Bikōchū Swarm

Swarm for Hisato

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Bikōchū Swarm

Post by Zao » Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:04 pm

Username: Zao
Owner: Hisato
Bikōchū Swarm
Description: The bikōchū are a species of small horned beetles that are bred and utilized exclusively by the Aburame family. Individually, Bikōchū are generally between 14mm and 18mm.

Personality: Back under Hisato's control, the extremely loyal insect have become adept at following the orders given by their new host for he is being viewed on the same level as some other insect colonies view their queen due partially to their reliance on his chakra as nourishment and the other in the deep bond each share with one another due to the swarm choosing him as a child. In turn, they will obey orders and protect the missing-nin from actual and even potential threats without question, even to the point of sacrificing their own lives in order to do so. The intimate level of their connection with the host allowing for each of them to communicate telepathically with one another.

Sync: Sync #3
Minute Tracking
The Bikōchū originate from a mutated breed of kikaichū that was extra sensitive to the chakra the desire to eat. Overtime, due to over breeding, the chakra sensitivity became increasingly stronger while the chakra eating abilities of the kikaichū diminished. This left the Bikōchū breed with a strong affinity for sensing, seeking, and tracking chakra. The range in which their senses are accurate are based on their rank:
  • D-rank: 10 meters.
  • C-rank: 20 meters.
  • B-rank: 40 meters.
  • A-rank: 80 meters.
  • S-rank: 100 meters.
History:: This was the original swarm that belonged to the missing-nin before he was arrested and the clan used a special technique to strip the swarm from within his body. But after his release and attack on his fellow clansman the man briefly returned to the clan's hidden bug colonies and retrieved the handful of his old swarm that were still alive. They instantly sensed his chakra and as he neared their location the remaining portion of the swarm rejoined with their old host, the bond created between the two in their first meeting proving to be stronger than the former Leaf shinobi had imagined.
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Bikōchū Swarm

Post by Kao » Thu Jul 18, 2019 2:38 am

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[Accepted]Bikōchū Swarm

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