[Plotboard][Closed] Something Wicked This Way Comes

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[Plotboard][Closed] Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Aimi landed with a dull thud outside of the gates of the Karagata compound on the balls of his feet, his knees bent to absorb the shock of landing. He stood up straight and fanned his wings out for a moment before bringing them to a close behind his back. He stood looking at the gate before him, at the tall archway and the plaque on top that bore the family name of Karagata. Such gates were common among ninja clans and families and the Houses that owned them within the village, yet the dark purpose for which Aimi had come drew a shadow over the gateway that unsettled him. The gate seem to say to him "Come, enter if you dare, make your point." The jounin stared at the gate for a moment with a set jaw, hard and unmoving, accepting of the shadowy challenge.

He stood outside in wait for Shinjiro, who was the meet him there any second. From the training grounds he'd given the simple instruction to follow, and he had every reason to believe that the younger ninja would do just that. Aimi felt this in full confidence despite not having looked back behind him on their flight once. This was to be an important lesson, and if Shinjiro did not do as he was told her, well, Kirigakure would prove to be a much smaller village than the boy might have initially thought. Thus, Aimi stood and waited for the Genma hosts' arrival, the dark shade of a heavy cloud making the already thick fog seem impenetrable, the Karagata plaque all but completely obscured in it's shade.
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