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Uchiha, Yuji

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Uchiha, Yuji "Surrounded on all sides by strangers, now more than ever family is important."
General Information
General InformationShow
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Weight: 157lbs
Physical Characteristics:
With a more feminine face compared to his siblings it is not at all unreasonable for someone to mistake Yuji for a woman at a quick first glance, soft pale skin marked only by a light beauty spot on his upper left cheek resting on the ridge of his cheekbone. The mark runs is slightly off centred with the pupil of his left eye, straying slight to the right and towards his delicate nose below which is a thin lipped mouth. Above his blue grey narrow eyes rest rather thin and neat eyebrows sharing the colour of his brown black hair which he wears down to waist length.

Yuji holds a slender frame with a toned muscular structure due to the nature of his work, a large scar runs from the top of his left shoulder where the arm joins all the way diagonally down to his right hip. A wound he received from a shinobi whose blade cut just shallow enough to leave him alive, his families physicians could have helped it heal without a scar but Yuji wanted to remember the wound given to him by the first life he had taken. It reminded him not only of his own mortality but to respect life and not take it so easily.

Yuji has an extensive wardrobe that he wears but his typical and favourite attire is a form fitting high collared charcoal tank top, his clan crest patterned into the fabric resting at chest level proudly displaying his origins and loyalty. Loosely draped around his is a dark grey linen gown with an ebony silk trimming, one sleeve on the right having fallen down to collect at the elbow joint. The gown is tied together by a dark red sash that is tied in a bow at the rear, over his legs he tends to wear form fitting pants to match his tank top in colour.

Attached to a black linen ribbon Yuji's forehead protector is wrapped around his right arm, due to the sleeve of his gown being loosely draped around his elbow on the right side the protector is in full view for anyone to see. While some people would take great pride in their affiliation to Iwagakure, Yuji is very much indifferent towards it at present not really feeling like the village is his home still at this point. This does not stop him from displaying his village insignia however after all it is a fact that he is in service to Iwa.
Yuji tends to be more emotionally impulsive than his older brother but much more level headed when compared to his sister. While he tends to come across as snide and disrespectful to outsiders he tends to be gentle spirited towards his family. Yuji holds a passionate side to him also, having great love for music and literature. In terms of his heritage he holds great pride in being a member of the Uchiha clan, he often puts their needs ahead of his sometimes to his detriment.

Yuji's hopes to one day be of great service to his clan what that service will be he does not know yet, Yuji feels like when the time comes however he will be able to step up to the plate. Failure to do so terrifies him almost as much as losing his family, when Iwagakure brought their military might down upon the Uchiha clan he had seen a few members of his clan die and it has instilled a sense of how fragile life is.

Despite his hostile attitude towards outsiders his soft nature still holds some sway when it comes to combat preferring to avoid fighting all together whenever possible, while he is capable of taking a life it is not something he enjoys and tends to display respect towards his opponents in their final moments. If at all possible he tries to give his enemy a swift and painless death out of efficiency as much as mercy.

Battle Info
Battle Information
Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Genin
Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Katon

Yuji keeps 15 kunai in a quick draw pouch concealed within his gown, in a pouch attached to his sash he holds bandages, a vial of sterilising solution and a scalpel.
Yuji also holds in the sash pouch 5 explosive tags, 5 Smoke bombs and 5 Flash Pellets.
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 6
  • Genjutsu: 4
  • Stamina: 7
  • Control: 5
  • Strength: 6
  • Speed: 12
  • Instinct: 6
  • Mastery: 1

Abilities and Concentrations
First Ability
  • [Infant]
  • [Immature]
  • [Mature]
Sharingan Mastery:

The greater the level of Sharingan Mastery the user has, the greater their Sharingan grows and matures. The lower levels provide meager bonuses, while the higher, more evolved stages provide greater bonuses and clarity. Those who master their Sharingan unlock the fabled Mangekyou Sharingan, the pinnacle of the Uchiha doujutsu. The user may maintain their Sharingan for a period equal to their Mastery/2 posts. Afterwards, the user cannot use it for a period equal to their Mastery/4 posts. For Mangekyou Sharingan users, they may use their dojutsu for a period equal to their Mastery/4 post. Afterwards, the user cannot use it for a period equal to their Mastery/2 posts.
5+3 Instinct +2 Taijutsu | Infant Sharingan Unlocked; 1 tomoe each eye
10+5 Instinct +5 Taijutsu | Immature Sharingan Unlocked: 2 tomoe, 1 tomoe
15+8 Instinct +7 Taijutsu | 2 tomoe, 2 tomoe
20+8 Instinct +7 Taijutsu +3 Ninjutsu +2 Genjutsu | Mature Sharingan Unlocked: 3 tomoe, 2 tomoe
25+8 Instinct +7 Taijutsu +5 Ninjutsu +5 Genjutsu | 3 tomoe, 3 tomoe
35+8 Instinct +8 Taijutsu +10 Ninjutsu +9 Genjutsu | Mangekyou Sharingan Unlocked
39+10 Instinct +10 Taijutsu +10 Ninjutsu +9 Genjutsu | Sharingan Mastered: User is now able to use certain jutsu.
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Ninjutsu - 2/2
Katon Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Katon, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Katon affinity. Katon has a passive ignition effect.
Passive (Ingition)Show
Katon's effect is ignition, which means that all katon jutsu, regardless of effect, start and spread fire from their source. Once a jutsu has been performed, the fire from the jutsu spreads at 1/3rd the speed of the technique, rounded down. That means a C-rank katon jutsu that moves at 13 speed would create subsequent fires that spread at 4 speed. These secondary fires require flammable material to continuously spread, otherwise they will burn out on their own.

Additionally, the strength of burns on organic material from katon jutsu is determined by the strength stat of the individual jutsu.
  • 1-14 Strength Requirement: First Degree Burns
  • 15-24 Strength Requirement: Second Degree Burns
  • 25-34 Strength Requirement: Third Degree Burns
  • 35+ Strength Requirement: Fourth Degree Burns
This concentration allows for the user to user chakra to affect the biological processes of a living creature. This includes modifying, speeding up, or slowing down the biological processes. Iijutsu is known for it's advanced nature and requires precise chakra control to work effectively. It can be differentiate from normal techniques by the faint light green colour of the chakra used in Iijutsu techniques.
Taijutsu - 2/2[Close Quarters Combat][Perception]
Genjutsu - 0/1[Place them here]

The Roaming ClanShow
Yuji was born as the second son to the clan leader of the Uchiha, in those days the clan was slightly larger a whole fifteen families roamed the Kosshi desert and the vast Owari Plateau. His father, Uchiha Kazuo, was responsible for the lives of those in the clan. It was he who would decide where they would hunt, trade and on rare occasions farm, he would decide where they would rest during the hottest parts of the day in the Kosshi desert. Kazuo would decide where they would set up camps and where they would avoid, a task that had grown ever daunting as the years went by. Kazuo and his wife, Uchiha Noriyo, had two children of their own already by the time Yuji was born. The eldest being Uchiha Eiji, his brother and heir to the clan and his sister Uchiha Shiori. Along with his immediate family, Kazuo was supported in leading the clan by his younger brother and Yuji's uncle, Uchiha Kazuki.

Yuji was born in the Kosshi Desert during one of the Clan's migration periods, as is tradition his immediate and extended family were gathered to witness his birth baring their gifts to the gods in the hopes Yuji would grow with the traits they represented. His brother brought a thin yet sturdy band of iron hoping his younger brother would grow up strong, it sure enough took the longest to burn in the flames used to sacrifice the objects to the clan gods. Shiori burnt a lily hoping her younger brother would grow up with a peaceful and gentle nature, the pair ceremoniously placed their offerings into the flames silently giving their prayers and wishes to the gods. Next his father and uncle sacrificed their gifts, his father burnt a cloth with the clan symbol hoping that Yuji would grow up with pride in his heritage. Yuji's uncle Kazuki who valued wisdom and knowledge above all else sacrificed a blank scroll and brush hoping Yuji would become wise with age. Lastly his mother burnt her offering with assistance due to the fatigue of birth, a small wooden carving of a lion in the hopes he would have courage. It was there his name was decided upon, Yuji written as courageous second son.

Yuji grew up with a childhood that was standard for those of Uchiha, he learnt the nomadic ways of his people and as soon as he was five began training the the Taijutsu art of the clan. His uncle an already famed for his Taijutsu prowess among the clan members was responsible for Yuji's training and was by no means soft in his approach. Yuji was never keen on these training sessions much preferring the lessons in art and music that his mother taught him, his range of instruments was diverse but he was far from mastering any particular one like his mother. He favoured the Koto above all else and was often caught skipping his uncle's lessons to practice his music instead.
A Prodigy and a LegacyShow
The day his older brother Eiji unlocked his Sharingan was not only a joyous occasion but a momentous one, Eiji was being praised as a prodigy child unlocking not only one tomoe but two in both eyes his first time. Many expected great things from his older brother and Yuji along with the other clan members could not wait to unlock his own. Yuji went as far as allowing it to inspire his artwork painting his brother and him side by side with their red eyes vibrantly standing out on the canvas. It was around this time that Yuji's younger siblings were born a boy and girl, twins, were born to the Uchiha clan. Mitsuo and Mizuko there was much rejoicing amongst the clan as there had been with the birth of Yuji. Around the same time as their birth Yuji turned seven years old, his birthday was celebrated alongside the birth of the twins that year.

Eiji's training began to intensify and before long he was considered one of the best combatants the clan had, when times became hard the clan had begun to make raids on Rock Country villages at the behest of Kazuki. Yuji's father disapproved of the raids but the majority of the clan demanded such action and going against their wishes was unwise. During this time period the Uchiha clan came into contact with Iwagakure the hidden shinobi village for the Rock Country, this resulted in a number of skirmishes as Iwagakure attempted to defend it's interests in the region.

The fighting led to the loss of life on both sides till the day Iwagakure had enough, a large shinobi task force was dispatched to quell this upstart clan, it happened suddenly in the night. Nobody knew they had been infiltrated until the fires began burning their tents, Yuji woke to his baby siblings cries. His father and mother were already rushing outside to defend their camp, Eiji was nowhere to be found and was likely meant to be on watch this night.

Yuji was told to stay and defend his brother and sister, with that command his parents were gone. The sounds of conflict continued outside as more Uchiha joined in the battle, it was at this moment a Iwagakure Jounin stepped into the tent a large blade in hand. He had a ruthless grin upon his face, he began to advance upon the twins. Yuji instinctively put himself between the babies and the Jounin approaching, with a simple swipe he batted Yuji out the way as if he was never there. He could only look on in horror as the man raised his large blade to end the lives of his innocent siblings. It happened quickly, there was a blur of movement and then crimson splashed against the tent walls. The Jounin has a look of disbelief about him, blood sprayed from a vicious wound in his neck. He seemed to gasp for air, clutching at the wound in a futile attempt to stop the blood flow before collapsing to the floor. Eiji stood before the crib of his siblings, kunai in hand dripping with fresh blood, he gave a weak reassuring smile to Yuji before scooping up Mitsuo and Mizuko.

The pair took a sibling each in arm and fled the tent, seemingly just in time as a fireball came soaring across the battle landing incinerating the tent they had just been in. Families lay dead in the camp, some of them not even having a chance to defend themselves. Yuji stood in horror at the loss of life before him, his brother's calls going unheard as Uchiha were rounded up or killed. It was the bright light that caught his attention, a ball of flames headed directly for Eiji everything happened in slow motion. Eiji's head turned in time to see the attack but not enough time to avoid it he chose to throw himself in the way of the fireball protecting the young baby cradled in his arms, the flames engulfed the left side of Eiji's face. He cried out in agony as it scorched the flesh, damaging his left eye in the process. The red of the Sharingan faded from his eyes as he fell to the ground, twisting his body to save the child from the fall.

The shinobi, not much older than sixteen, responsible for the attack began making his way over to Eiji, once again Yuji threw himself in the path of the assailant. This was a bigger mistake than before as the attacked didn't hesitate in drawing his blade and slashing diagonally across his torso, the pain was unbearable and Yuji collapsed in agony. Here he was again in the same situation as moments before, helpless to protect those he cared about. His hand brushed against something metal, his eyes glanced down to a loose tent peg. The shinobi continued towards Eiji to finish off what his first attack had started satisfied that Yuji was not a current threat, this mistake would cost him his life as Yuji found a surge of adrenaline giving him the strength to pick himself up off the ground. Tent peg firmly in his grasp he charged the Shinobi from behind, planting the tent peg firmly between the back of the ribs and deep into the shinobi. Blood drained from the corner of the Iwa Nin's mouth followed by streams from his nose also as he crumpled to the ground instantly, he didn't make the gasping sounds the Jounin had in the tent it was sudden, silent; death.

The battle was soon over in Iwa's favour with all Uchiha who had been rounded being placed in the center of the camp. The leader of this Iwagakure force now presented himself to the clan, Yuji's father close beside him, a prisoner, announcing his plan for the remaining Uchiha. They would serve Iwagakure to repay for the damages done to the Rock country or they would perish here in this camp along with the others. There seemed to be a disagreement between the clan as to what to do, the leader of the Iwa forces seemed patient however and said he would allow them to discuss it further. The catch that followed however served no argument between the clan, they were unified in their horror as Kazuo was sentenced to die for leading the clan against Rock Country and by extension Iwa.

Voices were raised in protest the clan members begged for leniency, it was only when a deep voice broke out across the camp that everyone hushed. Kazuki stepped forward offering himself in place of the clan leader, informing the Iwa shinobi the raid plans were in fact his own and how he had pressured the clan into taking this option. He saw now how foolish a course of action it had been, the Iwa Shinobi seemed to pause in thought before agreeing to the trade. Kazuki's last words before being executed were of his regret on the choice they had made to resort to such violent means, he urged the Uchiha to take Iwa up on it's offer not just for the sake of survival but for future generations so they would never know the hardship of nomadic life. With that his life was ended and the Uchiha feeling beholden to his final wishes accepted the offer and attempted to make the most out of it.
Academy LifeShow
Yuji entered the academy at the age of ten, his brother had miraculously survived the ordeal the scaring on his face however was a constant reminder of what had happened to him. Eiji upon recovering was subjected to a two year long indoctrination course and very quickly became a loyal follower of Iwagakure despite history between the clan and Iwa, the village saw fit to quickly promote him to Jounin within the Iwagakure Shinobi Forces due to his invaluable contributions to the village and quick grasp on the concept of chakra usage. His Sister Shiori had unlocked her Sharingan during the battle and very quickly rose to the rank of Chuunin after leaving the academy.

Yuji kept to himself during the academy, focused on his studies as was expected of him by his father. His father had become a much sterner man after the loss of his brother, at times bordering on cruel, he knew he could not take out his frustration on the village for fear of retribution so it came out against his children. He demanded that they set an example for the other Uchiha to follow however, constantly involving them in the village however and whenever he could. His parents grew cold towards each other tending to sleep in separate parts of the complex. Yuji was not the only Uchiha enrolled into the academy which was a small saving grace it made it easier for Yuji to go by unnoticed during his education.

Graduation came and went for Yuji, his family celebrated his appointment as a genin in the new tradition that had sprung up within the clan. Yuji was still unsure how he felt about the village, he spent a lot of his time in the complex avoiding his father when not on missions. He had not found any peers amongst the villagers or shinobi present in Iwagakure, out of all of the siblings Shiori had become the most sociable making many friends within the village. Due to his injuries, Eiji had lost the ability to speak resorting only to sign which provided it's own challenges for both making friends and communicating with his family. Yuji had managed to pick up enough to be able to translate for his brother, he felt partly responsible for his injuries after all. As a newly appointed genin Yuji truly had no idea what the future held for him.

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Uchiha, Yuji

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Jutsu Taijutsu
Uchiha TaijutsuShow
D-Rank - ~Walking Stance
D-rank Taijutsu Stance
The user will set their dominant foot one shoulder width apart from their other foot before sliding the nondominant foot backwards a distance equal to one and a half shoulder widths, forming an 'L'. The user will then bend the leg of the front facing foot slightly while keeping the other leg nearly strait. When advancing forward, the user will sweep their feet forward rather than lifting them up and down so as to clear the space in front of them of objects and to subtlely force their opponents backwards.

~Low Block
D-rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will bunch their hands into fists in anticipation of an attack before bringing their left fist to their right ear, the fingers of the fist facing towards the user. Their second hand will meet the first, this fist with its fingers outwards before the user forcefully slides their left fist from their ear to their knee to block or redirect blows aimed at their lower body.

~Mid Block
D-rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will bunch their hands into fists in anticipation of an attack before bringing their left fist to their right ear, the fingers of the fist facing towards the user. Their second hand will meet the first, this fist with its fingers outwards before the user forcefully slides their left fist from their ear across their chest to block or redirect blows aimed at their midsection.

~Upper Block
D-rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The user will bunch their hands into fists in anticipation of an attack before bringing their left fist to their right hip, the fingers of the fist facing towards the user. Their second hand will meet the first, this fist with its fingers outwards before the user forcefully slides their left fist from their hip to above their head to block or redirect blows aimed at their upper body.

~Low Sweep
D-rank Taijutsu Maneuver
Prerequisite: Any Block
The user will use with the moment the opponent either recoils or the moment the opponent loses their sense of balance after a redirect. The user will then press into the opponent's guard and sweep their own leg low to knock their foe's feet from underneath them in an attempt to force them to the ground.
C-Rank - B-Rank - A-Rank - S-Rank -
Elemental Ninpou
D-Rank - *Katon • Fireball
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user draws in a deep breath before exhaling out a 1 foot diameter fireball at the opponent. It travels up to 10 meters away at a speed of 6 and a strength of 4.

*Katon • Torch
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will exhale a small ball of flame directly in front of them. The ball lights up the surrounding area in a 5 meter radius and requires 5 or more Strength to destroy. Unless destroyed, it will stay locked in it's location for 5 posts before fading.

*Katon • Flame Jet
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user draws in a deep breath before exhaling out a cone that is up to five meters long and three meters wide at it's base. The cone travels at a speed of 6 and pushes with a strength of 4.

*Katon • Flame's Shadow
D-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will create a copy of themselves out of katon chakra. The clone will be able to move with the stats labelled below, while also exploding with the force of a single exploding tag upon death into a burst of flames. The clone will only last for 3 posts.
  • Taijutsu: 2
  • Stamina: 1
  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 2
*Katon • Heated Blade
D-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling katon chakra into a metal weapon or blade, the user will cause it to grow hotter and cover the blade in flames. The imbued weapon will be able to carve through defenses of 5 or less strength with ease.
C-Rank - *Katon • Scattering Flames
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user will puff their chest before spitting out a torrent of 15 individual fireballs, each 2 centimeter diameter. The fireballs are shot for up to 10 meters away at a speed of 9 and a strength of 1.

*Katon • Great Fireball
C-Rank Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals, the user draws in a deep breath before exhaling a thin stream of flames up to 15 meters away at a speed of 10. Either at 15 meters, or if the stream makes impact with anything, the stream will erupt into a spherical C-Rank explosion, scattering flames over everything within a 5 meter radius from the point of impact.

*Katon • Erupting Burning Finger
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling chakra into their fingers, the user then attempts to make contact with the opponent. In the event that the strike is successful, the fingers release a C-Rank Explosion of Katon outward towards the targets body. If unused, lasts 3 posts.

*Katon • Ripple
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling katon chakra into their body, the user will release a burst of flame around their entire body, coming outwards from them. This sphere of roiling fire pushes outward with 10 speed and impacts whatever it touches with 10 strength, the sphere extending roughly 3 meters in radius from the user's body.

*Katon • Bomb Creation
C-Rank Ninjutsu
By channeling katon chakra into any item, the user will turn it into a ticking time bomb. Either when 3 posts are up or when activated through the use of Chakra Kai, the object will explode, releasing all the katon chakra in it in a C-Rank explosion and scattering flames in the immediate area.
B-Rank - A-Rank - S-Rank -
Ninpou & Ninpou Styles
D-Rank - *[Ninjutsu • Hidden Needles]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will focus chakra into their mouths and into up to five senbon within 3 feet of their position. The senbon will be summoned from their persons or nearby into the user's mouth, where they will be spit out aided by chakra at a speed of 6 and strength of 4. The senbon can be shot up to 7 meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Chakra Burst]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into one of their fists, the user will then attempt to strike their target and if successful, they will release additional concussive force in the form of an outward explosion at D-Rank force from their fist. If the user does not strike a target within 3 posts the jutsu dissipates.

*[Ninjutsu • Tracking Device]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will coat one of their hairs in chakra. Once this has been done, they will place it on their target. The user can track the exact location of the strand of hair for up to 7 meters. For up to twenty meters out, the user can track a rough location. From then out to 100 meters, the user just gets a general idea of where the opponent is. The chakra in the hair will dissipate at the end of 6 posts.

*[Ninjutsu • Wall]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user causes a thin 3x3 meter flat barrier to form directly in front of them at a speed of 5. This barrier can take a hit of up to 5 strength before shattering, otherwise it lasts for 3 posts.

*[Ninjutsu • Sensory Deprivation: Sight]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
A technique used for a variety of purposes, each unique to the user's needs, the user channels chakra over their eyes. This chakra will act as though it were solid, rendering the user blind until it is dispelled. This can be held as long as the user has chakra, but once it has ended, it has a cool-down period of 2 posts before it can be used again.
C-Rank - [Ninjutsu • Hooked]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After forming hand seals the user casts out a 20 meter long line of Chakra only 15cm in width on the end of the Jutsu is a 30cm hook. The line fires are a speed of 8 and hooks in with a strength of 12, the hook itself does no damage but if the target has strength lower than the hook the target is pulled towards user at a speed equal to strength of the hook. If the target has equal to or greater strength the hook instead pulls User towards the target instead at a speed equal to target's strength in speed capped at 20.
B-Rank - A-Rank - S-Rank -
D-Rank - *[Iijutsu • Sterilization Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
As sanitation cannot always be guaranteed in field operations, this technique provides a quick substitute to traditional sterilization methods. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will channel the chakra throughout his/her upper body (torso, arms, hands, face). This chakra will chew away at harmful bacteria and other foreign bodies on the skin, cleansing it until it is thoroughly sterile, and can be spread to objects, most commonly surgical tools. Of course, this takes both concentration and time, and in order to sterilize the entire upper body, it will take a duration of one (1) post. Users of this technique can also choose to sterilize certain parts of their upper body or the wounds of another person instead for a lesser concentration period. Once they are sanitized, they remain this way until coming in contact with more bacteria.

*[Iijutsu • Oxygen Flow]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Simple in its form yet highly effective in practice, the *[Iijutsu • Oxygen Flow] technique allows its users to clear obstructed airways, to perform less extensive CPR, and to give cells the oxygen they crave. After focusing chakra into the hands, the user will place both over the target's chest (through the back works as well). By allowing the chakra to be channeled throughout the lungs and up through the air ways, any unseen, solid or liquid obstructions will be cleared from these passages and ejected through the mouth, allowing the patient to breathe more easily. Additionally, the hands can be placed over the heart to help oxygenate the body's cells. In this instance, users must be much more careful, as over-oxygenating cells can cause more harm than good. This technique takes the entirety of one post to perform.

*[Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
When traditional stitching supplies aren't available, *[Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching] truly shines. After performing a short set of handseals, the user will gently place his/her index finger at the base of the patient's wound. Once this is done, the user will lift his/her finger and touch it to the other side of the wound, causing a visible 'stitch' of chakra to appear. This is repeated until the wound has been pulled together. Although precision is key, this technique can still be performed relatively quickly. Small to moderate wounds take very little time to stitch, while large wounds will take one (1) post of work to mend. This technique drains a minuscule amount of chakra from the person it is attached to in order to keep the stitches going, theoretically, ad-infinitum, and can be cancelled at any time by the user with a single handseal. Any intensive or strenuous movements will cause the stitches to break.

*[Iijutsu • Blood Clot Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
This highly useful field technique is applied to bleeding wounds to help encourage the coagulation of the blood. After focusing chakra into his/her hands, the user will hover them over the bleeding wound and begin to channel chakra through it. The chakra will began to thicken the blood, causing it to clot. Wounds must be dealt with one at a time, and the number of wounds that can be tended to within the three (3) posts that this technique lasts depends on their size. Small wounds take very little time to clot, while moderate wounds take one (1) post of concentration to clot, and large wounds take two (2) posts to clot. Although this technique stops the bleeding, the wound remains vulnerable and will require further care after this has been performed.

*[Iijutsu • Bandage Technique]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
Prerequisite: *[Iijutsu • Sterilization Technique]
A simple yet vital medical technique, the *[Iijutsu • Bandage Technique] provides its users with the ability to create makeshift bandages out of any suitable material they desire. After channeling chakra into an object (such as a leaf, piece of cloth, etc.), the user is able to apply it to the wound of a patient. Once applied, the selected object will adhere to the flesh around the wound, protecting it from bacteria and other harmful foreign bodies. Objects used for the bandage technique are automatically sterilized in the process. These bandages drain a minuscule amount of chakra from the person it is attatched to in order to keep them stuck on, theoretically, ad-infinitum, and can be cancelled at any time by the user with a single handseal. While not as effective at stopping bleeding as the [Iijutsu • Chakra Stitching] technique, they hold on much better in the case that strenuous movement is necessary.
C-Rank - B-Rank - A-Rank - S-Rank -


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