[JFCMHT] Amazing Grace

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[JFCMHT] Amazing Grace

Post by Golnax » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:08 pm

Hours had passed since the fight on the roof had ended. Aimi and Fuhen had both been disarmed and brought back down the tower from whence they'd come, marched back the way they had came, and were put into cells for holding for the time being. Mo was not brought with them this time. Instead, she had been taken away by both her aunt and the elder woman who had watched over the duel. Whatever was happening outside of the cell was anyone's guess, but Aimi liked to imagine that Mo was sitting down meekly at a table while people more powerful than she tried to decide what to do. As he stood leaning his shoulder against the cool cell wall, he felt that there was no doubt in his mind over the likelihood of the results of the duel being debated. There was a lingering thought whirling in his imagination that, if such were the case, it was his fault. Despite having obeyed every rule set forth - which was to say he hadn't used a single ninjutsu once the entire duel - he felt certain that the truth of that was being fought over right this second.

Of course, he could prove none of these baseless thoughts. There was no evidence here in this cell that told him as much. There wasn't even a guard posted to make sure that they didn't escape. The two had been left alone with their thoughts and as such, Aimi's drifted to a darker place of blame. Hours ago he had chastised Fuhen for getting them involved in matters that they had no obligation in. Now he wondered of the consequences of his actions, and what he might do if his darkest imaginings came to pass.

"How long are they going to keep us in here, you think?" Aimi asked his cellmate without looking at him. "I could break us out. It'd be easy - as easy as, say, bending the bars. Or melting them. Or just using the key." He listed off the possibilities one by one, not bothering to go into detail about what he meant for each one. If the frog wanted him to bust them out, they would become evident soon enough.
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