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[Plotboard] We Fought the Law

Post by Hesh » Fri May 31, 2019 2:33 am

Itsuki sat at his favorite hibachi restaurant, watching the chef spin his spatulas and knives around in an amazing show as he prepared Itsuki's favorite dish. The most mouth watering, tantalizing, onion volcano was being built before his eyes, and he knew the sake shot was coming up. His eyes were gleaming with excitement, ready for his favorite part of the show, when it was all ruined by another shinobi sitting down next to Itsuki. Just as the chef aimed the sake at Itsuki's mouth and began to squirt, Itsuki turned to look at the newcomer, sake splashing against the side of his face. "Really?! Agh, stop. It's ruined. It's all ruined," Itsuki grumbled, wiping his face off as he looked at the man next to him.

"Sorry to bother you, Itsuki, but you do have a job," the man said, smiling at Itsuki's discomfort.

"Yeah, yeah, but it could have waited ten seconds and I could have a mouth full of sake right now!" Itduki retorted, glaring at the shinobi, "So what's so important it couldn't wait until after dinner?"

"Your cousin has a mission that requires you as well..."

"Eiji?! He needs me? Oh, I'm not gonna let him live this one down, and he couldn't even ask himself..."

"No, not Eiji, your other cousin, Yuji," the shinobi finished.

"Wait, the kid's a shinobi now? Well I'll be damned. Wait do you mean I'm the babysitter? Oh by my elders, am I getting assigned a genin team?"

"Gods no. No one would trust you with that. You're to help your cousin with some bandits. He has the full mission details. He's waiting for you at the main gate."

"Well Iwaru, guess you're taking my spot," Itsuki said before looking at the chef, "Sorry, chef, you heard the man. He's picking up the tab too."

And, with that, Itsuki bolted out of the restaurant, leaving a bewildered Iwaru to sit and enjoy the dinner Itsuki had ordered. Rushing through the village, Itsuki thought about his younger cousin. He knew him of course, he was the leader's second son, but Itsuki was closer to the older one and had never really spent much time with Yuji. Mainly cause of the age gap, Itsuki was always too busy doing jobs for the clan that children couldn't help with. Sliding down a pipe, Itsuki flipped off onto the ground in front of the gate and looked around for his younger cousin. "Oi! Yuji! Where are ya?" He began to yell as he continued to look, "I swear, if Iwaru pranked me, I'm kicking his ass tomorrow," Itsuki began to grumble to himself as he continued to search for Yuji
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[Plotboard] We Fought the Law

Post by Varian » Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:07 am

Yuji woke slowly as the orange rays of light began to flood his room, the sun had begun to rise in the Shinan valley illuminating Iwa with it's glow as it continued it's ascent. The young Uchiha dragged himself from his bed in a dishevelled state, his hair was in a real bad way going in every which direction. The door to his room slammed open as Mitsuo's grinning face appeared from the other side, he seemed eager about something but then again he was easily excitable Yuji rolled his eyes a little at his younger sibling. "Hey brother! Big brother Eiji said that breakfast will be served as soon as you came down so hurry up!" With that his kid brother darted off leaving the door wide open, Yuji brought his thumb and index finger to either side of the bridge of his nose. Yuji let out a sigh as he massaged the space between his eyes, in an attempt to wipe away the fatigue he rubbed his eyes firmly.

Yuji undressed from his night clothes and began putting on his shinobi attire, picking up the headband it felt weighty in his hand as if all the responsibility behind it was made tangible. He continued his morning routine and soon joined his siblings downstairs for breakfast, the atmosphere was very light hearted Shiori was teasing Eiji by pretending to misinterpret his signs. Mizuko was absent from the dining area, she was likely having breakfast with mother who rarely ventured to this part of the home. In general Yuji's mother tried to avoid any part of the house her husband frequented, the strain on their relationship constantly being shoved in the faces of their children through their absence. Yuji could not remember when they had last sat down for a meal as an entire family, it had to have been before coming to Iwa that was for sure. Yuji finished breakfast in relative silence from his siblings, sparing a smile here and there to his siblings shenanigans at the table.

Today he was due to undertake a challenging mission, Yuji was to be under supervisory review by one of his cousins. He made his way to the meeting time to find Itsuki frantically searching for presumably Yuji, the young shinobi raised a hand in greeting to Itsuki. "A little too early aren't we cousin? I was expecting to get here before you by setting off early myself." The Uchiha approached the Jounin, he had not seen his cousin all that often the past few years. It was remarkable how much could change and how much could stay the same. "You all set to go?"
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