July/August(?) Event

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July/August(?) Event

Post by Ace Trainer » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:00 am

This is an official proposal for the July/August event that I'd like to put on.

[The Land of Stars Presents!]
The Tournament of Power!

The people of Northern Land of Stars have noticed political shiftings that seem to be suggestive of tensions rising in the region, sitting at the apex of the Lands of Earth, Wind and Fire (lol), the people of the country have a vested interest in ensuring that does not happen. As such, having gathered and spoke on it, the Northern Land of Stars is putting forth an international competition of Shinobi, Samurai and fighters of all kind to show their strength, celebrate their victories, mourn their losses, but most of all, reduce some of the tensions building. Recently a letter was sent forth by the people of the Land of Stars to the governments of the major villages, and some of minor villages as well.
To All Those with Strength to Prove, with Stories to Tell, and whomever else it may concern;

The People of the Land of Stars offer forth an opportunity of union, peace, and prosperity to all who are interested. A tournament of might, of power, and of greatness will be put forth, offered to all shinobi! The victors will have fame and glory to their names for all of time, the losers, another chip on their shoulder to power their journey. We will be offering a tournament in the 3 major shinobi art styles, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Large coffers will be offered to winners, bets can be placed, and we encourage the great villages to use this tournament as an opportunity to build both kinships and rivalries across their borders. The tournament will begin the night of the Grand Starfall, a most serendipitous occasions of our people.
The rules of the tournament will be simple;
  • Killing, while not strictly prohibited, should be avoided at all costs. Extremely proficient medical ninja have been provided by all attending villages, and will render care as needed. Individual fighters have the option to agree to a 'Suicide Pact' clause, involving a Starfall Blood Sacrifice ritual, which demands the life of the fighter who kills another, this is to encourage friendly competition rather than blood lusting ones.
    • Kirigakure leadership, recognizing their own cultural norms, has required all their shinobi to abide by this pact in order to decrease the likelihood of life being lost at the hands of their shinobi.
  • The tournament will be split into 3 categories, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.
    • The Taijutsu tournament forbids the use of chakra in all rights. Taijutsu, hand to hand, or weapon, is allowed only.
    • The Ninjutsu tournament forbids the use of genjutsu, or any taijutsu not deamed immediately necessary in order to perform the ninjutsu technique. Judges will determine the boundaries of this rule.
    • The Genjutsu Tournament will be facilitated with a secret Starfall Ritual that creates a connection of individual hypothalamus activity with the audience allowing viewers to see/feel genjutsu of the ritual participants. No Ninjutsu or Taijutsu is allowed, the participants will be separated by 15 meters and unable to physically contact each other.
  • You may enter with up to 3 characters, one for each category.
  • The tournament will not be rank guarded, but will be hierarchically formatted. The lowest stat total will be at the bottom, the highest at the top. This format should mean even the lowest ranking participant could have the potential the win in the finals.
  • The tournament will be timed, Each participant will be able to post 8 times, with 36 hour grace period between each posting cycle. Victory is determined by Knock Out or Forfeiture prior to the time limit, or judge panel at the end of the time limit. How the judging panel is established will be determined at a later date.
  • A single pardon will be given for breaking the time limit. OOC interactions should be limited to 2 posts (1 to initiate complaint, 1 for response, judge will establish ruling after this). Breaking the time limit or the rules of OOC engagement will result in automatic forfeiture.
  • Tournament participants can bet on themselves, and on other fighters in the bracket, but they cannot bet on their current opponent (for obvious reasons).
  • There will be a social dynamic for this event but the primary purpose is for the tournament. Additionally, this tournament will count as D-rank Story board for all participants, a C-rank for round 1 winners, B-rank for round 2, winners, and so forth. Giving participants an opportunity to rank up on merit for victory.

Hizashi IkinariKenketi TentekiMistaki Shio
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Kumogakure No Sato
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Kirigakure No Sato
Jounin A Rank Missing-Nin
The Revolutionary
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[Futokutei Hitoare :: Konohagakure No Sato – Pestilence (Four Horsemen) – Jounin]
[Aisu Koiji :: Kirigakure No Sato – Jounin]
[Shitagane Sakki :: Kumogakure No Sato – Genin]
[Batsu Betsuni :: Iwagakure No SatoJounin A Rank Missing Ninja]
[Futokutei Yasunari :: Konohagakure No Sato – Genin]

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July/August(?) Event

Post by zippo » Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:56 am

I love the idea, and it seems pretty original. But, imo, I like the suspense from having to fight opponents who don't expect if you got Gen, Tai or Nin in their arsenal. Maybe a 4th category of everything on the table?

But so long there's PVP, you know I'm all in however it's designed lol.

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July/August(?) Event

Post by Zao » Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:51 am

I'm always interested in IC events.
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July/August(?) Event

Post by ShinobiTruth » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:31 pm

Okay, so I just want to make sure about something for the Ninjutsu tourney. When you say no Taijutsu that isn’t needed to perform the technique, what do you mean by that? My Iwa genin, for example, has several Doton techniques that, while not explicitly stating physical attacks being part of the technique, we’re designed to be completed/used/deployed using his physical might.

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July/August(?) Event

Post by Principal » Fri Jul 19, 2019 2:00 pm

Also, what about abilities, how do they factor in?
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