[Legends] The Conquest of Plains and Sea

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[Legends] The Conquest of Plains and Sea

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After the successful subjugation of Gold Country and the news of Wind taking the homelands of most of his army, Aimi Kaguya knew that he needed to address his men. Many of them were concerned about their homes, their families, and wanted to go home to them, to try and fight Wind for control of their homes once more. Aimi dissuaded them. He addressed his now large army, asking of them if they did not know this day would come. "Did I not warn you that this would happen? That the war in the rest of the world would spill out into your homes? Is this not why you followed me in the first place?" he asked of them.

Aimi felt their pain and knew their losses but urged them not to leave. He had brought them strength in arms, unity, wealth beyond measure and would have them returned to their homes one day, but he urged them to not throw away their lives on a useless fight. "The armies of wind are well armed! Well funded! And worse, they have shinobi at their beck and call! They are a vast army that will not fall to you or me alone! If you want your homes back, your families, you must follow me further still and achieve more strength!"

The rogue ninja convinced his armies not to depart, if only barely, though a few men left regardless. Preparations began to resupply the army, train the weak soldiers that the Morimoto generals had been throwing away at Silver country, who, as he learned, now belonged to Wind as well, and thus had no reason to fight them anymore, and all else he had promised. More than this, though, Aimi began to personally train his soldiers in the art of chakra. He knew that if his armies were to have any chance against a force like Wind or Earth or any of the other major world powers, they would need the ability to use chakra.

Months passed and preparations were slow, careful, thought out. Plans were made and training pursued. After close to a year of training the various samurai and soldiers who were willing to learn how to use their chakra for various, if basic, ends (for Aimi Kaguya did not have the materials he needed on hand to teach them many of the finer points of chakra control or elemental jutsu typing), he felt the time had come for his armies to move south once more. The time had come to return to the Land of Plains and Sea and reunite with the Kinoko he had left to further train three years prior.

The march from north to south was long and slow. Unable to travel as one large army without attracting attention, Aimi instead moved his forces in various small squads - not dissimilar to shinobi teams of 4 - and stealthily made the trek south while leaving a few more trusted individuals behind in Gold to oversee the reclamation of the country's wealth in gold. For his part, Aimi Kaguya was the busiest individual in the entire army, travelling back and forth between squads as they made their way south, keeping watch for Wind samurai, keeping his men safe. He used his jutsu to communicate over long distances when necessary and slowly but surely navigated his men from Gold into the harsh desert of Wind, believing that this would be easier for his soldiers to endure than passing through their homelands and not trying to save them, down through Dungeon country - using the various dungeons and hidden paths to their advantage when they could - and finally into the Land of Plains and Sea. The total effort took months.

Once each squad was shepherded into Plains and Sea they would meet with the Kinoko tribe who live along the northern border. These friends of Aimi Kaguya would shelter his soldiers, give them food, give them rest, and help further introduce them to the use of chakra as Aimi had helped them. By the time that as much of his army as was possible to bring was in the Land of Plains and Sea, Aimi had a plan in place for conquering the warrior peoples he had failed to convince to his cause years prior.

When all was ready, Aimi marched his army north, now bolstered with members of the Kinoko who now followed Aimi Kaguya as "The Great Unifier". The fight was taken to Ulvengrad, the capital city of Plains and Sea, and the warriors of the country proved every bit as hardy as the soldiers trained by Aimi. Even with years of warfare experience and the advent of basic jutsu the fight was nearly even! Even with superior numbers, war and fighting was a central tenant of of the warriors of Plains and Sea's very existence. They were a people not easily taken over.

The losses were high on both sides. Aimi Kaguya fought fiercely and rallied his troops time and time again. The fighting lasted for days around the shores of Ulvengrad, on the water, and finally in the city itself. It was by far the most difficult battle in Aimis' entire campaign during the Great War. The battle ended when Aimi confronted the Ezhuahuacatl once more, demanding their surrender or their life. He offered all that he had offered his soldiers and more, sporting this battle as the reason why he was needed in this country. If he could bring war to the steps of their pyramid and come this close to eradicating them, what would a nation like Wind, Fire or Water do to them? He stressed that if they did relent he could give them riches, infrastructure, modern shinobi technology and so much more if they would but only yield!

This time, unlike before, Aimi was heard and listened to. As one the leaders of the two armies commanded a cease fire and negotiations began. These talks lasted for months and went back and forth repeatedly, the Ezhuahuacatl and their remaining Tlamatini stubbornly trying to gain more from these dealings than Aimi. Such was their nature. In the end, though, an agreement was reached that saw the unification of Aimis' army and the warriors of Plains and Sea into a single cohesive armada. Together, with Aimi Kaguyas' help, they would unite the country and reshape its' infrastructure. Bolstered by the wealth of riches flowing from Gold in the far north, they would more modernize their city and begin to reap the rewards of war.

Yet this was not nearly the end of things. Aimi Kaguya still had to figure out how to return his soldiers back to their homes with riches in tact, to find a safer route back up to Gold to move the treasure from north to south, and to better organize his military forces so that they could stand up to the likes of Wind and Earth who Aimi believed were his most immediate threats. To last in this war, he would need a centralized military command center, a place to train his soldiers and a foundation for any further movements.

He would need a military village.


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