Sarutobi, Taiga

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Sarutobi, Taiga

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character Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Features: Taiga is the pinnacle example of a healthy young man. His body is a well-proportioned height of 5'10" and while he isn't toned or particularly muscular, he is relatively good shape weighing in at 140 Lbs. Possessing a strong jaw, a slightly angular face, and large ears often hidden behind his messy hair, Taiga sports relatively average looks across the board, nothing too out of the ordinary about him. To put it simply, he isn't a heartthrob and he isn't dead ugly- he's just an average looking likeable guy. Thanks to his unique abilities, Taiga doesn't have any distinguishing scars or damages and has lived a relatively painless existence thus far.

That said Taiga is far from normal. If he was disrobe, one would find his torso covered in fuuinjutsu in the shape of trigrams that lead up his shoulders and down to his thighs. The seal pattern never ends, and wraps around his appendages and torso, creating a completely closed seal with the center on his abdomen- the trigram of earth.

Perhaps the oddest thing about him however is that as the host of Sukairaa the Deigenma, each breath of Taiga's releases a odorless cloud of light grey smoke as if he was perpetually smoking. Additionally, his chakra appears light grey in hue, and has the consistency and appearance of smoke, rather than the normal blue energy of most shinobi.

Clothing/Accessories: Taiga dresses overwhelming light due to his strong defensive abilities/matter manipulation abilities. The base of Taiga's clothing revolves around a dark-blue t-shirt and grey slacks that end at his ankles. These slacks are worn rolled up to his knees. In terms of accessories, Taiga wears a navy-blue hoodie with white lining and navy-blue knee-high shinobi boots with white trim and laces. Taiga doesn't wear his forehead protector anymore, however when he must, he has it embedded in a sash with the Sarutobi family crest that is worn around his waste. Other than that, Taiga wears pouches on both his thighs and one on his left hip.

Personality: Having grown up as a "loser" Taiga has a defiant personality but at heart is a kind, reasonable boy who is loyal to Konohagakure to a fault. Beneath his often aloof personality is actually a hard working boy with one determination: to prove himself to others in the village. In terms of intelligence Taiga was always considered to be of average intelligence yet oddly a rare genius when it comes to inventing jutsu. He also tends to have an uncanny instinct and natural talent for picking up on things fast. Despite his despair, his undying loyalty to Konohagakure and his skill in learning quickly and mastering unique jutsu gave him a solid foundation for being a host. Those of the higher echelons of Konohagakure see through his dissonance- the culmination of his hard work and skill is shown by the fact that he mastered his genma abilities to complete perfection as a child in just a year after becoming a host... a feat the vast majority of hosts never even achieve in their entire lifetime.

Now a young man, Taiga has learned to channel his emotions better, but perhaps still his weakest link however is a fragile psyche. Known as the "fiery" one of his generation, Taiga doesn't do well when he is put face to face with his emotions. The death of his Uncle, the fall of Konoha, and many other events proof of that in his teenage years. While this trait has often caused trouble and great concern for many of his superiors, they put up with Taiga for his sheer accomplishment with the Genma itself.

combat stats Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Rank: Chuunin
Affinity: Raiton

Stats: (24/50)
  • Chakra Pool: 23 ( 21 + 2 Sealed Bonus)
  • Endurance: 20
  • Control: 20
  • Strength: 20
  • Speed: 35
  • Willpower: 10
  • Mastery: 50

  • 15x Kunai (Thigh Holster on each side)
  • 7x Explosive Tags (Left Hip Pouch)
  • 2x Flash Tags (Left Hip Pouch)
  • 3x Smoke Tags (Left Hip Pouch)
  • 30x Senbon (Right Hip Pouch)
  • Chakra Blade Set
    Chakra reactive trench-knifes worn like brass knuckles, blades above the knuckles in a zigzag-shape for each knuckle, giving the effect of "teeth". Allows related jutsu to be channeled through them, akin to ability channeling.
  • Prayer Bead Bracelet
    Worn on each wrist, each with different beads. Left - Stone, Wood, Crystal, Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Clay, Magnesium, Copper, Nickel Right - Cobalt, Gold, Silver, Halite, Lead, Platinum, Quartz, Titanium, A bead of perpetual, solid chakra, Rubber

  • Jinchuuriki
    Taiga is host to one of the great phantom beasts, the strongest spirits that once ruled over the earth. The genma that resides within Taiga is the earth genma Sukairaa, the Deigenma.
  • Phantom Sense
    A side-effect of prolonged exposure to the chakra of the Deigenma, much like Sukairaa himself, when Taiga is merged with a substance he is truly unified with it and is able to automatically extend his sense of touch (feel) through that substance for up to [Mastery] x 2 meters away from himself. At base level, he is able to feel the things one would feel on their own back or body: points of pressure, force, and temperature. For example, if he merges himself into the ground he can feel the vibrations on it, and if there is a dog and a human on it, he can differentiate that one is much smaller than the other and seems to distribute it's weight on four points. Because this uses physical senses, through the use of taijutsu techniques this ability can be extended to higher levels of granularity.
  • Phantom Possession
    Taiga is the first documented host to master his bond with the ghost Phantom Beast, the Deigenma. Prolonged usage and exposure has effected his body and tenketsu in many ways, however perhaps the pinnacle of the side-effect abilities one can receive from the Deigenma is it's ability to possess objects or even people. After phasing into someone or something, Taiga will exert a special type of chakra out of his body, allowing his otherwise intangible form to interact with the insides of the his host. From this state, if his [Mastery] is greater than the opponents [Control] they will not be able to resist his powerful chakra and he will be able to completely control the body of the person he entered and even manipulate their hands to form seals for jutsu- assuming he knows seals. If his stats are weaker, but within 5 of the opponent, he can cause up to 2 minor disturbances per post such as flicking their wrist, shutting their mouth mid-sentence, or twitching their foot, but nothing more than that. The maximum duration of a possession can be held for 5 posts, + 1 post for every point Taiga has over his opponent, up to maximum of 9 posts.
  • Ninjutsu
    • N/A
  • Taijutsu
    • N/A
  • Genjutsu N/A

jutsu n/A

The Eighth Son...Show
The eighth son of Sarutobi Joutaru and Senju Michiko, Taiga was the most anticipated birth of the noble Sarutobi family in a century. This was because 8 is a very lucky number in the culture of shinobi, and it wasn't every day an eighth son was born... on the eighth day of the eighth month. It meant that Taiga was destined for greatness- luck was in his fate. Needless to say the boy was born and cherished. By the age of three he seemed to meet all expectations of his family and showed promise in ninjutsu. It was extraordinary. By the time he was 6 and entered the academy he already could use half of the basic ninjutsu required by the academy... however... his seemingly prodigius nature must of just been beginners luck, cause by the time he exited the academy at the age of 12, the boy they had once thought would be a rare talent to lead the family upon maturation had turned out to be nothing but about average.

Despite this disappointment, his immediate family still cherished him, though his brothers gave him a lot of shit for it and his cousins looked down on him. As everyone around him continued to grow rapidly, he seemed to still be at a plateau as even his younger cousins surpassed his ability.

Outside of his family, Taiga was increasingly having issues on missions, dragging his Inuzuka and Hyuuga teammate down on a regular basis. He was struggling to get by as a genin. By 13 his teammates passed onto Chuunin, Taiga still left behind as a Genin. Quite frequently he'd come home rather roughed up from missions causing a great deal of worry for his father Jotarou. He was not sure his son could survive the shinobi world much longer and begged his wife's younger brother, Senju Shou, to take Taiga under his wing.

Though Shou was a Jounin, he had not always been as strong as he was. Like Taiga, he had been a "failure" growing up, barely even capable of using Mokuton until his mid-teens. Jotarou felt if anyone could tutor his son and understand him, for these reasons, Shou was the man. Begrudgingly against his father, Taiga left the village with his Uncle to travel the country side and train. Despite not having the ability to use Mokuton from his mother's side, Taiga still as able to learn a wide variety of tips on being a ninja and a good man. After 2 years roaming the country side and now 16, Shou and Taiga parted ways as Shou was summoned back to the village for a mission, Taiga planning following suit alone a month later.

To his great dismay and horror, when Taiga returned to Konohagakure he returned to a village that had been decimated by two criminals, Fushinkou Yaku and Konohagakure's own Enma. Worse, he learned his uncle Shou had tragically perished in battle against the two men while protecting genin. Extremely upset Taiga could never forgive himself for not being in the village during the attack. For not being there to protect his friends and family. This sent him into a depressed state for months. Unknown to him, his father, once more unable to see his son in this condition, spoke with the Shinobi Council and begged them to put his son on a team hoping it would take him out of his depression.

The council did so and placed Taiga on a team with two genin, Isuzu and Gene, under the supervision of an Inuzuka known as Kazuo. The team however was short lived with Isuzu leaving the shinobi life and Gene quickly becoming Chuunin soon after. This of course lead to rising tensions between the boys, Taiga and Gene. After nearly reaching the breaking point with Gene, Taiga secluded himself away from his teammates. Ultimately, he was chosen to become the next Jinchuuriki in Konohagakure for reasons he himself could not understand. Despite his lack of aptitude, preliminary test had apparently shown him to be the most compatible with the Genma. This was certainly not a mistake, and though rocky, Taiga began to progress at a never-before-seen pace with his Genma.

The two, with particularly toxic attitudes, were not a team at first. Through Taiga's bullheaded will and sheer determination, he ignored the Genma's harassment and constant doubt and used all his might again and again to wear down the genma, slowly taking more and more of it's power without submitting to it's control. His determination wound up becoming his saving grace, and through Taiga's hard work, dedication, and the freedom and respect he gave his Genma to have eventually won the beast over., learning it's name. Sukairaa. In the end, the two were complimentary to each other and formed a strong and harmonious relationship. In just 1 year, Taiga managed to completely master his genma to a level far past even that of bannin. His growth however was not over.

While he may have mastered his genma, the other areas of the shinobi arts had gone completely ignored... and Taiga has much work to do in them.

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Sarutobi, Taiga

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Sukairaa the Deigenma
The Phantom Beast of Earth

The Deigenma, commonly referred to as the Earth Genma, is a Genma sealed away and controlled by [Konohagakure no Sato]. The Deigenma has the unique ability to abosrb and pass through any form of matter, bestows a limited form of that power to it's host. The Deigenma has Four Forms which defines the ability to phase and assimilate. The Deigenma is compatible with only those who have a Raiton affinity.

Personality: A very frustrating individual, Sukairaa is hardheaded and stubborn, believing that anything he can be right about, he is right about. A somewhat malicious being, he doesn't have much faith in humans, and is typically pretty tough on the jinchuurinki, talking poorly of the jinchuurinki and the people around them. Any time the jinchuurinki attempts something, Sakairaa will likely be the first to antagonize them about their potential failure. If the jinchuurinki succeeds, Sakairaa will likely still act as if they failed, insulting them for even the smallest mistakes.
Influences: They also have a permanent light gray chakra hue. Additionally, the jinchuurinki breaths out smoke every time they speak.
Longterm drawbacks: The host becomes very stubborn and hard headed, arguing about anything they can.
DefintionsThe Deigenma host is able to assimilate with solid matter. This means the genma can touch something solid, and take on its properties. While in the lower forms, this assimilation typically takes at a minimum, one post, later forms are able to do so almost instantaneously. When they've assimilated with something, they gain both it's strengths and weaknesses. Assimilating with wood will allow them to float on water, but will make them very weak to katon jutsu. When the host has assimilated with a property, it also allows them to pass through it without trouble. Merging with concrete will allow them to walk through a concrete was as if it wasn't there. Low ranked assimilations are temporary, while higher ranked jutsu can allow an assimilation to be constant until canceled out. The Deigenma cannot assimilate with anything liquid or energy, as their bodies would simply fall apart.
Base FormIn the base form, the host has light grey chakra, and will breath out small wisps of smoke when he talks. In this form, the host is able to assimilate their entire body with a single material at a time. Allowing them to take on the properties, or and phase through solid materials.
+2 Chakra Pool always active (this counts against your max stat total)
Form 1In this form the host is able to assimilate parts of their body with a material, taking on it's properties on specific parts of their body or their entire body. They gain a light grey chakra cloak around them, and their skin begins to turn grey.
+2 Chakra Pool
Form 2In this form, the host is able to take on the properties of multiple materials, though it is a slow process. The host cannot phase through a material if they have assimilated with another material. The hosts cloak will begin to get thicker, and puff off their body like wisps of smoke. Whenever the host assimilates or phases through anything they give the appearance of turning into smoke as they do so.
+4 Chakra Pool, +3 Speed
Form 2 AscendedHaving mastered the Genma to some length, the host is able to actively enter into this state and any of it's predecessors at ease. While indistinguishable from Form 2, Form 2 ascended is slightly stronger than it's predecessor. Additionally the host may now use skills from Form 1 and 2 while in Form 0.
+4 Chakra Pool, +3 Speed, +2 Strength
Form 3In this form, the host is able to rapidly assimilate and phase through multiple materials. The host can only phase body parts through material it has been assimilated with, meaning a wood body part cannot be phased through metal. The smoke will begin to envelope the hosts head completely, giving them the appearance of being made partially of smoke, additionally, they get thick black chakra along their back and around their collar.
+6 Chakra Pool, +4 Speed, +3 Strength
Form 4In this form, the host is able to rapidly assimilate and phase through multiple materials as well as flesh, allowing them to phase through other people. The hosts skin will appear more sickly, they're aura will completely disappear in place of smoke billowing off their head and from their chest. The black chakra on their back will form into wings that can be utilized with training.
+8 Chakra Pool, +7 Speed, +5 Strength
Form 4 AscendedHaving mastered the Genma to some length, the host is able to actively enter into this state and any of it's predecessors at ease. While indistinguishable from Form 4, Form 4 ascended is slightly stronger than it's predecessor. Additionally the host may now use skills from Form 1,2,3 and 4 while in Form 0
+8 Chakra Pool, +7 Speed, +5 Strength, +5 Control
4)First form is now unlockable. Up to C-Rank Jutsu can be used in First form.
6) Up to B-Rank Jutsu can be used in First form.
10) Up to A-Rank Jutsu can be used in First form.
14) Up to S-Rank Jutsu can be used in First form. Second form Unlockable, up to D-rank jutsu can be used in Second form.
16) Up to C-Rank Jutsu can be used in Second form.
20) Up to B-Rank Jutsu can be used in Second form. Form 2 Ascended Unlocked
22) Up to A-Rank Jutsu can be used in Second form.
26) Up to S-Rank Jutsu can be used in Second. Third form unlockable, up to D-rank jutsu can be used in Second form.
30) Up to C-rank jutsu can be used in third form.
34) Up to B-Rank Jutsu can be used in Third form.
38) Up to A-Rank Jutsu can be used in Third form.
40) Up to S-Rank Jutsu can be used in Third form. Fourth Form unlockable and up to C-Rank Jutsu can be used in Fourth form.
42) Up to B-Rank Jutsu can be used in Fourth form.
46) Up to A-Rank Jutsu can be used in Fourth form.
48) Up to S-Rank Jutsu can be used in Fourth form.
50)Form 4 Ascended Unlocked.


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