Alone by Your Side

Kota and Tousha meet the Elders of Yūyo

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Alone by Your Side

Post by Toshi » Fri Apr 24, 2020 7:32 pm

It wouldn't be a long walk past the bridge. Even with Kota hauling the limp, bloodied form of the Haruko Brotherhood thug he'd violently introduced to the floor earlier that evening, they were making decent time. With all the attention drawn to the ruined shell that was once a lively inn near Yūyo's outskirts, the dirt and clay paths winding through the village's center were mercifully vacant. Fewer people meant fewer questions, and Tousha could only imagine the questions they'd be asked. A mere boy bodily hauling a full grown, battered man on one side and some pale, dark haired doof guiding another thug by a rope.

Nope, nothing unusual here, folks. Everything's going according to plan. We got this. Now please move aside, we need to talk to your infirm leaders about the inn exploding.

As the Elder's lodge came into view, the structure dimly illuminated by torchlight, the older man exhaled. His breath reeked of apprehension. "Alrighty, here we are," he said, scratching at the stubble riddling his jaw. "Remember, everyone, best behavior and all that. We're all in this together. Go team." He shot a look over at the thug he was leading, who was busy still vacantly staring at the ground ahead of him. Then he stared at the unconscious man Kota had been dragging around town, Tousha's brow creasing with more concern.

Lastly he glanced at Kota, who looked as if he wanted to burn the whole world down around him. Granted, the youth's face had been stuck like that since the moment they'd met, so nothing lost or gained on that front. Tousha decided to chalk that up as a success.

A man appeared at the lodge's front door, his form a dark silhouette in the light that sprang from the building's interior behind him. As Tousha and his merry band drew closer he recognized the man as Katashi, one of the Elder's youngest sons. The man's expression might as well been carved from stone, his features sharp, hard and impassive. Tousha waved and slipped on his most agreeable smile, which faltered only slightly as his efforts did nothing to soften Katashi's harsh expression.

"Evenin'!" Tousha called out, still holding a hand up in greeting. "We're here to-"

"I know why you're here, Shinobi," Katashi said, cutting away Tousha's sentence like an errant weed. The venom that dripped from his words could have killed a village twice the size of Yūyo.

Tousha stopped, his hand falling to the side. He couldn't help but grin sheepishly up at the man, attempting to salvage any semblance of courtesy. "Well, fantastic. Less small talk that way," he pressed on. "Should we just head in or-"

Again, Tousha's words were silenced. "If it were up to me you'd be strung up by your thumbs over the front gate," he said, his tone rigid. "We were doing just fine on our own and then you showed up." He shot a stare at Kota and added, "Both of you."

The pale, dark haired man's smile fell, his posture shifting as if to try to avoid the words being lashed out at him. He practically winced as Katashi continued by pointing out into the night, in the direction of the ruined building they'd left behind.

"Now look what you've done. You brought this here, not those men." He nodded at the Haruko Brotherhood thugs, fuming. "Wherever you and your kind go, there is only destruction. We never should have let you stay here, my father is a fool for not seeing what you really are."

Tousha's gaze fell to the path below, his eyes staring at something very far away.
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Alone by Your Side

Post by Kao » Sat May 16, 2020 1:26 am

To say Kotaru was annoyed with the unfolding of the evening's events was the understatement of the decade. At the beginning of the day he had no intentions of helping anyone; he had done enough of that in the previous few days, and he had thought stopping in this podunk town would give him the break he needed. But of course things didn't go as planned, and he found himself dragging along some lowlife that he really should have killed outright. It wasn't too late to take more violent action, but unfortunately he was now accompanied by some shaggy stranger and a nagging sense of duty.

'Being a bannin is really fucking annoying.'

At Tousha's mention of a team, the young Akari gave him a look that could shatter diamond. He held a response; even though he was completely unamused he was in no mood to give Tousha a tongue lashing, no matter how much the man deserved it.

Kotaru lingered behind when a young man approached, setting down the thug and holding him in an upright position as the man and Tousha exchanged words. The boy's frown deepened when Tousha went silent, and he decided he'd had enough. The bannin released the thug and he fell over in the dirt. "Are you done being an ungrateful little shit or do you need more time?" His jaw clenched as enmity oozed from him like a thick and heavy aura. The man visibly recoiled but he still held his ground, but his anger paled in comparison to Kotaru's mere irritation. "If you think we brought this on then you're either blind or complicit. We - he - saved a lot of people from from what's clearly an organized group that's been kidnapping people. So save your yapping for this Brotherhood."

The boy paused as if daring the man to respond, but he wouldn't be given the chance. "Judging from your lack of wrinkles and cataracts, you're not the person we're here to see. So move out of the way."
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Alone by Your Side

Post by Toshi » Sat May 23, 2020 8:02 pm

Kota's words pulled Tousha back into the moment. Tousha didn't have a lot of color in his face to spare but what little he possessed drained away in a hurry. To his credit the Iwa Shinobi had agreed to play nice with the village's Elders, and Katashi definitely didn't fall into that category by a country mile. He couldn't even blame Kota because, amicability aside, the kid wasn't wrong. The younger Shinobi definitely wasn't winning any diplomacy awards but his ability to cut to the truth of things was admirable.

Admirable. Not subtle.

Somehow Katashi mostly held his ground against the Iwa Shinobi's tongue lashing, every pore exuding indignation as Kota spoke. The villager's brow creased with an almost inhuman rage, his features contorting oddly in the dim torchlight. Tousha's thin eyes followed Katashi's hand as it subtly wandered to his waist where a long dagger waited in its sheath. The older Shinobi took a step forward instinctually, his body inconspicuously shifting to dart towards the Elder's son before he got himself hurt.

"Not good," Tousha thought as Kota demanded that the villager move aside, belittling his importance in the process. The seasoned Shinobi could practically taste the beginnings of a fight on the cool night air.

"Why don't you make me, runt?" Katashi shot back with a chilling calmness, his fingers finding the dagger's handle. "Show everyone here what Shinobi do best and --"

"Enough, Katashi."

The voice seemed to diffuse the tension in an instant. It was calm and patient, yet the immovable weight of it held an authority that was only tempered after decades of practice. A hand rested itself on the young villager's shoulder only a moment before an elderly man emerged from the hut's doorway. He stood with a poise and grace that seemed as effortless as breathing, something made all the more impressive given his advanced age. He was garbed in a simple kimono robe of navy blue, his long, gray hair pulled into a loose bun that rested near the top of his wrinkled head.

Katashi turned and said, "But father, these men, they--"

"I am well aware of who these men are and what they're doing in front of my lodge well past my bedtime," the Elder said, cutting the boy off once more. "They are our guests tonight, my son. Have you forgotten how we treat guests in Yūyo?"

More than any punch to the gut could ever hope to achieve, the old man's words knocked the air out of Katashi's bravado. The young man seemed to crumple under his father's stare. "No, I have not forgotten. I apologize."

The older man nodded and turned to look out into the night, where Kota, Tousha, and the two Haruko Brotherhood thugs stood. The faintest of smiles touched the Elder's lips as his gaze lingered on Tousha, who couldn't help but smirk in turn.

"I am sorry for my son's behavior. He is so concerned for the village's wellbeing that his manners escape him." the aging man began. Katashi stared down at his feet as the Elder carried on, shooting a deliberate look at Kota. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting, young sir. I am Chinen Hiroshi, an Elder of Yūyo."

A wry twinkle caught Hiroshi's eye as he added, "I hope my wrinkles and cataracts are to your liking."
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