Quick Fix (Training)

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Quick Fix (Training)

Post by Zao » Mon Feb 12, 2024 9:06 am

The morning sun was just beginning to crest over the shimmering desert horizon out to the east this morning as the young Dasu chuunin was already up, a small pack on his back with some tools that he'd acquired from a local blacksmithing shop yesterday. Closing the door quietly behind him, the young man left his family home where only his father was stirring this early as he navigated the streets and alleyways this morning with some precision, a single destination in mind as he turned another corner coming upon a simple looking two-story home that appeared to have been abandoned for some time now. "My my..." The spirit saint couldn't help but shake his head at the sight of his former home, a place he had refrained coming back to since his rebirth into this shinobi's body, but he needed a place where he wouldn't be seen for a bit.

Zao walked across the almost deserted street and into the adjacent alleyway that ran between his old home and another duplex of apartments, after slipping into the shadows the man knelt down and pressed on a small stone, infusing it with his chakra causing for a previously hidden fuuin diagram to light up briefly. This opened a small door that led into the basement of the man's home, aka his workshop, a few moments later the chuunin had slipped into the building allowing for the door to close and reseal itself behind him. Inside was a rather spacious place that was bigger than it should have been judging by the outside of the home that was above ground, one might even call it a laboratory. With a wave of his hand two large puppets appeared on the table, with another wave giant pieces of a massive puppet appeared behind him covering most of the floor space of the nearly thirty meters by forty-meter room. "Time to get to work."

The man had neglected his first tools, his puppets, that he had used as a young man all the way up until he began assembling his spirit companion army, unintentionally allowing for them to fall to the wayside. Without a doubt the strength that these puppets could express was greater than his own but currently they were to slow in their movements, mainly because of their outdated parts and designs from his youth. With that the man began to completely disassemble each of them as parts and pieces lay strode about the entire basement area, it was only then that the work could begin as the master level weapon crafter started by enhancing the engineering of each along with using higher grade materials and joints that he'd managed to quietly obtain by using different merchants and middlemen to keep it from being immediately traced back to him. This process ended up taking two days as he needed to actually forge some of the parts by hand to fit the specifications of each hand-crafted puppet body, especially the giant puppet body.



[Weapons Crafting - Reforged: Speedy]
D-Rank Weapon Crafting Maneuver
The user uses their refined knowledge of special blacksmithing combined with various other methods of engineering, their chakra, and other materials to enhance the capability of a puppet or weapon by increasing its [Speed] stat by 5 points each time the technique is used on the item. Due to the crafter's level of proficiency, they are able to perform this crafting enhancement at half the normal cost.

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