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[Clan] Akari

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General Information Type: Clan

Village: Iwagakure no Sato

Size: Large (50+ families)

Traits: While not specific in the slightest, each member of the Akari clan has something about them that stands out, due to the shiin that manifests in their body. This ranges from wild hair and eye color combinations to being larger or smaller than those of their age. For the most part, an Akari clan member will never blend in with the crowd and will always stick out.

Traditions: While not having too many inherent traditions, birth and death are both very important aspects of the Akari clan. Whenever a child is born, the entire clan celebrates, with a mix of envy and curiosity, seeing what shiin was created from the baby. This partially places the Akari member in their own class, based on the shiin that they are born with. On the opposite side, death is celebrated as a way to pass on whatever strength the Akari had to whoever bested them creating the stronger ninja for Iwagakure's sake. From this, shiin that aren't slain by an Akari are treated as dead ends and, most of the time, ends with the shiin being cremated, showing that it wasn't strong to handle Iwagakure's enemies.

In order to gain shiin, the most direct route is to consume it. While non-Akari must use the Organ Transplantation style, Akari are able to eat it directly from another Akari's body. Because this is the main way that the clan's bloodline evolves, Iwagakure no Sato has allowed some leeway with the clan's tactics and growth. While still small compared to how fast they tend to reproduce, each time that they would gain a rank in the village, they are expected to consume another shiin, to show off their power. While it isn't mandatory, per se, those who do not consume a shiin are seen as weak and undeserving of their title, ostracized by their clan.

Clan members, at almost each rank, are forced into a 1v1 combat to the death against a similarly ranked and strength member of their clan. If they win, it is expected that they consume the shiin of the loser in front of the clan. In doing so, they evolve their shiin and rid the clan of a weakness. Because of such, most Akari, at later ranks, keep watch over those that are winning constantly, hoping to see their next meal.

Iwa allows this type of behavior, on a few different restrictions. First off, the clan is only able to kill another one of their own clan members in the clan's arena and not outside of it, excluding missing ninja. Second, if they kill outside of the arena, it must be done with all of the creeds of Iwagakure no Sato. No one else can find out or track it down, it must be done in quiet, and no one else must get involved.

Influence: As big of a clan that the Akari are, it is a very large surprise to most to find out that beyond a few Akari members, the clan has very little political holdings in Iwagakure no Sato. This is partially due to the pact that they made upon joining the village, where they will follow the traditions of the villages, as long as they get to keep their own, fighting as soldiers whenever needed, but allowing themselves to handle inner clan conflict. So far, the truce has kept up well, as the clan has provided many strong shinobi to the village. Most end up dying in a blaze of glory.
A rather middle-aged clan compared to others, the Akari clan has stuck to its traditions in Iwagakure no Sato, and, as payment for the city's willful 'ignorance' of their dealings, has produced many strong ninja to service the village. While the true origins of the clan have been lost to time, what is known is that eight ninja, each with a different shiin, was able to enlarge this new organ and fight with it. By today's standards, their methods were crude and barbaric, but, with the help of Iwagakure no Sato bringing these people together, the clan was founded and started to grow. Out of the founding eight members, one of them was much different than the others. Less content with staying in one place, working for a ninja village, he left and was never seen again. Upon further experimentation of shiin, it was discovered that each of the founding ninja's shiin correlated to a chakra. Begging the question, it was unknown what the missing founder's shiin attached itself to, being completely different than the other seven.

As the clan grew, each ninja was perfectly satisfied with their own, singular shiin. However, once missing nin started to grow from the clan, and with the revelation of a now unnamed Akari with a phasmashiin gave in to some unnatural urges and started to devour a captured missing ninja. As soon as the missing ninja's shiin showed signs of manifesting itself in that ninja, the entire clan panicked. If not for the current clan leader, the clan would have consumed itself. Giving into what the people wanted, along with what he thought was best, he instituted what are now the clan laws. Funding the arena all by himself, the clan's ritualistic cannibalism and death combat was set in stone. While most of the clan members were fine with these rules, those that weren't tried to throw a coup against the leader. As they were unwilling to engage in cannibalism, they were vastly outmatched by those that had, and, their punishment, was being thrown into the arena to be cannibalized. The fights were very short and ended as one would expect. With the command given, more rules were added, basically detailing and fulfilling survival of the fittest and, if one had a problem with it, they would be required to fight in the arena over it.

Since then, the clan has grown, with 'bonuses' given out to families that birth more kids, allowing for more and more shiin to be put up on the market. However, by doing so, the unintentional hierarchy was created, by those with more common shiin reproducing faster, creating an artificial shortage of certain shiin, making the rarer shiin rarer and the more common ones show up and diluting the market.

Shinobi Information
A Shiin is the most important and sacred thing to a member of the Akari clan. While the main manifestation of their bloodline, it is also their lifeblood, being an organ in their very own body. Without the shiin, an Akari not only loses their bloodline, but their own sense of worth as well. Because of it being a singular organ, it is highly sought out by those with the Organ Transplantation because of the ease of transplanting the singular organ.

The organ itself allows an Akari member differing abilities based on its location. Almost every single Akari member is born with a single shiin. However, an Akari's body is able to house many more. In fact, unlike other bodies, a clan member can have a near endless amount of shiin located inside of their bodies, begging the question on why their bodies evolved that way. In fact, one of the only ways that an Akari can gain more shiin is through the consumption of other shiin. Without any form of cannibalism, an Akari's shiin will stay the same. It can grow in power, but it will never branch out or cover any of the other chakras in the body.

In its dormant state, a shiin is invisible to the naked eye, but, to sensors, they can see the organ as a mass of chakra that's the color of associated with the shiin. When used, however, a shiin inflates out of the Akari's body into its full size. The size, shape, and usage of the organ depend on which chakra it covers, while the durability is equal to the user's [Endurance], unless otherwise stated.

While each type of shiin is different, the easiest way to describe a shiin and how it operates is thinking of it as a liquid muscle, able to move and alter itself to the clan member's thoughts and whims, while still following its own pathways. Though, each shiin, no matter which type, never truly looks like the rest of the Akari's body, making it impossible to hide while manifested.
Types of ShiinShow
The first and most common of the shiin is the Melashiin. Connected to the Root Chakra, a melashiin manifests itself as a fleshy protrusion from the skin. They are almost always long and thin, being relatively weak in comparison to all of the other shiin. However, what gives them their usefulness is they have massively high regeneration rates. When damaged, they are able to recur themselves at an astonishing rate, following the rules for regneration without other jutsu being used. Because of such, having a melashiin imparts a -3 [Chakra Pool] OR [Endurance] on the user. Most melashiin are dark red in hue, though there are exceptions. For the most part, those with a melashiin are the lowest caste of the clan, due to having the 'weakest' of the shiin, along with the lowered stamina that it drains from them.
The second and second most common of the shiin is the Temershiin. Connected to the Sacral Chakra, a temershiin manifests as a tail of some sort on the user. While the type depends on the user, it is almost always coarse and rough to the touch. Most temershiin are orange in hue, though there are exceptions. Those with temershiin tend to be a good chunk of the ninja population, they are mostly lower ranking ninja.
The third and relatively common of the shiin is the Phasmashiin. Connected to the Naval Chakra, a phasmashiin manifests itself as a scaled and skeletal-like weapon over one of the clan member's limbs. While the limb itself depends on the shiin itself, it tends to be very durable, standing up to many different types of attacks. Because of such, however, phasmashiin tend to be heavier than other types of shiin and, because of such, clan members with a phasmashiin tend to have high [Strength]. Most phasmashiin are yellow in hue, though there are exceptions. Members of the clan with phasmashiin tend to be the bulk of the ninja forces that come from the clan. Additionally, most of those who go missing nin are have phasmashiin. Whether this is because of some innate function of the shiin or a bigger grasp for greatness is unknown.
The fourth and relatively uncommon shiin is the eroshiin. Connected to the Heart Chakra, a eroshiin manifests itself as almost fire-like jelly from solid flesh, encompassing the shoulders and branching out into wing-like forms. While incapable of flight by their own, they are aerodynamic, allowing for swift movement even with their added bulk. With an addition of the user's own [Speed], the eroshiin can allow for gliding around a battlefield, jumping from place to place. Most eroshiin are green in hue, though there are exceptions. Members of the clan with eroshiin tend to be spies, scouts, and diplomats, proud of their own speed and ability to get out of any situation.
The fifth and slightly rare shiin is the Lacrishiin. Connected to the throat chakra, a lacrishiin manifests itself as an armor around the user's body. The amount of armor depends on the user's own body. This armor smooth and dull, appearing as as a dim and opaque glass. While the armor has the same durability as others, it is also able to be strengthened in more ways, unlike the others. However, the armor created is almost never offensive in nature, requiring the user to use their own brute force to damage enemies. Most lacrishiin are blue in hue, though there are exceptions. Members of the clan with lacrishiin tend to be bodyguards of those of importance and high ranking members of the clan.
The sixth and second rarest shiin is the Derghoshiin. Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, a derghoshiin manifests itself as a growth around where the user's third eye would be. The smallest and physically weakest of the shiin, the derghoshiin gives one very simple ability. It is that it is able to shoot out bits of itself at targets. While few other shiin are able to manifest projectile attacks, the derghoshiin are the only ones that are able to manifest chakra-based projectile attacks and fuse differing chakra-based abilities into their projectiles. Most derghoshiin are purple in hue, thought here are exceptions. Members of the Akari clan with derghoshiin tend to be high ranked ninja or diplomats, highly valuing their own [Willpower] that the build up of chakra in their head supposedly gives them. Most clan members tend to respect the words of those with a derghoshiin.
The seventh and most rare of the shiin is the Astrashiin. Connected to the Crown Chakra, an astrashiin manifests itself as a helmet over the Akari's head. Appearing as a partial contradiction, the shiin is slimy, cold, and course at the same time. Appearing more alien in nature than the other shiin, it also commands the most respect. Very rarely showing up in children, and, for some reason, having such a low birth rate, those that are born with an astrashiin are looked after at an astonishingly high rate. Guarded by the clan almost as much as a village guards a Genma, all hungrily waiting for any mess up, it is completely unheard of for an Akari with an astrashiin as a missing nin. The abilities of the astrashiin tend to be hidden until after genin-level, whenever the Akari first consumes a shiin of another Akari, it 'activates' The astrashiin fuses with the shiin, meshing with it in whichever way, depending on the user, the basic shiin, and the astrashiin itself. Unlike other shiin, which are each composite parts, the astrashiin, and those that use them, are adept at fusing different shiin together, making new and beautiful combinations. This leads to many different fusions, such as a phasmashiin with the regenerative powers of a melashiin. Every single astrashiin has shown to be violet in hue, giving that same light color to any shiin that they consume. While valuable to the clan, due to different types of experimentation, they are also looked at by the entire clan as a predator looks at their prey. Each clan member hopes that they will be the one to absorb and consume the astrashiin.
Size of Shiin:
While the exact size of each type of shiin isn't noted, each should follow the following guidelines:
  • Melashiin: Long and thin, in comparison to others. Range is equal to [Endurance/2]m.
  • Temershiin: Range is equal to [Endurance/5]m.
  • Phasmashiin: No more than user's body length.
  • Eroshiin: No more than 3/4ths the user's body length.
  • Lacrishiin: The user's body length exactly. It only adds bulk, not height or size.
  • Derghoshiin - No longer than the user's head.
  • Astrashiin: No longer than the user's head.
Starting Shiin:
It is assumed that a character starts with the following number of shiin:
  • Genin/D Rank: 1 shiin.
  • Chuunin/C-Rank: 2 shiin
  • Special Jounin/B-Rank: 3 shiin
  • Jounin/A Rank: 4 shiin
Additional Shiin:
The ability for an Akari to house more than one shiin, while non-clan members are able to house only one, is one of the defining features of the clan. In fact, the clan's philosophies, structure, and group-thought all stem from this very fact. Whenever a clan member consumes a shiin, there is a high chance that it will be incorporated into their own body in unique ways.

The main process on how an Akari evolves their bloodline is by consuming others of their bloodline. While this process is essentially just cannibalism, the moral centers of the Akari are much different than other ninja in the entirety of the world. Whenever they consume a shiin of another Akari, there is a chance that their own shiin will either absorb it (if it is the same type) or let it take over another one of the user's chakras (if it is a different type). If the shiin is the same type and it is absorbed, the user's current shiin commonly takes on characteristics of the consumed shiin.
Clan jutsu must have an extra line that shows which type of shiin they can be used with.
Acquiring ShiinShow
When acquiring new shiin, an Akari must be aware how the shiin's rarity will affect the difficulty of the endeavor. Rarer shiin tend to be more heavily guarded and protected, often by those who wish to gain the shiin themselves. In doing so, this creates an abnormal body guard service for those with rarer shiin. However, this does make those with more common shiin completely unprotected, able to be consumed with very little effort. Regardless of shiin, all new shiin gained after creation must be acquired in character and cannot be done via solo roleplay.
Requirements: Depending on the shiin, each one has a different base stat in order to utilize it. However, each Akari clan member must have the ~Basic Form jutsu, and the [Shiin Usage] taijutsu concentration to properly utilize the shiin.
  • Melashiin: None
  • Temershiin: 10 in Endurance
  • Phasmashiin: 10 in Strength
  • Eroshiin: 10 in Speed
  • Lacrishiin: 10 in Control
  • Derghoshiin: 10 in Willpower
  • Astrashiin: 10 in Chakra Pool
Kekkei Genkai:
The main bloodline of the Akari clan is their shiin. While the size, shape, and abilities of the shiin depends on which chakra the organ is connected to. The shiin, while manifesting itself, is a constant within them. Unlike other similar clans, the shiin is the only thing that alters itself, leaving the Akari's body largely in tact. However, because of this, the shiin is just another part of the body, just as someone's arm or leg.
Clan Concentrations and Styles
Shiin Usage:
The fundamental skill of Shiin usage indicates the user’s proficiency with all types of shiin. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.

Combat Style:
[color=#CC00FF]Shiin Usage[/color]
Each shiin can be used differently. The majority of the shiin are melee-combat based and rely on using the extra reach granted by the Mela/Temershiin to gain an advantage and overwhelm the opponent with added appendages or the added defensive capabilities of the Phasma/Lacrishiin to shrug off damage and place decisive blows while the enemies guard is down. Those fortunate enough to be born with the Dergoshiin are outliers within the clan due to their ability to engage at longer ranges than their counterparts and as such are more likely to stick to hit and run tactics.
Requires one or more Shiin and Shiin Usage
Clan Jutsu
[color=#CC00FF][b]~Perfect Balance[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Melashiin, Temershiin, Phasmashiin, Eroshiin, and Lacrishiin.
Due to training with their shiin, Akari members are much more at balance than those without a shiin. This holds especially true for those with temershiin, as the tail-like protrusion provides a counterbalance. This also allows for clan members to use their shiin as legs for balance, if able.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Slow Fall[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
While not quite the same, by opening their shiin to the fullest, an Akari is able to slow their fall without fear of falling, even if thrust downward. While unable to gain height, even with gusts of wind, this protects an Akari from damage caused by falling, given they have enough space to fall.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Feather Fall[/b][/color]
C-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: [color=#CC00FF][b]~Slow Fall[/b][/color]
A much more advanced version of [color=#CC00FF][b]~Slow Fall[/b][/color], this technique allows the user to effectively glide, as long as their shiin is out. While they still can't gain height through this technique, they are able to slow their descent to ridiculous levels, and, with enough control they are able to descend at a 80 degree angle.

B-Ranked Maneuver Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: [color=#CC00FF][b]~Feather Fall[/b][/color]
Effectively the same as the prior technique, this allows the Akari to glide in all measure of the word. They are able to 'ride' the wind, gaining height through the use of the natural wind or [color=lightgreen][Fuuton][/color] techniques.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Perfect Flight[/b][/color]
A-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: [color=#CC00FF][b]~Glide[/b][/color]
Stretching their shiin to their fullest, the Akari is able to fly just as well as any bird would be able to, up to a maximum of 30 meters. Other than the height restriction, the user is able to travel equal to their speed, treating it just as if they were moving on land.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Melashiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the shape of a long fleshy protrusion, the melashiin is able to recover at double the rate of a normal body part would. The strength of a melashiiin is equal to 3/4ths of the user's strength.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Temershiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. The temershiin takes the shape of a wide and powerful tail. The strength of a temershiin equal to the user's strength.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Phasmashiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. The phasmashiin takes the shape of a scaled and skeletal weapon over one of the Akari's limbs. The phasmashiin have a strength equal to user's strength.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Eroshiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form of wings, they are incapable of flight on their own, however are very aerodynamic, allowing for the user to slowly float down, based on their prerequisite taijutsu. The Eroshiin has a strength equal to 3/4ths the user's strength.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Lacrishiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form of an almost opaque armor with an appearance of glass, the lacrishiin almost completely covers the user's body. As a pseudoarmor, the lacrishiin has strength equal to the user's strength +3, while causing the user to move with -3 speed.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Derghoshiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form as a pseudo-crown on the user, the derghoshiin has a strength equal to half the user's strength.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Formation: Astrashiin[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form of a helmet, the astrashiin is perhaps the weakest of the shiin, having only half the user's strength.

D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A partially automatic technique once learned, but can be stopped if need-be, the user is able to cause the manifested form of their shiin to deflate at command or whenever they go unconscious. While the uses of this aren't directly obvious, it does allow them to hide the fact that they do in fact have a shiin.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Bullet Spray[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninutsu
Prerequisite: Derghoshiin or Dergoshiin combination
By focusing chakra on their shiin, the user is able release bits and pieces of the shiin, causing a kunai-like projectile to be launced by the shiin with strength and speed equal to the user's [Control]. While effective, much use can tire out the shiin, just as throwing a kunai with a single arm would overwork it.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Elemental Bullet: Katon[/b][/color]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequsite: Derghoshiin or Dergoshiin combination, [color=#CC00FF][b]~Bullet Spray[/b][/color]
Just like the parent technique, the user focuses chakra on their shiin, while also doing the needed hand seal, releasing bits from the shiin, causing a kunai-like projectile to be launched by the shiin with speed and strength equal to the user's [Control]. The difference, however, is that the user focuses chakra into the launch, causing the projectiles to be imbued with Katon chakra.


[color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Regeneration[/b][/color]
C-Ranked Iijutsu
Prerequisite: Iijutsu Concentration
While still part of the body, each and every shiin has remarkable regeneration rates. Normally not enough to fully recover in battle, with rest, a shiin is able to recover itself in a few days, even if the manifested organ has been sliced to pieces, as long as the base organ remains in tact, taking chakra from the Akari, forcing them to rest longer than a normal ninja.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Bullet Barrage[/b][/color]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Dergoshiin or Dergoshiin combination, [color=#CC00FF][b]~Bullet Spray[/b][/color]
By focusing chakra on their shiin, the Akari is able release bits and pieces of the shiin, causing a group of fifteen kunai-like projectiles to be launched by the shiin at strength and speed equal to the user's [Control] in a spray 5 meters wide. While effective, much use can tire out the shiin, just as throwing a kunai with a single arm would overwork it.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Elemental Bullet Spray: Katon[/b][/color]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Dergoshiin or Dergoshiin combination, [color=#CC00FF][b]~Bullet Spray[/b][/color], [color=#CC00FF][b]~Elemental Bullet: Katon[/b][/color]
Just like the parent technique, the user focuses chakra on their shiin, while also doing the needed hand seal, releasing bits from the shiin, causing fifteen kunai-like projectiles to be launched by the shiin with strength and speed equal to the user's [Control], in a spray 10 meters wide. The difference, however, is that the user focuses chakra into the launch, causing them to be imbued with Katon chakra.

[color=#CC00FF][b]~Strengthen the Armor[/b][/color]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Lacrishiin
By doing the needed hand seals, the user is able to channel chakra directly into their shiin. This strengthens the armor, giving it an extra 10 Strength. However, while doing so, they are unable to use any ninjutsu or genjutsu while this is in effect. This lasts as long as they continue to channel chakra into their shiin.


[color=#CC00FF][b]~Enhanced Regeneration[/b][/color]
B-Ranked Iijutsu
Requirements: [color=#CC00FF][b]~Basic Regeneration[/b][/color], Iijutsu Concentration
Going above and beyond the normal regeneration capabilities, a shiin is able to utilize some of the user's chakra in order to restore itself to fighting capacity. While not instant, a shiin is able to recover and rebuild itself in [20-(Endurance/3)] posts. A melashiin is able to recover itself in [20-(Endurance/2)] OR [20-(Chakra Pool/2)] posts instead, based on the user's permanent drain. Either way, the fastest that a shiin can recover this way is in 2 posts. During this time, the shiin is unable to manifest.


[color=#CC00FF][b]~Perfect Regeneration[/b][/color]
A-Ranked Iijutsu
Prerequisite: Iijutsu Concentration
Type: All Types
Requirements: [color=#CC00FF][b]~Enhanced Regeneration[/b][/color]
Coming close to perfecting the regeneration factors of their shiin, the Akari member is able to recover their shiin almost as soon as it is destroyed. While the pain is still there, the shiin can recover itself in [15-(Endurance/3 posts)]. A melashiin is able to recover itself in [10-(Endurance/2)] OR [10-(Chakra Pool/2)] posts instead, based on the user's permanent drain. Either way, the fastest that a shiin can recover this way is in 1 post. During this time, the shiin is unable to manifest.


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