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[Clan] Fukusha

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The Copy Clan

General Information Type: Clan
Village: Iwagakure no Sato
Size: Small, 10 Families
Traits: The Fukusha feature dark hair usually in the shade of black, but also not uncommon is dark brown. It is rare for an Fukusha to be born with a lighter hair color. They also have cold black pupils and irises, or dark shades that pair with their hair. Fukusha usually have a competitive nature in their blood that pushes them harder to train and be better than their allies. They are also usually stoic and seem apathetic being seen as typically cold, but there have been noted Fukusha who break from these typical traits.
Bequeath Good TidingsShow
Bequeath Good Tidings:
Bequeath Good Tidings
This ritual is celebrated by the Fukusha clan when a new life is brought into the world. They will get together and throw a small party as they bring items that represent what good traits and skills they wish for their child to be blessed with. These items will then be burned in a fire as a sacrifice for the child to be blessed and a 'contract' to be formed so that child will be born with it. It is also a way for people to give gifts to the new parents, and help guide them for parenthood.
Graduation TidingsShow
Graduation Tidings:
Graduation Tidings
When a group of Fukusha students graduate from the academy they will refuse the offer to have their headbands tied during their graduation ceremony at the school, and prefer to save the arrangement for at home from the clan elders. The clan elders will profess the skills of the new students and present them with their headbands tying it around. The parents usually tie the headband as a way for them to release their child as a full fledged shinobi with responsibilities, and for them to allow them to grow and prosper as a proper ninja.
Shōgō-zumi AwakeningShow
Shōgō-zumi Awakening:
Shōgō-zumi Awakening
The Fukusha will gather Genin and other Fukusha shinobi who have awakened their Shōgō-zumi. With this ceremony they will have a small tourney as they pit the kids against one another testing their ability with kids of like skill sets. This fosters a healthy rivalry as the shinobi are now within a race with one another to better their Shōgō-zumi and perfect their skills. This embodies a fundamental trait in all Fukusha to be competitive, fierce, but calm and reserved.
Influence: The Fukusha are still a relatively new and small clan. Due to this and their competitive nature the forces of Iwagakure see them as somewhat still an unknown element in their workings as their stoic and stand offish nature make them hard people to read. In tandem with this, their abilities to copy techniques and being new to the village makes some suspicious of them as its rumored they can permanently steal techniques.
A Battered Clan Swallow Their PrideShow
Weathered, battered, but no easy way out...
The Fukusha are a proud clan with abilities not seen anywhere else on the continent. They began as a small nomadic tribe originating within Rock Country and traveled the wastes and surrounding countries being a hunter-forager clan rarely stopping to settle down anywhere. This life style was harsh on its people, and one famine made them turn to banditry. While weak from the famine they began having to fight off slavers from enslaving their clan members. While the Fukusha we're hardly heard of Iwagakure caught wind of the banditry and attempted to deal with them like common thugs. However their tactics quickly changed as the small intermediary squad they sent to crush the "bandits" we're executed in a brutal manner. While being a large clan before joining Iwa, their numbers quickly dwindled one night as Iwagakure planned for an utter crushing of the clan. Despite their prowess and use Iwa saw them as a threat, and in the dead of a night in the cold winter began slaughtering them killing a large chunk reducing them to a mere handful of families.

As they captured the clan head battered, beaten, and bruised his brother stepped forward proposing the idea of executing the Iwa shinobi was his own. His only request was that they spare the rest of the clan, and from there they took the clan leader's brother. He was never heard from or seen from again. Disappearing into the cold winter night, it was assumed the worst had happened to him. In exchange the brother pleaded with the clan to give loyalty to Iwa to save themselves, and put themselves in an indentured state to serve Iwa for their crimes against their shinobi. Most of the Fukusha did, and the clan leader led by example to not let his brother die in vain. However a few clan members refused and we're swiftly executed.

Upon arriving at Iwa they were not welcome, and were seen as a band of savages. They were hated for their execution of the Iwa shinobi and were persecuted by the population and especially by the military. This has made most of the older Fukusha bitter about licking the boots of their own executioners, and having to bend the knee to a population that neither wants them nor respects them. Although roughly a decade has passed since their incorporation into Iwagakure and tensions have eased, the Fukusha have yet to earn the full trust from the majority of the village's residents, who still view them as outsiders. While the older generations of the Fukusha are typically bitter, the newer generations are instilled with the doctrine that Iwagakure is their protector and home.

Shinobi Information Definitions:
The Shōgō-zumi is a doujutsu that resides in the Fukusha clan. Shōgō-zumi means Collated which means to collect and combine in proper order. This doujutsu was awakened in the clan ages ago when the first clan member had experienced traumatic emotion distress, and awakened it. Since then the doujutsu has been unlocked in multitude of different ways among the clan members. The Shōgō-zumi grants the user great perception, and the ability to copy others jutsu. While the Shōgō-zumi can copy jutsu, it cannot copy jutsu that a clan member cannot produce: Kekkei-Genkai, another doujutsu jutsu, or Advanced [Space/Time, Overlay, Kinesis, Heavenly Taijutsu] skill that the user themselves does not have. The Shōgō-zumi can only copy techniques that are acquirable within their own skill set. I.E. for an Fukusha to copy a Heavenly Taijutsu technique they'd also have the Concentration for it.

Within the Shōgō-zumi is a special type achieved by only a few notable members called the Tsuyoi (Strong) Shōgō-zumi. The Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi grants the user access to the ability to read statistics of their opponent, and copy jutsu mimicking their own movements as if casting it at the same time. With the Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi they're able to read the stats of their opponent and copy jutsu.
Copying Jutsu:
Rules for Copying Jutsu
  • Shōgō-zumi Wielder has to have seen the jutsu
  • Must have the stats necessary to cast it
  • Can copy any form of X-Jutsu provided it is not a DNA based or secret arts jutsu set. Any questions about this can be directed for staff as to what can be copied and what cannot. (Examples of copyable things are Ninpou, Fuuton, Sound Initiated Genjutsu, Pseudo-Heavenly Taijutsu, Supers/Extensions, etc that are concentration based not locked off to them. Examples of non-copyable things are Steam, Byakugan related doujutsu techniques, Nara shadow jutsu, etc.)
  • Techniques copied cannot be permanently kept, and are forgotten, unable to be taught to others. Techniques may only be permanently kept upon unlocking the Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi although they are still unteachable to others.
  • Shōgō-zumi wielder can copy any technique they have seen within the time limit, after the time limit has passed they are not able to recall that technique for use.
  • Shōgō-zumi copying costs the user 1/2 the cost of the original technique + copying the technique itself.
  • Shōgō-zumi copying does not require additional jutsu, but the jutsu being copied must be made clear in the post with visible documentation.
  • Shōgō-zumi copying needs 1 post in-between when it was casted, and the Shōgō-zumi wielder copying it for use for processing.
  • Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi users can copy opponent's jutsu on par with the person casting it (Provided they have similar X-Jutsu stats for casting.)
  • Shōgō-zumi forgets all techniques copied when the Shōgō-zumi times, and will forget them by rank based on the scale below.
Jutsu Copying Time LimitsShow
D-rank JutsuForgotten 8 posts after being seen
C-rank JutsuForgotten 6 posts after being seen
B-rank JutsuForgotten 5 posts after being seen
A-rank JutsuForgotten 4 posts after being seen
S-rank JutsuForgotten 3 posts after being seen
Requirements: Higher Control than rank average, higher Willpower than rank average, and Katon as Primary Affinity
Kekkei Genkai:
Shōgō-zumi StagesShow
First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
This final level is unique to each individual person.

Shōgō-zumi Mastery Shōgō-zumi Doujutsu's abilities scale based off a mastery stat. This mastery stat determines the forms and stages of the Shōgō-zumi. As the stages grow so does the buff and enhancements the Shōgō-zumi gives. With the Shōgō-zumi based off the mastery stat so is its duration. The Shōgō-zumi can be used for [Mastery]/4 posts, and has a cool down equal to its usage length.
Mastery 1:No StageNo Buffs
Mastery 4:First StageAble to copy D-rank Jutsu; +2 Speed
Mastery 10:Second StageAble to copy C-rank Jutsu; +3 Speed, +2 Strength
Mastery 20:Third StageAble to copy B-Rank Jutsu; +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Willpower
Mastery 30:Third Stage (Elevated)Able to copy A-rank Jutsu; +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +5 Willpower
Mastery 50:Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumiAble to copy S-rank Jutsu; +5 Chakra Pool, +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +5 Willpower, +5 Control
Shōgō-zumi NocodeShow
[spoiler=Shōgō-zumi Stages][center]First Stage

Second Stage

Third Stage

Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
[i]This final level is unique to each individual person.[/i][/spoiler][/center]

[center][u][b]Shōgō-zumi Mastery[/b][/u][/center]

Shōgō-zumi Doujutsu's abilities scale based off a mastery stat. This mastery stat determines the forms and stages of the Shōgō-zumi. As the stages grow so does the buff and enhancements the Shōgō-zumi gives. With the Shōgō-zumi based off the mastery stat so is its duration. The Shōgō-zumi can be used for [Mastery]/4 posts, and has a cool down equal to its usage length.
[table=3]Mastery 1:[c]No Stage[c]No Buffs[c]Mastery 4:[c]First Stage[c]Able to copy D-rank Jutsu; +2 Speed[c]Mastery 10:[c]Second Stage[c]Able to copy C-rank Jutsu; +3 Speed, +2 Strength[c]Mastery 20:[c]Third Stage[c]Able to copy B-Rank Jutsu; +4 Speed, +3 Strength, +3 Willpower[c]Mastery 30:[c]Third Stage (Elevated)[c]Able to copy A-rank Jutsu; +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +5 Willpower[c]Mastery 50:[c]Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi[c]Able to copy S-rank Jutsu; +5 Chakra Pool, +5 Speed, +5 Strength, +5 Willpower, +5 Control[/table]
Clan Jutsu
House Hold Taijutsu StyleShow
Flames of Hatred:
Flames of Hatred Style
This style comes from the ferocity of the Fukusha as they allow the Flames of Hatred to burn behind their eyes, while they portray a cold stoic outer layer that creates an eerily feel on the battlefield. Their hatred is felt and shown, but it betrays the nature of their calm relaxed movements. This style is usually used to lull opponents in with smooth dodges, and tactical foot placement as they dance around their opponent. Behind the scenes the user is playing a game of battlefield management forcing the opponent to move a way or lull them into placement for their next move. The Fukusha are known for their tactical prowess, and are always thinking 10 steps ahead of their opponent.
Prerequisites: [Close Quarters Combat], and [Perception]
D-Rank Taijutsu (5):
[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Walking Stance[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Stance[/i]
The Fukusha will pair their feet in an L stance, and have a casual movement to them despite their mind being on edge. This stance is typically used to lull opponents into thinking the user is relaxed as their feet are paired shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent for immediate leverage when needed. While moving the user will typically keep their body on edge as if to react out of instinct to dodge, parry, or block any incoming attacks. In this stance the users keep their torso up straight.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Tactile Palm Maneuverment[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
When the user is fighting up close and personal, they will wave their off hand in the face of their opponent as a distraction while their other hand will perform an underhanded palm strike to the chest. This strike aims to wind them with a blow to the sternum which can create useful openings.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Side Swipe[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
The user will intercept an incoming strike aimed for them, and divert it to the side opposite of the hand they're using to divert. As they attempt to move the opponent around them they will raise their arm on the side they're directing the opponent, and jab a strong elbow to that person's head as an attempt to disorient or land a sturdy blow to the face (-1 Willpower). While rudimentary it is still a strong strike as it's compatible with most incoming attacks of the physical nature.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Flying Heel Take Down[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
When fighting in close quarters with an opponent, the user will jut an open palm strike at their opponent's nose attempting to disorient the target (-1 Willpower) before spinning quickly on their back heel as they raise their opposite leg high in the air and bring it down in an axe kick. They will aim to strike and cradle their opponent's head down towards the ground. This move can prove fruitful for creating a wide opening on an opponent as its goal is to disorient, and then bring their opponents down onto the ground with a strong kick.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Elbow Tackle[/color][/b]
[i]D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
When moving into an enemy's close quarters range, the user will aim to throw their opponent's defensive stance upwards with their free hand as they aim with their opposite elbow jutting it into their opponent's ribcage to knock them down into the ground. This move can be useful when attempting to close the gap and prevent an enemy from fleeing after forcing them into close quarters combat.
C-rank Taijutsu (5):
[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Arm Lock[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
As an opponent comes in for a strike, the user will intercept the attack with their free arm, and tuck it underneath their own arm around their back as they pull their opponent closer. When the user pulls the opponent in they'll usher a chop to the opponent's neck to cause them to gag and stun them. After stunning their opponent the user will then force the opponent down into the ground forcing their arm behind their back in a lock.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Back Hand Twist[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
As the user comes in for a strike, they'll throw a sweeping hook, and turn with the inertia swinging out their other hand to backhand their opponent as they spin around. As they come to face their opponent once more, they'll throw a straight kick into the opponent's chest in an attempt to knock them down or back far.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Grip Break[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
As an opponent swings in with a weapon, the user will side step the attack as they step in quickly to hold the weapon down on its safe end, and bat at the opponent's hand attempting to twist and rip the weapon away from the opponent. As the user rips the weapon away they'll then transition from batting the opponent's hands into an elbow to the opponent's face.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • No Loose Ends[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
A user who practices this discipline is skilled in seeing where weapons and projectiles are being thrown from to be able to deduce the general direction they are coming from. With this discipline, someone attempting to launch attacks from the shadows will reveal their position as the user traces the projectile back to the opponent in the shadows.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Weaponry Instinct[/color][/b]
[i]C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
A user who practices this discipline is skilled in studying their opponent's hold on weaponry. They'll be able to deduce weak spots in an opponent's grip, and better avoid attacks and prevent their body from instinctively blocking from attacks that would otherwise be dangerous if blocked. This essentially reinforces a user's natural knowledge of weaponry, and the pursuit to disarm an opponent.
B-rank Taijutsu (3):
[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Kowalski Analyze[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
A user practiced in this discipline is keen on small details. They are able to tell when things have been disturbed, pick up on little patterns, and are able to deduce an opponent's skill set with a bit of observation. This allows the user to pick up on an opponent's style, patterns, and details as long as the opponent does not have a Stealth jutsu of equal or greater rank. The user can also use this jutsu for detecting things wrong in an area, or if things have been moved or disturbed.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Once Twice Thrice[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
The user of this discipline can keep up with multiple targets at once. With their eyes working double time, they're able to keep up with [Speed]/4 targets within their vision at once.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • X Blade[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] 35 Strength
The user swings their arms in an X across their chest, creating a blast of air in the form of an X that reaches out up to [Strength]/2 in meters range which strikes and moves at the user's [Strength]/2. This X formation of air grows to be 5m wide as it moves forward.
A-rank Taijutsu (2):
[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Foresight[/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
When a user practices this discipline, they use the skill of reading an opponent to make up for their lack of speed. The user begins to predict their opponent's moves by reading their body language, and moving before the opponent has rolled into their attack to make up for the difference in speed. As long as the user's [Speed] is not 5 or more less than the opponent's [Speed] they'll be able to keep up with the opponent's attacks, if but barely. This is most often used when the user is backed into a corner or facing multiple opponents.

[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Grass Cutter[/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] Sword Weapons Concentration, 35 Strength
When a user uses this maneuver as they go to strike with their sword, their blade catches the air it moves through launching forward an air blade attack at a strength and speed 3/4th the user's own [Strength], and travels up to 3/4th the user's [Strength] in meters. This air blade is capable of cutting things as if it were a real blade, and has a length of 18m wide as it slices through the air.
S-rank Taijutsu (1):
[b][color=#AF1E2D]~Flames of Hate • Susano'o's Sight[/color][/b]
[i]S-Rank Taijutsu Discipline[/i]
Possessing immense battle sense and perception, the user is aware of even the most subtle details around them, to a point where they can even pick up on the slightest tension changes in an opponent’s body allowing him predict their movement before it is complete or even read what someone is writing by the way their pencil moves. At times their eyes seem to move on their own will, rapidly tracking an amount of movements equal to their [Speed]/2.
The Rikigaku-teki is a fabled creation of Fukusha that is told that when achieving the Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi they will have access to the Rikigaku-teki cloak. Its a traditional ninjutsu technique that has been passed down to each new Fukusha that unlockes the capabilities of the Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi. The Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi is a prerequisite to learning any of these techniques.
B-rank Ninjutsu (2):
[b][color=purple]~Rikigaku-teki • Rib Cage[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
The user will perform the necessary hand seals as they form a large glowing rib cage shroud around their body protecting them. This shroud is 5m in diameter, and is solid on the outside but allows the user to permeate what goes through allowing them to include people within the shroud and release jutsu from it. The shroud has a strength of [Control], and forms at a speed of [Control]. Once cast, this shroud lasts for 5 posts before dissipating.

[b][color=purple]~Rikigaku-teki • Skeletal Arm[/color][/b]
[i]B-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
The user will perform the necessary hand seals as a large skeletal arm grows out from the side hovering 2.5m away from themselves. This arm has a length of 3 meters, and is 1 meter wide with proportional hands. This arm acts like a clone as it moves and strikes independently of the user. The skeletal arm has the user's stats and lasts for [Control]/5 posts.
A-rank Ninjutsu (1):
[b][color=purple]~Rikigaku-teki • Incomplete Upper Body[/color][/b]
[i]A-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
The user will perform the necessary hand seals as they create the upperbody of the Rikigaku-teki. The upperbody has a measurement of 8m wide, 5m thick, and sits at being 15m tall. This upperbody functions functions like a clone that cloaks the user. This Rikigaku-teki will last for 6 posts before dissipating. It has the user's stats.
S-rank Ninjutsu (1):
[b][color=purple]~Rikigaku-teki • Perfect Rikigaku-teki Complete[/color][/b]
[i]S-Rank Ninjutsu[/i]
[i]Prerequisites:[/i] Tsuyoi Shōgō-zumi
The user will perform the necessary hand seals as they create the entire body of the Rikigaku-teki. The full Rikigaku-teki stands at 40m tall, being 20m thick, with an arm span of 36m. This Rikigaku-teki is also equipped with a katana that is proportionate to its body measuring 30m long, with a blade that is 8m thick across with a razor edge. This body functions functions like a clone that cloaks the user and has the user's stats. This Rikigaku-teki will last for 10 posts before dissipating.


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