Teach me like one of your brothel boys

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Teach me like one of your brothel boys

Post by Con » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:37 pm

A pensive look took over Seijūrō's otherwise normally melancholic face. The wind brushed the dark hair against his face, a few specks of snow bouncing off of his cheeks. The wind was different in this part of the word. It was chilling and almost cut through the skin while back home it was forceful, but revitalizing. Snow had been somewhat of a novelty when the young man from the Land of Sharks had arrived. Despite not yet having lost its magic, it was definitely becoming a nuisance to deal with.

As he trodded along, leaving a track in his wake, he hugged the seal-skin coat over his frame. Definitely not going to miss the cold, that's for sure.

He took a deep breath and allowed a smirk to curve the corners of his mouth.

Curses, spells, legendary creatures and fire-breathing warlords. When did they stop being bedtime stories? In just a pair of weeks, he had met people that could walk on walls and jump over buildings. People that could fill buckets of water, make earth shape itself and close wounds with just a few hand gestures. With a swift strike, a samurai had cut through three steel ingots right in front of his eyes. Groups of dozens of hunters would bring gigantic beasts over their heads at the end of each day. It was an entirely new world, filled with bizarre experiences that he could bring back home.

And in just that time he had already met a few interesting people, such as Kousuke, Ume and Sama. The one who he had come for this day, however, was an entirely different beast. Fuhen, the man with a hundred swords.

Kousuke had promised he would help Seijūrō unveil the secrets of chakra and open the gates to an entirely new level as a healer. As he approached the welcoming entrance to one of the many taverns in Nukumi, it was time to see if that would hold up.

Let's see what the waves of life have in store for me.
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