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[Inactive][Organization] The God Hand

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The God Hand
To bring end to the mundane order of the world.


Type of Organization: Central Organization
Location of the Organization's Main Base: N/A
Description of the Organization: The God Hand consists of sovereigns who act as executors of Mastema--an abstract cosmic entity responsible for acting on the collective wicked desires of human nature itself. While The God Hand does act in the interests of preserving the lives and interests of village defectors, all actions by The God Hand as a collective organization will be in the interests of destroying the 5 Shinobi Villages and creating solidarity in an anti-governmental system of complete freedom.
Requirements of the Organization:
  • Must be a missing-nin or minor country character.
  • All members officially join by being personally approved by Yato.
  • The Godhand and its members are a strict secret. Members shall not speak to outsiders of such existences.
  • All requirements and rules regarding the organization can be changed at any moment in time.
  • Members who defect from the organization are considered threats and will be hunted down.
    • By joining The God Hand, you as a player are agreeing to allow the organization to reduce the amount of info threads necessary for the sake of hunting by 2, in the event that you leave.
    • Defecting is considered one of the following: killing a fellow member for no plausible reason, explicitly stating one's desire to leave the organization, or intentionally bringing harm to the organization and its goals.
    • If Yato sees that a member is unfit to remain in The God Hand, he can choose to remove them from the organization, but this does not qualify as defecting.
  • All members are expected to have knowledge of the Ouroboros seal shown above; this seal is used in any official orders, missions, etc., and is kept a strict secret. Members who receive orders with the seal are expected to destroy any evidence of it.
Resource Points: (3/130)
The Black Order
The sovereign leaders of The God Hand. As the leadership operates on the basis of power and free-will, all members are free to challenge any current council member of the Black Order in order to take their spot. While the position of Supreme Leader is always reserved for Yato and those who he chooses to succeed him, the Council members are ranked from 1-4, with 1 being the strongest. Leaders are expected to find and recruit Apostles, while also executing and assigning missions. Members of the Black Order must have at the very least, a total stat value of 200.
RankIdentitySupreme LeaderYatoPrimeroN/ASegundoN/ATerceroN/ACuartoN/A
The Apostles
The members of The God Hand. While provided protection and granted knowledge, they are expected to carry out The God Hand's missions in exchange.
NPCs Of the Organization

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Plotboard Tracker
This keeps track of all the PBs completed under the Org, those marked as being used as payment have an asterisk along with the name of the reward given(*)
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