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Sun, Ichi

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Sun, Ichi

"A man is only as good as his word."
General Information [/center]
General InformationShow
Age: 27 Physical (124 Actual age)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 180lbs
Physical Characteristics:
Ichi has a remarkable complexion for his age, he recommends honey and lavender scented soaps to maintain the youthful twenties look. While he may look fresh faced and in his 'prime' so to speak there is one thing that does stand out under more scrutiny of his facial features, his forest green eyes have the weight of age with them. While this doesn't come out in crow lines Ichi's eyes do tend to betray the youthful look, the old man's gaze usually expressed within them is the kind that seems to peer right through a person and into their soul at the exact same time

Ichi wears his espresso brown hair tied up any time he is not getting ready to go to sleep, when he lets his hair loose it flows behind his head long enough to rest at the center of his shoulder blades spread out over his back. While he would also have a fringe of notable length Ichi pushes all his hair back when he unties it, if he has it tied Ichi will take any of the fringe that will not tie up with the rest and push it to the sides.

Not only does Ichi tend to stand out as tall but how well he looks after his body seems to be something of note to most common folk, though it is not unusual for any warrior to have a well built muscular structure. Ichi has a number of shallow scars around his shoulders, chest and lower abdomen though none of these wounds reach anywhere close to his back all remaining on the front of his body. All the scars on his body look old, there is not a fresh scar anywhere on his body and yet it seems to look like a body that is used to fighting.

Ichi doesn't have a set trend to the clothing he picks, having lived a good while already he has learnt to pick up clothing that fits the area, season or mood he is in affording him quite a diverse change of clothing. The things that are constants in his attire is his belt with two pouches on the left and right hip. Ichi uses them for all manner of things he needs to store, on the same belt are a pair of holsters for placing any small bladed weapons inside.

If he is knowingly going to enter combat he will tend to dress appropriately for it wearing clothing that is neither too loose nor too rigid as to restrict flexibility and movement. His favourite colours are greens, reds and purples Ichi will tend to seek these colours out when he is looking at acquiring a new set of clothing. Many years ago he would have worn armour although he has let that habit slip recently it is one he could just as easily pick up once again if he felt the need arose.
  • General: Despite having been alive for as long as he has, Ichi has remained optimistic throughout hoping that one day all people will be able to solve the issues that plague them even in the present as they did the past. Ichi tends to roam quite content to help people out with the so called menial tasks, he has been seen helping farmers with their harvest and fishermen with their hauls to begin with he may not have been any good but years of practice have paid off in recent years. He has a rather generous nature which tends to lead him towards being broke a vast amount of the time working to earn food and shelter giving away any for of money passed onto him to those who are more needy.

    Ichi can very rarely turn a blind eye to the suffering of those unable to defend themselves, he has learnt there to be a time and a place for such things though and while he may bide his time he will tend to show a degree of impatience to leap to their aid. Much of his personality has remained the same over the long years, Ichi could be summed up with easy going, kind, empathetic and his sense of humour which is mediocre at best he is very good at receiving a joke not so much at telling one at least intentionally. He also displays a fierce loyalty to anyone he pledges to serve or protect, very much living by his creed to be as good as his word.

    Ichi likes making friends even if he knows that he has a good chance of outliving many of them, he dislikes the idea of being alone even more driving him to seek out allies, comrades or friends the label matters very little to him.
  • Hopes/Dreams:
    Ichi hopes to continue leaving the world a better place than he found it in both big deed and small, although he wouldn't give a bit of money, a fancy house, beautiful wife and fast horse a miss.
  • Fears: Ichi's biggest fear is that he will live long enough to see himself become a villain, it is something always in the back of his mind sometimes influencing certain actions he takes as a result. Anyone who claims to not fear death is usually lying especially to themselves Ichi does not relish the idea of death too much either. The last fear he holds as mentioned before is being completely alone in the world without anyone to spare him a thought.
  • Combat Mentality:Before combat begins Ichi will usually always try to find a way to avoid conflict through other means, he does not enjoy taking life or the concept of losing his own. If combat is to break out however Ichi will treat his opponent with the upmost respect, using all things at his disposal to take out his opponent as swiftly as he can. Ichi is not beneath any form of combat, if he has to "play dirty" then he believes that a fight between two people is not a beautiful thing there is only shame in combat.

Battle Info [/center]
Battle Information
Village: Dungeon Country
Rank: C-Rank
Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Fuuton

Ichi always carries around a qiang spear with him, the haft measuring at in length 6'1" and an inch and a half in diameter the blade extending out for a further 2 feet. The blade is shaped very much like a double edged sword would be, close to the start of the haft the blade curves outwards on the left and right side of the weapon curving backwards in crescent shapes. A series of red tassels also hang around the haft close to the blade to stop blood running down the haft and preventing the hands from slipping, they also can be quite distracting when thrust in front of an opponent. Style is similar to the one spear in the character's picture.

Ichi also carries a small 7 inch knife sheathed in one of the holsters on his belt, a water skin hanging around his belt. Inside his left pouch is some gauze, needle and thread, 15 caltrops and 15 shuriken. In his right pouch he tends to keep money and anything of value also 5 smoke bombs and 10 explosive tags.
  • Ninjutsu: 1
  • Taijutsu: 22
  • Genjutsu: 1
  • Stamina: 22*
  • Control: 17
  • Strength: 13
  • Speed: 13
  • Instinct: 15
* - [Anchor 1: 2 Stamina, Anchor 2: 20 Stamina]

Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
Seishin no haakuShow
Seishin no haaku
Ichi was cursed by spirits many years ago giving him a spirit body, forcing him to continue out an existence with seemingly no end to it along with his ageing being ceased his spirit is housed within two anchors keeping him in the mortal world for as long as they exist. The first anchor is an object that is capable of being separate from Ichi no matter the distance, it currently has taken the form of an old helmet but it's shape may be changed if the appropriate Ninjutsu is learnt.

A Second Anchor remains on his person usually located where his heart would be it's dimensions being 12x8x6cm, if this Anchor is destroyed his ethereal form is no longer tethered to that location and is hurled back to the First Anchor wherever it may be, it is there that his body will begin reconstruction of a replacement for the Second Anchor coalescing his Spirit around it at a speed equal to Ichi's Control Stat and then splitting the Stamina of the First anchor between both Anchors evenly with odd numbers taking favour with the second core. Ichi can deposit or withdraw Stamina from the First Anchor using it as a kind of banking system while maintaining physical contact with the First Anchor however he can never remove it completely, if he should only have 1 Stamina left inside of the first Anchor then Ichi must remain within 20 feet of the first anchor until he has retrained his stamina similar to the rules on elemental bodies recovering from a lost anchor.

Ichi's body bleeds like a normal person however he will continue to "live" as long as the anchor remains intact, with permanent death only being achieved once both anchors have been destroyed. The only difference being that he may manipulate his body to allow it to go back to it's ethereal state temporarily this would allow objects to pass through it with the use of ability channelled Ninpou. As long as the First Anchor remains intact he may continue to revive, if the First Anchor is destroyed with his body still intact Ichi can feel it be destroyed the First Anchor can be restored with a PB seeking out the Spirit that placed the curse on him to begin with and getting it to recreate the Anchor once more.

A side effect of this ability causes Ichi to be unable to enter any of the Dungeons in dungeon country without the consent of the spirits that dwell within them, along with this Ichi is unable to destroy the Anchors or seek out someone else to do it of his own volition.
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Ninjutsu - 0/1[Place them here]
Taijutsu - 4/5Polearms, Deft Hands, Lower Body, Upper Body, Sword Weapons.
Genjutsu - 0/1[Place them here]

Maybe later?
* Kushou・The Viper Flicks its Tongue
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
This simple technique involves thrusting quickly with the user’s long weapon from a distance before quickly pulling back their polearm to prevent counters. This techniques most useful aspect is that it can be used while in motion without affecting speed or momentum.

* Kushou・The Courtier Taps his Fan
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
This simple technique involves proper use of the pole of the user’s weapon to deflect blows. By properly angling and manoeuvring their spear or staff they can deflect other like weapons, hand to hand blows or even sword blows by striking the right place at the right time, even while in motion.

* Kushou・Parting the Silk
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: * Kushou・Low Wind Rising
This simple technique involves engaging an opponent’s weapon or one of their arms and moving it slightly to one side with the user’s weapon. This creates a very small opening which the user then exploits by kicking the opponent, keeping their weapon guarding the opponent’s arms.

* Kushou・Low Wind Rising
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
The foundational stance of the Kushou style, Low Wind Rising involves the spinning of the user’s spear or polearm around their body constantly whilst remaining in motion. While in this stance, the user will be able to deflect projectiles with less strength than their own, while also making unpredictable movements of their spear.

* Kushou・The Swallow Takes Flight
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will vault themselves into the air using their polearm and then unleash a powerful blow from above. This technique is used to disorient and surprise foes as well as overpower them as it strikes with all of the user’s body weight and momentum from the spin they perform in the air in order to strike with the spear that was touching the ground moments before.
* Kushou・Folding the Fan
C-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: [Sword Weapons] concentration
A supplementary stance of the Kushou style, Folding the fan involves pulling back the user’s polarm and using only a portion of its length in order to engage briefly in shorter range with opponents. This sacrifices the user’s range advantage, but also allows them to more properly deal with those who get inside their range. This allows the use of a polearm weapon like a sword weapon.

* Kushou・Twisting the Wind
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: * Kushou・Low Wind Rising
This is the core technique of the Kushou Style. The user will begin in the Low Wind Rising stance and then approaches their opponent. They will begin with a wide arcing blow to begin this combination of blows. Following this they will spin their polearm and their body as they follow their opponent across the battlefield, chasing them down as they block and evade. This technique takes the user’s entire post, and can strike a number of times equal to half their speed. Those who block more than one blow will suffer a -3 to Taijutsu for 3 posts as the weapon’s momentum and force jars their body.

* Kushou・The Swallow Rides the Wind
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: * Kushou・The Swallow Takes Flight
The user of this technique must first launch themselves high into the air as if with The Swallow Takes Flight. They will then begin to spin and unleash a flurry of blows from above. The user is capable of performing up to three strikes in the air, each of them prolonging the user’s airtime. The Swallow Rides the Wind is useful as it maintains the advantageous high ground and all of the forward momentum toward the opponent throughout all of its blows, giving the user an effective +6 Strength and -6 Taijutsu for the three blows.

* Kushou・Bundling Straw
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Instinct
This technique is a kind of mental preparation for the constant movement and spinning involved in the Kushou style. This enables the user to gather snippets of vision, sounds and tactile sensory information in order to be properly aware of the battlefield around them whether standing still or in rapid circular motion. The user is effectively aware of their surroundings within Instinct/3m of their person, able to recognise when attacks are coming and the body positions of opponents.

* Kushou・Unfolding the Fan
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
While rare for a practitioner of Kushou-ryu to be on the defensive, this technique is designed to facilitate effective defence against other close ranged opponents. The user of this technique is constantly aware of distancing between the opponent and themselves, and therefore will aim all of their strikes to prevent the opponent from closing the gap using their long weapon. This will make it extremely difficult for those with less Taijutsu than them to get close to the user safely without somehow neutralising the user’s weapon.
* Kushou・The River Undercuts the Bank
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user of this technique will first block an incoming strike. Then, they will almost immediately cease resisting, causing the opponent to fall forward slightly and lose their balance provided their taijutsu is lower than the users. This successfully created opening allows the user to raise the lower end of their weapon to strike from inside the opponent’s guard, typically at either the groin or the chin with full strength.

* Kushou・Watered Silk
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
The user of this technique will strike the ground with one end of their weapon hard, dragging it in a line. This will fling a cloud of dirt, rock and dust up into their opponent’s eyes as if the user had thrown it. The use of one end of their weapon in this enables the immediate return of the opposite end for a follow up strike at either a blinded opponent or an opponent that is quite predictably dodging the debris.

* Kushou・Threading the Needle
B-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
After either blocking an opponent’s strike or having one of their strikes blocked, the user will flick their weapon. Using their great leverage and range to their advantage, the user is able to skilfully dart their weapon around the opponent’s existing guard for a quick thrust at their opponent providing their Taijutsu is greater than the opponent’s.
Toryu StyleShow
*[Toryu • Close Quarters]
D- Ranked Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: 5 Taijutsu
The signature stance of the style, Close Quarters teaches users of this style how to rapidly change the angle, position and even grip of their weapon without moving their hand from it's signature position at the user's waist for maximum versatility. Users of this style often assume a one foot forward, one back, slightly swayed stance to free up movement as well at the expense of leaving their center open.

*[Toryu • Lunging Feint]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 5 Speed
A basic technique of the style wherein the user moves in for a basic lunge-thrust with their weapon, only to turn in mid thrust and attempt to sweep their leg under the opponent's own. This tends to be useful as a basic feint and can usually knock down those with less strength than the user who get caught by it.

*[Toryu • Guard Break]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 5 Strength
After rushing in on a foe and initiating an attack the user waits for the opponent to guard, either with arm or weapon, before quickly lashing out with their hand or pommel of their blade and attempting to smash the guarding hand or arm aside with a wrist smash. The pain as well as damage can interrupt the guard of opponents, leaving them wide open for the initial attack to hit.

*[Toryu • Limb Lock]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: *[Toryu • Close Quarters] , 5 Taijutsu
A dangerous close quarters 'option closer', the Toryu user will sweep in close and try to slam their foot down on an opponent's as well as quickly sweep their arm around the opponent's to lock their elbow with the user's own. This technique is usually utilized for setting up blows or blocking off the weapons of dual-wielding foes and it forces the opponent to break out of the move before counter-attacking.

*[Toryu • Counter Kick]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 5 Taijutsu, 5 Strength
The user of this technique will attempt to block the blow of his opponent with his blade, relying heavily on the durability of their weapon and their own strength to resist the strength of the opponent's attack. Should they be successful, the user will follow up with a swift kick to the target's chest or stomach to push them away and stun them, then follow up with a quick stab to the chest or stomach.
*[Toryu • Sweep Cutter]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Taijutsu
During close quarters or after engaging a foe via a rush, the user quickly forces themselves back as they divert body weight downwards typically causing a quick and controllable slide under the opponent's field of control, usually between the legs or to the side. During this slide the user attempts slashes, stabs or even hooks or drags the opponent down with them to open up for more techniques or just deal considerable damage.

*[Toryu • Staggering Knee Strike]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Taijutsu, 15 Strength
The user quickly dashes into an opponent's range while delivering a quick knee strike to the target's solar plexus in an attempt to stagger the opponent. The aim is to get the target to lean forward while holding their gut, opening up the many vulnerable areas of the back, neck and skull to various possible finishing moves.
Strong FistShow
*[Strong Fist Style • Balance]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
A neutral stance taken by even entry level practitioners. This stance involves turning your body to be perpendicular to your opponent. One foot is rested directly in front of the other with just the toes in contact with the ground. A hand is held back while the other is forward, pointing up. This stance provides ease of dodging incoming blows by using the least amount of motion possible while still being ready to launch into an attack.

*[Strong Fist Style • Leaf Gale]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
A simple sweeping kick aimed low to knock the opponent off balance.
You activated my trap card!

Historical AccountsShow

Ichi was born in a small village nestled outside of a majestic gateway leading into a tower like structure, one of dungeon countries numerous and infamous dungeons. As a boy he was always fascinated by the mysticism surrounding the monuments dotting his country of birth, Ichi would often ask questions about the dungeons to anyone willing to take the time to answer them even if it was as simple an answer as acknowledging how little people actually knew about the dungeons. He would listen to the trader's and foreigner's tell tales of their exploits in strange lands and how they had the upmost confidence that they would return alive from the dungeons very few of them returned alive and none with trinkets and treasures to show for it. His parents despite the kind people they were would constantly scold him for pestering the tourists and traders, this did not deter him from asking anyways. Ichi took it upon himself as he began growing older to ask more direct questions pertaining to the dungeon, what methods did people take when going in, how many people did they take with them, what they faced inside the dungeon. Very few people could answer his questions satisfactorily but piece by piece a long term plan formed in his mind.

Ichi entered his first dungeon at the age of eighteen, the creatures, traps and illusions were not done justice by the stories he had heard as a child. Ichi was forced to retreat and lick his wounds, recover from the fatigue of being inside the dungeon and to rethink his strategy. Ichi timed his next visit in line with a shinobi who had come to try his hand at the dungeon, the beasts were occupied enough with the shinobi that Ichi managed to slip past them. After outwitting the spirit's attempts to thwart his progress Ichi came across a room littered in treasure, after gathering up what he could carry Ichi made his escape.

The treasures he had managed to claim were not in his possession for very long, he gave it all to those who were less fortunate the poor and the needy. He began repeating this with other dungeons, while each dungeon was unique there was a pattern to them that Ichi had figured out. It was this continuous theft spree that began to draw attention to him, a small group of spirits in dungeon country gathered together for the first time in ages to discuss a plan to put a stop to his activities as they were beginning to feel the strain of creating these treasures and getting very little chakra in return for them. While the boy had become a man and the spirits could very well have waited out his mortal existence they dreaded the thought of him trying any of the larger dungeons it would make them all look bad. They laid a trap within his next target, when Ichi arrived at the end of this dungeon he found no treasure only an old battered helmet.

Ichi saw no value in the helmet but the least he could do was inspect it, upon contact with the object Ichi felt a searing pain throughout his entire body it spread like wildfire his breathing becoming erratic. Around him gathered the spirits of the dungeons who had gathered together to put an end to his continued theft, they cursed Ichi to never be able to enter a dungeon again and granted him a form of immortality in the hopes he would spend the time reflecting on his actions. His initial reaction was to try to go on with business as always disregarding the warning the spirits had laid before him, Ichi tried to enter a dungeon and yet every time he attempted it he was unable to make it past the entrance his body would lock up until he gave up on entering.

Before long years had passed, his parents had died peacefully in their sleep and yet he wasn't getting any older. Rumours began to spread how he was cursed by spirits and that those associating with him would be cursed also, soon rumour mongering turned into shunning before long Ichi was made to be an outcast of his homeland few would speak of him and fewer still would associate with him. Bitterness began to dwell within his heart, after all he had done for them they began to give in to superstition. Ichi was about to start down a dark path, he had steeled himself to take back what was his. He found an elderly couple to whom he had gifted numerous treasures from his time spent in the dungeons, he was ready to steal back what was rightfully his when an innocent voice called out to him.

"Scuse me mister, have you ever been inside the dungeons."

Ichi was unsure as to why that child did not recognise him for the fame he had begun to build within his country, it was irrelevant in any case as the child had torn Ichi back into his memories recalling back to his own origins. Ichi remembered why he went into the dungeons in the first place, it was for the sake of adventure not for riches or fame they were things he could use to help people instead. Ichi left Dungeon country that day and has never returned to it since, he is said to still roam the world to this day helping anyone in need from simple farm tasks to saving a person's life behind many good deeds from strangers on the road there is always a chance Ichi is behind it.


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