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Akari Toushi

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Akari Toushi


[Iwa's Crimson Devil]

[If you desire something, then you must seize it!]

General Information Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 295 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Toushi has somewhat boyish looks that don't truly fit his age, appearing to be in his late teens (about eighteen or nineteen) if one was to judge the ninja on the looks of his face alone. Long light purple hue hair streams down just past his shoulders in length and is rarely pulled back unless there is some sort of special occasion that the man is attending.
  • Body: The young man's body sports just over average build with lean muscle packed on his pale skinned torso and limbs like that of an extreme cross fit advocate with no scars to speak of.
  • Notable Features:Light purple hair, blood ink face tattoo on both sides of the man's face (see image) that appear which curved lines and completely cover both top and bottom eye lids coming to a point on the inner corner of each eye, and lastly a pair of radiant deep blue eyes.
Clothing/Accessories: Toushi prefers wearing darker colored outer garments over white inner clothing and can normally be found wearing a dark three quarter or full length kimono to with a white under shirt for his upper torso. For the lower torso the man wears a pair of loose fitting black or white three quarter length pants that are tucked into black bandaging that run from just below the knee down to the foot on each leg. On each shin is a pair of metal shin guards that are attached with crimson straps to each shin. Around the waste the man wears a cloth sash that is normally white in color with a white high collared over cloak that sports the man’s family crest on the back in red.
Picture: Personality:
  • General: Toushi could be considered a lawful evil villain whom methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life. He plays by his own set rules but without mercy or compassion. He is comfortable in a hierarchy and would like to rule, but is willing to serve someone stronger than himself. He also openly condemns others not according to their actions but according to race, religion, homeland, or social rank. The former Iwa shinobi considers order as the means by which each group is properly placed in the cosmos, from the lowest to the highest, strongest first, weakest last. To him good being seen as an excuse to promote the mediocrity of the whole and suppress the better and more capable, while allowing each group to structure itself and fix its place as compared to others, serving the stronger, but being served by the weaker.

    This is a person who is driven to attain his goals through force, power, and intimidation. Yet, the man stands apart from the norm, with his own, personal, code of ethics. One such being that he expects loyalty from his minions, punishing disloyalty and treachery with a swift merciful death. If given Toushi will keep his word if he gives it and will never lie, although he may mislead or withhold information. He will attack and kill an unarmed foe and will harm an innocent. He will use torture to extract information, but this is not something done for pleasure. Life in it self is valueless to the man; those too weak to defend their possessions and positions don't deserve to have them in the first place.
  • Hopes/Dreams: Killing a clansman with the Astrashiin so he can devour it for himself.
  • Fears: Forever being incomplete without the Astrashiin.
  • Combat Mentality: Uses the advantages of his extra appendages and weapons to overwhelm opponents while striking at strange angles and attempting to his weaker areas of the body like a foe's joints.

Battle Information Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Rank: Jounin - A-Rank MN

Stats: (0/50)
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 35
  • Genjutsu: 20
  • Stamina: 27 (30-3)
  • Control: 10
  • Strength: 35
  • Speed: 35
  • Instinct: 25
  • Iron Spiked Club Set - A set of six iron spiked clubs, each club is identical in size and appearance. At the base of the handle is a three inch diameter iron circle, the clubs handle is about an inch in diameter for about six inches before it tapers to a three inch diameter at the top over the next two and a half feet get off club. Among the last foot of the club are one inch spikes protruding from the smooth iron surface. The dark metal contrasts with the white tape used on the grips as a single crimson tassel hangs from the iron loop connected to each of the rings. These are carried upon his back in a special holder that places the handles of three clubs over each shoulder for quick and easy access.
  • Kunai Holster Right Thigh - Holds Five kunai with attached explosive tags.
  • Kunai Holster Left Thigh - Holds five kunai with explosive tags attached.
  • Left Hip Pouch - Five smoke bombs and small first aid kit (bandaging, needle and thread, burn ointment, antibiotic ointment)
  • First Aid Kit - 3x rolls of two meter long bandaging, 1x spool of thread, 5x needles, 1x small jar burn ointment (eases pain), 2x small jars of antibiotic ointment (prevents infection).

Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Raiton
Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability

The main bloodline of the Akari clan is their shiin. While the size, shape, and abilities of the shiin depends on which chakra the organ is connected to. The shiin, while manifesting itself, is a constant within them. Unlike other similar clans, the shiin is the only thing that alters itself, leaving the Akari's body largely in tact. However, because of this, the shiin is just another part of the body, just as someone's arm or leg.
The fifth and slightly rare shiin is the Lacrishiin. Connected to the throat chakra, a lacrishiin manifests itself as an armor around the user's body. The amount of armor depends on the user's own body. This armor smooth and dull, appearing as a dim and opaque glass. While the armor has the same durability as others, it is also able to be strengthened in more ways, unlike the others. However, the armor created is almost never offensive in nature, requiring the user to use their own brute force to damage enemies. Most lacrishiin are blue in hue, though there are exceptions. Members of the clan with lacrishiin tend to be bodyguards of those of importance and high ranking members of the clan.

Toushi's armor is a matured version of the Lacrishiin is crimson in color and adds a little bulk to parts of his frame. On the head the armor manifests in an alien looking helm with apair of devilish horns coming out of the forehead that curve backwards with a length of eight inches. Bulk is addressed to the tops and sides of the shoulders with a series of three descending spikes found on top of the shoulder bulk, with the largest being three inches long and closest to the neck with the second being two inches and the final ones furthest from the neck being only one inch. Extra bulk can be found on the forearms at two curves spikes protrude out from the sides of the additional armor. On the knees and elbow a the inch spike protrudes from each of these joints. Finally from the top of the door is a pair of descending spikes formed by the armor, the largest being two inches and the smaller one only being an inch. The rest of the skin over the body is smooth and almost seamless looking. Similar to the image below.

The fourth and relatively uncommon shiin is the eroshiin. Connected to the Heart Chakra, a eroshiin manifests itself as almost fire-like jelly from solid flesh, encompassing the shoulders and branching out into wing-like forms. While incapable of flight by their own, they are aerodynamic, allowing for swift movement even with their added bulk. With an addition of the user's own [Speed], the eroshiin can allow for gliding around a battlefield, jumping from place to place. Most eroshiin are green in hue, though there are exceptions. Members of the clan with eroshiin tend to be spies, scouts, and diplomats, proud of their own speed and ability to get out of any situation.

Toushi's matured Eroshiin itself into the appearance of vampire looking black set of fleshy wings, each about a meter in width, that grown out from just between the shoulder blades on the shinobi's back.

The second and second most common of the shiins is the Temershiin. Connected to the Sacral Chakra, a temershiin manifests as a tail of some sort on the user. While the type depends on the user, it is almost always coarse and rough to the touch. Most temershiin are orange in hue, though there are exceptions. Those with temershiin tend to be a good chunk of the ninja population, they are mostly lower ranking ninja.

Toushi's Temershiin has matured as he has as a shinobi, black in color it grows from the base of his spine starting off around the size of a grown man's thigh before tapering of to a points tip at fourteen feet in length. The last six inches of the tale has had its scale like body comps and hardened in order for it to be allotted more penetrating power like the tip of a spear.

The first and most common of the shiins is the Melashiin. Connected to the Root Chakra, a melashiin manifests itself as a fleshy protrusion from the skin. They are almost always long and thin, being relatively weak in comparison to all of the other shiin. However, what gives them their usefulness is they have massively high regeneration rates. When damaged, they are able to recur themselves at an astonishing rate, based on the clan member's [Stamina], following the rules for regeneration without other jutsu being used. Because of such, having a melashiin imparts a -3 [Stamina] on the user. Most melashiin are dark red in hue, though there are exceptions. For the most part, those with a melashiin are the lowest caste of the clan, due to having the 'weakest' of the shiin, along with the lowered stamina that it drains from them.

Toushi's Melashiin has matured from when he acquired it as a genin, where he was only able to manifest it in the form of two long, thin tentacles. To the point of being able to create six, three meter long tentacles as a jounin ranked shinobi.
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Ninjutsu[Raiton, Fuuton, Iijutsu]
Taijutsu[Close Quarters Combat, Acrobatics, Perception, Hafted Weapons, Heavenly Body Control, Shiin Usage]
Genjutsu[Sight, Sound, Touch]

Taijutsu Specialist:
Having devoted their lives to mastering the art of taijutsu, this shinobi is classified as a Taijutsu Specialist. Taijutsu specialist are able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to taijutsu, unlike most people who are capped at 8. However, they are only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to genjutsu, and a max of 5 concentrations to ninjutsu.

As a Taijutsu Specialist, [Toushi] is able to utilize taijutsu concentrations reserved for specialists, and is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on select stats, and meaning as a specialist they can select stats to break into the God tier. These stats can only be Taijutsu, Stamina, Speed, and Strength.

Clan TechniqueShow

~Basic Formation: Melashiin
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the shape of a long fleshy protrusion, the melashiin is able to recover at double the rate of a normal body part would. The strength of a melashiiin is equal to 3/4ths of the user's strength.

~Basic Formation: Temershiin
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. The temershiin takes the shape of a wide and powerful tail. The strength of a temershiin equal to the user's strength.

~Basic Formation: Eroshiin
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form of wings, they are incapable of flight on their own, however are very aerodynamic, allowing for the user to slowly float down, based on their prerequisite taijutsu. The Eroshiin has a strength equal to 3/4ths the user's strength.

~Basic Formation: Lacrishiin
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Channeling chakra to their shiin, they cause it to inflate, fully forming into its full glory. Taking the form of an almost opaque armor with an appearance of glass, the lacrishiin almost completely covers the user's body. As a pseudoarmor, the lacrishiin has strength equal to the user's strength+3, while causing the user to move with -3 speed.

D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A partially automatic technique once learned, but can be stopped if need-be, the user is able to cause the manifested form of their shiin to deflate at command or whenever they go unconscious. While the uses of this aren't directly obvious, it does allow them to hide the fact that they do in fact have a shiin.

~Strengthen the Armor
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: Lacrishiin
By doing the needed hand seals, the user is able to channel chakra directly into their shiin. This strengthens the armor, giving it an extra 10 Strength. However, while doing so, they are unable to use any ninjutsu or genjutsu while this is in effect. This lasts as long as they continue to channel chakra into their shiin.
Raiton Affinity:
Raiton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Raiton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Raiton affinity. Raiton has a shocking effect.
Passive (Shocking)Show
Raiton has the effect of shocking, which means causes it's effect to be diffuse upon impact. In organic material, this causes nervous stimulation which results in numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, and sometimes paralysis. In inorganic material, this means that the strength of the jutsu diffuses across an area 2x the size of the attack. In a jutsu that creates a lightning ball 2m in diameter, if it struck a wall the size of the attack would cover a 4m area.

Additionally, the strength of the nervous effect on organic material from raiton jutsu is determined by the ninjutsu stat requirement.
  • 1-10 Ninjutsu Requirement : Tingling, acute numbness
  • 11-20 Ninjutsu Requirement: Loss of Sensation
  • 21-35 Ninjutsu Requirement: Localized Paralysis
  • 36+ Ninjutsu Requirement: Diffuse Paralysis

*Raiton • Static Shroud
D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers their body in a layer of visible static which crackles around them for 4 posts. Anything which comes within 6 inches of their body will be repelled with a force of 5 strength and have the Raiton Shocking effect applied.

Raiton • Golden Point
D-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: Temershiin or Melashiin
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers their the tip of their Termershiin or Melashiin with concentrated lightning to give the Shiin increased piercing power. Allowing them to pierce objects with an additional three strength while the affected shiin losses three speed during the time this technique is active. Last updated to three posts.

Raiton • Shocking Touch
C-Ranked Raiton Jutsu
Prerequisite: Temershiin, Weapon, or Melashiin
After performing the correct hand seals the user covers the tip of their Termershii, tips of their Melashiin, or weapons with concentrated lightnig. This will apply the shocking effect and reduce the speed of any living thing it strikes by 3 points for 3 posts by electrically interfering with the brain's nervous signals. Last three posts.

Skitter Step StyleShow
Skitter Step:
Skitter Step
The Skitter Step is a style that relies heavily on the user's senses. The style itself is a mesh of quick, fast, and wild punches, kicks, and jumps. Due to the user altering their senses, every bit of movement is heard and, since they can start to respond to things instinctively, they can respond to things that normally wouldn't have been able to be heard/seen/done. In addition to the heightened senses, users are normally in a "paranoid" state, where they start to suspect things that aren't always there.

If overused, the style can lead to paranoia in individuals, along with constant fidgeting, making experts in the style quite well known for these activities.

Requires: [Acrobatics] and [Perception]
Requires *[Skitter Step • Senses Open] prerequisite to learn any other jutsu.

Requires Taijutsu Specialization to make custom techniques.
*[Skitter Step • Stop]
E-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
Prerequisite: Any form of Senses Open used.
The user will make a fist with their right hand, and place it against their palm with their left hand, against their chest. This calms the users senses and returns them to a centered state.

*[Skitter Step • Back Jab]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
After using any form of "Senses Open" when the user hears motions behind them, they'll instinctively kick a foot back behind them to strike whatever the source of the sound was.

*[Skitter Step • Inside Dodge]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter Discipline to Outside Dodge. Having mastered this Discipline, when the user is actively using Skitter Step, should they be in close quarters combat, their body instinctively dodges to the inside of an attack which keeps them centered on their opponent's torso. These dodges are only successful if their average [Tai+Instinct+Speed/3] is greater than the speed of the attack.

*[Skitter Step • Outside Dodge]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter Discipline to Inside Dodge. Having mastered this Discipline, when the user is actively using Skitter Step, should they be in close quarters combat, their body instinctively dodges to the outside of an attack which forces them to be constantly moving around their opponent. These dodges are only successful if their average [Tai+Instinct+Speed /3] is greater than the speed of the attack.

*[Skitter Step • Reject]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter discipline to Accept. When faced with an extended limb, may it be an arm or leg, a master of this discipline will always bat at the extended limb with full force, typically aiming for the joint of the limb in order to cause it to collapse.

*[Skitter Step • Accept]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The counter discipline to Reject. When faced with an extended limb, may it be an arm or leg, a master of this discipline will always reach to capture the extended limb with one hand, typically aiming for the most distal portion of the limb. This gives them an opportunity of controlling their opponent.

*[Skitter Step • Senses Open]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
The main jutsu of the Skitter Step, Senses Open does exactly what the name states. The user takes a moment to focus their bodies, then releases it. While in this stance, the users sensory input is increased, allowing them to receive more information quickly. This causes a +2 in Taijutsu, and a +4 in speed, but a -3 in Ninjutsu and -3 in Control. This stance will remain in effect until deactivated by [Stop]. Practioners of this technique will find themselves fidgetting and constantly moving, which can make it difficult for them to use this style while on stealth missions.

*[Skitter Step • Instinctive Draw]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
Should a user learn this Discipline, any time a projectile is launched at them is picked up by their senses, the user will instictively draw their a weapon of their own and bat at the weapon to knock it away. If their average [Tai+Instinct+Speed /3] is greater than the speed of the projectile, they'll succeed.

*[Skitter Step • Snap Kick]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
The user performs a quick snap kick forwards, or, if needed, a snap kick to either side by bringing their leg up and kicking outwards. If "Senses Open" was previously used, the user is able to quickly and instinctively kick out in about any direction and even able to do a turn on their heel, then kick what was behind them.

*[Skitter Step • Pounce]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
Because of the Skitterer's paranoid nature, they can slightly sense things around them. At a slight hint of an attack, the user will jump out of the way in the opposite direction of the attack, letting them dodge projectiles or jutsu.

*[Skitter Step • Roll]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used.
Masters of this discipline are recognize the importance of evasion, and have trained their bodies to roll naturally. When faced with an attack from the chest up, that cannot be deflected, the user will naturally drop their body into a roll and roll to the right or left, which ever grants the user better positioning. This dodging technique only works if the users [Taijutsu+Instinct+Speed/3] is greater than the speed of the attack.

*[Skitter Step • Total Senses Open]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Stance
An advanced version of "Senses Open." The user floods chakra to their senses, which expands their usage even more, causing them to hear every minute sound, but a loud sound won't cause them to go deaf or anything of the like. The user also can start to hallucinate if they stay in this stage too long (5 posts). Everything that is able to be heard, the user hears. Everything that is able to be seen is able to be seen. The user, to anyone else, will appear to have gone completely crazy. This causes a +4 in Taijutsu, +5 in Speed, but a -4 in Ninjutsu, and -5 in Control.

*[Skitter Step • Counter Strike]
B-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: A form of Senses Open used, Inside Dodge or Outside Dodge
An advancement of their previous disciplines, Counter Strike focuses on combing a dodge with instantly attacking. whenever Inside dodge or Outside Dodge are activated, the user will instinctively strike as they dodge, throwing a punch into the openings created by the dodge.
Clan TaijutsuShow

~Perfect Balance
D-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Melashiin, Temershiin, Phasmashiin, Eroshiin, and Lacrishiin.
Due to training with their shiin, Akari members are much more at balance than those without a shiin. This holds especially true for those with temershiin, as the tail-like protrusion provides a counterbalance. This also allows for clan members to use their shiin as legs for balance, if able.

~Slow Fall
D-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
While not quite the same, by opening their shiin to the fullest, an Akari is able to slow their fall without fear of falling, even if thrust downward. While unable to gain height, even with gusts of wind, this protects an Akari from damage caused by falling, given they have enough space to fall.

~Feather Fall
C-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: ~Slow Fall
A much more advanced version of ~Slow Fall, this technique allows the user to effectively glide, as long as their shiin is out. While they still can't gain height through this technique, they are able to slow their descent to ridiculous levels, and, with enough control (Taijutsu stat of 19), they are able to descend at a 80 degree angle.

B-Ranked Maneuver Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: ~Feather Fall
Effectively the same as the prior technique, this allows the Akari to glide in all measure of the word. They are able to 'ride' the wind, gaining height through the use of the natural wind or [Fuuton] techniques.

~Perfect Flight
A-Ranked Discipline Taijutsu
Type: Eroshiin
Requirements: ~Glide
Stretching their shiin to their fullest, the Akari is able to fly just as well as any bird would be able to, up to a maximum of 30 meters. Other than the height restriction, the user is able to travel equal to their speed, treating it just as if they were moving on land.
Personal TaijutsuShow
Toushi's Unnamed Personal Style:

A style that blends the uses multiple weapons, his shiin, and great speed together to overwhelm opponents and strike them at weak spots of the body and/or guard.
Requires: [Upper Body], [Deft Hands], [Halfed Weapons], [Lower Body], [Acrobatics], [Shin Usage] Concentrations
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
After practicing for a near countless amount of time with the concept of using both of their hands with equal skill, the user has developed a level of ambidexterity that allows them to utilize their preferred weaponry without any sort of issue. This extends to other methods of combat or simple everyday life as well.

Breaking Fingers
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 5 Instinct
Using the top heave maces, Toushi swings either mace with a firm slash towards the hands of the target aimed towards the fingers or palm. The user attacks with the intent to injure the gripping portions of the opponent's hand, breaking bones in the fingers or wrist in order to knock weapons free. The user must have 5 higher Strength than the opponent's strength to be successful with this jutsu.

Blocking Strike
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: At least two maces and/or Shin active.
Utilizing either an active Shiin or his maces, Toushi will attempt to force his opponent to block an attack of his or block an attack from the opponent before then utilize either a weapon or Shiin to attack the gap in the foe's guard.

Blocking Sweep
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Shin active
Similar to the Blocking Strike, after blocking or forcing an opponent to block and attack from himself the man will attempt to sweep them off their feet with their Temershiin or Melashiin.

Weapon Toss
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: 15 Instinct
The user has disciplined their body and mind to become one with their weapons, knowing every flaw and even the weight distribution through the weapon. This level of knowledge of their weapons allows for the user to release/toss their respected weapons into the air above in order to perform hand seals for ninjutsu before catching them perfectly as they come back down after finishing the seals.

Wielder of Two
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
Prerequisite: At least two weapons
Through the efforts rigorous training, Toushi has trained himself to be able to wield a weapon in each hand simultaneously without a loss of proficiency, speed, or strength. This allows him to put up an overwhelming offense with a weapon in each hand, or use one hand for defensive measures while still maintaining offense with the other hand.

Ground Swipe
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 15 Strength, Weapon or Shiin activated.
The user utilizes their Shiin or his maces to swipe into the ground and then slashes sideways creating a small trench in the ground, around five inches deep and about a meter long, in the ground in front of them. Resulting in a splash of rocks and dust bring expelled toward the target which can blind and harry foes. The user normally takes this time to continue their attack.

Blind Thrust
C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Temershiin
A method of attack utilizing a set up attack to draw the opponent's attention before launching a thrusting attack with the Temershiin that snakes around behind hidden behind the user's body revealing itself as it thrust forward.

Follow Up Strikes
B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequiste: Melashiin with Maces.
The user will strike with either a single mace in their hand or Melashiin before bringing the additional maces on the strike side in to attack for two additional attacks right after the first. These three consecutive strikes are useful for breaking through defensive techniques or an opponent’s guard.

Devouring Dragon
A-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Dual Maces and Shin holding Maces
The user will take a moment to prepare their legs and ensure that all six maces are being wielded before dashing forward. This technique is used to pursue and wear them down opponents using the numerous mace attacks in repeated spinning attacks. Opponents with a speed lower than the user’s will find it difficult to safely move away from the user while they are being pursued. Those that block or are hit by two or more blows and have less strength than the user will have their Taijutsu reduced by 6 because of the jarring nature of the blows for 6 posts.

Blind Side Flash
S-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: 35 Speed, 35 Strength, Six Maces, Shin Activated
The user of this technique halts their movement for a split second, building up an immense amount of torque in their leg and arm muscles in this moment. After doing so, the user will release all of this built up torque in one explosive maneuver, dashing across the battlefield near instantly while performing a three part attack. The user moves leaving an after image in their previous position before appearing on either one of their target sides. Then attack with all six maces at the same time, two maces targeting the head and neck area, two maces targeting the upper torso, and the last two maces targeting the legs of the target. Those with a [(Taijutsu+Instinct)/2] lower than the user’s [Taijutsu+Speed/2] will be unable to detect the sudden dash and will only see the afterimage. The exact distance one can cover in the dashing portion of this slash is equal to 4/5 of [(Speed+Strength)/2] meters and the pathway to the target needs to be a relatively clear path to execute.
Strong FistShow
Strong Fist:
This style focuses on being overall more physically powerful than your opponent. Users attempt to overwhelm defenses with great speed and strength while chipping away at their opponent’s stamina and keeping their own at the highest possible. Most attacks are simple in execution but extremely powerful in effect, causing battles of attrition to be in their favor.

Requires: [Close Quarters Combat
*[Strong Fist Style • Rising Leaf Wind]
C-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: (Instinct+Taijutsu)/2 greater than opponent's taijutsu
A disrupting kick that can be launched from nearly any position. This kick is delivered quickly and at 3/4 strength but is aimed at any possible opening and extremely difficult to defend against, quickening the tempo the practitioner is keeping.

*[Strong Fist Style • One Inch Punch]
D-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
When fighting in close quarters it becomes difficult to generate energy for full powered strikes. Practitioners have learned how to explode force from every muscle with minimal energy wasted and space needed. Every strike done by the practitioner has the potential to be at full strength, so long as they have at least one inch of movement.


Place Genjutsu in here

Historical AccountsShow

Toushi was born into an upper class family amongst the Akari clan, a family which held the power of the Lacrishiin in its bloodline and as such was treated different then the common Akari with their tentacles and tails. This was the power desire by man and ranked only under two others within the whole clan and those two were rare, one was even as rare as phoenix feathers. Being born into this type of family that was like a type of royalty within the clan, the child would be trained by tutors and the like on not only chakra control and other ninja skills but also on traditional customs and courtesies because those with the Lacrishiin often became bodyguardsto high ranking members of the clan and other village offical with some being appointed to government officials or even the Daimyo. They needed to be part prepared appropriately to be able to act accordingly in such circumstances.

But their was also another reason for the early tutoring, that was because of the nature of the clan itself and it's canabilistic ways of acquiring other shiin. The lacrishin was a highly sought after shiin that feel only begin the two rarest types, so one had a better chance of finding someone with the lacrishin than the other two. Toushi would need to be prepared to defend himself from a future of being tested and looked at like the prey of others. But luckily being born with his type of shiin he was allocated with a body guard like service to protect his shiin so that he would be able to compete in the arena.

Before entering the shinobi academy at nine, Toushi already had the basics of his armor-like shiin grasped and had begun training with dual weapons at his father's command, starting with two simple two foot long iron rods that he carried with him at all times at that time. Dual wielding was a very useful ability, but one had to first master it to be of any use, to train both arms to be able to either act in complete unison it be able to accomplish two different tasks along side one another. A skill that would need to be built up through his time during the academy in our to pair it worth his armor shiin in the future if he wanted to be able to maintain his respected shiin and place within the Akari hierarchy.

The boy's time as an Academy student seemed to pass in a flash, being taught the knowledge during the school hours while practice with hisassigned guards during the evenings to build up combat experience, something any young ninja is normal lacking in. At the age of twelve the young boy would graduate with average Ninjutsu and Genjutsu marks and above average marks the area of Taijutsu. But for an Akari, graduating the academy means more that just becoming an actual shinobi, it is also the first time they must step forth into the arena. It was a forced one on one battle to the death, Toushi's oppenent was actually a fellow genin from the can whom had also recently graduated from the academy in the same class. Yet, even as the pair stepped into the arena and his opponent revealed his tail shiin the upper class Toushi felt that this was clansman was not Eben worthy of swing his armor shiin. A low class citizen in his eyes...

The battle lasted about ten minutes before he was able to land a crippling view on the tail user's left knee, shattering it completely. With the opponent's mobility crippled Shi didn't show down or hesitate as the four had been able to surprisingly stay alive using the advantages of his shiin to avoid taking to much damage from the iron rods. But it had just been delaying the inevitable at the remaining knee was injuried before taking a strong blow to the head which caused his to stager on the line of consciousness. Putting away one rod the boy then in front of the majority of the clan tore out the boy's shiin and devoured it, which surprised him with its set and delectable taste. As blood speed down his lips the boy turned back to the fire and worth a powerful smash crushed the child's skull with a blow from the iron rod, after all these clan fights were to the death. One needed to use this first opportunity to establish themselves in the eyes of the other clansmen at their rank and to those above then as well.

Ruthless and a lack of hesitation to kill, an Akari father couldn't be more proud of their son seeing him hold their noble class of Lacrishiin user's at the pinnacle that they should be at. Afterwards they boy full assimilated the new shiin as it became part of his body and another weapon in his arsenal. Collecting the shiin of others was the most straight goat way of growing more powerful for the clansmen of the Akari and what's more these brutal methods were desired by the clan in which only the strong survived. This was the mentality that had been driven into Toushi since he could walk and it was a phase that truly reignedin the world of shinobi as well. After the completion of the new shiin integration he was assigned a supervised team with other genin and a senior instructor.

Over the course of three years the boy would have an explosion in growth being two meters tall at this age, towering over most of his similar aged genin. Completing a number of missions while upgrading his simple iron rod weapons to a set of iron spiked clubs with more size and killing power then the rods had. At this year marker he was able to relieve on his quick wits, shiin, and Taijutsu to pass into the ranks of chuunin which quickly brought a new arena match.

Even though he possed two shiin now the chunnin didn't reveal any but his tail shin at first as be battled a fast and nimble wing shiin user in this bout. The result became the same as the first though with the death of his foe after a rather tough match in which he revealed his his crimson armored shiin to combat the attack power of the weapon shiin. It was after this match that those who had witnessed the devilish appearance of the armor which was different then many of his families, combined with his brutal fighting style the boy gained the nickname of crimson devil in the clan. Afterwards the boy acquired his third shiin and with his chuunin promotion set in stone after not dying in the arena the boy was placed with the fellow family members with the same armor shiin who became guards for a village's citizens of higher
social status. It was here that Toushi was able to experience more than just the world of an Iwa shinobi and began to wonder if this pave was helping him or holding him back.

As an Akari, what he truly desired was to devour the shiin of great rarity, one that was as rare as phoenix feathers and perhaps even more tightly guarded than Gemma hosts...the Astrashiin. If he wasn't able to aquire this single most important shiin in terms of advancing the strength of his bloodline...why stay in this place. From guarding this higher status citizen the trio gained experience before being assigned to another body guard assignment at the age of seventeen. This time to a clan elder, but it was from this man's shady actions and methods that Toushi would begin to develop his current personality. If you wanted something you had to be strong enough to take it for yourself, something he saw play out a lot with this man.

It was also during this time that he began to establish he clan nickname to the village through two assassination attempts on the elder that he was guarding and through some of the mission for the village were not only did he exposes his devilish armored shiin but also his cannibalistic nature as he tasted the organs grin those he had killed. But sadly these paled in comparison to even the most common of shiin. It would seen like only the rarest of shiin would be able to quench the man's growing appetite for strength.

Becoming a jounin at the age of nineteen, the man sadly would only acquire the most common of shiin and it was at this point in his life that he truly felt the village had nothing left to offer him in years of continuing to increase his strength. Those rare few with the Astrashiin were to strong on their own being made years older than himself with much more battle experience and strength. He needed to leave and discover other shinobi who's skills surpassed those of Iwa and begin growing his own strength and forces. One day he would have the Astrashiin for himself, he had to have what he desired most in this life. But despite this desire the man was also a patient man as he began to methodically plot his next move and one day the opportunity finally presented itself as he ambushed one of the rare Astrashiin holders.

Though all his planning had been for naught as the protector of the rarest shin holder proved to be to strong, each of the two men fighting to a standstill. Having made this attack on a fellow clansman out of the arena and now with witnesses the man was forced to flee before he became surrounded and ultimately captured or killed. This had taken place just outside the village, the spot chosen just incase of failure on the man's part as he struck a debilitating blow against the guardian and fled while he could. Now he has hidden himself within one of the small criminal organizations attempting to plan another ambush in the future...he must have the Astrashiin...

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Ambidexterity <==== This doesn't need a prereq, as the archive version of this doesn't require it.

Devouring Dragon <==== The Taijutsu debuff should have a Strength to resist it, especially since you're trying to impose the debuff with shock to the enemy's muscles.

Blind Side Flash <==== Alright, so this functions VERY similarly to Iaido's Ougi, Reincarnation Draw, so there are some limits that need to be imposed on this. First off, there needs to be a maximum distance you can traverse in that leap (you can probably pull off 4/5 of the user's Speed score in meters, rounded down). Secondly, you're also going to need to specify that this technique can't subvert obstacles or terrain and will require a relatively clear path to execute.

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Edits made - Thanks for the look.
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Blind Side Flash - Please add []'s or ()'s to the formula at the end
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