[PB] The Decision to fight or not to fight.

Thread Two - Kasai's Kage Attempt Decision

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[PB] The Decision to fight or not to fight.

Post by Zao » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:18 am

The sun on this morning was attempting to pierce through the heavy veil of mist that currently covered the hills of his family land, the old red headed Reaper had been seated in this same position before the grave stones of his son and wife all night as he had no need to sleep due to his special body. His thoughts were actually at this moment not upon the mission he had been placed on by the big families but instead upon the thought and realization that he was the last in the line of the Yami if he didn't count his daughter who was still missing. Truly having lost track of her after the last encounter they had when he had hunted her down, letting her go that time was the only demonstration of love she had truly gotten from the black hearted Reaper who killed any who stepped before him no matter age or gender. His feet barely made a sound as he touched the damp soil as he began to slowly stand up without the aid of his kinesis, which caused for the thin veil of mist that had encompassed him to be slightly blown away revealing the pair of graves he’d been seated in front of.

After arriving earlier he’d cleared away the debris that had gathered to reveal the two stones and after some work they aged spots had been removed and they seemed to almost be brand knew after the effort he’d put into them. "My wife, perhaps we can see one another sometime soon.” For the first time in quite a while the old monster smiled a normal smile on his scarred lips when speaking out loud to his wife’s grave, though she had been gone for many a years that old shinobi still thought about her almost daily. He was never the best husband or the best father, having always put his duties as a shinobi and a pillar of the hunter division first and foremost in his life. Yet, the woman was a born and bred Kiri-nin as well and understood, rarely ever voicing a complaint to the man but he couldn’t help but feel now that he’d put them to the side too much.

Perhaps the Mizukage was right to think that the man who had been so cold hearted had grown a bit soft in his old years, but when all one had to hold onto was the memories of time past then it was hard for them to not grow a little soft. "My wife and my son, this might be the last time I speak to you in this manner. The next time might be in person..." In the morning light the man would go on to talk quietly to his two lost loved ones' grave stones, his mind on what he should do next as those who wanted the leader of the village dead had most likely already met their own end. Was there a need for him to pursue this almost suicidal mission still? Perhaps their was another out there who thought the same as him and would aid in in the quest? His true goal was not to become Mizukage, if that happened then he would begrudgingly accept, but if he could find a better suited candidate that would help him then he’d prefer it that way.

With an audible sigh the old man turned once more sweeping his bright yellow eyes over the two gravestones that were the last two placed within the Yami family graveyard as two empty plots had been placed right beside those two. One eventually for himself and the other for his daughter who’s status was currently unknown. Shaking his head the man pushed off the ground lightly as his elemental body floated a few feet off the air looking down at the mist that once more attempted to cover the stones and hide their presence from the world. He truly had other things to attend to on this day...
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