[OPEN] Mother...?!

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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by WrightJustice » Tue May 21, 2019 2:59 pm

It was a kind of dim day in Kirigakure no Sato almost as if a warning of what was to come; dark clouds hung overhead with a thick mist circulating the streets, though for the folks that lived there it was nothing and most went about their usual business as people busily walked about unimpeded with nothing but their jobs on their minds.
However one individual could feel the gloom lingering with him as he still continued to think about what his mother had said about her being pregnant at this age and so late after he himself was born, which was kind of surprising but what came after was his father's words on how they had previously stopped at him being their only child due to miscarriages so they where surprised and still a little doubtful when she became pregnant once again.

In actuality the well dressed Tsukino was well in the dark previously due to his parents's caution but he started to feel something was up and couldn't stop being curious about it, as such they had finally given in and told him but also made it clear they not getting their hopes up just yet but that things seemed to be going as planned so far with Katsumi taking easy at work with mission requests off the table for now which was actually what started to get the boy concerned.

Whatever the case Nishiki moved through the streets as his red kimono and flowery garb flowed behind him in full elegance in bright contrast to the dark weather and his own dark mind; thoughts on if everything would be okay still lingered as he went to go see how his mother was doing, though in a way he also wondered if he should really be caring so much and if it truly had anything to do with him and yet he knew it did for it was his family for whom he was anchored.

After a brief stroll through the village the young chuunin made it before a grand, enchanting, yet somewhat small Muramasa building that was one of many guest houses under said family of which this one was one of the few licensed for gambling and so most people that stayed where gambling patrons aiming to make big bucks on long winning streaks, though it never often worked out as such for them.

The fox's fading pink ears twitched and his tails swished in delight as he stepped through a back door as the guard rolled his eyes and let him through, still unsure about letting some kid in just because he was related to one of the lead managers but nonetheless the was nothing he could do. Once the kid was in he quickly found his mother who had found some free time for him, which seemed quite easy since it was a slow day with only a few certain customers staying in and away from the mist so that they could gamble away their money.

"Nishki" a delicate and serene voice called out "Came to see your dear mother again?" the voice trailed as a beautiful, gracious woman with vibrant pink fur stepped over to the counter to see the boy, her three tail swaying with grace and joy.
Nishiki nodded with grin and looked up as the woman reached out and ruffled her hand through his hair with utter delight.
"You know you don't have to keep checking up on me right?" she questioned rather sternly "I am fine, even if-"
"Even if you lose it again?" the boy replied with concern, cutting off what she was trying to say "What if even this work is too much?" he added
"Now now" he hushed him "You know how easy I am taking things, it will be fine" she reassured which did help calm the boy's worries just like always, though he wasn't sure why he was even so worried but maybe deep down he was happy to get a sibling after not having one all these years which was a kind of giddy thought.

After being reassured the boy then took out a cute looking packed lunch he brought so they could share it a bit later after they discussed a few other things, though as they started to get into a discussion another woman came around the corner and called out Katsumi with urgency in her voice "Umm, miss Katsumi, sorry to interrupt as I know you set some time aside for an early lunch and all that but there is some man out front asking for you" the woman explained politely, causing the elder fox to shake her head in annoyance.
"Hold on, I will be right there" the ever so graceful woman replied, motioning with her hand towards Nishiki as if to say to wait for her to come back

However Nishiki was still a little concerned and always filled with intrigue when such things arose, as such he quietly followed and took a sneaky peak through the open door to watch as a large, irate man started slamming the desk as he shouted about losing his money and how it was all the cheating manager's fault.
"You!" he screamed with a great temper "It's your fault I am on the brink of becoming one of those dirty untouchables" he called out, pointing frantically at Katsumi as she stepped out to confront him "You tricked me into wasting my money here with your false games of chance!" he continued to yell.
"Now, sir, if you-" the woman tried to get his attention and calm him down but he had no intention of stopping and in fact something very unexpected happened.

Normally it was impossible for any guests to get through with any dangerous weapons or to even pull off any dangerous jutsu due to all the measures taken at such an establishment, though for some reason, somehow, on this murky day this man suddenly pulled out an explosive kunai and chucked it at the manager causing her to go flying back and in turn causing her son to stagger away from the door in shock.
"Shut up and die!" the man yelled, grabbing the attention of the security as the stormed into the room.

Unfortunately it was a bit too late as a hidden katana then appeared from the man's mouth and he swiftly drove it through the pink haired woman's stomach, twitsing it hard, causing her throw up blood before collapsing.
"Mother!!" screamed a shrill and frightened voice from the corner as Nishiki stumbled round the corner with his right hand outreached before suddenly charging forward without thinking, though the hulking man knocked him back with a powerful kick before also stomping on the woman's head and pulling out his sword.
With the blade removed the vicious entity went for another attack before finally being stuck down by a large spear as a black fur'd fox dashed through the room and dropped down low before the man whereupon he thrust into his chest.
"Dammit!" the angry fox exclaimed in disgust at his own reaction time, perhaps still distracted by letting Nishiki into the building earlier.

As the agressor stumbled back in pain Nishiki stood back up and rushed over to Katsumi, breaking through the guard who was now focused on the attacker who was not having any of it and still prepared to fight with his life on the line. Another staff member came over and pulled back the boy who was full full of shock with tears starting to run down his cheeks.
"It will be okay, the medics will rescue her, you have to escape" the woman said as calm as she could
"B-but... But... She... Mum..." he muttered all distraught as he was rushed outside, his own eyes glimpsing his mother's closing and seemingly fading away with the young foetus inside her possibly utterly destroyed.

Whilst guards started to surround the raging man inside, the young chuunin was sat down on a step outside as the woman tried to comfort him and assure him everything would be fine and even pointed out how the guests where now being rushed out like him and how medics would be on the scene soon enough.
However the boy's mind began to spin in turmoil as his biggest anchor seemed broken and he started to think it was also somehow his fault; maybe he was distracting her being at her work or maybe she shouldn't be at work at all like he thought and maybe he could've replaced her and other such thoughts including on if the baby would even make it even if his mum did.
"Pathetic!" rumbled a menacing voice from within, dragging its host down into the deep waters of his consciousness as the two bubbles began to swirl around each other in a chaotic whirlpool.
"You would cry over such a useless thing?" Yoshimitsu taunted as Nishiki now looked on in despair "Then again you humans and your family business, so disgraceful, us Genma have no need for such things and would gladly be rid of each other but even then are you truly going to let all this just unfold?" he went on, really laying into the jinchuuriki's feelings with a menacing hidden grin.
"If you are so upset then surely you owe it to her to rescue her yourself and take down that pitiful of a man with your own power... my power" he taunted further.
Nishiki did not know what to think but he did realise that his mother truly was the most powerful anchor he had and that he could not lose her no matter what and he felt all sorts of chaotic emotions; fear, sadness, anger, pity.

Everything seemed like so much that he couldn't help but slip and crash right into Yoshimitsu's hands as their bubble full on collided and Nishiki was thrust right at the demon with its sharp, bony claws instantly reaching out with a massive pulse of chakra that sent their minds whirling up through the water and right into the air as a chaotic storm formed all around.
"If it truly is your fault then this will be the right path to fix things, this will be all you need to save your mother and destroy the man that tried to kill her!" the genma bellowed out more causing its host's thoughts to twist and turn towards darkness.
Death completely filled Nishiki's mind as Katsumi laying on the floor surrounded in blood burned in his eyes and with it he was shaken back to reality as he slowly got up, breathing heavily in a panicked state and even pushed the woman aside as he stumbled towards the wall and tried to hold himself up with his shaking arms.

"Mo... ther... Please..." he muttered in pained short breaths before a large shroud of magenta chakra burst out of the glowing seal on his stomach and instantly shrouded his body.
"Gaaaagggghhh!" he screamed in deep pain as his body began to transform; the black rods extended, his ribs pushed out until they pierced the skin, horns pushed out the top of head almost like a crown pointing in each direction like a compass with a spike pointing up in the centre.
As these occurred the chakra tightened and darkened and his mind went into further turmoil until he suddenly heaved and staggered backwards and his body began to change even further than before; the ribs pushed even further out until they where fully exposed, then his hips and elbows grew outward and pushed right up against the skin and then a dense looking black chakra ball formed above the now larger crown of bone.
"GGGGAAAAAGGGGHH!" the monstrous jinchuurkiki screamed in despair.

Within Nishiki's turmoiling mind the bubble was fully flung from the twister and into a large area of rocky land, forming a massive crater as the bubble smashed and the pair of beings tumbled, pieces of earth flying up as lighting struck all around them and fire erupted from below.
"Hahahahahahaha! Yeeeess!" bellowed the devilish giant spirit who instantly got up and slammed down on his pathetic host with all his might forcing his power into him as their shared mind-space reverberated like it could explode at any moment until the boy was finally unconscious and the beast was in full control.
As this happened internally the external being glanced again at the guest house as another explosion rang out within, pushing more bad thoughts into him.
"M-mo... M-moth... eerrr" he quietly cried before losing consciousness

As the last parts of humanity seemed to slip away the remaining beast bucked and thrashed once more, the poor woman looking on in fright as the chakra tightened and darkened further as all his bones pushed out further and grew into a menacing, jagged look. The black ball on his head spat out 10 more smaller balls one at at time as they curved around the back like a disconnected chain.
Once all was done the whole body was occluded back dark grey chakra forming what looked very much like Yoshimitsu himself but in small human size, even the fox tails where compressed and held close to the body like thin bony whips.
"Ha... Ha... Haha... Hahahahahahaaaaaa!" bellowed a loud demonic laughter as the grey, dangerous looking being stood up straight with arms spread wide with glee.
"Stupid, pathetic child, you are now done for!" the beast then screamed in a deep thrilling manner.

With transformation complete Yoshimitsu had full control and simply needed time to husk the body that still bound it and break free of the shackles of the seal, though as the morphing had began one of the few guards that still kept an eye on Nishiki had already sprang into action and went to look for help having sensed the boy had lost control with their sensor abilities and others had also came to take action after hearing the commotion.
"Get out of my way pathetic ants!" the genma yelled as he then saw some guards come out and other shinobi already arriving on the scene.

As Yoshimitsu yelled he used a skill yet unknown to its lost host to pump chakra into the ground before shattering it apart and sending rocks flying in all directions with a kinesis he had yet to also learn, knocking one man out of the sky as he leapt towards them and slamming others into the building walls.
Yoshimitsu could feel the power coursing through him though he was still somewhat limited by the vessel he still needed a way to discard he could tell it would be enough to dispatch any of the pathetic weaklings that came for him, though the fact remained that it was not quite the full power he needed or wanted and so he needed to find a way out of Kirigakure as fast as possible before some higher ranked shinobi emerged.

The path of freedom began to open up before the genma as wind now began to swirl around his captured host's body and propelled him up into the air like a tornado, from which he quickly gathered the surroundings, though it was a bit difficult to see too far due to the mist he still began to recognise where he was thanks to being able to see through Nishiki all this time and he prepared to head northwest and simply fly over the village walls.
Though as he was trying to grasp his whereabouts there was a small lingering feeling of uncertainty, something pulling at him and distracting him from leaving if only for a brief moment; the clear signs that the boy was still inside somewhere and that his consciousness was indeed not yet fully gone and could still be brought back to the surface to combat Yoshimitsu.
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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by Golnax » Thu May 23, 2019 11:51 am

phpBB [video] Elsewhere, in the Kaguya compound. Aimi Kaguya stood naked in his kitchen.

He stood with a knife in one hand, a cutting board beneath him on the kitchen counter, and a potato in the other that he was slowly sliding over the wooden board and chopping into pieces. On his stove stood an as of yet empty pot with a slab of pork, some seasonings and a few carefully measured out ingredients such as butter and flour set to the side. The jounin was making himself a stew, and he was looking forward to it. He had nothing to do today, no mission to be on, to reason to visit his family in the Untouchable district, nothing more pressing to deal with than this. It was relatively rare that the Kaguya was given time off, and so he planned to spend it alone, at home, with some good food and a whole lot of nothing to do.

That all changed quickly though. Stopping mid cut, the jounin stared down blankly at his half prepared potato and let out a heavy sigh. Someone was in his apartment with him. Another shinobi. No noise had been made upon entering, but he could tell by the feeling of cool air against his skin that someone had opened the door or a window, thus letting in a draft. He hadn't bothered to lock his door or windows for years upon learning how easy it was for ninja to simply pick their way in or find some other means of entry into wherever it was that they were seeking. He reasoned that if they wanted to get in, they would regardless of any security measures he put in place, so he simply didn't bother. His nudity, however, usually served as a deterrent from most from simply entering his abode without knocking. Word had spread fairly quickly after the first couple of times of this happening, and it hadn't been long before the Kaguya received knocks on his door or a call of his name to alert him that someone was there.

Knowing this, it was reasonable for him to assume that whoever was now there was there for something urgent. No time for pleasantries, no time to be polite. No time for himself, either.

Setting his knife down to the side, the Kaguya reached up and pushed the bangs of his hair from out in front of his face, tucking them behind his ears and standing up straight before putting his hands flat on the counter and bringing his eyes up to the wall in front of him. "What is it?" he asked coldly, agitated that his first day off in quite a while was being interrupted by something.

"Nishiki," the shinobi explained simply. "Something has happened. The Genma is out of control."

No more needed to be said, really. Aimi understood what a threat an out of control Genma was to the village at large. It could go on a rampage, destroy homes, businesses, kill valuable shinobi, end civilian lives - or worse, in the eyes of those in charge of shinobi like himself - escape from the village, and thus leave Kirigakure weaker than it had been before. That made the invading shinobi standing behind him one of Nishiki's guards, who had rushed here to get him because of his record of dealing with Yoshimitsu in the past. He was Nishiki's sensei, after all. Part of Aimi, the prideful part, wanted to believe that it was because of his previous experience with handling genma before, not just with Nishiki who he was directly responsible for as his sensei, but with Shinjiro as well. For surely his little 'intervention' hadn't gone unnoticed by those who were ever watchful.

Such notions were shoved to the side by the weight of what was actually put before him. The Genma was out of control. They needed Aimi to step in and restrain it, delay it's escape, subdue it if possible, while they got others to forcibly seal it back within the young Tsukino's body. That was the mission, obvious, plain and simple. Aimi closed his eyes and rolled his shoulders. "Go, tell who you need to about this in order to get it under control," Aimi ordered, but the shinobi was already gone, departed after the word 'go' and leaving the jounin alone once more.

Turning away from the counter, Aimi walked from his kitchen into the living room that connected to it and from there took a right to enter his bedroom. He reached out with his left hand and grabbed onto the white cloak that hung on the door knob, dragging it behind him as he went further into his room. From the wall next to his bedside table he grabbed his belt and sheathed sword in his right hand, slinging them over his shoulder before wrapping his cloak around his waist and securing it with his belt. That done, he grabbed onto his scroll and slung it around his lower back, tying it to his belt and patting his buttbag to make sure that it had all of his tools, which it did. He so rarely used them anymore, but it was a good habit to make sure that his bag was stocked.

As he turned to leave, he took a moment to consider whether or not he should wrap his feet up before deciding that it would take up too much time. Instead he left his apartment barefoot, channeling chakra and creating bones in his shoulders. As he stepped out of his door and into the misty day, his wings were already beginning to form. As he walked into the Kaguya courtyard they were at their full size and sprouting feathers, and as he knelt down and placed his hands on the ground, lifting his wings straight up they were fully formed. With a single, mighty flap of his wings he was airborne, pushing through the dense fog and leaving behind him a swirling trail as he rocketed up in the air and took flight!

He flew to the north, heading over the village and beyond it, wanting to get beyond the mountainous walls that separated Kirigakure from the rest of the world. At his speed in the air, it would only take him a few minutes to do a perimeter sweet of the fortress island to make sure that Yoshimitsu hadn't gotten beyond the borders of the village. One outside, there would be no mist to hinder his sight, and a demonic beast would be easy to spot over the open ocean. If he saw no such beast, he could head back into the mist and hunt him down. It wouldn't take him very long to locate Nishiki's hostage body, and besides that, he couldn't have been the only one put on this. A threat this large to the village would take all available hands to quell.

Unless, of course, he was being tested. He could never be sure. He didn't think of such things though, for this was the calm before the storm, and if things were as urgent as he feared, he wasn't sure if Nishiki would come out of this encounter unscathed. Sullenly, he hardened his resolve and prepared himself to do whatever was necessary to stop Yoshimitsu.

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Death Bone Pulse • Skeletal Wings
B-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: 20 Control, 15 Taijutsu C-Ranked Death Bone Pulse • Skeletal Wings
The user will channel to ossify bone in their shoulders, growing a pair of skeletal wings at a Speed of 20. These wings have a Strength of 20. These wings then ossify further as thin, hollow bones are added, mimicking the structure of keratin in the feathers of birds. These wings allow the user to fly, giving them a maximum speed of 20 while in the air and a maximum height of 20 meters.

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Prerequisite: C-Ranked Death Bone Pulse • Skeletal Wings
Focusing chakra into the muscles of their legs and around their wings, the user leaps into the air while slamming their wings downward with great force. The combined force of these movements accelerates their body upwards with Speed equal to the user's and allows them to reach the maximum height of their Death Bone Pulse • Skeletal Wings in an instant.
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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by WrightJustice » Fri May 24, 2019 9:14 am

Unbeknownst to Yoshimitsu it seemed Aimi was on the move and was now out looking for his young pupil but not for a friendly hug or anything of the sort but indeed to put a stop to the genma, though the mist on this day was quite thick so it seemed like the man could not so easily find where Nishiki was and in the rush the guard had not stated where he might be but nonetheless the beast would eventually be found given the man's tenacity and so he already knew he had to make a move.

The strange lingering feeling that he had to stay was pushed aside and the self mini-me rose higher on the turbulent winds and began to form them around its stolen body, forming a sphere of fast winds that where much more practical than a simple tornado and with it began to fly as fast as he could toward the northwestern regions of Kirigakure with the absolutely painful and pathetic plan to find a place to hide and husk the boy he now controlled so that he could break free at full power.

Yoshimitsu hated to admit to such a plan and blamed it on the weak vessel he was still cramped within for no matter how much it now resembled himself, it was not and so was still too restraining and as such perhaps finding some hidden island within the water country was best and then he could maybe urge enough power to cross to the mainland where surely he would be free of anyone chasing him but he promised to return and utterly destroy Kirigakure no Sato the instant he had all his power back.

However with the way the Genma moved it started to whip up the mist as it moved and circulated around the sphere of wind, pushing out of the path with great ease whic began to stir up the public below who started to look around in confusion with some calling out and pointing to the sky above, their fingers tracing the mysterious object that whirled through the thick fog and in turn made it much clearer to detect which was an unfortunate side effect that would surely draw the attention of the man on the hunt for said beast.

As the ball of turbulent air flowed through the sky, deep within there was still yet a lost, lonely consciousness floating in the darkness completely a loss to what was occurring on the outside. Pitch black darkness surrounded Nishiki as he floated in a dazed state with no light to guide him, flashes of though surrounding his head in a damning pressure that locked him down in a lifeless state with one in particular constantly reminding him how he was a pathetic failure; his seemingly dead mother taunting him, surrounded in blood as she blamed him for getting her killed even if it was not even remotely true.

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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by Golnax » Sun May 26, 2019 10:29 am

It occurred to Aimi that he would have a better vantage point not by flying straight but by going up. He recalled how the magenta chakra of Yoshimitsu was quite distinct and imagined it'd be easy to spot against the seemingly endless expanse of blue that was the ocean around them. Thus, he changed his course, halting the flap of his wings momentarily to free-fall through the air before coming to a sudden stop as he slammed his wings down and propelled himself upward. Higher and higher he climbed through the mist until, before long, he burst through the manufactured cloud cover and soared up into the air, intending to climb up higher and higher until he could clearly see the ocean in every direction. As it turned out, such steps were unnecessary.

Below him, down in the fog, something was stirring within the mist, swirling even. The protective mist was being lifted and reshaped to the desires of a loose beast and that caught Aimi's attention immediately. Before, even on the sunniest day, on the heaviest downpour, no matter what the weather was like the mist did not move. It was implacable, very much a reflection of the ninja who dwelt within. Something was disturbing that implacability though, forming a great sphere of the stuff and tearing apart holes inside of the protective fog, revealing the village below; which was a terrible thing indeed. Aimi was a jounin of Kirigakure and he, like any ninja who had gone through the Kirigakure academy, knew how important the mist was to the protection of the village. Without it, anyone with a jutsu that allowed them to fly would be able to locate their village and thus they would all be in danger of foreign attack! (At least, that's what they'd been taught, and it was actually from these lessons that Aimi received the inspiration he needed to give himself wings!)

'Either there's someone in the village who can control wind and has chose this exact moment to make a fatal error,' the jounin reasoned as he turned his body and prepared to make way towards the 'disturbance', 'or there's where I need to be!' With no further though, Aimi dived back down and headed towards the swirling ball of fog as fast as he could fly, already formulating his plan of attack in his head as he drew ever closer. He reasoned that with all of the mist swirling around, presumably, Yoshimitsu, the beast wouldn't be able to see him coming! Of course, it also meant that he wouldn't be able to see Yoshimitsu, but he doubted that would be too much of an issue. The closer he got, the more he could hear the winds whipping around against the beating of his wings. They were powerful to be sure, not to be underestimated lest he be thrown off, but they weren't gale force he believed. The only question was whether or not he was able to physically overpower the winds and break through to them.

In truth, he had no doubt that he was. The issue became the people and village down below. Using Afternoon Tiger, he had no doubts that he could disrupt the spinning winds and likely throw Yoshimitsu off of his course, but at the same time that might have been overkill. The beast wasn't very high up from the village, only moving at a slower speed not too high over the rooftops of the buildings within. Using Afternoon Tiger ran the risk of damaging those buildings or worse yet the people down below who, for all he knew, were fellow shinobi trying to figure out how to restrain the beast on their end. Afternoon Tiger was out of the question.

He next considered just diving in to the swirling winds and just physically forcing the beast from out of it's protective shell. The only problem with that plan was that he didn't know how powerful that Yoshimitsu could make the winds. Would they cut? Push? Throw him? There was also the possibility that if he confronted the Genma, he would lash down at the village below. Thus the plan of action became a question of cost to benefit, and without seeing his target, Aimi reasoned that he shouldn't risk doing that unless there was nothing else he could do.

As he got within 50 meters of the spinning sphere of wind and fog, the jounin began to channel his chakra, pouring it into his right hand. Without knowing the repercussions of simply overpowering the vortex, without knowing where Yoshimitsu was within the swirl, the only thing left to Aimi was to try and draw the genma out of it's protective shell and then deal with it then. Lifting his now glowing hand up, the jounin snapped his fingers and a bloom of flame 16 meters wide collided with the outside of the vortex, the hot flames expanding outwards, being twisted and misshaped by the wind themselves, but not without inflicting their own blow. With eyes narrowed, the jounin watched as he hovered in the air to see how Yoshimitsu would react.

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Katon • Flash-bang
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Prerequisite: B-rank Katon • Flash-bang
The user channels their katon chakra into their finger tips. Then, with a snap of their fingers, the user ignites an area up to 16x16x16 meter in size in flame, causing a large explosion within this area with 25 Strength. The user is able to perform this jutsu at a range of 55 meters.

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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by WrightJustice » Tue May 28, 2019 11:49 am

It was true that in the lower stages of Nishiki's jinchuuriki forms he had a magenta chakra, in particular the base and first form, though if Aimi could actually see the boy's body as it was now he would notice that the chakra had in fact turned a dark grey and was fully tight to his captured body.
This combined with the bony protrusions would be quite shocking for anyone and may in fact remind the ferocious jounin of his very own Kaguya clan, though it was in fact simply teh appearance of Yoshimitsu himself just on a smaller more humanoid scale.

Whatever the case the skeleton-like monster whizzed through the air unawares of the approaching attack and was almost knocked right of the sky right as the fiery explosion struck him, or rather the wind sphere which began to get eaten away by the flames which only grew in power and finally alerted the beast to the fact he was found which was faster than it had hoped.
"Damn thick skulled bastard" the genma swore under its breath as it felt the attack reverberate around him, immediately knowing it could only be one person.
With that the fire began to surge and even pushing against it would not truly help as Katon was superior to Fuuton and so it just continued to consume it and grow further, as such the spirit had to simply let go of its jutsu and fall through the bottom of the ball before it was fully enveloped in flames and tumble to the ground.

One thing was for certain; the tumbling body was in fact still Nishiki's and Yoshimitsu did not truly know the intricacies of controlling something that was not his own, as such the fall was a little rough and clumsy causing him to crash into the ground though he still managed to manoeuvre into a roll and instantly get onto the boy's feet.
As the beast fell an elderly onlooker stumbled and fell over as he yelped in fear, tipping over the large cart he was pulling and spilling all his precious cargo all over the ground.
"My cabbages!" the man then squealed as he got up onto his hands and knees, tears of despair filling his eyes before hanging his head in dismay.

However the stolen fox simply scoffed at the pathetic bystander before dashing into the streets, hopefully still under the guise of the mist to his attacker who was flying above and could've missed where it was that he landed, though it was still yet very painful to admit to the necessity of running with blame constantly being pushed on the captured host's useless body with each step as it weaved through the various buildings whilst keeping an eye out for his would be pursuer.

Another thing Yoshmitsu still did not know how to quite decipher about its captured host was how the Tsukino skill of vibration sense fully worked, though he was sure he could feel it as he moved and certainly felt it from the explosion, he simply wasn't in tune with such stolen abilities and could not be certain on if he could fully make out where Aimi may even come from which was a bit of an hindrance he would simply have to work around with some kind of plan.
Thus chakra began to slowly flow through the genma as an electrical charge began to slowly form form around him ready for any possibility, ready to strike back and beat down the jounin on a whims notice.

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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by Golnax » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:09 pm

The effect of his jutsu had more of an effect than the jounin had anticipated. He watched from afar as the winds were disrupted, the mist dispersed and his flames consuming the thin veil of protection that the Genma, presumably the Genma, had made for itself. He watched as his flames died out, quickly eating through what fuel they had, and all that remained was a void, a hole in the protective mist where winds had once been that was slowly beginning to fill once more. No sign of Yoshimitsu, though. The jounin took it to mean that the beast had attempted to give him the slip, perhaps by dropping down into the village below. A poor move on the beasts' part, Aimi had to say.

Flying forth from his position in the misty sky, the jounin dropped down through the air at the point where his katon jutsu had gone off and landed on the street below, wings held up high, knees bent. He stood up quickly and looked around, finding himself on the village streets in a mist that was thinner than normal. Still no sign of Yoshimitsu, though. As he looked around from side to side, he saw a man hunched down on the ground, seemingly sobbing intensely though over what Aimi neither knew nor cared. With furious speed he dashed forward, grabbed the man by the back of his shirt and lifted him up off of the ground until he could look the old man in his wet, bleary eyes. "The Genma, did you see it?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

"Wha-what? I don't, I don't know!" the man replied, fear and sorrow on his face which caused the ninja to groan. Ordinary citizens likely weren't aware of the existence of the Genma he realized, let alone be able to identify it. "A monster. Did you see a monster?" he clarified.

"Y-yes! It dropped out of the sky, a-and it destroyed my cabbages! I was just minding my own business, I had no -" Aimi had heard enough. He cut the man off by lifting him up high into the air over his own head, craning his neck back in order to keep his eyes locked onto him.

"Which way did it go? A direction!" Aimi demanded.

Frightened and shaking, the old man pointed over his left shoulder. "Down that way, it went that direction!"

Finished with him, Aimi dropped the man down onto his feet where he fell into a heap on his backside, letting out a yelp before crawling away to some presumed safety. Aimi stared off down the street, trying to figure out how far ahead the beast could have gotten ahead of him. Before he could give chase, though, a small team of 4 shinobi, all wearing masks, appeared before him. "Aimi Kaguya, are you giving chase to the Genma?" one of them asked.

"Yes," he replied, turning away from the street and looking at the four. "I was already made aware of the situation by the Genma's guards. The beast is somewhere in the streets I suspect. We need to seal off as much of the area as possible and keep it away from the walls. I'm going to give chase now. Spread out and seal off these streets, go!" he ordered before all five of them dashed off with breakneck speed. Aimi went down the street, much faster on foot than he was by air, while the other shinobi went about preparing the streets to be sealed off. More shinobi would follow. The situation was now a literal race.
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[OPEN] Mother...?!

Post by WrightJustice » Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:29 am

The masked guard dashed and spread about the area, moving with great haste to find their precious genma host all whilst the beast jumped from shadow to shadow not unlike when Nishiki was being playful but in a much more serious manner for Yoshimitsu knew he could not be spotted and needed to find a way out of the village as he made his way towards the 2nd wall.

However the demonic spirit's efforts would no doubt be in vain as one of the guards perched up and closed their eyes, flooding their mind with a sea of blue fire as the entire area's chakra lit up with the power of mind's eyes sensory; each flickered and weaved together naturally making it difficult to tell just how many there where, with stronger chakras being larger and brighter, which would be quite a lot to parse through but the masked one knew more tricks as the flames where swept away and a very specific maroon ember was zoned in on.
"Found him" the stern voice spoke, words channelling through fuuin out to all the other guards as she explained where Nishiki was and kept track of the large maroon chakra with great intensity.

Unfortunately Aimi was got equipped with the communication fuuin the guards had but he would surely find the area quite easily soon enough as a man clad in black raced across the roofs, disappearing like a wild shadow monster before once again appearing up in the air behind their target who was well on their way towards the wall now.
"Got him" the man replied back, launching chain sharp poles from within his sleeves right at the lost boy.
However, despite the beast's lack of experience, Yoshimitsu could still feel the incoming vibrations from the flying weapons and dodged under the rightmost one just in time and turned with a hidden scowl upon his face.
"You insult me" he bellowed as he then retaliated with a fast whip of lighting, the charged raiton he had built up burst out with kinesis and easily blasted the fool of a guard out of the sky.
With that the genma swiftly turned down corner as an onlooker watched in shock and the guard replied in pain through the fuuin that he had indeed not got him and was now out of it for the time being, as such the others began to converge on the location as their sensor yet maintained her focus and surely the Kaguya would've also noticed the spark of lightning and would swiftly make entry once more.


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