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Post by Strategist » Thu May 21, 2020 12:21 am

Training grounds #32
Gene had just finished setting up the last target sign that the team would be using for today's exercise. Spanning across three upright wooden log posts were white signs decorated with several layers of red paint to look like circles - each smaller or larger than the last until reaching a fine point in the center where only a dot remained. Next, he then took several steps away from the posts tracking along up to a distance of just under ten feet. Equipping himself with the tanto worn across his lower back Gene knelt down and made a two inch slash across the ground and then drew something else next to it.

Basic read the words.

After inscribing the word Gene then stood and continued walking for another three paces (7.5') before making another small incision in the ground. This time he wrote Intermediate before proceeding to carry on for the same amount of distance and repeating the act of making an incision. Here, Gene wrote something else.

Genin. Gene imagined that this part of the development might have confused the two who would be training here today but wouldn't have been surprised if either figured out what the Jounin had been implying. After all, Konoha's academy was known to produce incredibly bright ninja; it would not have surprised him if one or both had figured it out. He'd left instructions for them to bring their own ninja equipment for the sake of this particular exercise and those who arrived without them would not be allowed to participate in training for the day.

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Post by Shang Li » Fri May 22, 2020 5:07 pm

The previous day...

“It came! Mom, it finally came!”

The excited young shinobi, Shang Li, practically bounced through the doors of the Kurihara Coffee House, the bell on the front door announcing his arrival with a gentle chime. His mom, Aika Li, who owned the small, aromatic coffee shop looked up from the table she was wiping down and smiled. She looked around to make sure there were no customers that needed to be served at the moment before walking over to her son who was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as he waved a letter around. At the edges of the letter were the remnants of a broken wax seal that was used to mark official correspondence from Konohagakure no Sato' s famous ninja academy. The same one Shang had graduated from as recently as two weeks ago, though to him it might as well have been a life time since then.

Shang stopped bouncing around on the balls of his feet for a moment. “I've finally been assigned a team. Team 2, under...” he paused for a second to take a look at the letter, “Gene Mitsurugi. You know him mom?”

Aika thought for a second. Gene Mitsurugi...the name sounded familiar, but she couldn't for the life of her remember where she'd heard it. “No, I don't believe so. Hideki might know him. Have you told him the news yet?”

Shang shook his head. “Not yet.”

“He's probably still at his dojo. If you hurry you can catch him before he leaves. Or you could just wait here. He usually likes to come by with his wife at the end of the day.”

“No that's okay,” Shang said. He was far too excited wait around. “I'll just run over there now.”

In a flash the newly minted Shinobi was out the door again, running at full speed towards the outskirts of town where he hoped he'd find the Ochiba Master, Hideki Nara. There were so many questions the boy hoped he'd be able to answer.

Present day...

The had been a second part to the letter. The first part had been the introduction, containing a little bit of information about Team 2, namely the name and face of the Jounin in charge, Gene Mitsurugi. The second part had been the details of Shang's first assignment, an early morning training session with his new team.

Shang had barely slept the night before, the excitement he felt over what was to come had been too much for him to fall asleep. He arrived at training grounds #32 bright an early as instructed. So early that the morning light was still dim and the dew was still visible on the grass and weeds that sparsely littered the hard packed dirt ground of the training grounds. Shang was clad in his usual attire for these sorts of things, black MMA shorts, a skin tight black athletic shirt, wraps on his hands and feet similar to what you might expect to see a kick boxer wear, a pouch containing fifteen freshly sharpened kunai strapped tightly to the outside of this right thigh and of course the head band that all leaf shinobi were required to wear.

Shang looked across the training area at the targets that had been set up, barely noticing the markings on the ground. He then looked over at the older, more heavily armed man. Shang recognized him as Gene thanks to a picture that had been included with the letter the academy sent.

“Hey sensei!” called out Shang.

He couldn't wait to begin.

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Post by Strategist » Sun May 24, 2020 1:48 am

"Well,well. I didn't expect there to be anyone showing up so soon. Guess I won't be reading Cloud of Sparrows now." " Gene slipped out of the deep sea blue Haori he'd been wearing and hung it up on the closet thing that he could find, a nice sturdy rock. Next, he removed the large empty scroll from his back and set it down near where he'd set the haori before spinning on his heel to meet Shang Li as the youth approached the first marker. "Yo! Take some time to get limbered up and then make your way over to where it says Genin on the ground. I'll show you what we'll be doing for the morning exercise once you're prepared while we wait for the others."

Despite having gone through several cycles of Genin by now Gene still hadn't gotten used to the whole Sensei thing. It was strange having someone younger than him - someone's son or daughter, calling him of all people a mentor. What could he teach them? Teach the new generation? His own career still held many uncertainties and there were often moments where Gene found himself questioning whether or not he truly wanted to be a ninja at all. Yet and still...

"Just about ready to go?"

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Shang listened to his instructor intently and immediately began stretching as he was told. First he reached his right arm up over arm up over his head and bent sideways towards his left until he could feel the muscles in his side stretching. He held this pose for about five seconds and then repeated the process with his left arming and bending towards the right. Next he reached his right arm all the way across this chest and pulled it in tightly by the tricep towards his chest with his left arm. This was a common stretch known as the arm across. Once again the held the pose for about five seconds before repeating the process with the opposite arm. To stretch his legs Shang simply stood up straight, then, keeping his back and legs straight and together bent down until the palms of his hands were on the ground. He would hold this pose for another 5 seconds. To complete his routine and to ensure the blood was flowing he did a quick super set of fifteen push ups, fifteen sit ups, fifteen crunches and one set of all twelve shinobi hand seals that were used in casting jutsus. The last part was simply to limber his fingers up and reinforce that all so important muscle memory that all his instructors touted. No chakra was released.

When the boy was done with his warm up quickly jogged over to the line on the ground marked “genin” as Gene had instructed him. As he moved over there he quickly reached into his pouch and slipped his pointer finger through the hole in the pommel of one his kunai, then in the same smooth motion he flicked it up into his hand. It was a quick and simple maneuver that master Hideki had taught him called the single finger draw.

“I'm ready sensei”, he said as he bounced up and down on the balls of his feet.
Jutsu UsedShow
Ochiba • Single Finger Draw
D-Ranked Taijutsu Maneuver
Utilizing this Maneuver, the user is able to quickly draw a kunai from its holster. This is done by placing their finger through the lip of the holder and into the ring of the pommel, flicking it up and out quickly, having the kunai in the user’s hand within an instant.
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Ochiba • Guerilla Warfare
C-Ranked Taijutsu Discipline
The user has become a master at movement and energy expenditure being able to make the best of quick movements while also being able to maintain awareness and escape from a sticky situation. They utilize the utmost of their speed to make every movement count, and can create quick formulated movements that are efficient.

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Post by Cernunnos » Sun May 31, 2020 9:12 am

His fingers reached for the jar, hand grasping around the cylinder object as the fingers curled to flick off the lid. A subtle and airy smell escaped from the confines of the jar, flooding the room with fragrances of earth and mint. Scooping his hand through the jar, a small portion of mint were picked up and escorted to an empty cup. The surface felt cold, however not for long. Boiling hot water flooded the vacant cup, infusing with the fresh mint leaves, an elegant aroma emerging from the lid of the cup and entering the nostrils of Hato.

“Ooooh yeah!”

That first sip was hot, but damn was it good.

Before long Hato was rushing out the door and entering the busy streets of Konohagakure, it seemed especially packed this morning. The crowds were packed, loud sounds of laughter and chatter filled the streets as people engaged in normal every-day life. Hato envied the patrons sitting down at the local tea houses, however, today was an exciting day.

“Team two, hmm we were so close to being team one.”

Hato was curious what was in store for him, and what kind of people would end up on his team. A cold shiver rippled down his spine, perhaps it was the initial nerves, or the realisation that these people would be responsible for the safety of his own life, and of course the other way around. He paused in his tracks, taking a deep breath before releasing a mountain of worry in the form of an exhale.

“Relax, it’ll be ok”

The training grounds were up ahead, this was it. Before entering the field, Hato turned to knock twice onto a nearby tree.

“For good luck.”

As he neared towards the two individuals, it was easy to differentiate and identify who was who. Shang seemed somewhat familiar, perhaps from the academy. Gene not so much, however it was striking how young he seemed. It seemed strange referring to somebody so young as sensei.


A small cough followed as Hato gestured towards Gene.


That did feel weird.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you both. I’m Hato of the Hyuuga clan, but I guess you got that from my eyes.”

He instantly glared at Gene, attempting to lock eyes with his new sensei.

“What’s with the mask, is it flu season already?”
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Post by Strategist » Tue Jul 21, 2020 12:06 pm

In the time that it had taken Shang to prepare himself Gene managed to forget the actual lesson he'd had in mind. However, in place of the forgotten idea came a new task; rather than bombard Shang with drill instructor like tasks,Gene decided to take this time to learn about his student. Just as he were about to part his lips to speak, someone else arrived. Yo! You are just in time; why don't you go join Shang over there?" Gene gestured to where Shang had been. Oddly enough, it was at that moment that Gene remembered the lesson plan.

"Okay...today I'll be getting a feel for your basic skills but before that; my name is Gene Mitsurugi, I will be your instructor for as long as you remain here in the village. Please, introduce yourselves."


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