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Ishiguro, Cros

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Ishiguro, Cros
Kinslayer, Realm Wrecker

Sorry, not sorry.
General Information
29 Female 5'3" 101 Lbs. Silver Gunmetal Grey
Cros is not rather pale compared to the rest of the members in her clan. At 5'3", Cros has a rather small figure, but years of being a ninja has kept her well in shape, her compact size being mostly muscle. Her hair is silver in color, bangs parted to the side with bits of the rest flowing down onto her shirt and past her shoulders. In the back, her hair goes down to her back unless otherwise secured in a bun or ponytail. Around her eyes, across the bridge of her nose, and a bit on her cheeks, Cros skin is slightly uneven due to scars. Additionally, similar markings line her left arm and leg, her entire right hand, and her left shoulder blade. These markings are the results of scars she has accumulated over the years due to her experimentation with Denjiton, pushing the element much further than most others from her clan. Cros has a teal-colored stud piercing under her bottom lip, and a matching colored barbell navel piercing. A green snake tattoo adorns Cros' right arm and leg, beginning at the arm and working its way onto her shoulder and down her back, to the leg.
Typically, Cros wears a similar outfit every day, though the colors may change. A loose purple garment adorns the majority of her body, held in place with a large magenta bow tied in the back. This attire is extremely loose and allows Cros a large degree of movement. Underneath this, Cros wears a teal tank top with matching shorts. Cros wears black and red sandals and though she typically does not wear her forehead protector, she has a belt with the village symbol on it displayed prominently along her waist.
In retirement, Cros only carries a single standard katana with her, sheathe in hand. She otherwise has access to 15 Kunai laced with exploding tags which she keeps in a pouch at her right hip. Should she need to, she can mount her Katana sheathe at her left hip.
Cros is rather outgoing. She's generally very easy to talk to and is usually in a pleasant mood. She enjoys hunting, listening to music, companionship, and experimenting with Denjiton. She dislikes people that aren't motivated or are intentionally lazy. Cros is a bit analytical, years of experience in the ranks of shinobi have made her that way. She is quick to praise good work but also quick to bring down the hammer for failure, she sugar-coats nothing. Cros has no significant other, though has been in a few relationships over the course of her life.

A curious individual both in personality and history, Cros loves to experiment not only with Denjiton but with chakra in general. She enjoys finding new ways to manipulate the planets lief source to her very whim. Cros is known to occasionally take risks, usually life-changing ones, or ones with large-scale effects. She is known for keeping her composure under the most extreme of circumstances and nearly always puts the mission first. This has played a large hand in her great success as a shinobi. Cros is not a nurturing individual to those she does not feel has deserved it. This would generally include anyone she has not developed an emotional attachment towards. Cros is careful whom she trusts, for Kumogakure as a whole might be in good hands, but politics and the shinobi life mix poorly, she'd rather not make enemies within the village unless she felt she had to.

Cros is known for being brutally honest in your everyday conversation. She speaks the truth of the matter form her observations. On missions however, she has been known to lie to those when it is necessary and feels no guilt whatsoever about the fact. Loyalty is a strange term for Cros, for she knows she should be loyal to both her clan and to the Village, and she is to an extent. But she also knows that if the opportunity arose that she was able to escape and live more comfortably, she would.

Some people have described Cros as being flirty, paying no mind to the gender of the receiving end, but also as a bit of a romantic. Rarely however has she displayed a blatant show of affection for anyone. It just isn't really her thing. In fact, past lovers have said she can be quite sadistic in both bed and manners. It's a side of her that not many have seen. Sympathy does not come easy to Cros. If someone screws up on a mission, more likely than not only they are to blame. Certain circumstances may change her point of view on the matter, but for the most part Cros doesn't pamper anyone. That aside, she has been known to still care for the general well being of others, even though her own health has deteriorated quite a bit. She constantly theorizes ideas of how to get past her current body restrictions. Cros has grown used to her clansmen hating her, often when she visits the village she is trailed by one,
or else yelled at. On the rare occasion, she is even attacked by those whose loved ones she has slain. Most of the time however, her mere presence around other Ishiguro is enough to frighten them.
As a child Cros was very shy, never speaking much even to her immediate family within the Clan compound. As she grew older however, her personality took many turns throughout her career. As she entered into the academy and made a few friends, she become less reclusive and more outgoing, becoming quite the chatterbox outside of the classroom. In the classroom however, Cros focused on one thing and one thing only, the lessons. She was determined to become the best of her clan. She aced all the academy tests and soon found herself to be a Genin.

Cros' Genin squad consisted of herself, a Kyoukan clan member, an Arashiyama clan member, and a Jinrai Jounin which oversaw them. Together they went on many missions. During this time, it was discovered that Cros had quite a knack for infiltration. That was certainly not unheard of within the shinobi produced from the Ishigurpi clan, but Cros was a prodigy even by their standards. It was also around this time that Cros began to experiment with Denjiton as a whole, learning to manipulate her natural affinity to her whim. Some time passed, and Cros found herself taking the Chuunin exam. It was her usual squad minus their Jounin mentor, in addition to another genin squad consisting of a Jinrai, a Salt-Wielder, and a Kenjutsu user. Their opponents were two Chuunin, the first being an Ishiguro and their partner being exceptionally proficient in Genjutsu.

During the exam, Cros showed an aptitude for teamwork, her utility-based line of jutsu coming in very handy for disrupting any offense the Chuunins threw at them, as well as making it harder for the two Chuunin to defend against the Genin. As it was, all six of them passed the exams. Now a Chuunin, Cros experimented even more with Denjiton, earning several scars across her face, especially around the eyes. She continued to go on infiltration missions, earning quite the reputation for her ability to gather information and have a hand in political advancements.

It wasn't particularly long before Cros was given the title of Special Jounin, her specialty being infiltration and assassination. Indeed, there were few in the village that were anywhere near her success rate in such matters. Whilst a Special Jounin, Cros earned many more scar marks along her body, covering a large part of her left side. She also took the time to teach a few classes at the Ninja Academy and assisted many aspiring students in becoming Genin. It was also around this time she began to develop a reputation for hunting down fellow Ishiguro Clan members whom had defected from the village. It was some time shortly before her promotion to Jounin that Cros realized she wanted to see the world. She wanted to move beyond the walls of Kumogakure. Even just further out into Lightning Country would be fine. As a Special Jounin, Cros became notorious within her clan for disposing of those that defected from the village, her own Taijutsu and Denjiton techniques comboing together to allow her to effortlessly slay other Ishiguro clan members. She became detached and ostracized from them, not wanting to get too personal with them for fear of having to kill them down the line.

After more success, Cros was given the rank of Jounin. She earned more scars along her body, the most significant one over the entirity of her right hand. She continued to go on missions for the village, and saved up a fortune in money, and eventually retired to outside the walls of the village, living in a small community in Lightning Country, near the border. Years of scarring and other such drawbacks of being a shinobi have taken a toll on her body and she enjoys a nice quiet life by herself, though still takes the odd mission for the village that may require her special touch. Her current life goal is to find a way to rejuvenate her body, allowing her to function as well as she used to so she can make more money and live more comfortably. She still keeps in contact with many of her previous students as well as many of those she has served with. The village generally requests that she comes in once in a while to make sure she's alright, generally at least once every other month but otherwise she is free to do as she pleases.
Battle Information
Combat StyleShow
General Combat Style:
In tandem with her nickname is Kinslayer, Cros excels at taking out outher Ishiguro, her taijutsu prowess and anti-Ninjutsu techniques excel not only in taking out fellow Ishiguro, but also other shinobi in general.
Shinden Kenjutsu:
Shinden Kenjutsu is a style originating in Marsh Country that emphasizes heavy and damaging slashes from positions that allow flexibility and focus. Typically the user will draw their sword and then lift it over their shoulder or head, in a downward slashing angle to allow for gravity to act as an enhancer for the blow and because of this, heavier swords such as nodachi or odachi are typical fare for the style but the moves can be done with a katana. This style also emphasizes firm and powerful body movements to deal with the lack of blade defense afforded by the stance assumed.
Requires: [Upper], [Rigid Structure], [Sword or Hafted] Concentrations
Skitter Step:
Skitter Step
The Skitter Step is a style that relies heavily on the user's senses. The style itself is a mesh of quick, fast, and wild punches, kicks, and jumps. Due to the user altering their senses, every bit of movement is heard and, since they can start to respond to things instinctively, they can respond to things that normally wouldn't have been able to be heard/seen/done. In addition to the heightened senses, users are normally in a "paranoid" state, where they start to suspect things that aren't always there.

If overused, the style can lead to paranoia in individuals, along with constant fidgeting, making experts in the style quite well known for these activities.
  • Requires: [Acrobatics] and [Perception]
  • Requires *[Skitter Step • Senses Open] prerequisite to learn any other jutsu.

Abilities: 1/3Show
Born to the Ishiguro clan, this user is able to utilize Disruption Release, a fusion composed of Raiton and Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require Denjiton. Denjiton has a cancelling effect.
Passive (Canceling)Show
Denjiton is used to cancel the effects of chakra, namely jutsu. Denjiton functions by creating areas where chakra is cancelled out, weakening jutsu, and actually targetting people to cause internal damage by damaging their chakra networks. Denjiton is incredibly difficult to master, takes large amount of control, but has proven itself to be an extremely dangerous element that an completely alter the flow of battle.
The term dampen refers to using Denjiton to lessen the quality of chakra in a specific area. Jutsu that are dampened lose strength and speed.
Ninjutsu Concentrations: 0/7Show
Taijutsu Concentrations: 5/5Show
The fundamental skill of [Acrobatics] includes the user’s ability to contort their body into unfamiliar positions in order to avoid attacks, as well as the user’s ability to fall safely and perform Ukemi and other feats of gymnastics. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
The fundamental skill of [Perception] describes the user’s practiced methods of more keenly focussing their senses for a short time. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Upper Body:
The fundamental skill of the [Upper Body] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their arms, chest and head in various ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.
Rigid Structure:
The fundamental skill of [Rigid Structure] describes the user’s ability to adeptly position and lock in their skeletal structure to efficiently absorb blows with minimal damage to their person. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Sword Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Sword Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with swords and sword-like weapons such as knives, daggers, sword-breakers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Genjutsu Concentrations: 0/1Show
Rank:Village:Primary Chakra Affinity:Secondary Chakra Affinity:Tertiary Chakra Affinity:
A-Ranked Kinslayer//Jounin Kumogakure Denjiton 2nd Element 3rd Element
, 1
45 25 1 35 20 35 20 19
D-Ranked: 5:
~Denjiton: Slow Down
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then thrust their hands forward, creating a screen of chakra 3m x 3m in size anywhere within 5m in front of them. Any sources of chakra that pass through the screen will lose 3 speed.

~Denjiton: Weaken
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then thrust their hands forward, creating a screen of chakra 3m x 3m in size anywhere within 5m in front of them. Any sources of chakra that pass through the screen will lose 3 strength.

~Denjiton: Dampen
D-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then thrust their hands forward, creating a screen of chakra 3m x 3m in size anywhere within 5m in front of them. Any sources of chakra that pass through the screen that will explode lose 1 exploding tag worth of explosive power.

~Denjiton: Booby Trap
D-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, focusing chakra on a 2mx2m area within 5m of their body. Anyone who steps on that area will have a surge of Denjiton move through them, causing a general muscle soreness in their legs like they had been working out all day. While it doesn't cause any stat debuffs, it can cause for awkward movements and making it easier to overpower someone. This lasts for the next 3 posts.

~Denjiton: Weak Cancel
D-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then places their hand directly above a D-rank jutsu, cancelling out the chakra in the jutsu. Any physical aspects of the jutsu will remain by the chakra effects will no longer exist. This jutsu fails if used on a jutsu that is not D-rank.
C-Ranked: 4:
~Denjiton: Shrink
C-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then thrust their hands forward, creating a screen 5m x 5m in size anywhere within 10m of them. Any jutsu that passes through the screen loses 3 speed and 3 strength, and 1 exploding tag worth of power if it explodes.

~Denjiton: Clone Trap
C-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals then focuses chakra on a 4x4m area. If any clones pass through that area a surge of chakra will shoot up and cancel out the clone, and any effects it may have.

~Denjiton: Gauntlets
C-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, creating gauntlets of denjiton chakra around their hands and forearms. The user can use their arms as shields, reducing the effect of jutsu they come in contact with (through the gauntlets) by one rank. This allows them to lessen the burns from katon jutsu, or easier to break out of suiton jutsu that capture them.

~Denjiton: Body Shock
C-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, and sends forth a pulse of denjiton chakra from their hands that travels at 10 speed at a range of 15 meters. Anyone caught in the denjiton pulse will have sudden full body muscle fatigue and a feeling of nausea and discomfort that lasts for 4 posts.
B-Ranked: 3:
~Denjiton: Genjutsu Cancel
B-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then places their finger to their forehead, charging Denjiton chakra throughout their entire bodies. The process is quick, and will cancel any B-rank or lower genjutsu they're currently afflicted by. This technique causes a -10 in Control and Ninjutsu for 5 posts after use, however, so it is advised against relying too heavily on it.

~Denjiton: Cancel Clone
B-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then creates a clone out of chakra beside them. In addition to looking like the user, the clone has the special ability of disrupting an opponent's chakra system for 3 posts upon physical contact. This means that they are unable to cast ninjutsu or genjutsu during this time, however it also dissipates the clone. This clone lasts for up to 5 posts, and has the following stats:
Taijutsu: 7
Stamina: 4
Strength: 3

~Denjiton: Cancel Armament
B-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, and then coats a weapon they are holding in Denjiton chakra. This enables them to cancel out the chakra of B-rank and below jutsu that the weapon comes into contact with for the next four posts. It also lowers the control of those it strikes by 3 for three posts.
A-Ranked: 2:
~Denjiton: Empty
A-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, then places a hand on the targets forehead, charging Denjiton chakra into their bodies. For the next 4 posts, the target's tenketsu will be stunned, preventing the flow of chakra. This prevents the target from using any chakra based effects for the duration of the effect. Another person utilizing Kai on the target will kick start their chakra and cancel out the effect, however.

~Denjiton: Cancellation Armor
A-rank Ninjutsu
The user does a series of hand seals, placing their hand on their forehead and focusing chakra around their bodies. The chakra will form a thin, clear armor around their skin. For the next 5 posts, the armor will cancel out the effects of chakra that come in direct contact with their bodies. This allows them to break through barriers, protect themselves from ninpou effects, and otherwise act as a protection from indirect attacks. This armor only serves to cancel. A doton jutsu's chakra would be cancelled, but the blunt force of a rock slamming against them would remain.
S-Ranked: 1:
Denjiton: World Wrecker
S-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 45 Ninjutsu
After amassing a buildup of Denjiton chakra within their body, the user will surge this overwhelming flux of Denjiton chakra will immediately be expelled outwards around themselves in a 75 meter radius from their person in every direction at a speed of 40. This radius will stay with the user, following them around for the next 12 posts. As the field moves outwards from the source, it will attempt to interact with physical ninjutsu that have been supplied with chakra, striking at them with a strength of 50 and obliterating them if their strength is anything less. As this chakra spreads outwards from its source, it will create a dead zone where chakra will cease to have any function whatsoever. Within the area, no individual will be able to shape or mold chakra in any way shape or form. Any summons will be immediately dispelled regardless of the circumstances of their summoning. Fuuinjutsu will be unable to be activated and will simply become inert until the effect ends. Any jutsu in the area will have their chakra immediately removed. Items that require chakra to use in any way become inert and ordinary. Beings tied to a core will become just that, a core and nothing more. Puppets will become inert. Anyone under the effects of Genjutsu will immediately be broken out. Doujutsu will cease to function and essentially become normal eyes while within the field. Any and all use of chakra becomes instantaneously and indefinitely negated and canceled within the area for the next 12 posts. Additionally, the zone will cause intense nauseousness and migraines to anyone that resides within the area, causing those with 45 or lower (Strength + Stamina)/2 to fall out and become unable to continue to do anything. The user is not exempt from this, but their innate Denjiton affinity provides them some resistance, requiring them to have 35 or higher (Strength + Stamina)/2 to resist these effects. For the purposes of training students, the caster can lower the potency of the technique to not cause vomiting and migraines if she so chooses.
E-Ranked: 1:
*Skitter Step: Stop
E-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: Any form of Senses Open used.
The user will make a fist with their right hand, and place it against their palm with their left hand, against their chest. This calms the users senses and returns them to a centered state.
D-Ranked: 9:

*Shinden: Stream Splitting
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Strength
Lifting their sword above their head the user of this technique drives it down in one fluid motion with their blade aimed to slash through or into whatever they are attacking. The force of this technique is amplified by the fact that their stance is aimed to enhance muscle tension and torque, allowing them to make the single slash a very powerful one.

*Shinden: Branch Cleaver
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Strength
While the basic techniques of Shinden revolve around heavy slashes from standing positions this technique is about harnessing the same destructive potential while moving. Rushing at a foe quickly, the user slashes in a downward motion in order to maintain momentum. The sword is typically swung from right to left or from left to right instead of straight down, the attack usually stopping at waist level to keep from potentially stumbling. While less destructive than some Shinden techniques, it still retains utility in battles of movement.

*Shinden: Fake Out
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Strength
A technique designed to interrupt foes; the user pulls their hands up on their sword to expose more of the hilt while in typical Shinden stance. Once an opponent comes within range, the user yanks the hilt down in a smashing manner against the foe or a similar target. Afterwards, the user follows with a less damaging downward slash at a foe, making this effective for surprise purposes.

*Shinden: Grass Cutter
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Strength
With a stance shift, the user quickly draws their weapon to their waist with the blade facing away from their body. The user then delivers a quick and brutal horizontal thrust forward, followed by a slice, inspiring its name by cutting down unwary opponents. The technique is defensive in nature, allowing the user to guard with the intent to counter.

*Shinden: Sword Shield
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 10 Strength
As most Shinden users wield rather large blades, The user of this technique has trained themself to use the width of their blade as a sort of shield, using it to deflect most small weaponry and block blows reliably. Users should be very liberal with the use of this technique, as too strong a blow could damage their weapon and render it useless, while too thin a weapon makes the use of this technique more difficult than one with a wider blade.

*Skitter Step: Inside Dodge
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter Discipline to Outside Dodge. Having mastered this Discipline, when the user is actively using Skitter Step, should they be in close quarters combat, their body instinctively dodges to the inside of an attack which keeps them centered on their opponent's torso. These dodges are only successful if their average [Tai+Instinct+Speed/3] is greater than the speed of the attack.

*Skitter Step: Outside Dodge
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter Discipline to Inside Dodge. Having mastered this Discipline, when the user is actively using Skitter Step, should they be in close quarters combat, their body instinctively dodges to the outside of an attack which forces them to be constantly moving around their opponent. These dodges are only successful if their average [Tai+Instinct+Speed /3] is greater than the speed of the attack.

*Skitter Step: Reject
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter discipline to Accept. When faced with an extended limb, may it be an arm or leg, a master of this discipline will always bat at the extended limb with full force, typically aiming for the joint of the limb in order to cause it to collapse.

*Skitter Step: Accept
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter discipline to Reject. When faced with an extended limb, may it be an arm or leg, a master of this discipline will always reach to capture the extended limb with one hand, typically aiming for the most distal portion of the limb. This gives them an opportunity of controlling their opponent.
C-Ranked: 6:
*Shinden: Form Improvement
C-Rank Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: 15 Strength
The user assumes a somewhat curved stance by drawing one elbow down and bending it back so that the sword points straight up above the user with the left hand at cheek level and the right hand at eye level. This shifts the sword into pointing straight up instead of curved in any direction, allowing for firm and quick slashes and thrusts. This stance also allows the user to recover from an attack at a greater speed, preserving the user's defensive position without sacrificing the power behind their attacks.

*Shinden: Grounding Blade
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Strength
The user he blade of their sword into the ground and then slashes sideways creating a fairly deep deep crater, around five inches, in the ground in front of them, kicking up a splash of rocks and dust to blind and harry foes. The user then lunges into their foe with an attempt to knock them over or slash at their legs. Foes with at least equal Strength to the user can avoid being knocked over and can maintain ground, preventing the follow-up slash.

*Shinden: Aerial Saw
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Strength
Leaping up off the ground in any Shinden stance, the user draws their blade down and creates a powerful overhead slash which doubles as a defensive movement, the user capable of moving the sword to displace weight and momentum to change direction if needed. With this technique, the user can also form heavy slashes on uneven or unstable terrain without dependancy on solid ground.

*Shinden: Uproot
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Strength
Bringing their blade down and pointing the tip towards their enemy, the user will thrust the length of their blade into his opponent in an attempt to jam their sword through the opponent's torso. To finish the technique the user will lift their target off of their feet by lifting the blade before throwing them as far as they can, swinging the blade to fling them off the tip.

*Shinden: Shield of Swings
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Strength, 15 Taijutsu
The user will swing their blade in a seemingly wild fashion without truly aiming to connect with a target, at least not with any real accuracy. While it seems to be totally uncalculated to the untrained eye, the user is in fact swinging their weapon in such a way to protect themselves from other attacks while making their approach. By swinging the blade in large circles around their body, they create a whirlwind of strikes that not only serve to bat away blows of lesser strength, but can easily tear apart an opponent on a direct hit.

*Skitter Step: Senses Open
C-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
The main jutsu of the Skitter Step, Senses Open does exactly what the name states. The user takes a moment to focus their bodies, then releases it. While in this stance, the users sensory input is increased, allowing them to receive more information quickly. This causes a +2 in Taijutsu, and a +4 in speed, but a -3 in Ninjutsu and -3 in Control. This stance will remain in effect until deactivated by [Stop]. Practioners of this technique will find themselves fidgetting and constantly moving, which can make it difficult for them to use this style while on stealth missions.

*Skitter Step: Pounce
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
Because of the Skitterer's paranoid nature, they can slightly sense things around them. At a slight hint of an attack, the user will jump out of the way in the opposite direction of the attack, letting them dodge projectiles or jutsu.
B-Ranked: 3:
*Shinden: River Splitting
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Shinden • Stream Splitting, 25 Strength
The user focuses an amount of muscle tension and force of a Shinden stance into a single point on the blade, usually the upper half, and then drives it down with enough force to cause a pressure backlash against everything it hits. This creates a pressure wave that flies 5 meters forward at a Speed of 7. The wave is capable of striking back water and kicking up rocks and dirt as it flies.

*Shinden: Lightning Bolt
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 25 Strength
A technique similar to the Fake Out technique, it can cause incredible damage for anyone caught in it. The user assumes a standard shinden stance, bringing their blade down. In mid-slash, however, the user quickly spins the sword and grips it like a dagger, switching from a slash to a quick downward thrust that can trap weapons, impale objects or skewer through most normal substances with the length of the blade.

*Shinden: Titan's Grip
B-Rank Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: Shinden • Form Improvement, 25 strength, 25 Taijutsu
A stronger version of the Form Improvement technique, a user of this stance is capable of using their oversized weapon with such ease that the usual encumbrance of such large weapons are as if nothing to them. This allows a Shinden user to use their weapon with the same speed and control as a smaller, more easily controlled weapon, such as a ninjato or katana. The benefits of this are incredibly useful, as this allows a Shinden user to attack with incredible speed and accuracy without sacrificing their power, as well as block efficiently between blows.
A-Ranked: 1:
*Skitter Step: Lessons on Instinct
A-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The user has taught their body to adapt through this discpline. This allows the user to instinctively draw conclusions on the opponents fighting style. Masters of this discipline, unconsciously learn how their opponent's fight, and upon seeing a technique used twice, naturally recognize it's execution. While a master of this discipline cannot consciously recognize the movements that telegraph attacks, their bodies instinctively pick up on them, which grants them a +4 in taijutsu and speed in terms of reacting to the attack.


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