Legends Unraveled | Pokémon, Jcink


Legends Unraveled | Pokémon, Jcink

Post by Forrest » Mon Nov 20, 2023 4:38 pm

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Space-time distortions. Shadow Pokémon. Political turmoil.

As the Raizun region faces unprecedented threats, its people are lining up to carve their names into history.

Capture extinct Pokémon in Time Pockets, assist or sabotage researchers in the race to purify lethal Shadow Pokémon, create a name for yourself via contests and the Gym Challenge, or sit back and relax with a martini while the world falls apart.

*18+ community
*Short app, custom templates welcome
*Non-linear gyms
*Character-led site-wide plots
*Start with up to six Pokémon; most monsters are available as starters


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