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[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • PSA][/color][/b]
D-Ranked Illusion
To use this technique Taiga must not be affected by any genjutsu. After the required hand seals, Taiga will shout “genjutsu” at the top of his lungs. If the target hears this, they will hear Taiga’s voice calmly explaining “you are in a genjutsu, please use kai” on loop for 2 posts.
Taiga had faced many fear some foes in his journeys- especially before becoming a host. Still, the most troublesome character he had ever fought was one who had wielded Genjutsu. Genjutsu was an art Taiga had hated. From what he knew, Enma had used it to kill his uncle Shou... And naturally, he had come to understand that it was powerful and that his hate stemmed from fear. Just like he had mastered the Genma he had long since decided he would master the art of Genjutsu. As he scribbled through his notebook and read through the textbook he realized that genjutsu were dramatically weaker the more they stacked, and weaker to the lowest denominator.While he would still need to be able to free himself from a genjutsu first, he wondered if he could use this to aid his allies as an alternative to kai. He began to scribble up just how he would do it.

If he could get into his teammates head, just like a Genjutsu user would get into theirs, perhaps he could send them a message. A message thtat they were trapped in a Genjutsu and would need to do something quickly if they were to escape. His hand gently brushing his chin, he had decided that perhaps that was the best path. Putting his hands together, he was nearly about to start trying to cast this when he stopped.

This was an illusionary genjutsu so he would need to get the handseals just right. Ox-tiger-ox-snake-snake-snake... He believed this would be the right move. When he did so, the chakra felt right but something was still off. With a sigh, he returned to formulating. Dragon-monkey-dragon-monky-snake? Surely that would work. Still, something did not feel right, the chakra did not mold or come to him like other genjutsu he had done. With a defeated hugg, he merely paused for a moment.

Of course- Monkey-snake-monkey was all it needed. Forming the seals he felt the chakra in his body swirl in a familiar fashion. Standing, he yelled out "genjutsu" casting the genjutsu on hinself.

You are in a genjutsu. Use kai You are in a genjutsu. Use kai You are in a genjutsu. Use kai
His voice began to loop through is own head- annoyingly so. He pressed his fingers together to perform kai and in a moment the whole experience was done.

So that's that. He had made a new genjutsu.

402/400 Words

[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • Hell's Hands I][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Illusion
After the required hand seals, Taiga will phase into the ground. If the target sees this, they will suddenly feel the ground beneath them shake lightly and see two hands reach up and grab for their feet. If they dodge, the hands will rapidly sink into the ground then come back up again, continuously chasing their feet for 5 posts.

Taiga flipped through the pages of his genjutsu textbook. Legends said genjutsu was a form of "Yin Release". He had no clue what that was, but he knew that from a simplistic standpoint the goal of any genjutsu was to inject his chakra into a targets, allowing him to influence their cerebral nervous system, thereby affecting their five senses.

Most frequently this was used to make false images. This, Taiga had a particular interest in. The mind was powerful and more importantly, the ability to lead people where you wanted was more powerful. He thought to himself quitely about what the most horrific thing he could do would be, then decided that when he phased into the ground that was pretty creepy in of itself. The next best thing would be if hands suddenly came out and tried to grab the opponent. Even better, these hands would continuously reappear and keep chasing them, giving no relent. A technique like this, Taiga figured, would be able to drive people where he wanted them to be, and also creating plenty of tactical openings or retreats for him and his friends. Snickering, he began to work on figuring out the hand seals of the technique.

Being an occular illusion the first choice was clear- starting with a monkey seal was best. He felt the chakra form and it felt right, so he continued. Since two senses were being effected he felt another monkey seal was best- and like wise he was right. Next, the duration of the technique he hoped would be decently long and as such he utilized a snake form. Snakes were after all a famous sign of infinity- the snake eating its own tail. The finishing touch however was the sense of dread that would take place... Unsure what to do with this he decided to try "Dragon" as the closing seal- as of all the creatures in a world a dragon was truly a fear and dread inducing one.

Moving in front of the mirror he decided to test the genjutsu on himself. He watched his hands seal and low and behold, hands began to come out of the earth and swarm him in what he could only imagine was an insanely uncomfortable feeling if he had been merely just a victim. He would then release it with a kai, having mastered or well, made the new jutsu he had envisioned.

[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • Hell's Hands II][/color][/b]
C-Ranked Illusion of Force
After the required hand seals, Taiga will phase into the ground. If the target sees this, they will suddenly feel the ground beneath them shake lightly and see two hands reach up and grab their feet. These hands will exert [Willpower] strength, the effected feeling all the pain that would go with this and the inability to move. This technique lasts for 4 posts.
Taiga returned to his book and flipped through it again. It seemed that the best genjutsu were subtle- not to say they did not make big illusions, but they acted in ways that continuously confused the mind of the opponent and continously made it harder and harder to differentiate genjutsu from reality. With this in mind Taiga had a very nefarious idea.

He had just concocted a genjutsu that caused hands to pop out of the ground nearly infinitely for a duration, the hands always chasing the target. This was not only a great way to control where they went or force an odd behaviour, but Taiga had come to realize that it was the perfect way to condition an opponent to ignore the arms or pay them little creedence. In the Middle of this though, he would be capable of slipping in a real set of arms with stopping force.

This though meant this was beyond an illusion. He flipped through the pages of his textbook again until he found the passage on "illusiosn of force". It was one thing to make someone percieve a sense, but to make them feel force was a whole nother. Upon further reading he had ascertained that the best possible solution to making this jutsu was to start it with a monkey seal and bind with a dragon seal, monkey seal, dragon seal, monkey seal, snake. Whether not this was correct, he was unsure, but surely it was worth a shot.

Trying the technique he would go dragon monkey dragon monkey snake. This seemed to produce a new pair of hands that went for his legs, but as he peered into the mirror he did not feel anything. Something with the seals had been wrong. Giving it another quick shot, this time he spread his legs apart and closed the technique with the boar seal. Near instantly a pair of hands shot up and grabbed his legs with immense pressure causing him to wince a little.

Regardless, he kai'd the technique away and then took some notes,. It appeared yet another jutsu had worked successfuly and he would train it further the discretion of the team.

The last thing to do was to name the two techniques he had just come up with. Ever the boring adolescence he decided on the name of "Hells Hands I and Hells Hands II". Surely better nanes existed, but as the inventor it was his choice.
[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • Heaven Earth Swap][/color][/b]
B-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
After forming the needed hand seals, Taiga will phase through an opponent to initiate this genjutsu. For the following four posts, the target’s vision will seem to be flipped, so that up is down and down is up.
The power to move heaven and earth, At a symbolic level that had sounded incredibly interesting to Taiga, and via the powers of Genjutsu that would be something that he could very well do. While he considered the gag was mostly likely, well very likely to be short lived in actual usage with opponents figuring out after a moment or two what was going on, he knew that a gag like this was at least potentially useful for buying him the ability to survive a hit or two- or create enough diversion to get something done else wise.

Taking a huff, the Sarutobi would begin to read up on a scroll he had found at the archives of Konohagakure about "Heaven and Earth Swap". This was a famed technique after all. From what he could tell the technique was a powerful illusion and effected visual processing in quite a way. That was good news for him and once again seemed to be yet another monkey seal derivative technique. As he read on, it seemed the technique didn't last for too long and its fame could pose an issue in concealing notoriety and confusing and opponent. Regardless, Taiga did not seem to care too much.

The scroll continued on to describe how a technique like this was once used by some Mizukage to fight of a group of konoha shinobi- and that it had picked up forever from there. That was of course interesting, but Taiga was really only interested in the meat. He wanted to know how to perform such a technique, how to use the technique, and just how awesome he would be once he had it under his command! As he flipped a few more pages he finally found the full hand-seal list:
Monkey Tiger Ox Snake Monkey TIger Ox Dragon.

It seemed the more he studied and the further into the arts of illusion of genjutsu he got, the more hand seals seemed to keep cropping up. Either way, he was ready to try the technique on himself. Looking in a mirror he performed the trigger, then looked. It didn't work. With a grumble, he tried once more and made a crisper dragon seal on the end, his pinkies touching and his thumbs. The next thing he knew his world had literally been turned upside down. It was a completely unnerving feeling and he was sure had knew the jutsu- so it was best to cancel it now.

[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • Walled In][/color][/b]
B-Ranked Illusion Genjutsu
After forming the needed hand seals Taiga will slap the ground, initiating this genjutsu for all who have seen it. For the next 4 posts every-time the opponent moves a thick wall will form in front of them. The wall cannot be broken and feels like it is there, the effected unable to pass through the barrier. Those who are prone to panic and move in a variety of directions will find themselves quickly closed in completely.
The next technique on Taiga's list caused him to be rather excited.You see, he was capable of doing so much with his earth genma... But it always had risks. Risks of people moving or running away or doing things he wouldn't be able to keep up with. Because of that Taiga was extremely interested in keeping people controlled. Genjutsu seemed to be perfectly as a suppliment to allowing him to do that. Once he had people well controlled he would be able to act with ease and achieve whatever he wanted via other techniques.

Currently, he was looking at performing a higher-strength illusion than any he had ever done before. He decided to trigger it he would slap the ground, much like he did to utilize his ninjutsu. This would be confusing to opponents and cause for concern making thins so much more real. Next, he would draw on this effect and cause a wall to appear infront of a target. Things would get super cool though when they went to move, with yet another wall forming in front of them. Taiga figured this would cause them to turn the other way- just to get another. Eventually, the target would likely be surrounded by walls and panicked, with no where to turn. This also meanted that Taiga would have them trapped and controlled where he wanted them- whether he wanted to do an attack or just keep them to the side in a never ending walled in state- buying time for others or protecting a teammate from an aggressor.

With that done, he had to think of the seals he would use to accomplish and test the jutsu. He would dub this "Walled in". Obviously, the best choice as always was Monkey. Monkey Snake Monkey Ox Hare seemed to be a reasonable choice, but something about the monkey ox whatever thing seemed to be rather lacking. He wasn't completely sure if that would give him the speed of the walls he wanted.

Monkey Snake Boar Boar Hare Hare seemed to be a better solution. Trying out the seals and weaving it as he went along, it seemed to fit decently enough. Finally, he would look into the mirror of his room ready to test. He'd slap the ground, and sure enough walls would show up. Not claustrophobic in the slightest it was neat- but also a nuisance so he would kai out and then write his notes down, excited he invented yet another technique.

[b][color=#CDC1C5][Genjutsu • Pacification][/color][/b]
A-Ranked Status Genjutsu
After forming the needed hand seals Taiga will attempt to phase through someone triggering this genjutsu. For the next 3 posts the effected will be physically incapable of harming Taiga- all efforts to do so stopping half-way and filling them with a sense of doubt.
As Taiga read through the reports of what happened and what Enma had done to Shou, he only became more horrified. Genjutsu had the ability to stop grown men- Jounin even in their tracks. Such tremendous power was a testament to the very few who ever sought to master it. Taiga wanted to be the same. As such he read through books on status techniques.

From what he read:
Status genjutsu effected the the thought processes of those effected, creating emotions, calling forth memories, r even implanting thoughts. More complex than illusions, they were the genjutsu of more advanced shinobi.

This in of itself excited Taiga. He was totes an advanced shinobi and way cooler than that Yoru, Gene, or Fanho guy. I mean, he would be the next hokage afterall. He read on. It seemed that the most common form of a status genjutsu was one that put people to sleep. This seemed really lame though and he was not a fan. Weaker status were capable of provoking minor emotional changes- but he wasn't really feeling it. He had many things like this, but he was not fully committed to the idea of having more. Today he wanted to make an opus magnum. As he read through the rest of the page, he learned that even more powerful was B-Ranked techniques which could even evoke a specific thought process. This seemed very useful and intriguing to him... but not enough. Finally he found that A-rank techniques held the power to send people into mindless ranges or even burden them with sadness that prevented fighting. This completely intrigued him. He could perhaps have the ability to stop an entire army by making them sad? Or making them like him so much? This kind of stuff was wild.

Taiga decided however he wanted to make a status that prevented people from hurting him. Something that tugged in their sub-concious stopping any kind of attack the did halfway. A technique like this would have many advantages, numerous really. With the technique decided, he began to test it. He would first make a clone and then try various types of hand seals, trying to put the clones into a genjutsu. After a plethora of failed attempts, he finally nailed the effect he had sought by utilizing the same seals he always found himself using. Monkey seals. It was as if it was fate.

monkey monkey ox hare dragon snake monkey dragon.

This was the combination. The momennt he did it the clones face seemed to be troubled. Troubled deeply. Taiga tried to get the clone to attack him but every time the clones arm would stop shy of him and he'd bashfully bow his head. This- this was the power of genjutsu. Taiga grinned. This was pacification and he would further master this technique to use it on all those who threatened konohagakure.

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