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Ability Help please

Post by Texas » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:54 am

Hey guys! So I tried out this ability last year and there were a lot of issues. I still don't exactly know how to fix it. If someone (or multiple people) help me fix it so I could use it with my character (soon to be in registration), I would greatly appreciate it.

(I want to throw this in there, but idk if it works:His other eye (that is hidden and use to be useless) is stuck with a seafoam green pupil that has one vertical line with 3 horizontal lines. The pupil is surrounded by a red sclera.)
Blessing of Bishamonten:
It is said that the Bishamonten is the god/deity of fortunate warriors. Rumor has it that this god bestows powers and weapons to those that are fortunate enough to be deemed true warriors. At a young age (after Kogarashi lost his eye) he got lost into a mist and for what seemed like a few hours he met and spoke with a god-like figure. No one would truly believe this encounter and claim it to be a hallucination/genjutsu/mind tricks, but after that meeting Kogarashi has never been the same. Similar to the folklore, a Bishamonten like figure bestowed power and opportunity to the young warrior Kogarashi. Instead of ninjutsu (or control stat based ability) Kogarashi was blessed with heightened senses. The idea of these heightened senses is to allow Kogarashi to be able to counter ninjutsu techniques that would be rather devastating. Like the lantern that Bishamonten holds, Kogarashi's eye's iris will glow to a bright golden amber color when he gets excited. This usually happens when he knows a great battle is going to start. The Blessing of Bishamonten allows Kogarashi the following capabilities:
  • Touch: This is simple yet efficient, Kogarashi can feel the slightest movements around him. Simply, he can feel the momentum of an attack. By feeling the wind around him, he can feel if someone moves behind him, around him, or if weapons are being thrown towards his direction.
  • Sight: Kogarashi's peripherals in his right eye is heightened to the point where he can see just as good if not better than when he had two eyes. The enhancement in his right eye allows him to see things happen at a fraction of a higher speed (1/4th faster). This means that he can see things happen in a slower manor by only a fraction of everyone else. This capability only lets him see a tiny bit faster, it doesn't mean his body could react with him.
  • Smell: He has a strong sense of smell which allows him to take a scent and remember it. He can use this for tracking or even recognizing a familiar smell near him. His sense of smell ranges based on the stamina stat.
  • Hearing: Like his sense of smell, Kogarashi's hearing has been enhanced. His range of hearing is based on the stamina stat. This sensitivity can be controlled to the point where he can hear a leaf crunch at the distance that is unlocked and can adjust his hearing so screeching near him is also heard at the unlocked stat.
  • Taste: This allows Kogarashi the ability to taste all ingredients within food and drinks, this can be used to taste poisons or even utilize it in tracking.
All of these capabilities are utilized within spherical range that increase based on the stamina stat (stamina stat -amount of meters). 1-10 meters, 10-20 meters, 15-30 meters, 20-40 meters, 25-50 meters, 35-60 meters, 45-70 Meters, 50-80 meters.
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