[OPEN] The Smoke after the Fire

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[OPEN] The Smoke after the Fire

Post by Hayate » Fri May 22, 2020 11:57 pm

Taiga had smoldered for a long time in anger. While his peers had been constantly assigned to missions and growing, as a host he had received zero missions and spent much of his time doing nothing in Konoha. Why would the village waste such potential? Taiga was easily capable of toeing with shinobi outranking him, and in some regards was capable of Bannin level feats... At the very least the boy could be assigned to a B-Rank mission... how else was he supposed to grow? He leaned back against the tree and took a swig of a bottle of whisky- one he had stolen from a corner shop before heading to the training grounds to mope.

He could not help but put the blame on the Hokage personally though. They put a monster in a kid with emotional issues and did not like the end result... but they kept him around because like none before him he put the monster in place... he mastered it... but now they likely did not know what to do....

Perhaps it wasn't that? Perhaps he had become to valuable to the village and it was a catch-22. The stronger he was, the more risk of losing him... Either way he was fed up with doing nothing. He took another swig and leaned back against the tree with enough force to dent it, imprinting his body into the tree. So he was a little angry...

"What is a shinobi with no mission."
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[OPEN] The Smoke after the Fire

Post by Director » Sat May 23, 2020 5:12 pm

"What's up ground swimmer?" Fanho had been wandering around the village, admittedly he hadn't seen Taiga in a long time, nor had he had the opportunity to talk to him and see how far he had progressed. Fanho himself had just reached the peak short of being Hokage, but high enough he was rumored to be practically second in command anyways due to his desire to become Hokage. It wasn't long before Fanho's eyes traced over the bottle of alcohol that was clasped between Taiga's fingers.

The Bannin gave a slight frown but hopped down and sat next to Taiga, rather than chastise him or spew a bunch of jargon of how it was bad for him he'd just let Taiga keep taking swigs from it unjudged. It wasn't what his friend needed. "Seems like you got a lot on your mind. Wanna talk about it?"

Perhaps the best way to help Taiga feel better was to let him rant, or get out his feelings and view points. To let it loose would mean the pressure would be free'd up, and allow Taiga to think through what Fanho would have to say in response. After all to fix an issue of plumbing you don't try to beat back what pressure is about to burst, or to reinforce whatever it was about to burst. You could let it loose, and then help deduce the cause of the issue so the pressure doesn't build once more.
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[OPEN] The Smoke after the Fire

Post by Strategist » Sat May 23, 2020 7:00 pm

"Two of these please," Gene had spoken to the fruit stand vendor who wasted little time plucking two large apples from where they'd been kept and placing them along with a host of over goods that Gene had picked, inside of a brown bag. Sure that he'd gathered all that he would need, Gene fumbled for his wallet only to have his heart sink down into his feet. "...Er, just a moment." The Jounin's face was a flash of red from embarrassment and the daggers being stared at him by the vendor merchant did no favors for his anxiety. "Oh! Here we are. Sorry about that," the silver-haired young man chuckled sheepishly before handing over the money he owed which - to no surprise, was quickly freed from his open palm. A sigh of relief escaped him but Gene did well to note how quickly the merchant's attitude toward him had changed. Talk about a tough crowd, he thought while taking the bag containing all of the purchased goods within his left hand.

"I have to admit it's pretty nice out today. Maybe my luck will change and I'll find a girlfr--" As he rounded a corner taking him out of the commercial district Gene noticed that Fanho had been talking to someone. From this angle he could only see the Awai's back but the large feet and legs of some person sitting down were pretty much a dead give away. Ooooh speaking of Girlfriend - is Fanho finally making a move?! Well...I've never seen feet like that on a woman before but hey, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Having read somewhere in a book that a woman often selects a partner based on the social status of the male Gene decided that it would have been best for his old acquaintance if he didn't show up looking like some kind of a goof. As he approached the duo, Gene adjusted his clothing accordingly and ensured that at the very least - everything looked and felt like it was supposed to be there before actually making his introduction.

"Oi, Fanho you sly dog finally got a gi---eh?! Taiga?!" For the second time today the young man flashed with heat. To think that he had actually believed Fanho capable of getting some points with the ladies! He'd be sure to crack one hell of a joke about that later but for now...Taiga didn't seem to be his usual loser self. Granted, it wasn't exactly a rare occurrence for the guy to be in some kind of a mood Gene had never witnessed his teammate drinking anything before. Frankly, it kind of pissed him off. "Oi, what the hell is this?" Gene demanded.

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[OPEN] The Smoke after the Fire

Post by Dot » Mon May 25, 2020 4:28 pm

The youth stood in his back garden with a spade in his hand, digging holes for his mother as she wished that they renovate the garden so she can spend some leisurely time at home, sun bathing in the sun. He had to dig this hole deeper, and dig another one over there and then another. This was becoming a little manic for the youth the bare at this time of day. He was suppose to be out training, bettering himself, not stood in his back harden with a spade digging holes, pretending to be a gardener when he had no idea what he was suppose to be doing. And his mother was beginning to get on his nerves, constantly hustling him about what else needed to be done and that he was doing it all wrong, it seemed like it was him who actually needed to get some leisurely time, but away from here. He let out a sigh;

'Hey mum, do you mind bringing me some iced tea?' the youth let out and the moment he saw his mother going into the house, he dashed towards his sword and scroll. Swiftly attaching the sword to his belt, and unraveling his scroll. With a few strokes of his brush, the youth painted a picture of a hawk that flew out after he performed a short string of hand seals. This activity was so well known to him that his timing was perfect, he was in mid-air jumping onto Takashi before he fully materialized. His wings flapped ferociously and before his mother managed to come out of the house with his iced tea, he was high in the sky, gliding through enjoying the atmosphere, free of any troubles.

The youth took a deep breath and allowed the warm air to fill his lungs. It's been a while since he had the time to enjoy some time off, with his mother constantly nagging him every few minutes, it was rare that he actually had some time to himself, to just relax and enjoy the moment. It was moments like these that he craved, where he could just breathe without someone nagging him all the time. He took another deep breath, and shifted his body from a led down position to sitting cross-legged. He peered over to see where they managed to get to. The training grounds, perfect.

Izaki got to his feet, and at that moment Takashi took a nose dive. Flying down like a hawk swooping down to the ground to catch its prey, spiraling through the air and his wings, once again, beginning to flutter ferociously to stop from crashing into the ground causing a gale of dust to spread in all direction before Takashi feet were firmly planted on the ground. Through the gust he managed to see silhouettes near a tree and when the dust cleared he realized who it was;

'Sensei?' the youth let out, his voice was calm, but contained a spark of curiosity.
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