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Time Skip & Rebranding

Post by Niro » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:12 am

[Just a C/P from the Discord Channel]

Staff has been thinking for quite a while about rebranding the site to keep us current with the Naruto/Boruto trends and in that line of thinking we came up with the idea for a minor timeskip.

The majority of staff think it's not a bad idea but before we continue and jump forward, we'd like the input of the member base.

The time skip would be a jump from 121X-122X (current time period) to 122X-123X. 5~ years is the amount we've been thinking about which would allow villages with ongoing but stagnant plots due to lack of member input to finish up and move onto the next phase. E.g, Kumo's nation building and academy system. They'd have a handful of academies build at this point. Other villages would undergo similar advances in their current plots to the next step.

If we do go through with this, we'd be granting 20 RP to each organization that wishes to claim it along with 10 Stats to represent some growth over the time skip. Members would still have the option to do 'flashback' PBs (social, lonelies) to gain more RP and Stats but wouldn't need to if they did not wish to.

Part of the discussion was allowing an increase in tech but after more deliberation on staff's side we've sided for just a time skip with no tech advancements so far. If that's something the majority of the member base would like, we can see what we can do.
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