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Ryūjin's Child
General Information Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height: 5'1
Weight: 247 lbs
Physical Features: As Ayato is still a prepubescent child, he has a boyish appearance and a petite body with fair skin to match. His hair is a straight long sandy blonde. His bangs parts to reveal his eyes--one sapphire and one emerald, which almost seem to glow with how vibrant the irises are. Because of his distinct case of heterochromia, Ayato is very easy to pick apart from a crowd. Interestingly enough, due to his dragon physiology, Ayato's skeletal structure is incredibly dense and as such he is much heavier than one would expect.
Clothing/Accessories: Ayato wears a long-draping olive-green hooded parka at all times. Underneath that, he wears a black turtle-neck short sleeved shirt, black shorts, and does not wear shoes. This outfit is Ayato's only set of clothes, and he is never seen wearing anything else.
Personality: Still young in the ways of the world, Ayato's personality is best described as naive but curious. With an inquisitive nature that often leads him into trouble, he's always learning from his mistakes. Although he doesn't have any outstanding dreams for the future, his one hope is that he would be able to meet his mother one day. Ayato is an altruistic person for the most part, and if he sees someone in trouble he won't think twice or hesitate to help them. This is mostly fueled by his desire to create bonds and friendships with others, as he's an outgoing child with a bright spirit. Consequently, his greatest fear is being rejected by others; because he's an orphan who doesn't know his family, Ayato holds the bonds he creates dear to him, and always gives an effort to maintain his friendships. His childish nature often shows through multiple facets of his personality: his unsolicited trust for strangers, his unrealistically optimistic outlook on the world, and best of all--the fact that he finds just about anything hilarious.

In combat, Ayato is instinctive at best. He has never been trained formally in the art of combat, and it shows often through clumsy mistakes.
Battle Information Village: Knowledge Country
Rank: C-Rank
  • Ninjutsu: 1
  • Taijutsu: 15
  • Genjutsu: 1
  • Stamina: 15
  • Control: 1
  • Strength: 17
  • Speed: 17
  • Instinct: 13
  • Utility Belt
    A belt worn around Ayato's torso, slung diagonally across his chest. This belt has several loops to attach things to it.
  • Basic Dagger
    A basic iron dagger without any special properties. This dagger's blade is 7 inches long, and 3 inches wide, and is kept in a sheath attached to Ayato's utility belt.
  • Canteen
    A small metal canteen that usually holds water, up to a maximum capacity of 1 quart. Kept on a loop attached to Ayato's utility belt.
  • 3 Grenades
    Although they were originally used by scientists to quickly excavate plots of land, Ayato stole them for emergency use. These grenades explode with a force of a single D-Rank tag. Attached to loops on Ayato's utility belt.
Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Katon
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Ryūjin's ChildShow
As the incarnate of a Dragon God Ryūjin, Ayato has been gifted with powers that transcend that of mortals, and is considered to be a Dragon-Human hybrid. This grants Ayato access to a 9th stat: Blessing. As Ayato's Blessing progresses, he gains more passives and abilities that he can access:
BlessingEffect1Ryūjin's Form
Although Ayato's body appears to be a human body, his true body is hidden within. Through the use of Dragon Style--a taijutsu style only available to him--Ayato can 'release' his body through various stances, which allow for a degree of transformation that depends on the rank of the jutsu. These stances release traits typical to a dragon--wings, claws, a tail, sharp teeth, etc., and at the highest level of Taijutsu, Ayato can form a true dragonic body.
10Dragonic Flames
Ayato is granted access to Katon, but in a limited sense. He can access fire through the use of Ryūton, a blue flame Katon-esque pyramid separate from any other type of pyramid. This release allows for enhancing one's body with the Katon passive, breathing streams of fire, or creating fireballs. Much unlike Ninjutsu, this ability does not allow for diversity, nor does it allow for much control over the element besides using it to enhance Ayato's attacks or to launch basic projectiles--all of which must derive from Ayato's body. The degree of burning, as well as the stat requirements per rank of the jutsu are dictated by Ayato's Blessing stat. Although there are no handseals involved, while 'charging' these techniques, Ayato's body glows with a sapphire-colored aura; it is important to note that the speed of channeling jutsu is associated with Ayato's Blessing stat. Finally, rather than using chakra, use of Ryūton operates off of Ayato's physical stamina, as it comes from a natural function of his body.
20Resolute Scales
Although Ayato's skin appears to be that of a human's, in reality it's about as strong as steel while still retaining flexibility. This level of Blessing grants Ayato's body natural armor with the passive defensive ability of Kouton. The strength of both the armor and the passive is dictated by Ayato's Blessing stat. Because this 'armor' is considered to be a natural part of Ayato's body, it does not regenerate without external support, healing jutsu, or natural healing over a long period of time.
25Perceptive Senses
As a Dragon, Ayato's senses are heightened to a degree that allows him to feel chakra signatures around him to a rather precise degree, to an extent where he can gauge their level of chakra and identify chakra signatures as specific entities. This sense has a limited range equal to Ayato's Blessing Stat in meters, but can be expanded upon with further jutsu.
35Limitless Strength
The blessing of Ryūjin allows Ayato to tap into reserves of energy that are granted to him personally by the Dragon God. As such, Ayato can restore up to 20 stamina, as well as all wounds at a degree of moderate or less, once per thread.
Note: This ability cannot be accessed until it has been paid for and the appropriate Plot Board has been completed.
Second Ability-------------
Third Ability-------------

Jutsu Ayato currently knows no jutsu.
Historical AccountsShow
Born in a cave in the mysterious Knowledge Country, Ayato would grow up not knowing his origins.

His mother was a Dragon Priestess who worshiped the Dragon God Ryūjin, who in turn blessed her with a child in her womb. Although this was not the first recorded case in which Ryūjin had granted blessings to mortals, this was the first ever recorded case of a child being born in such a way. Ayato's mother died giving birth to him due to the sheer amount of power that was unleashed when he entered the world, and Ayato was later taken in by a group of scientists that found him in the cave.

Ayato grew up in a healthy environment. The scientists who took him in nurtured him and took good care of him in a humane fashion. This was not to say that the main reason they did so was to research his genes, but all in all he lived a happy childhood. Despite this fact, he was never told who his parents were, and to this day he remains in the misconception that his mother is still alive and well, somewhere outside of Knowledge Country. To add to that, he was also never told that he was a dragon, and research done on him was passed off as 'regular tests for kids'--something which he never bothered to question.

Because of the vast amount of unexplored land in Knowledge Country, Ayato often spent his time assisting the researchers he lived with, and learning things about the world through both the scientists and the excavations he participated in. Such a life was peaceful, tame, and above all: comfortable. But such a life was not the same without a true family--Ayato longed to find his mother, so that he would be able to feel like a normal child. Thus, he 'ran away from home' on a whim one night, and set off to venture the world in search of his mother.

Little would he know, the world had nothing of the sort to offer him.


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