[Plotboard 2] The First Step of Thousands to Come

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[Plotboard 2] The First Step of Thousands to Come

Post by ShinobiTruth » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:16 pm

Ookuri could still hardly believe he was here. It was only a week prior that he'd had his chance meeting with the Raikage and had fundamentally altered his life course.

His pack, filled with whatever belongings he'd thought prudent to bring with him (as well as the supplies needed to cover the journey), hung on his back much more lightly than he'd expected to. This was the same pack he had been planning on taking with him when he would have left the village. Now, it would serve as the container for the revival of his journey as a shinobi. That wasn't even the craziest part of this whole situation, either. He, a young man who thought himself as nothing, was going to be personally traveling with the Raikage to the Academy, which would serve as his new home away from home for the foreseeable future. He had to keep pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Despite not being a morning person, he'd made absolutely certain to awaken long before the Raikage had told him to meet. He was the first to arrive, and he awaited his leader's arrival anxiously. The man had restored the spark in his spirit. He had to show that he wasn't taking that gift he'd been given for granted. Even as he stood, he kept obsessively going through mental checklists to make sure he had prepared everything he would need. He then reassured himself that whatever he might lack, the academy would provide for him. This would, in turn, be countered by another paranoid concern that would come to mind. All in all, despite his inner turmoil, it was much more lighthearted than what he had been considering previously, and it would likely be a source of great amusement to any observant passerby to sit and watch for a time.


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