Problems, Requests and Mistakes

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Problems, Requests and Mistakes

Post by Gara » Sun Sep 17, 2023 8:31 am

How do y'all feel about a perk that adds your primary affinity to every Ninjutsu/Taijutsu you use? It'd be two separate perks imo. It could be a weaker version of the passive? So a C rank would have the d rank passive built in. Just an idea.
Tiānhuǒ "Xiao" ZhīzǐAisu, Hatsuyuki
Sunagakure Iaido Specialist GeninKirigakure Kenjutsu Chuunin
  • Chakra Pool: 8
  • Endurance: 8
  • Control: 8
  • Strength: 8
  • Speed: 8
  • Willpower: 8
  • Power Rank: D
  • Chakra Pool: 14
  • Endurance: 14
  • Control: 16
  • Strength: 14
  • Speed: 17
  • Willpower: 14
  • Power Rank: C
Tenkujutsu Trainee - Iaido SpecialistKenjutsu - Hyouton - Kurokoriton
The MimicKonohagakureD-Rank MNSetsuzoku
  • Chakra Pool: 5
  • Endurance: 5
  • Control: 5
  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 10
  • Willpower: 5
  • Power Rank: D
Stealth SpecialistThe Mimic

Mimic possesses a remarkable ability that grants him the power to manipulate specific aspects of his physical appearance at will. With a mere thought, he can seamlessly alter his skin color, eye color, and even the length and hue of his hair, as effortlessly as a painter selecting pigments from a palette. This extraordinary gift allows him to become a true master of disguise, adapting his outward appearance to suit any circumstance or role he chooses to assume. His chameleon-like control over these features renders him virtually unrecognizable, capable of seamlessly blending into different environments, assuming various identities, and slipping through the most discerning of observers' nets. It's a talent that adds an additional layer of intrigue to Mimic's already enigmatic presence, ensuring that his true identity remains a closely guarded secret within the intricate tapestry of his many personas. This ability is governed by Mimic's [Endurance] stat. Anything other than natural skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors only last [Endurance]/2 posts.


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