8) Points Store

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8) Points Store

Post by NSRP » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:18 am

Points Points are the currency of NSRP. They are used to buy weapons, jutsu, and various other things. You are able to obtain points through plot boards, socials, and other events. There are three types of points.
Character Points: Typically abbreviated "CP", characters points are the primary currency spent on the forum. CP are gained through activities through characters, and can be used to purchase anything. CP can be transferred between characters. CP can be transferred to your other characters at a 2:1 ratio.
Event Points: Typically abbreviated "EP", Event points are the points seen on a user profile. EP are strictly used for users that do not have a character to store points on.
Virtual Points: Typically abbreviated "VP", Virtual points are not commonly used. If a rule changes, or a character is scooped, their points can be retained as VP. VP cannot be moved off the character they are on, and if the character is killed or made inactive, the VP disappear. Furthermore, VP can only be used to purchase techniques, and may not be used in exchange for equipment, stats, or abilities. Always be mindful to spend your VP before your CP.

If you want to use points to just buy things, here is the pricing list:
E-Ranked Jutsu1 point
D-Ranked Jutsu2 points
C-Ranked Jutsu3 points
B-Ranked Jutsu5 points
A-Ranked Jutsu7 points
S-Ranked Jutsu10 points
Disposable Weapons (Kunai, Arrows, 15m of Wire, etc)1 point for 15
Swords, Hammers, and standards2 points
Explosive (Max 15, per character to include companions)5, any quantity, per type.
1 Stat5 Points

Members can achieve discounts off of their weapons when they do a Plot Board towards earning said weapon. These Plot Boards come with limitations however. 1/2 Points and Stats are earned during the Plot Board, but for the total amount of points earned x2 gets discounted off the weapon. To demonstrate this it is shown in the spoiler below.
Discount ExampleShow
Member A goes a B-rank PB to discount his new weapon which costs 100 points. Member A's PB earns 20 points/stats total, and after calculating the discount he earns a 40 point discount off the weapon. This now makes the weapon 60 points total. However the member earns 10 points/stats total in addition to the discount after completing the PB when we 1/2 his total earnings.

And that is how discounts work with weapons and PBs.
Special weapons and weapons not listed in the store will be brought to deliberation among the moderators. These do not require pre-submission and can just be put in a mod, however PM'ing it to a moderator and having it priced beforehand is advantageous. After careful discussion regarding the balance of these weapons, the moderators will assign a point cost for the weapon. As a guide, moderators will always consider the strength of the weapon's ability relative to Jutsu ranks, whether any abilities or concentrations are usually required for such powers and how the weapon has the 'special' feature imbued within it. Prices are non-negotiable.
  • The strength of the user must be at least 2/3rds the strength of the weapon, otherwise the weapon is unusable to the wielder. For example to utilize a crossbow that shoots at 35 strength, the user would need 23 strength. The strength required to wield a weapon can be determined using the formula: Strength required = 2*(Strength of Weapon/3).
Poisons Poisons come in two types: natural and artificial. Natural poisons are free and found on summons, pets, and companion creatures that naturally have access them. These start at the user’s rank, and increase when they rank up, but can't exceed what the poison would naturally do.

Artificial poisons are considered special weapons and are priced by staff based on their effects, duration, method of transition, and quantity.

Training Another option to get jutsu or raise stats is to train for them. This involves posting a lonely or social where you have your character train according to the following table:
TrainingBase Word CountTrainingBase Word Count
E-Ranked Jutsu900D-Ranked Jutsu1200
C-Ranked Jutsu1600B-Ranked Jutsu1900
A-Ranked Jutsu2300S-Ranked Jutsu2800
For these, this is the base word count. Every character gets a reduction, based on their stats. To calculate your reduction, use the following format [(Stat in the Jutsu)+(Instinct Stat)]x20. So, if you have 9 Instinct and 9 taijutsu, an E ranked taijutsu would take 540 words. However, this is to a minimum of 400 words.

If a person were to train jutsu of a concentration same as their Primary Affinity, their minimum for that affinity is 300 words instead of the traditional 400.

Stat training, though is a bit different. You are only allowed to stat train 50 times. After that, you are only able to earn stats via [Plot Boards] or through purchasing with points. You cannot combine stat trainings into a single word count; for example: having a 1000 word tai training and 1000 word speed training, and just training for 2000 words. Each training must meet the count separately. Stat trainings are always 1000 words in length, though a moderator may request that you add additional information if they feel it was not adequate enough. Companions follow the same guide lines for stat training, but can only stat train 25 times. You can train multiple stats of the same kind by increasing the word count as necessary. For example, writing a 2000 word stat training for strength will earn you 2 strength stats, 3000 words will earn you 3 strength stats, and so on so forth. However like stated before you cannot do 1000 words for strength and 1000 words for taijutsu.
Pre-Approved Jutsu You can have your jutsu approved through modifications before you train them. They are treated like any other jutsu in the grading process, and are added underneath your other jutsu in a spoiler called "Pre-Approved Jutsu". However there are limitations that come with this.
  • You are only allowed 10 Pre-Approved Jutsus to be in the spoiler
  • A jutsu must be trained before another Pre-Approved one is added in
  • Jutsu may not be used until trained
  • Jutsus can not only be trained, but bought out of Pre-Approved if one wishes
  • Pre-approved jutsu can be trained in Plot Boards.
Abilities Some abilities may require them to be purchased as well as earned with a thread. These are essentially any abilities that allow you to bypass restrictions that current exist. The abilities still need to follow some form of logic, but can be genetically passed on, the result of a spirit being sealed in you, the blessing of a priestess, or a curse by a witch, or as simple as a fuuinjutsu placed on you by someone else. These abilities can grant conceivably anything, but should not just be random concentrations or skills loaded on to them.

What requires to be purchased and what doesn't is left to the discretion of the moderating team. And they will be priced on a case by case basis until further notice.

If you need help, private message Niro, Valkier, or the nearest online Moderator.


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