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Community Building

Post by Nick » Tue Aug 09, 2022 12:12 pm

This had been a suggestion made long ago by his aide, and while Fuhen had initially dismissed the idea, he started to come around to the idea. It was something that would be of importance in fights against any hidden villages that took particular umbridge against what the Heart Empire stood for, especially those of Iwagakure and Kirigakure, and in the back of his mind, Fuhen worried that Sunagakure might take a similar stance at some point. While he had made peace with Konoha and Kumo, who knew if that peace would last after the existing kage's were replaced?

Or, perhaps just as importantly, after Fuhen died? He was doing everything in his power to set up a system that didn't need him, but his position of the Grand Shogun still existed for a reason, at least for now. He didn't handle many of the day-to-day operations of the child countries in the empire, but he was often a final check and balance against the evils of corruption, and while his visit to an old, retired doctor today would leave some mired in politics, perhaps the strength it built for the empire would be worthwhile.

He knocked on the door, and there was a shuffling from inside, and then it opened, revealing an older gentleman who obviously kept very good care of himself still, well-muscled, tall, with a straight back and an intense look that brooked hardly any argument. "Yes?" He asked with a raised brow to the tall Shogun.

"I am Iyashii, Fuhen. I have come for a doctor's visit."

A spark of recognition dawned in the old doctor's eyes, and he bowed his head in a shallow fashion, a sign of respect. "Ahh, Shogun-sama, I'm afraid I have not practiced properly in years."

"I've been told you're possibly the only one who can perform the task I need. May I come in?"

There was a bit of silence. The doctor seemed to understand what the man was asking, and he wasn't sure how to respond, but after a moment, the man stepped back and to the side, opening his home to the Shogun. Fuhen nodded his thanks and stepped inside, while the doctor got busy preparing a bit of tea for the both of them. The Frog took a seat.

"Forgive me, Shogun, I'll have to ask you to be more specific." He said, knowing mostly what Fuhen was about to ask. "My blood, doctor. I want it passed on. Specifically, I want Takiyasha-Hime's gift to be what the ninja villages refer to as... A clan." The doctor was turned away from the Shogun, but his eyes turned upwards, and he thought for a moment. "It can probably be done. It was never an exact science, but it will be successful with some trial... I'll need plenty of subjects."

The Shogun nodded. "If you agree to do this, I will ask for volunteers. I cannot guarantee numbers, but I'm sure at least a handful will be willing." The doctor turned back around, a kettle in one hand, a pair of cups in the other as he sat down across from Fuhen and let out a long breath. "Volunteers are good. Splicing onto living subjects is harder, but their children will be more likely to inherit... As you say, Takiyasha-Hime's gift. It will take some time, some work, some money."

"You will be well looked after, Doctor. Name your price."

The doctor smiled. "I dedicated my life to this work, and now I am retired and my community cares for me after breaking free from the war we were all trapped in. I have but one request. A hospital named after me, and an apprentice I can teach my ways." Fuhen quirked a brow. When he said to name his price, he expected an exorbitant sum, but this was quite... Reasonable, and more importantly, helpful to the community. "Done." The Shogun said as the man poured the tea slowly into his cup. "It will be as the Shogun requests. Sit, drink, allow me to fetch my needles."
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