Pokemon FireRed Randomizer Nuzlocke

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Pokemon FireRed Randomizer Nuzlocke

Post by Kabu » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:04 am

Feeling the mood for going back to Kanto one more time before the release of the new Let's Go games, I have decided to play through a randomized rom of the generation 3 red/blue remake, Fire Red version, using Nuzlocke rules of course.

1. I can only catch the first Pokemon I find on any route, caves counting as one entire route and static encounters being obtainable only if I have not made a successful capture in that area.
2. I have to nickname every Pokemon that I receive
3. If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead, with ONE free revival if I have a revive in my bag at the time of death.
4. There are other special rules that I will get into as they become relevant.

As a note for the randomizer, I have randomized all three starters as well as trainer rosters and wild Pokemon. Items found on the ground have been randomized as well.

Alright, with that out of the way let's get started!

Skipping past the introduction, let's meet our starters:

So um... Bulbasaur was replaced by a Squirtle... What are the odds, even as far back as Generation 3? Moving on though...

Well isn't this exciting? Larvitar is a Pokemon that I've grown to love, with it eventually evolving into the very powerful Tyranitar. Let's see the third before we make our choice though.

Nope. Nothing against you Slakoth, but I am not dealing with Truant on my starter. If we meet again in the future I will gladly add you to the team but not now.

Welp, that was a surprisingly easy choice. The nickname was easy as well. Meet Mordred everybody: she's quiet but I'm sure that she'll open up to us later. For now let's thrash our rival and get out of here. We have errands to run.

After a very easy battle. I mean seriously, having a rock type for the first battle of the game is amazing, we move onwards to Viridian and grab Oak's Parcel, encountering potential friends along the way. Upon returning to Pallet, Oak asks us to complete the Pokedex and off we go, our adventure starting for real, after obtaining the Town Map from our rival's sister and sharing a heartfelt goodbye with our mom.
Upon setting foot onto Route 1, Poke Balls in hand, we're almost immediately ambushed by a wild Slugma. Eh, not my first choice considering his evolution means adding a second rock type, but good enough for now. And hey, as far as fire types go we could do much worse.

The battle unfolded and despite Mordred being poisoned by his Smog attack, she put up a great fight we manage to catch him, adding Scaldera the brave Slugma to the team.

And with that, that's enough for today. I will continue with the adventure on the morrow.


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