[Training] Reaching new heights

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[Training] Reaching new heights

Post by Varian » Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:00 pm

Ninjutsu Training 5030/5000
Yuji had been set a task, become stronger and there was a deadline attached to it. The bannin he had met yesterday, Akari Kotaru wanted Yuji to prove his worth. It was not a small ask either, to improve in such a short span of time would take a lot of dedication, hard work and motivation. Yuji had hit a local library as his first stop, he wanted to improve his skill with Ninjutsu and knowledge on the topic in question seemed like as good a place to start as any. He wandered along the dusty shelves, a large array of scrolls lined the old oak shelves.

He came across a piece of literature he had studied in his early academy days, the class had spent many a day trawling through the text. Holding it in his hand brought back fond childhood memories of play, he had not been the most attentive of students often daydreaming instead of committing to serious study. Yuji began to read aloud from the scroll in a hushed tone,

"Chakra is essential to even the most basic of Jutsu. Through various methods, the most common of which is hand seals, chakra can be controlled and manipulated to create an effect that would not be possible otherwise, such as walking on water, exhaling fire, or creating illusions." This was all stuff Yuji already knew, he attempted to come at it from another angle. "Chakra is ordinarily not visible to the unaided eye unless it is highly concentrated or manifested in large amounts."

"Not everyone is born with an equal reserve of chakra, one person may hold a great deal of the spiritual energy while another may not." Yuji moved over to a sitting area so that he could continue reading, he was certainly seeing this sentence in a different light. His siblings had far more skill than him, even his younger brother and sister were more adept at utilising chakra. "However a key to the use of Chakra is not only in how much you have but your ability to control and relegate it's use, there are many great Shinobi who have relied on their superior chakra control alone to conserve energy in a pinch." Yuji had not recalled this segment at all and now found himself further hooked to the scroll.

The librarian cleared his throat catching Yuji's attention, he was an elderly man with a wispy snow white beard. "We have a book copy of that scroll, far more detailed if that is something you are interested in. Would you rather check that out for the day? It is far too nice outside for you to spend it all cooped up in here." The elderly gentleman had already prepared all the paper work for Yuji to sign the book out, Yuji bowed in respect as he left with the book eager to reveal it's contents. He made his way through the streets of Iwagakure continuing the book on the move, proving quite the task as he had to avoid the occasional pedestrian.

The old man had indeed been right it was a nice day, the heat of the Kosshi desert had drifted up this far and with a cool breeze also blowing through the valley it struck a good balance of weather. Yuji was feeling a bit peckish as he was studying, picking a direction for the market he headed for a restaurant he had come to like. Delicacies lined the marketplace of Iwagakure no sato, none of these were what he was in pursuit of however. A small structure compared to many of the other gaudy looking buildings in this district of Iwa, it seemed like a poor family restaurant upon entering this was not the case though.

The place was packed as always, it was indeed a family run establishment but the efficiency and finesse that went into the food made it worth the small wait. He sat at a table and continued reading while he waited for one of the chef's daughters to become free to take his order, the book had him engrossed anyways so the wait was barely noticeable. It contained various training methods for building up a person's chakra and helping to control it more effectively, both these seemed to go hand in hand.

Yuji placed his order it was the same as always, he enjoyed their pork and rice there was just something so great about the seemingly simplistic dish. He could not place what made it so good which kept him coming back for more, he had become quite the regular here but seldom socialised with any of the other regular patrons. Yuji was still not keen on interacting with the Iwagakure Shinobi, he did not know them well enough after all.

He began thinking about where he could train his Ninjutsu in a practical sense, there were a number of training locations outside of the Uchiha compound that he had heard about. Yuji had usually just utilised the family dojo but perhaps that was part of his issue, he was relying too much on his clan's heritage he may never produce the Sharingan after all. Even if he did, Yuji had come to see that there were plenty strong enough without the Sharingan if it was possible for them it was for him too. Kotaru's visits had certainly inspired the young genin, even if he found Kotaru to be abrasive and rude at times there was no denying his strength.

Yuji was coming to the final chapter of his book when his food arrived, after saying thanks he tucked into the bowl that had been prepared for him. Every bite was heaven just as he had expected it to be, continuing with his study as he ate it was difficult to concentrate with food this good but Yuji would persevere. It seemed exercises as simple as water walking could help strengthen Chakra control, the young Uchiha was little disappointed as he came to the conclusion of the book he had hoped there would be more in there. It was a start, Yuji finished his meal and made plans for his next step in training.

Yuji had moved his training to one of the public training grounds, it seemed that there were very few people here today. The good weather seemed to bring people out for leisurely activities, rather than something as gruelling as training he assumed. Yuji was stood in the center of a large sparring ring, the ground being comprised of stone with an artificial river running through the center. It was this river that he had come to this place for, the water flowed in a unique way compared to a naturally occurring body of water.

The Uchiha channelled Chakra to the bottom of his feet as he stepped out into the water, a little unsteady at first he thought he was going sink straight down. He stood perfectly still on the water, a bird fluttered loudly over head breaking his concentration and with it his ability to stay above the water. With a splash the Genin was no longer dry, climbing from the river edge he cursed to himself silently. Yuji had quickly mastered the art of climbing walls and trees with chakra but he had never taken the time to master water walking, it was a similar yet different beast entirely which Yuji knew was a contradiction but he knew the skills from the former would only carry you so far through the latter.

Sending Chakra down the bottom of his feet once again Yuji stepped out onto the water, he felt the energy below his feet repelling him away from the water ever so slightly. Just enough to keep him from sinking but still able to walk along the surface, it was an incredible feat to those not versed in Ninjutsu but to Shinobi it was a basic yet essential skill to master. Yuji regulated the flow of Chakra through his body in a practised manner, many hours had gone into getting to this level of control.

Yuji began walking the width of the river, going back and forth occasionally turning it into a zig-zag as he travelled. The entire process was taxing for the young Genin, determination was carrying him through in this regard in the past Yuji would have called it a day. This time was different, he had something he wanted to prove himself not because someone expected it but because he wished it. Yuji was going to become one of the greatest Uchiha to have ever lived and in doing so serve Iwagakure to the fullest extent, he was not sure where this sudden burst of patriotism and feel good emotions stemmed from but in the present he paid it no heed.

The Genin changed it up a little, moving at a slightly faster pace along the length of the artificial river. This made the journey not only slightly longer but increased the taxation caused by Chakra use, he was starting to tire through the constant use. Yuji had begun to feel the affects of his training settling in on, they were not massively noticeable but they were present at the least. His footwork had become more stable on the uneven and ever changing surface of the water, the flow of his chakra down to his feet had become more steady as muscle memory.

It was at this point he began to pick up his pace along the water, sprinting on the surface kicking up droplets as he set each foot down. This movement further unbalanced the liquid surface he was running across, for a moment his footing faltered but a quick centering of self fixed that. Yuji dashed to and fro on the man made river, occasionally he would spring off the river and back on again to keep his adjustments to the chakra he was supplying to his feet constantly tweaking. Yuji kept this up well until the sun began to set, he had taken an occasional break to recover before starting up all over again and it seemed he was eager to stick around all night.

Throughout the night Yuji was training, with this day drawing to a close that only left four more days. The shinobi sighed outwardly, was the task set by Kotaru even possible? Yuji eventually called it a day and trudged his way home, without any incident he was left in relative peace and quiet once he arrived home despite being in so late. It was time to rest for training would continue the next day.

Today saw Yuji in the same ground as before, this time amongst a large series of blocky pillars that created a grid like pattern. It was here that Yuji would begin his next training exercise, channelling chakra to his feet he began bouncing around from pillar to pillar increasing in speed until he lost his footing. The sound of his feet crashing into each pillar left a large thudding sound as he pushed away from each stone surface to land on another, once his footing was lost he would leap towards safety or attempt to regain his footing on a different pillar.

Each time he fell he would reset the speed of it back to a slower tempo and begin to work his way up again, he had seen his do brother use this method in his training it was some kind of punishment system that would just increase the amount of training you needed to do it also meant Yuji's training was more tiresome though.

The Shinobi would proceed to add acrobatics into his movements, performing turns mid air and somersaults as he darted from pillar to pillar. Yuji once again felt his grasp over chakra usage tightening, becoming more refined the more he used it perhaps the task Kotaru had set before him was achievable after all. He still had three days to achieve some results, not only did he want to improve his abilities with ninjutsu but also his repertoire of jutsu alongside it.

The bannin had suggested that he attempt to increase his ability with Katon, Yuji intended to go a step further than that and branch out into a new style of Jutsu alongside increasing his understanding of Katon. Yuji bounced from wall to wall making his way up to the summit of the central pillar, standing up on the stone plateau he admired the view of the training area from here. Reaching into a pouch he pulled out another scroll, it had a red band around the center and was embossed with a artistic flame on the center of the band. 'The Fundamentals of Katon' was the title of this particular scroll, a second scroll was taken out alongside the Katon scroll was taken out. The title of this second scroll 'Raiton Basics for Beginners', Yuji set them both down on the stone floor.

He had been aware for some time of his affinity for the lightning style ninjutsu, it was only natural consider how harmonious Raiton and Katon were as elemental natures. He began to read from the Katon scroll, since learning ninjutsu Yuji just like all the other Uchiha found the fire style to come naturally to them but Yuji himself had never taken the time to study it in depth. The more he read the more fascinated he became with Ninjutsu as a whole concept, all this time he had tried to be like his siblings with their Taijutsu skills but perhaps this was his calling. A desire for more Ninjutsu began to bloom within Yuji, he wondered just how many styles were out there.

"Fire Release is very often used offensively, typically it is cast by kneading chakra in the body into flames that the user breathes from the mouth."
Yuji tended to have a habit of reading aloud. "Simpler applications of Fire Release include creating a stream of fire, or alternatively breaking the stream into bursts of flames. Once produced, the fire can be shaped or otherwise manipulated, but exerting such control requires careful skill." Getting more and more invested in the scroll as he continued, Yuji's gaze seemed to sear the very page. "The fireball Jutsu is a common technique amongst users of this style, while most beginners are unable to produce a sizeable or devastating flame there are those who have mastered this technique bringing it to new heights some of the notable practitioners of this style within Iwagakure are..." Yuji read the names in silence he wasn't really familiar with everyone in the village but a few stood out here and there.

Standing up from reading the scrolls, the young shinobi took a deep breath inhaling and exhaling slowly. Yuji began to channel Chakra all around his body, attempting to push himself to his very limits while maintaining an efficient use of his Chakra. Feeling the energy swirl around him, invisible to his eyes but still very much real and present. The exhaustion began to set in as his breathing became laboured, Yuji's body began to feel heavy as sweat began to trickle down his body. Muscles ached and bones creaked the strain of such Chakra use was starting to take it's toll on the young Uchiha, at last relenting when the feeling became unbearable. Yuji collapsed to his knees feeling weak, taking the time to rest he read more of his Katon scroll before heading home for the day. This concluded his second day of training, it had certainly been a tough one on him this time as even the comfort of his bed was not enough to wipe away the aches and pains he was suffering with. Eventually sleep took him, exhaustion being enough to let him sleep soundly

It was time again to continue his training, the third day of Kotaru's deadline today he was going to practice his jutsu usage. Rushing through breakfast Yuji was eager to begin, rushing out the door before any of the household had even woke he made his way down to Iwagakure below. Picking up pace he was heading for a new training are today, one of the underground forests had been converted into a woodland training ground to adapt Iwagakure Shinobi to fighting in unfamiliar environments. They were certainly a sight to behold, being some of the most beautiful fauna in Iwagakure it created an idyllic destination for relaxation or in Yuji's case focus.

The young Uchiha moved over to the segregated training forest, taking a step into a small clearing he scanned the area. Getting there so early seemed to be a sound call as nobody else had arrived to utilise this area as of yet. Satisfied that he was free from bothering anyone, Yuji moved over to a large pond that had collected in this part of the training area, it seemed a good place to begin practising his Katon Jutsu. Throwing hand seals together, starting with the rat seal, followed by snake and then onto tiger which was succeeded by the horse hand sign. Yuji began to inhale a large amount of air as his body seemed to rear up, expelling the air infused with Katon Chakra it proceeded to form a large cone of fire that Yuji continued to channel chakra into keeping the technique going. The heat from the Jutsu could be felt all around the pond as it sprayed it's way across the water, steam began to rise from the small pond as Yuji's jutsu began to heat up the body of water. His goal was to evaporate this small pond before the day was done, sweat began to drip down him already from the intense heat alone never mind the exertion of channeling chakra into this Jutsu.

The forest seemed to glow orange with the Uchiha's fire stream lighting the early hours of the morning, the flames licking the air as it flickered as the sustain dragged further on. Yuji sat down exhausted, it seemed like this was a task that his small skill in Katon could not achieve but it was not going to be his last attempt as this.

Yuji hopped up and began making his way over to his favourite Restaurant he was ravenous after all, ordering a pork bowl once again he began reading more from his Katon scroll. Training expeneded energy and a great way to replenish that was with eating, this was why it was just as important to the training, with that attitude the bowls began to stack up. HIgher and higher they went until he had made the leaning tower of bowls, a satisfied sigh came from a now full Yuji as the patrons looked on in shock at this monstrous appetite they had just witnessed. The young Shinobi thanked his waiter for the food as he paid, leaving the restaurant in a hurry he went to resume his training even further.

Arriving at yesterday's training grounds he saw there were plenty of people there already, he found one training area that was unoccupied by anyone at present and set to work on channelling his chakra once again. Yuji began to form hand seals once again in a quick and precise manner, this time forming a small ball of katon. This small torch hovered in the air a slight hum of the flames emanated from it, the ball provided a decent area of light in a five meter radius. Yuji began to dance around the training area leaving a trail of lights behind him as he waltzed with some impressive footwork around the training area he was in. Starting to fill up the space rather quickly Yuji waited for every single one of the lights to fade, watching them extinguish one by one till none remained a little satisfying barely noticeable wisp of smoke was all that was left before even that too was gone.

Yuji began to dance once more around the edge of the training area, this time working a spiral pattern of lights as he moved inwards. Creating each flame as he went, becoming more efficient in chakra used to create the torches and increasing in the speed at which he could make them. His hands flowed deftly through the seals, muscle memory playing a huge role in helping the seals flow together.

The Uchiha filled the space very quickly once again, much to his irritation the training area was far too small for the tiny lights he was leaving all over the place. He decided to channel chakra to his feet and begin making his way up the nearby wall of the training grounds, spreading lights as he went Yuji began to do a lap of the entire training ground illuminating it for all who were training that day. Yuji began panting as he ran, the exertion of the run combined with the usage of chakra was far more tiring than anything he had done up to this point but he was going to keep fighting through it.

The Shinobi began to feel the faitgue once again as he made the full lap, the training ground was much larger than he had thought. Yuji managed to get fairly low to the ground before his legs gave way sending him crashing to the floor, he was so tired but the day was still early he batted away one of the Chuunin who came to assist. Getting back to his feet with what little of his own strength he had left, Yuji made his way over to a small shelter near the edge of the training ground. Lying down on the bench that was underneath this shelter the Uchiha took a break from his training, once again taking out his Katon scroll and this time reading the last of it. Once he had finished the scroll he didn't simply put it away, instead he went back to the beginning and started anew. Reading it over and over again while he attempted to recover his strength, Yuji was fascinated by Chakra and it's ability to become the very elements around them that shaped the world they knew. Several years ago he would not have thought this possible had someone approached him with the concept, sure he knew of Shinobi and that they were capable of some inhuman feats but now he too had an understanding of ninjutsu everything was much clearer in that regard.

Yuji began to reflect on just what he wanted to gain out of being a shinobi, he wanted to serve his clan not because of his father or any sense of duty towards him. His siblings were partly a driving force, beyond that though were the clan members less able to fend themselves who were unable to grasp the use of Ninjutsu or use their Sharingan effectively. It was these people that Yuji wished to be stronger for, the longer he was a Genin however the more he had come to find other reasons for being a Shinobi. He still was unsure how he felt about Iwagakure, he certainly wasn't a strong patriot but the village had been his home these past several years and he did not want anything to happen to it as his clan was now a part of this village. Another reason he had begun to find was his interest in Ninjutsu and also this Bannin his fate had seemingly become intertwined with, he had asked many villagers about the young Bannin but being the loner type it seemed Kotaru was not incredibly well known. Sure everyone had heard of him and a good number had seen him, knowing him was an entirely different subject in this regard.

Yuji sprung up from his resting place ready to begin his practice once again, he began summoning Katon Chakra to return to creating the Katon torches as he was doing prior to the rest. The day continued with him practicing in this manner, he continued well into the night long after many of the others were heading home. Unlike the others Yuji had a deadline to meet, the fatigue had set in around his eyes also eyes glazed he was barely even conscious at this point. He began to trudge his way home, not really remembering how he got there he found himself coming mid morning the next day.

The fourth day Yuji had already lost most of the morning but he was determined to finished what he started, leaving the house as soon as he had finished his usual morning routine, eating breakfast, speaking to his siblings and even greeting his mother at one point. Yuji now took a leisurely pace down to the training grounds he had frequented at over the past few days, reading his Raiton scroll as he began making his way down from the Uchiha Compound.

"In order to perform most Lightning Release jutsu, users must convert their chakra's nature into electricity." Once again reading aloud from the scroll Yuji found himself engrossed in the mysteries of Ninjutsu. "One of the simpler ways to use this electricity is to channel it into ninja tools, increasing the weapon's cutting power by making it vibrate or causing a numbing effect to those the weapons have contact with." Yuji thought about the idea of trying to channel it through a Kunai or something similar when throwing it, that kind of technique could greatly improve the output of even his simple weaponry.

"Another use of the lightning style is direct casting from the hands or fingers, firing it in beams, arcs or orbs." Some of these ideas seemed fairly unimaginative but still effective, he would have to brainstorm some techniques of his own once he had gained mastery over Raiton.

Arriving down at the training grounds once again, it seemed the everywhere was already in use, a small frown formed on the lips of the Uchiha. Yuji decided to go back to the library from before instead, he could at least return the stuff he had already read through. Walking to the library didn't take all that long surprisingly, Yuji made note of a far emptier training ground on his way to return the scrolls. The elderly man running the library was in usual good spirits, Yuji awkwardly danced around most the man's questions about how he enjoyed the scrolls. Not really one to feel comfortable around the villagers of Iwagakure, he tried to instead focus on finding something else to read.

Checking out new material to read the young Shinobi made his way over to that same training ground he had spied out. With him a scroll on Iijutsu another skill he hoped to master, it was certainly going to be one he would need if being a Shinobi was as dangerous as many had made it out to be. Being capable of tending his own wounds and those of others would prove an invaluable skill even if he was not dedicated to becoming a medic, the Uchiha scanned the empty training grounds satisfied he had the place to himself.

He began forming torches just like yesterday's exercise, it seemed to come more naturally to him straight from the start. His knowledge over the technique helping to form the torches with relative ease, he knew he could push this further but the leaps and bounds he had already overcome were impressive given the short span of time he had to do this in. Yuji hadn't realised he had this potential within him, he was by no means a genius or a prodigy but with enough hard work and diligence he felt like he could one day be amongst some of the famous Shinobi of this village.

Ninjutsu, a skill that he had taken quite for granted was being seen in a whole new light to him. It was a doorway to many possibilities and he intended to unlock as much of it's potential as he could, Yuji intended to achieve new heights. After performing this exercise for a couple of hours, the Genin still felt like he could do more.

Making his way to the forest that he had been training the fireball technique prior, throwing together the hand seals starting with the rat seal once more, followed by snake, tiger which was succeeded by the horse hand seal holding it there as he drew a deep breath. Exhaling out changing the very nature of the Chakra within the breath he exhaled, a small spark became an ember which became a raging torrent of fire. The heat was intense far more than it had been before, it stretched out across the pond from earlier roaring like a lion as it scorched the surface of the water which hissed like a snake. Bubbling below the fireball the water began to heat up under this intense pressure being sent from this small Uchiha's great fireball.

Steam began to rise from the pond as the water seemingly attempted to escape this great heat, the Uchiha knew he could not maintain the fireball for much longer so allowed it to die down. He grinned as the water level had lowered ever so slightly on the pond, he imagined with more practice he could eventually evaporate the whole thing. Excitement and adrenaline coursed through Yuji's body energy reaching every point of his very being, he sat down for a moment to rest.

Opening up the scroll he had brought with him he began to read all about Iijutsu and exactly what he could achieve with it, once again his habit of reading aloud came through. "Requiring a great deal of control, Iijutsu is capable of achieving great feats of medicine through which boundaries are being pushed each day. Even capable of organ transplantation amongst practitioners of a higher level, it is a style responsible for saving countless lives in the day to day activities of a Shinobi." Upon finishing the scroll Yuji noticed it was only mid afternoon, he still had plenty of time to do some training for this day and a whole extra day to do something else before Kotaru returned from his journey.
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[Training] Reaching new heights

Post by Varian » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:13 pm

Stamina Training 2023/2000
Yuji had taken a lot from Kotaru's lesson, he still had a lot of training ahead of him. The young Genin had tied a set of weights around his legs today, he tired far too easy in combat and had to build up a bigger reserve of stamina to call upon. The Uchiha had thought about exactly how to go about increasing his potential stamina, it had dawned on him that a more extreme form of cardio training would make noticeable gains.

Kotaru had told Yuji Iwagakure was massive, the Genin was only just now coming to realise what he meant by that. In the short time he had been here training Yuji had yet to explore the entirety of his own neighbourhood, the caverns underneath twist and turned into many different places he had yet to touch. Some of the expanded so far down that it was not unreasonable to say they had been untouched for a few years, he was determined to explore as much as he could while he trained.

A faint light stretched out over the Uchiha compound as the sun began to rise, Yuji had just set off out the Compound gate in the early hours of the morning. He was determined to push his body to it's very limits and further today, after his last training spree and following lesson under the Bannin he had been forced to rest his body so that it would heal from the punishment it had received. After a couple days rest he felt as light as a feather, fortunately most his missions were just light duty D-Rank odd jobs. Yuji made his way down towards the market place he had frequented over his five day montage, there was a restaurant he liked to frequent here which was his main reason for stopping by.

He had jogged his way down from the Uchiha compound to the main portion of the village, it had not been too difficult of a journey though his legs ached from the tugging of the weights. The door to the restaurant swung open when he pushed on it, a small ding of the welcoming bell notified the inhabitants of a new arrival. The chef beamed a smile at the young Uchiha who walked in, Yuji was only wearing his black form fitting high collared tank top and a set of black pants, it was what he usually wore when he was doing training like this.

"Just in time kid, I have just finished making your order. Out training again?" The chef seemed like a good person, Yuji was not one for being social with the villagers of Iwagakure. He shrugged awkwardly at the chef who chuckled a little, Yuji tried to look as invisible as possible he really didn't know how to talk to those who were not Shinobi or clan members. His only interaction with none of the prior examples was only within the confines of a mission where he could rely on a professional attitude, he was not on duty at this moment though and as a result couldn't rely on that. "Well don't work too hard kiddo, here is the packed lunch you asked for."

Yuji took his packed lunch and paid the chef, taking his leave as quickly as possible time was against him after all. "Have a good day, come back soon!" The restaurant staff called out to him as the bell dinged once more to Yuji opening the door, stepping out into the market place the sun was now shedding a warm orange glow across the entire village. The Uchiha took a deep breath as he bathed in the warmth of the sunlight, pushing into the ground with his feet he continued his jog from earlier.

He ran along the marketplace passing each of the bright and colourful stalls, some sold exotic fabrics that he had never seen before and spices from countries he had never heard of. The marketplaces of Iwagakure were some of the most fascinating places, a gateway to an entire world that Yuji would have never known existed had the Bannin not encouraged him to explore the village.

Yuji had passed all the stalls at this point, making his way down a brightly lit tunnel into the depths of Iwagakure. The streets were carved into the very rock an impressive feat in itself, each house neatly placed next to one another in a very deliberate fashion. Taking rhythmic strides as he made his way down these streets, Yuji tried to match his breathing to the pace of his jog. The goal was to build up his stamina after all rather than push the limits of his speed, one foot after the other he set a measured pace that would begin to take it's toll the longer it went on.

He made his way further down into the depths of Iwagakure, the tunnel started to look emptier of housing and became a little thinner at points. The few houses here were lit by faint blue flames that gave the tunnel a mysterious vibe, up ahead there seemed to be some natural light shining through at what seemed to be the end of this tunnel.

The tunnel sure enough opened up into a vast cavern, a large beam of light shone through from the surface through a child sized crack. Holding this cavern up were a trio of large natural columns formed from the rock, the light itself shone onto a pool of clear water. The water itself seemed pretty clean as a small waterfall flowed from the cavern walls into the reservoir that had gathered, Yuji marvelled at the large natural formation.

Moving into the cave Yuji was blissfully unaware of a pair of yellow eyes that watched his entrance, nor did the Genin realise just how deep he had gone at this point. Yuji made his way to the small reservoir to catch a quick drink, the water seemed to be very clean upon careful inspection. Taking a sip Yuji noticed a pair of yellow eyes staring down at him from above, within those yellow eyes thin black slits for pupils peered down at him in a predatory fashion. Alarm bells rang in Yuji's mind, his body moved before he even had chance to think about it.

The serpent was large enough to swallow Yuji whole, fortunately seeing it's reflection in time had given Yuji the opportunity to get clear from it's initial strike. The snake's nose diving straight into the water instead of striking the Uchiha with it's fangs, rearing back up almost immediately with a viscous hiss. It began to scan around for the Genin who had the sense to drop the weights and make a break for the entrance he had come through, the serpent twisted it's body and lunged forward to block the tunnel. Yuji cursed his bad luck, was he really about to become snake food?

The snake reared back again and struck forward, Yuji just barely able to keep up with it's speed avoided the beasts second bite. The rock itself gave way a little at the force exerted by the strike, a slight hissing sound could be heard from the venom that had been left behind on the rock. One touch of that and Yuji was likely a goner, he did not despair yet the creatures speed was nothing compared to his siblings. It also seemed to be restricted in movement thanks to the size of the cavern, the snake hissed in anger at the Uchiha's persistent evasiveness.

For some time they played this game of cat and mouse, Yuji formulating a plan of escape all the while. He drew the snake back over to the reservoir once again, tricking it into forcing it's face into the water once more. With it's head submerged Yuji took the moment to hide behind one of the pillars, using the shadows cast by the sole beam of light illuminating the cavern.

The snake's greenish grey scales were lit up under the crack in the ceiling, that was Yuji's way out he just had to climb this stone column. A voice as harsh as ice spoke out cutting the air with it's words. "Where are you boy, you can't hide from me forever. I can taste you on the air." The serpent hissed it's words much to Yuji's surprise, he did not have time to contemplate why this snake could speak. Yuji's sole focus was on trying to escape, he continued his ascent up to the cavern ceiling ever closer to his goal of freedom.

"You are the first human to wander in here for some time, I have grown too large to leave on my own and rely on prey to stumble into my lair." The Snake's body slithered and coiled around the cave as it searched for it's prey, a forked tongue flitting in and out of it's mouth tasting the vibrations in the air in the hopes to locate the Uchiha. The genin had made significant progress up the side of the rock face, now well over three quarters of the way to the top unwilling to give up to such a creature as this. Yuji had found a hidden reserve of strength he did not know he had held, digging deep into this new found well of stamina the Uchiha pushed on trying to reach the top before he was spotted. He could have easily walked up here using Chakra but that would have made him stand out too clearly, honestly a life or death situation and Yuji was training?! It was almost as if he was trying to reach some kind of word count or something.

Reaching the top of the pillar just in time as the serpent coiled around the base, it wound it's way up the column and brought itself level with Yuji. "Found you little one, I must say you did well to climb this high so quickly. Let me see your despair at how easily I traversed the distance!" The Snake reared back triumphantly hissing at the supposedly trapped prey.

The corner of the Uchiha's lips tilted upwards into a smug expression. "I must truly be lucky." His words giving the snake pause, the serpent's prey should be trembling with fear but all it saw was defiance with a dashing of sass?! Concluding that the boy must still have a trick up it's sleeve it decided to strike now rather than let him use it, this was exactly what Yuji was counting on. He had spied an overhang at the entrance to the crack of light beaming into the cave, pushing off from the pillar he strained out for the ledge. The snake had already sunk it's teeth into the pillar where Yuji had been just moments before missing him by a hair, the force had propelled Yuji forward his grasp snapped around the first thing he could get a hold of on the ledge.

With a heave he began to climb his way up into the crack, the serpent hissing in rage at it's prey's escape. The shaft upwards was tighter than Yuji had expect, he had committed now though and it seemed to go on for some time. The strain in his arms began to take it's toll on Yuji, he felt the hot sensation of muscles being pushed to their limits. He reached the surface with some strain but it seemed he was going to make it, the exit of this small passageway was covered by a drainage grate. With a forceful push the Uchiha managed to shift the grate out of place, moving it out of his way Yuji climbed through the hole and into what seemed to be an alleyway in the market district. It dawned on him all of a sudden he left his lunch back down in the cave, well perhaps it would stop the snake being so pecking. He chuckled a little at his fortune, he maybe should not have been so luck as to escape. He intended to return to that mysterious cave once he was stronger.
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