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Big Bang Theory

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Book 1
Chapter 1: Shimmering Sand
Nebulous eyes watched as grains of sand trickled between sparkling fingers in the quiet mid afternoon Sun. It was almost relaxing, letting his mind push away all distractions both external and internal as he scooped up another handful of sand and watched the grains slip through his fingers. He had little precious 'alone time' save for these trance like moments when he could tune out everything, so he was savoring the state of zen that it brought to him before at long last, the chittering in his mind started to break through.

With a heavy sigh, Hanzo let his hand drop as he turned his eyes skyward. "What do you want that you can't let me have a full five minutes of peace and quiet?" He asked no one in particular, at least no one visible to any onlookers. "You do realize you've been doing that longer than five minutes right? I distinctly recall you mentioned you'd be training or some such today anyway. I would rather watch you learn to harness my previous gifts than turn your hand into some lame hour glass or sand waterfall over and over again. The hell is so fun about that anyway?"

"It's not meant to be fun, it's meant to be relaxing. It lets me block out the world and it helps drown out your voice.... How long have I been doing the whole 'zen' thing anyway?" Hanzo asked as he stood up and started dusting himself off. He walked over and grabbed his hooded poncho, throwing it on to hide his shimmering skin as he glanced around for any onlookers that might have noticed him. He wasn't ashamed of being a jinchuuriki, but he didn't like the whole bedazzled look that went with it.

"I generously let you do your little sand scooping for about half an hour." Janesisu sounded almost pleased with herself as if she'd done something good that was worthy of praise. Hanzo quirked an eyebrow at that proclamation however as he hadn't expected to be left alone so long by the spirit. "Why do you keep trying all these meditation things anyway? Seems like you could be putting your time to better use, no?"

"Well I have to have some way to keep you out of my head when I want some peace and quiet. I swear it's like you can't help yourself and have to be the center of my attention. Bad enough I can't leave you at the door when I go to take a bath." Hanzo muttered with a hint of irritability to his tone before the sound of something crashing made him jump as his hand instinctively drew Tsuribari, his short sword, from it's sheath as he took a defensive stance. The giggling of amusement from the Genma made Hanzo relax as he knew the sound was there doing... somehow.

"My, my, my, you sure are jumpy. Relax, I got bored and started breaking things to pass the time. I guess you didn't notice until now, huh?" The voice in his head enlightened him before there was another loud crash. "The hell is that noise?" Hanzo asked, sheathing his weapon as he scanned his surroundings to see if anyone was openly watching him or doing a poor job of hiding themselves. It seemed clear, but he knew there were eyes on him, what with the village keeping tabs on him and all.

"In the short time we've been together, you've yet to set foot inside. Maybe they haven't shown you the way? Maybe your new friend didn't mention it? Perhaps you never thought to ask? Doesn't matter, what matters is that you learn that I'm not some tag along. I'm a gift and you should be most grateful for what I've given you. Mayhaps, your meditation would be better put to use in trying to turn your attention inward and having a face to face with me. Instead of blocking me out, maybe try letting me in." The voice spoke, drawing a muddled expression across Hanzo's features which the spirit giggled at again. "Try it, close your eyes, take some breaths, and step inside."

Hanzo was confused as there seemed to be the sound of a door shutting somewhere and he was certain it wasn't possible given the disctinct lack of doors around him. Sitting back down on the sand, the young jinchuuriki relaxed his body before closing his eyes and taking his breaths. He continued breathing and allowing himself to wander but as he did, he focused his thoughts instead of blocking them out. It felt like floating through water, his body sluggish and hard to move. When his eyes opened again, it was because of some change in the light.

Spread out before him was a vast sea of white under a sky comprised of every color of twilight. Purples, blues, and reds bleeding into each other in perfect unison. It took Hanzo a moment to realize he was standing on clouds, the wispy forms shifting about him as he notced a solitary set of wooden double doors some ways before him. His eyes scanned the horizon in all directions and he was utterly alone save those doors. Cautiously he approached, one hand raising up before pushing the doors open.

Slowly they swung, giving way to what lie beyond. A large courtyard unlike anything he'd seen before. Lightning seemed to careen down into the center of the courtyard, frozen in time and casting a blue light about the place. Surrounding the bolt, a garden of violet flower that reminded him of the lavender he gifted Sakaki. Past the garden, the courtyard seemed to be nothing but water, the smell of salty sea water filling the air as the greenish blue water seemed just as frozen in its ebb and flow as the lightning bolt.

He was drawn from his observations by another loud crash as he spun around to face the source of the noise. There he saw broken pieces of vases scattered about and a figured dressed all too similarly to himself with a hooded poncho holding a stick. The figure shifted their hand out and performed some gestures before sand whirled up and gave form to another vase. "Wow, you made it faster than I thought."

"The hell is this place? Who are you?" Hanzo asked as he watched them take some kind of stance and swing their stick while yelling "FORE!" before smashing the vase into pieces as its pieces went flying. The figured leaned against the stick as they turned to face the Genin. He couldn't see their features beneath the hood, but it was too striking a similarity to be anyone but himself. "Say my name."

"What?" Hanzo seemed perplexed by the sudden statement but the being before him found it amusing another. Gesturing to him, they repeated themselves before he realized what was going on. "Janesisu" He replied before they nodded. Reaching up, they pushed back their hood and revealed a face, one that made Hanzo tilt his head in confusion. It looked like him only.... feminine?

"You may be cute, but I prefer curves on myself. I took some liberties. Now then, I think it's time we had ourselves a chat." Janesisu said, her voice matching the female form better than it would have an exact copy of Hanzo. The two of them stood there, the Genma apparently wishing a word with her new host.

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