, a companion for Queen Marchessa then. Nidoking is always pretty badass. Not bad, not bad. We caught him pretty easily (although we had to switch out Kunimitsu once we saw that it knew Peck, again, jesus christ) and decided to give him a matching name to Queen Marchesa. I named her after an MTG card and a really good commander, so I figured I should do the same for her counter part. So, everyone, meet King Brago.

I decided to keep him in the box for the time being because he would have reduced team diversity for one but also I don't have any moonstones on me as is, so having him and Queen Marchesa both just kinda stagnating in the party would have just felt kinda wrong after a point. I also figured out that there were trainers in the National Park so we went back to kick their asses, and we ran into some more wild pokemon along the way.

Aww. Magby. I like the Magby line, Magmar is cool. Wouldn't have minded having this lil guy at all. Might have even been tempted to keep him a Magby with that everstone we got. Fun fact if you do that he can learn Fire Blast really early. Like, level 30 something I think. It's kinda nuts. But anyways.

Gliscor. Gliscor probably would have been solid. Probably. IDK I'm just not very excited by this pokemon in particular.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand imgur is down. Which means I can't upload anymore pictures for now. Which means I guess this post is kinda done for the time being. I may come back and edit this later, or I'll just make a new post. Whichever I feel like at the time. Not too much happened but, that's life.

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Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

Post by Golnax » Tue Nov 24, 2020 2:55 pm

So we're back. Imgur's back up and all that, so let's just carry on with things as per the norm.

We ran into this pink piece of shit. Kirby wanna be. Doesn't even succ. I actually have no idea how good the clefairy line is but all I know is that they're not fairy type in this generation so they can happily be skipped.

Elekid would have been cool I guess. We already have a solid electric type in IFO but hey, this guy would have been cool as well.

And that was it for the National Park. We moved on to Route 36 from here and after battling a couple of trainers found Sudowoodo doing its' best tree impression, which reminded me what was on the otherside of sudowoodo which was a place we'd already been to before. Meaning we might have caught something from here already. For safety reasons I didn't catch anything on this route just yet but continued on as normal. We grabbed the water bottle, went back to do the thing and proceeded to do it. We were planning on catching Sudowoodo because it's a static pokemon and fuck it why not?

But then.

It killed Kunimitsu. We Just. Got. Kunimitsu. God damn it. I don't even play her in Tekken and it's fucking irritating to have lost this extremely valuable friend so god damn soon!!

No mercy for this tree mimicking fucker. We switched to Gojira and fucking ended this rock type piece of shit.

We went back to Violet City briefly to visit the pokecenter and attend our fifth funeral. We set Kunimitsu adrift into the embrace of death.

If I had a cigarette I'd be smoking it. So long, space cowgirl.

On the plus side of things, Route 36 had no accessable patch of grass before apparently so once we got done with the funeral we headed back to try and catch a new friend to fill the void. It's either gonna be a new friend or King Brago, so lets' find out.

Before we got to that though we did a bit of scouting around to see which patch of grass looked the friendliest and found a power bracer.

Interestingly it increases the attack stat on level up. So we might give that to an especially physically weak friend. Maybe. We'll see. Upon further exploration there was only 1 patch of grass on route 36 (weird. Short route) so we delved into it, and found...

A Skarmory. Huh. I mean, aight. I'm not complaining necessarily. I just like pokemon that evolve more. Can Skarmory learn fly? Yeah he can learn fly. And we have that Steel Wing we said we'd save if we ran into a steel type. Sooooooooooooo, lucky us? I guess? Idk, but we proceeded to catch this guy pretty quickly and carefully. Say hi to Sawyer guys.

After taking the escape rope he was holding (might come in handy later) and heading back to Violet city to buy some more pokeballs because SOMEONE didn't want to be caught right away, we went back to see what other possibilities we could have had for friends. Because I like pain.

And it immediately hurts, too. Shieldon is dope and would have been a sweet addition to the party. Alas, we got Sawyer instead. A worse steel type. Hrrrrrrng.

Our search for a fire type has been replaced by a search for a psychic type it would seem. I'm not toooooooo miffed about not getting to catch this kadabra since it would never evolve into an Alakazam (unless I cheated. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it), but even without being an alakazam Kadabra is a fucking s o l i d pokemon. I've carried one to the Elite 4 before they're that good. Just... fuck me dude.

Oh my god why even continue this? I love Victorybell, I love bellsprout! I would have named this guy Mungo Jerry! Fucking fuck me fuck fuckity fuck fuck FUCK!!!

Any of these. Literally any of these would have been preferable to Skarmory as a pokemon. Man, fuck route 36 i'm done with its' bullshit. We moved on to route 37 in hopes of finding a better friend than fucking skarmory >:V

Cradily! There we go! I remember running into its' lesser version earlier in the nuzlocke and now he's here in his adult form. Never trained one of these before, Rock Grass type, a perhistoric pokemon with an interesting move set. This. Is. What. I'm. Talking about. With all due haste we catch this bad boy and it actually was more difficult than I thought it would be. We lead with Archimedes who was able to put him to sleep quickly enough and his peck was neutral damage so we could chip away safely, but he knew Ingrain which gave him some health back every turn. It was a fine balance letting him heal, doing damage and putting him to sleep. We caught him with a heavy ball tho, so that's cool. Everyone say hi to Bueno Excelente, BExcelente for short.

He's got a weirdly diverse moveset actually and I'm about it. Tanky boi. Strong and defiant. An excellent addition to the team. Muy bueno.

Having caught our latest friend we went back to Violet City, healed up, and then prepared for the onslaught of trainers that were on route 37. It was actually a bit tricky to stay out of their sight when catching Bueno Excelente and we won't be able to see what else was on the route until after we deal with them. That's all well and good though because Bueno Excelente could use the experience! So we go and do just that.

On route 37 we encountered another problem in the form of a pair of fucking dangerous trainers rocking a kingler and a wiscash. Kingler, I knew, had the possibility of knowing Guillotine which was immediately super fucking dangerous, but what I DIDN'T know is that wiscash knew mudbomb. And that it was super effective against IFO. And that Thundershock did not effect wiscash.

We lost IFO during the fight and I'm really just... just tired. And livid. And I murdered these pokemon for their sins. Between Bueno Excelente who could take hits like a fucking champ (when he actually was aimed for) and Gojira pulling the chad move of freezing a fucking metang once it came out with Ice Fang, we made pretty short work of the murderers. Then we back tracked it to Violet city one last time to say a prayer for IFO. We hardly knew ya.

I'm calling it quits here for now. Between catching a fucking Skarmory instead of anything else on Route 36 and losing 2 friends, this has been enough for today. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe there will be something in route 37 that I would have wanted over a cradily. Maybe not. Who knows. Just... fuck me you guys.

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Golnax's Saigen Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge

Post by Golnax » Wed Nov 25, 2020 5:19 pm

Alright, so after losing 2 more friends we head back onto Route 37. I'm not so much wanting to see who we could have caught just yet because I know just past this patch of grass there's a trio of apricot trees and a trainer. So we try to get past the grass and get the apricots, beat the trainer ezpz, and now it's time to see who else we could have gotten as a friend...

Too. Soon.

Snover could have been cool. Grass/Ice is a unique typing. Woulda made fire type moves hella effective against it but I like Abomisnow. Would have been cool, would have been cool.

Oh. Oh now bagon. Bagon would have been cool. He definitely would have replaced Archimedes on the team I think. At least as a flier once he had evolved. Very cool, very cool. Ah well, Bueno Excelente will carry us through. I believe in his tentacles.

EKAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNSSSSSS! See now this is what I was expecting route 36 to be like, a mix of good and meh pokemon, not just a fuck ton of literally godly pokemon in comparison to what we actually caught!! Ol' snek would have been aight I guess. Coincidentally Cradily and Arboc know the stockpile stuff, so that's a thing.

Awwww. Ralts. :( A psychic type continues to elude us... Ralts is a really good psychic type too. Man...

Hm. Hippopotas. That would have been interesting I guess. It's a ground type that I've never done before. So I wouldn't have been opposed to training it or anything. I think Bueno Excelente is cooler tho.

So after meeting everyone on route 37 we discover an important fact; Bueno Excelentes' moves fucking SUCK right now. So after quickly dipping up into the next city (euceret? Something like that) we decide to head back to Golden Rod for 2 very important reasons - to find at least one move that Bueno Excelente can learn that won't suck, and to buy a couple of moonstones if they sell them at the department store which I think they do. I think. We bought solar beam for Beuno Excelente and taught it to him so now he can hit like a fucking truck (especially since he's holding a miracle seed) and looked up an important fact: Moon Stones can only be found in Heartgold at specific locations. As a pick up item. Which I've randomized. Which means we probably won't get one. Mmmmmmmmmmm. That means that Queen Marchesa and King Brago both have limited time in the party since Nidorino is the highest they can evolve. I saw that you could have your mom buy you one by saving money so I called her up and am doing that. We also made a quick detour to the Ruins of Alf to make 100% certain that we couldn't get one just lying around...

And yeah, after a bit of further digging we find that it's extremely unlikely that we'll find a moonstone like that. Very depressing. Time for the next city I guess...

That next city is ECRUTEAK city. Ecruteak. We met Bill in the pokecenter and try to make a mental note that we can go to goldenrod to get an eevee. I mean... maybe. Eevee's a static pokemon and all that and I'm not sure how I feel about having an eeveelution on the team. It wouldn't be bad? It'd just be... boring, really. We keep it in mind and continue exploring the city for now. We know that the burnt tower is here and the kimono girls which are a bevy of trainers that I can kick the crap out of for some easy EXP. Ho-oh is also here in this town so that's something to do at some point. Not now though. We dipped over into routes 38 and 42 just to see that they're there and on the way accidentally got bumped into by a hiker who gave us HM04, Strength. Whoops. I'm not sure who to teach that to just yet so for the time being we just stuff it into our pockets and decide to hit up the Kimono girls first since Bueno Excelente could use some more EXP.

Inside we find a team rocket jerk trying to get a kimono girl to dance the hula and generally just acting like a piece of shit. As you do if you're part of Team Rocket. So, like any good citizen would do, we go and kick some ass. We do so easily, get thanked, and then get gifted HMO3 Surf by an old dude, which is hyyyyyyyyyype. Now Gojira can surf us along to new places and he has a powerful water type move that will carry him through the rest of the run! Fucking sweeeeeeeeeet~

Unfortunately it looks like we can't use it until a new badge is obtained, so we start preparing for that. And in preparation for it we decide to go to the burnt tower to catch a new friend and release some legendaries into the world. Inside we run into Eusine who tells us about his quest for suicune. We then proceed to get to running until we run into our new friend who is...

Huntail. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I'm so happy that we found a huntail. He'll make a good water replacement for Gojira if he is ever taken from us I guess. We snag it quick and easy like. Or not! Because we accidentally kil lit. Heck.

We also ran into:

A wailmer. Maaaaaaaaan. Wailmer would have been a beefy water tank. Awww :(

Loud boy.

A hitmontop! Aww man, I've always wanted to train one of these. I was never able to get one in the original versions of the game because the IVs had to be even between attack and defense when you caught a tyrouge. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck dude. Hitmontop is a really solid fighting type. Man...


This is route 37 all over again except worse because I didn't even get to catch anything in here!!!!!!

After that I'm just done trying to find new pokemon in this burned ass tower. We go to spook the legendaries away when out pops our rival Daniel, who proceeded to be a douche canoe and fight us. It's been a minute since we fought him and we could use the stress relief, so this should be good. He started off with a tentacool which I wanna say was his starter but I honestly don't remember. What's important is this bitch through toxic spikes twice in a row right off the bat. This means that this battle is IMMEDIATELY more dangerous because switching out means poison and that means potential death. Bueno Excelente was doing to have to do this as much on his own as possible... what's worse is that his solar beam didn't one shot this thing.

We might be in trouble.

He smartly threw out a nincada who did little except lower Bueno Excelentes' accuracy and die to a solar beam. This is actually beginning to look like real danger. Despite taking out two of his pokemon we are not in a very good position right now. He sent out a spoink who tested our mettle some more and then died to a solar beam after confusing Bueno Excelente almost to his death. He sent out Lombre next who I remembered was his actual starter. Thankfully Bueno Excelente was pretty well equipped to deal with this thing with acid over and over again. What I wasn't counting on was just how badly his accuracy had been hit. It nearly killed him and we had to use a super potion... but we did it. We beat up all of Daniel's pokemon without losing a single friend or switching out. Truly a blessed battle.

Daniel ran off like a lil bitch and we proceeded to spook the doggos. They ran away and we picked up what items we could from this place. We taught Queen Marchesa Strength for now since she seemed like the best candidate for it and found TM69, Rock Polish. As useless a move as I've ever heard of frankly.

After that we headed back up and battled another trainer and found a smooth rock.

It... makes sandstorm last longer. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuseless. The last item we couldn't get to because we don't have rock smash, so we decided to head to route 38 since we can't use surf yet and we are still 1 friend short of a full party at this point. I figure we can get a new friend here and then grind for a little while, then take on the gym leader and progress. Who did we end up finding as a friend? Well... We'll soon find out. First though I found a destiny knot.

It's... also pretty useless. At least I can sell these useless items. Anywho, our new friend is -

Entei! Ooooooooooh it's an entei! Oh it's fucking Entei! I just released this guy out in the wild and he's back and it's just... ooooooooooooooooh it's an entei! Duuuuuuuuuude. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!

Fuck you guys, I used a save state on this. I know full well that this boy likes to use roar and run away and shit and that's not cool. That's so not cool. Same rules as Arcanine fuck you.

Except... except I fucked up and forgot to use a save state before I started throwing balls and stuff. And apparently Entei can run away even if he's put asleep.

I... I just... That's fucking retarded yo. This whole thing was bull shit, I'm calling a muligan. Getting a new friend on this route god damn it, Entei wasn't supposed to show up like that out of the blue! FUCK!

Our ACTUAL new friend turned out to be:

A vileplume. Alright, ok. Sure. I've never actually bothered to get an oddish to the point where it can become a vileplume so, what the heck? This could be good. Everyone, meet Corpse.

If you're wondering why Corpse has such a morbid nickname its' because Vileplume, in case you didn't know, is based in design on the corpse flower. So it was either gonna be Corpse or Stinky, and I liked Corpse better. Coprse should make a fine addition to the team, a fine addition indeed.

And with that I'm going to call it here for now. Got a lot of grinding to do because I want to get everyone up to level 25 before going to the gym. That should be enough anyways. A lot happened this time so... yeah. Yeah. Fucking Entei. Until next time I guess.


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