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[Accepted]Tsukino, Kuroru

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Tsukino,, Kuroru
:kiri: Ru :kiri:
I am blessed by the power to survive

General Information Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 96 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head:
    Kuroru has very long, ashen white fox ears sprouting from where his human ears once rested; crowned far atop his head with thick white fur growing out of them. The Kirigakure shinobi keeps his eyeslids painted red, and his slitted yellow iris' fiercely accompany the war paint. His unkempt dirty blonde hair often covers at least one of his eyes. His ears moving to the wave of sounds, it doesn't take eye contact to know when this Kitsune ninjas curiosity has been piqued.
  • Body:
    As a member of the Tsukino House Kuroru walks casually with an unorthodox gait, sort of hunched over with a very strong S-shaped curve in his backbone; the unavoidable slouch hints at his genetic capacity to maneuver on all fours. Whether on all four or standing upright he has three long, white fox tails almost always wisping behind him. His athletic build and tanned skin are usually covered underneath his kimono, and he seems to be smaller than he really is. Kuroru wears his Kirigakure forehead protector on the front of his belt-sash, covering where the inside of his pockets are.
  • Notable Features:
    From a distance Kuroru appears to be a particularly feral sort of enigmatically dressed Tsukino, but as he smiles sweetly and bares his tiny pointed teeth; his hardened shinobi composure shrinks away, revealing an inquisitive young teenager. A few of his teeth are silver implants, and the shine adds to his devilish glamour.
Kuroru is usually found wearing his typical kimono, with the Muramasa Family crest hanging from the full moon prayer beads on his neck. Kuroru's flowing kimono and outfit only allow for thin pockets to hold paper bombs in the belt-wrap around his waist; however he does carry a string of various ninja bombs, twines of wire, and a wakizashi on the leather of the belt-wrap.
  • General: Kuroru is an upbeat young man, and like a flowing fountain everything the young man takes part in is blessed by his idealistic approach to logic. He naturally sees a glass half full. Kuroru is also well studied Kirigakure ninja, and takes price in his ability to decipher the patterns and rhythms that life presents him. Order and action are values held very high in his heart, so Kuroru is ever mindful in his approach to the world. He is not afraid to pause and take a moment to let everything be, so that his great nation can be seen as it rightly should be.
    Kuroru loves music, and exercising his body. Dancing is a favorite past time for him, and has helped the Kitsune boy to keep busy when he is not working; in his home Kuroru has a locked box that he keeps his collapsible fishing pole and tackle in, another beloved daily event the Kitsune partakes in.
    Laziness and cowardice are the bane of young Kuroru's existence. As far as hobbies go, he relishes the chance to admonish those that are lethargic, and frightened by the splendors of life. Kuroru has put his feet forward into many unbeaten paths in life, and others wasting the same sort of opportunities is a ghastly sin to the morally upright young man.
    Growing up for much of his life as an orphan, Kuroru likes to use his curiously, sharp wit and handsome looks to be charming . He takes a lot of pride in the care he spends on himself, and every word he speaks from sun up to sundown is carefully measured to be a good model of his idealistic approach to this mysterious life.
    Growing up with just his disabled mother Kuroru is a devout man, and attends every service he can for the Lunar Goddess, Mizuki. He considers his work done in life to be an ultimate homage to her divine standing, and the Tsukino shinobi faithfully says his prayers.
  • Hopes/Dreams: Kuroru has spent most of his life training for his work as a shinobi, and besides attaining status as a shinobi he hasn't seen many more dreams under the moonlight. He does love to travel, and runs blindly at any chance to explore the lands, or to meet unorthodox folks and learn of new ways to make his nation mightier; or become a greater shinobi. Kuroru loves to learn, and experience fascination in his life is beautiful for him. He hopes to one day own a library, or teach lessons to the youth and have a hand in making Kirigakure more amazing than he already believes it is.
  • Fears: Kuroru is an incredibly brave and naive soul and his supernatural perception can often be a bane even in his mundane aspects of life. In combination to with his Kekkei Genkai, Kuroru's foot forward style in the world gives him the most frightful of fears. The young Genin fears he will someday step into the unknown and it will be his fatal undoing. He tries his best to remain vigilant and discerning, but doubt is always lingering on Kuroru's shoulders.

    Sometimes this fear can lead him to missing out on opportunities, but he does his best to deal with it. Considering sometimes he can be neck deep on an adventure with spiders, his other great fear.

    Kiroru is prone to bouts of migraine from loud noises, and he doesn't care for incessant rattling. He spends a fair amount of time grooming himself, particularly his ears, so that his extrasensory hearing is not distorted. This makes him sort of vain, and a bit sensitive when it comes to his appearance.
  • Combat Mentality:Kuroru prefers to maintain the flow of battle with tactical movements on the field of combat. For an edge he greatly depends on his extrasensory kekkei genkai in battle, and goes back and forth from long range, to close quarters combat; using his enhanced maneuverability on all fours to hide in unusual ways. Kuroru is an avid plan maker, and even in battle he will bide his time to try and calmly devise a method of exposing an enemy to his strong, and vast array of ninjutsu.

    The Hidden Mist Technique is like a banner for Kirigakure, Kuroru always maintains the technique in battle. The superb covering is his favorite landscape to lurk amongst as he scouts out his enemies, and leaps into action.

Battle Information Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Genin
  • Ninjutsu:10
  • Taijutsu:4
  • Genjutsu:3
  • Stamina:5
  • Control:5
  • Strength:3
  • Speed:3
  • Instinct: 7
Equipment: Kuroru carries no shuriken or kunai, but conceals five explosive paper bombs in his front pocket; and hanging on the left side of his waist are a string of ten smoke bombs, and various twines, totaling 60 meters of ultra-thin metal wire. Hanging from the rear of his belt is a short ninja blade. With the sharp curve the entire sword is just under two feet long.
Companions: (0/1)
Primary Affinity: Suiton Affinity
Abilities and Concentrations
Kitsune no Kao:
After merging with a fox, a Tsukino inherits many of the fox’s own physical features and potential. This takes the form of a small amount of the fox's features, namely a pair of fox-like ears and fox-like tails which multiply as their own powers grow (3 tails at Chuunin, 5 at Jounin, 9 at Bannin or Kage).

The main ability of these foxes however are their extrasensory systems. A Tsukino’s ears are laced with vibration sensitive fur that forms the basis of a network of sensory paths in their brain, allowing them to feel nearby vibration as a form of sonar-sight. This works only in a small space around them but is greatly enhanced by nearby water as the liquid vibrations carry cleanly to their ears, allowing them to hear disturbances to water especially well. Even masses of vapor such as mist transmit such vibrations well.

Without adequate water a Tsukino’s sense extends around them for (Instinct/3) meters and can form rudimentary shapes and images in that radius but no further. Vibrations caused by water being interacted with, or vibrations traveling through water, can project much further and more clearly, up to (Instinct/2) meters out.

This advantage comes with it's own downside. Much as a normal person can be blinded with intense light a Tsukino’s sense can be temporarily shorted out by intense noises. Techniques that cause conflicting vibration can also dampen their senses, but these can be overcome using techniques
Second Ability
Third Ability
Suiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Suiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Suiton affinity. Suiton has a passive enveloping effect.
Passive (Enveloping)Show
Suiton's effect is enveloping, meaning that suiton passively surrounds anything that it makes contact with. Suiton techniques that do not last over periods of times (i.e, exploding techniques) drench their opponents, but long term techniques will envelop anything they come in contact with and maintain a hold on it with the 3/4th strength of the technique, rounded down. This means that if a suiton wave is shot forward with 17 strength, it will envelope and move anything with it that does not have more than 12 strength to resist it. This allows Suiton to fill a very powerful role in eliminating tools from opponent's access and capturing targets.
Fuuton Affinity:
Fuuton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Fuuton affinity. Fuuton has an cutting effect.
Passive (Cutting)Show
Fuuton has a natural cutting property to it, that exists in all jutsu unless otherwise stated. This gives fuuton a unique opportunity to strike with additional power, and to act as a offensive defense. Regardless of their purpose fuuton jutsu passively cut with no distinct pattern at 1/2 the strength of the technique rounded down unless otherwise stated. This means if someone punched a 20 strength fuuton wall, they would get cuts on their hand applied with 10 strength. This also means that fuuton jutsu specifically designated to cut things can create devastating wound by essentially striking twice.
Mist Release:
Mist Release
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Mist, an extension composed of Fuuton and Suiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require Mist. Mist has an encroaching effect. You must be a former or present Kiri shinobi and have both Suiton and Fuuton to utilize this concentration.
Passive (Encroaching)Show
Mist naturally encroaches. This causes all mist jutsu to grow over time. Mist jutsu will passively grow at 1/10th their size per post, allowing them to not only become larger, but also refill areas within themselves that has been displaced. While Mist has limited offensive power, it's a supplementary superpower that can completely alter the course of battle by manipulating the battle field, and the people on it.

Sword Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Sword Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with swords and sword-like weapons such as knives, daggers, sword-breakers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.

Sound Initiation:
This user has learn to use sound cues to initiate genjutsu. Allowing them to create sounds and sustain sounds to capture their targets in a genjutsu.

Suiton: D-Rank:4 C-Rank:2Show
*Suiton • Propel Leap
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into their hands the user will fire two jets of water from their hand, essentially hurling and propelling themselves in the opposite direction of their jets as if thrown by a strength of 5. Can be used once to throw themselves with 5 strength.

*Suiton • Water Shuriken
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will form a shuriken of water that can be thrown approximately 6 centimeters in diameter in their hand. When kai'd, this shuriken explodes with a force equal to a D-Rank explosion and covers the immediate area in water. If not consumed, this technique lasts for three posts.

*Suiton • Wet Spot
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will expel a 3 meter diameter sphere of water from their mouth at speed of 5 up to 10 meters away. Upon impact it will burst spilling all over the immediate area making it extremely slippery. Those without 5 taijutsu or higher will not be able to hold their footing on this wet spot and will slip around.

*Suiton • Defensive Barrier
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will spray water created from the inside of their chest through their mouth. Once the water is expelled, it will form an umbrella shape that is concave to the user and about two meters in diameter. This defense is somewhat solid and can be formed in any direction the user can spit, up to five meters away. The defense is shot at a speed of 5 and has a strength of 5 and unless completely destroyed it lasts for three posts before falling lifelessly to the ground.

*Suiton • Clone
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user creates a clone of themselves comprised completely of suiton chakra. This clone is incapable of jutsu, however it's liquid nature makes it a very capable taijutsu combatant. This clone lasts for 5 posts.
  • Taijutsu: 6
  • Stamina: 8
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 6
*Suiton • Crashing Wave
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user expels a massive tidal wave of water 10 meters wide and nearly 5 meters tall. This wave travels forward at a speed of 10 and with a strength of 10 for up to 15 meters before losing it's steam and failing.
Fuuton D-Rank:3 C-Rank:1Show
Fuuton • Vortex Screw
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After doing the needed hand seals, the user creates a small vortex of Fuuton chakra around a projectile in their hand that spins with a strength of 5. This causes the projectile to corkscrew through the air, allowing it to travel an extra 10m and applying the Fuuton passive when thrown. This doesn't make the projectile any faster, only increases its range and ability to cut.

*Fuuton • Redirection
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the needed hand seals, the user covers a projectile they are holding in fuuton empowered wind. Then, when the weapon has been thrown as normal, the user is able to change it's direction by up to 90 degrees once with no drop in momentum on the projectiles part. This technique only lasts one post.

*Fuuton • Wind Bullet
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the required hand seals, the user expels a basket ball sized ball of wind from their mouth. This ball of wind travels up to 20m at 5 speed, and explodes with the strength of a single explosive tag on contact with solid matter or at the end of its range.

*Fuuton • Gale Blade
C-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals, the user coats their weapon in a vortex of wind. This extends the weapon's range by 1m while not adding anything to its weight for 5 posts. It also causes the weapon to gain an edge as sharp as your average sword. This also applies the fuuton passive with a strength of 10 on contact with an opponent.
Mist Release D-Rank: 2 C-Rank:1Show
*Hidden Mist Technique
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Kiri-nin
Kirigakure no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Hidden Mist Ninja. After forming the required hand seals, the ninja creates a blanket of mist which covers the area around them. The mist covers 20x20x20m area. The mist limits the visibility of those inside to 4 meters in any direction. This technique lasts a number of posts equal to 1/2 the user's stamina.

*Mist Anchor
D-ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user slowly moves their hand down, stabilizing the mist in the area. D-rank fuuton jutsu will still work in the mist, but will no longer displace it, allowing the mist jutsu to be maintained easier. Additionally, the duration of the mist will be extended by 2 posts.

*Shrouding Mist Technique
C-rank Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Hidden Mist Technique
After forming the required hand seals, the ninja creates a blanket of mist which covers the area around them. The mist covers 30x30x30m area. The mist limits the visibility of those inside to 3 meters in any direction, and dampens scents, weakening any advanced scent techniques, or controlled scent techniques by 2m. This technique lasts a number of posts equal to the user's 1/2 stamina.

Historical AccountsShow
Meet Tsukino, KuroruShow
Born in the middle of a long summer night, Kuroru let loose his first cry to the world in the still of night. The owls began to hoot outside, surprised by the sudden racquet the infant boy made. Born to a family with generations of shinobi and kunoichi alike, Kuroru was destined to follow in their footsteps, and the esteemed, nocturnal avian predators of the night whispered a joyous praise.

Before Kuroru could read well enough for the Acadamy his father had retired from the shinobi as a battle proven Jonin and the Muramasa family dedicated a small fortune to invest in a metalworking shop. It wasn't long after that Kuroru's father fell deathly ill, and passed. Tsukino never quite grasped the grief of his fathers passing, but the promises of his father remained in his heart nonetheless. Kuroru's mother took it badly enough for the both of them, falling ill with blindness just a year after her husbands death.

Kuroru quickly learned he had to become a man, and take care of his mother. The young boy pushed himself as hard as any six year old could, entering the academy by seven and excelling in the art of ninjutsu. As the years went by and Kuroru single handedly cared for his mothers safety, her mental health deteriorated away like her vision; and despite the boys dedication to his arts, Kuroru's mother never would know her son to bloom as a Kirigakure shinobi,Before Kuroru's ninth birthday he was orphaned, and adopted by the academy.

The now mother-less young boy had no family, his mother and fathers contracts severed by death, and their extended family working for the Muramasa in island mining operations. Up until that point in his life Kuroru had spent all of his time faithfully studying ninja arts, or caring for his blind mother, remaining in the shadows. The Muramasa took interest in his genetic potential for the Tsukino hosue and proffered the Kirigakure Academy to take Kuroru under their wing.

When the academy allowed him to sleep in the shed, he began to see the world in a a new way.
Life As an Academy StudentShow
As one of few grieving orphans in the academy, Kuroru was content to study alone. He did not make many friends, being too busy with practice and grief to show interest in his peers own lives. The days passed quickly at the Academy; with Kuroru living behind the grounds in a shed, he had more than enough time to practice.

Rainy days dragged on as Kuroru approached his Academy graduation exam. It had not been long since he had grown accustomed to his new life style of fending for himself, but Kuroru was hopeful. The future Tsukino genin was in truth a prodigal student of shinobi arts, comfortable with both kenjutsu and ninjutsu; but with no family to build on his budding social skills, Kuroru was far from an ideal student.

Despite having little to no capacity for thriving in social settings, Kuroru had amazing aptitude for ninjutsu, and all of his jutsu were wonderful examples of technique. The young boy smiled for the first time in a long time as he finished the practical ninjutsu application portion of his exam. He had Kai'd himself safely away from his Sensei's genjutsu, a task that required much practice for him to complete. Now it was time for the Exams final leg in the race of a Kirigakure shinobis life. A battle royale.

As Kuroru stood in line his nervousness began to rise up from his stomach like bile. Usually Kuroru was a collected boy, but standing with all of his peers before battle for rank was intimidating. As their Sensei began to detail the rules of the battle royale, Kuroru sized up his competition one final time. He was confident in his skills, noting most of his class were Doton or Suiton users, and held his blade tightly. Once his Sensei finished speaking, the students darted off and prepared themselves for a long battle in the marshes.

Kuroru couldn't help but wonder if the students who were friends would be willing to dash their hopes at graduating from the academy. Some of the students left for the marshes in groups, likely hoping to team up after graduation as an already well oiled team machine. The lone shinobi began dashing up a tree, dismissing the potential threat of a team attacking him all alone on the ground. "If all I have to do is last until there are only six of us kids left," Kuroru thought silently to himself as leapt off the tree he was running up, and swung onto an adjacent trees branch. "I'll fortify my defenses in this canopy!"

Kuroru had reached the top of the tree, and from its top he could even see almost a half dozen of the students running southbound through the lower canopy branches, likely hoping to face an opponent head on; and in a clear, swampy opening just south of him Kuroru could see Hidden Mist forming. There was no doubt about it, the wolves and the sheep had been let loose.

Kuroru retreated back into the canopy, now sitting crossed legged on a branch. With one finger picking in his nose, he waited for one of two things to happen: either he would come across one of the few students that didn't join the large group to search for an opponent, someone like himself or the one who had released Hidden Mist in wait for the group of students. Or for the southern battle to end and the survivors to fan out, either fleeing in panic from the Hidden Mist, or searching for another victory. Kuroru wasn't able to figure which would happen first, not knowing any of his classmates battle styles personally. So he decided to wait, and before he could pick a winner from his nostril, he heard a crack of lightning.

Shocked by the sound of such a technique, Kuroru poked his head back out to see if the battlefield had changed at all. To his surprise the Hidden Mist had totally vanished. There were only three people standing near the swamp now, a battle seeming to be ending. Four people were laying on the ground, electrical current flashing about them. Kuroru tried to do the math: "We started with thirteen students... Four don't look like they are getting back up, and there are three standing still..."

A flash of Raiton arced a tree just before him. "Yuupe!!" Kuroru howled and fled the tree. The enemy had spotted him and his plans to hide in the tree were lost. Making a quick decision to take the battle to them, Kuroru flanked westward and drew his blade for combat.

Before he could reach the swamp the team of student shinobi had caught up to him. Elite students certainly, Kuroru was worried. As well rounded of a shinobi as he was, Raiton was a threat to him no matter the context of battle. Before he could make a move the team lurched after him one by one. Kurorus hands were faster than the first feet however, and he weaved the hand signs together for two jutsu with just a second to spare. Water began top collect in front of him after the second hand seal, quickly forming the shape of a shuriken. Crafting the next hand seal masterfully with just one hand, Kuroru used the other hand to grab his Water Shuriken.

He threw the projectile, shouting out [color= green]"Water Shuriken, Fuuton: Vortex Screw!"[/color] The water shuriken wizzed around the first and second enemies who had lined up for a combo, flying in a most unusual zigzag pattern. With just a second to spare Kuroru drew his still sheathed blade with one hand, pummeling the skull of the first that had leaped forward. In his other hand the Kai seal was released, exploding the water shuriken that had flown past the second ninja student facing off with Kuroru.

The Raiton ninja was preparing a jutsu, and to his dismay the liquid explosion only furthered to electrocute his own self. The main threat was taken care of now, and the front row forward man of this three man team was out cold at Kuroru's feet. Kuroru looked around, the ground littered with aching bodies of defeated academy students. [color= green]"So its down to just you, me and whoever came to see what all that lightning was about.[/color] Six students were defeated now, two by Kuroru and four by the team of three. [color= green]"I think that means the next one to go down, doesn't make the cut."[/color] Kuroru drew his blade from the sheath now.

As he squared off with his opponent it was clear the final match of the exam was now. No other student was intent on disturbing their chance at a safe, and wise victory. [color= green]"It's a shame your friend saw me! I could have used chance to pick you off much easier."[/color] Kuroru looked around and smirked, no one was going to do that from the looks of it, and he was glad. Using too much chakra wasn't something he was used to, but he could feel his knees getting weaker as he prepared his next technique. Kuroru held up a half-bird hand sign and began coating his sword in nearly invisible fuuton chakra.

As his blade formed Kurorus opponent struck at him, the kunoichi slamming her feet into the muddy swamp grounds and forcing it to writhe chaotically. The ground in between her and Kuroru began to roll, the Mud Style Technique trying to throw off Kuroru's footing. Kuroru however was gifted with a strong battle instinct, the power to survive, and he seen it coming. Jumping forward Kuroru lunged his blade outward, and used the extra length of the winds to slice his opponent once across the cheek, showing mercy for the little lady. The Kunoichi fell to tears, sobbing softly and defeated by Kuroru.

After his victory Kuroru was an official Genin of Kirigakure, and the Muramasa family approached him once more.
Life as a Genin for the Tsukino House of MuramasaShow
Right after attaining status as a shinobi Kuroru was approached by a nobleman of the Muramasa family. The man knew his father, and spoke highly of him as a jonin for Kirigakure. Kuroru was informed he had been being watched by the family for inclinations toward joining, and he accepted the offer without hesitation. Being such a fine shinobi, the Tsukino house sought his power to be joined with a kitsune; and Kuroru was eager to pass on a memory of success in Kirigakure.

Kuroru was taken into an underground ritual alter, when a Lunar Priest of the Tsukino family joined his body with one of the ethereal foxes. As expected Kuroru adapted perfectly, sprouting three tails and fox ears at both respective ends. He was given a home by the Muramasa family, and began training with the Tsukino house to develop his extrasensory talents.

Before long Kuroru was not only an active member of the Kirigakure shinobi force, but he was budding as a member of society. Once quiet and reserved, Kuroru began to socialize with his Kitsune house members. His studies remained ever diligent, eager to grow his tails and make his family proud.

Living in his own home Kuroru leads a modest life, working hard at ninja missions and earning his keep for the village.
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Tsukino, Kuroru

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Give me some dimensions on blade length for the 'Kirigakure ninja blade.' Do you not want any kunai or shuriken?

You have an extra cell in your concentration table on the bottom.

Please leave the * on any jutsu you c/p from the archive so I and my mods know we can look past them and easily approve them. Once you put the *s back on I'll be glad to finish checking this
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Tsukino, Kuroru

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All fixed up! Thanks for checking out my work Niro :)

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Tsukino, Kuroru

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