Lazy day in Iwagakure

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Lazy day in Iwagakure

Post by Tristan » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:15 am

Tsuki layed flat on his back looking out deep into the clouds. -It was a sunny day which Tsuki loves mostly because of the warmth that It provided. Iwagakure was usually cool ,if you were born in Iwagakure you would be used to it but foreigners from other lands and village might be surprised about how chilly it can be . Tsuki was having himself a pretty lazy day to say the least his teammates he has has a genin and been reassigned to other squads and for all he knew they could be out on missions while he was here glaring up at the sky like some kind of daydreaming philosopher , well that was atleast half true cause he did do a lot of daydreaming but now he just felt lazy ,thought he should keep his jutsus familiar and his skills sharpened when he rose up it was revealed What he was wearing

He wore Dark brown flak jacket that he had modified from from its original form. He had greatly been inspired from the flak jacket designs and style from Konoha but with a few key features that set it apart and made it stand out as Tsukis original modified design of the flak jacket he was given when he first promoted as a chunin. As stated before it’s dark brown it also only having one pair of scroll pouches located on the left side of the chest while the Right has a knife sheath .Underneth the jacket is a deep marron shirt, His trousers had a white cloth wrap just above the knee with a small pouch attached.The pants are the same red color as the shirt he also sported mesh like clothing around his ankles that lead right to his black shinobi Sandals It could be seen that Tsuki kept a 12 inch long full tang kukri style blade in sheath located on the right side of his flak jacket .

Tsuki with both hands in his pocket as he made his way to the popular training area in Iwagakure .It wasn’t long before he made it there with the center being a fighting area Type of pit where shinobis did sparing matches. Tsuki should know all about that considering that’s where most of his mock battles were set during training exercises as a academy student and as a genin, he stood on the edge of the pit looking down smiled to himself recalling some great victories as well as some embarrassing losses . He looked around seeing a few shinobi perhaps one would be his sparring partner


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