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Hinoshi, Isuzu

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Hinoshi, Isuzu

[The bright side isn't always so bad]

General Information Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Physical Features:
  • Face/head: Isuzu's face has matured a bit to be slightly manlier, now having a bit more defined of a chin and a less-round face. He still has bags under his eyes from his insomnia, but a bit of puberty has caused a little bit more confidence to bleed through his normally stoic demeanor. He can be seen smiling more these days as well. He’s developed a cute set of dimples that give him a striking resemblance to his father. His eyes are a beautiful turquois color, with his trademarked long eyelashes. His hair is still shaggy but is now covered by his Ninja Headband, which he wears bandana-style over his entire head.
  • Body: His body has filled out nicely in the few years since he's become a genin, with a bit more meat on his bones. He's still skinny, but now could be considered an "average" build, instead of the nicely worded "lean" that he was in his younger years. He is absent of any scars, etc. since he spent the last year relegated to a journey with his family and out of typical ninja work. He kept himself in shape by hiking, thus he has a relatively muscular torso with a toned core.
  • Notable Features: A small scar on his arm from a sparring session with a genin that went too far.
Clothing/Accessories: Isuzu had a bit of a fashion update during his travels. He still prefers simple clothing, but now he sports typical ninja attire. A short or mid-forearm length solid color shirt is common, depending on the weather and activity he's doing that day. He will also occasionally sport a pair of gloves that allow him to grip things better. His pants are the normal shinobi kind, going down to the top of his ankles. They fit a bit tight, but he likes the snugness. On his feet are a pair of regular shinobi sandals in navy or black.
Over that, he’s known to wear a zip-up vest with a hood. This vest is beige in color. There are many pockets on the vest, but most go unused on day-to-day (unless he’s on a mission). However, always tucked inside the inner chest pocket over his heart is a small notebook for his various needs, along with a small eraser-less pencil. He tops that off with a Navy or Black headband on top of his head, always bandana style. He’ll sometimes wear a small utility backpack on his back if needed.

Personality: Zu is an ... interesting young man. In his younger years he was known as a shy, lonely boy whose intellect bled through in his personality and pushed people away and marked him as an outsider. He’s grown a bit and become more cultured in his travels, thus giving him a bit more of a preoccupation to include himself in the group. In general, he’s become a typical ‘nice guy’ who is always smiling and happy to help. He always looks for the good in people. This has, unfortunately, turned him into sort of a pushover with little backbone. He has good ideas but doesn’t always have the conviction to stand behind them. He often backs down to more assertive personalities and assumes more of a follower role.
Isuzu tries to find the poetic beauty in everything, and will often remark on them. He’ll jot down little things about the flowers he’s seen, or that one cloud that looked like a ship. He’s also very analytical, questioning the nature of all things. He is a very quick learner and processes information very quickly. The combination of these things often given Isuzu keen insight into things, offering a “breath of fresh air” when offering input on a situation.
  • General:
  • Hopes/Dreams: Isuzu would love to become a tactician in the future, helping to design defenses for the village in order to save lives. However, if that doesn’t work, just being a successful shinobi would be enough for him. He wants to live a good life.
  • Fears: His fear is being forced to kill another human in cold blood. OR worse, to have to choose between saving his ally or letting them die to complete the mission.
  • Combat Mentality: In battle, Isuzu is very inexperienced for is age, and tends to try to stay back and out of the way until he sees an area where he can help out. A more defensive/patient style would define Isuzu’s actions. Setting traps and planning counters are his strong suite much more than a full frontal assault. However, his will to help can (and has) driven him into direct conflict when someone he cares about is in trouble. His body just sort of “moves” without thinking – which may seem admirable but could equally lead to pain for Isuzu.
    He’s also known for engineering battles to come to a draw rather than one side winning. This is from is Chess upbringing, where isolating the king until they don’t have another move is preferable to over-extending on an attack just to leave yourself vulnerable. However, it’s mostly because he’s never felt the desire to hurt another person, even an enemy.


Battle Information Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
  • Ninjutsu: 10
  • Taijutsu: 11
  • Genjutsu: 4
  • Stamina: 8
  • Control: 10
  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 8
  • Instinct: 10
  • Total: 66
Belt (Battle Items)
- 2 scrolls containing: 1 with 10 shuriken, 10 kunai, 10 senbon. 1 with 1 windmill shrunken. These scrolls are stored in a fanny-pack type pouch worn around his waist.
- 1 holster, containing the ammunitions seal: 5 kunai with basic explosive tag, 5 with flash seal, and 5 with blank tags.
- 1 holster containing the ammunitions seal: 10 kunai and 10 shuriken
- Several pre-written tags:
- 5 explosive tags
- 5 flash seals
- 5 barrier array tags
-10 blank parchment and 2 blank scrolls. These are stored in the pouch on his back left, around his belt.

Backpack (Survival)
- Canteen with 3qt of Clean Drinking Water
- Binoculars
- Gloves
- Protein bars (4)
- Small blanket (5x5)
- Rope (10 ft)
- Pen/Ink

Isuzu has two tattoos on the underside of his wrists, right before his hands, of his Storage Tattoo - Shuriken Seal.

Companions: (0/1)
Affinity: Fuuton Affinity
Abilities and Concentrations

Ninjutsu Specialist
Having devoted their lives to mastering the arts of Ninjutsu, this shinobi is classified as a Ninjutsu Specialist. Ninjutsu specialists are able to devote a total of 10 concentrations to Ninjutsu, unlike most people who are capped at 8. However, they are only able to devote a max of 5 concentrations to Taijutsu, and a max of 5 concentrations to Genjutsu.

As a Ninjutsu Specialist, Isuzu is able to utilize Ninjutsu concentrations reserved for specialists and is able to enter the God Tier [45+] on select stats, and meaning as a specialist they can select stats to break into the God tier. These stats can only be [Ninjutsu or Instinct], [Speed or Strength], and 2 of [Control, Instinct, or Stamina].
First Ability----------
Second Ability---------
Third Ability-------------
Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu:
Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu
This user is able to utilize Storage Fuuinjutsu and Force Fuuinjutsu, making it possible for them to utilize any jutsu with the Storage or Force Classification. Storage Fuuinjutsu can be used to store supplies, weapons, armor, or anything in between. Force Fuuinjutsu are used to release, counteract, and capture energy.

Charge Fuuinjutsu:
Charge Fuuinjutsu
This user is able to utilize Charge Fuuinjutsu, making it possible for them to utilize any jutsu with the Charge Classification. Charge Fuuinjutsu are used to create jutsu like effects out of seals.
Fuuton Affinity:
Fuuton Affinity
A character with this concentration is able to utilize Fuuton, and can make and use any custom or archived jutsu that require the Fuuton affinity. Fuuton has an cutting effect.
Passive (Cutting)Show
Fuuton has a natural cutting property to it, that exists in all jutsu unless otherwise stated. This gives fuuton a unique opportunity to strike with additional power, and to act as a offensive defense. Regardless of their purpose fuuton jutsu passively cut with no distinct pattern at 1/3rd the strength of the technique rounded down unless otherwise stated. This means if someone punched a 19 strength fuuton wall, they would get cuts on their hand applied with 6 strength. This also means that fuuton jutsu specifically designated to cut things can create devastating wound by essentially striking twice.

Projectile Weapons:
The fundamental skill of [Projectile Weapons] indicates the user’s proficiency with weapons designed to attack from afar, such as bows, shuriken, senbon, launchers and the like. This facilitates their use of related Taijutsu.
Upper Body:
The fundamental skill of the [Upper Body] indicates the user’s proficiency with using their arms, chest and head in various ways to facilitate their use of related Taijutsu.

*Fuuinjutsu • Tattoo
D-Rank Storage Fuuinjutsu
Developed for clandestine operations originally, instead of using ink and paper, the user draws a seal onto their body the size of the item they are sealing into their body. Upon doing a set of hand seals, the user then slides the item into the tattoo and performs the second seal, causing the seal to go dormant. When kai'd the seal releases the stored item.

Storage Tattoo - Shuriken
D-Rank Storage Fuuinjutsu
This seal contains shuriken and is located on the underside of Isuzu's wrists. Once kai'd, for next 5 posts, Isuzu can pull shuriken from the tattoo as he pleases, releasing up to three at a time. There are (2) of these, one on each arm, storing 15 shurikens each. Shuriken can be added back via the Fuuinjutsu • Tattoo technique for later use.

*Fuuinjutsu • Tool Storage
D-Rank Storage Fuuinjutsu
After drawing a seal formula on a surface, appropriate in size to the weapon being sealed but no larger than 3x9 inches, the user forms the needed hand seals then may place as many of that singular object into the scroll as desired. When done, the user performs another set of hand seals and touches the seal closing it off as the seal condenses to the shape of the object stored. This seal is the only known sealing applications that allows depth storage and unfortunately this cannot be done at larger sizes. Tools can only be released at a maximum of 10 at a time, and are released with zero force.

*Fuuinjutsu • Explosive Tag
D-Rank Force Fuuinjutsu
After drawing an 2x5 inch seal formula on a surface the user forms the needed hand seals then touches the seal, arming it with their chakra. Upon being kai'd, the tag releases it's stored energy as a D-Rank Explosion of concussive force outward from itself.

Fuuinjutsu • Flash Seal
D-rank Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu
A Fuuinjutsu technique where a seal is placed upon a piece of paper. The seal creates an effect upon the paper that causes an explosive flash of light that is designed to blind or impair an enemy. Using different minerals in the ink used to create the tag can change the color of the flash. These tags can be attached to a kunai for ease of use. Their vision will only be fully impaired for [1] post, then a little bit fuzzy the following [1] post. After that, they will be back to normal.

*Fuuinjutsu • Air Seal
D-Rank Charge Fuuinjutsu
A truly unique move in that it can be used alongside other Fuuinjutsu, by channeling into their finger as they draw in the air directly in front of them, the user releases raw chakra the lingers for a small amount of time, allowing it to be used as a seal formula. This technique consumes chakra equal to the cost of the technique.

*Fuuinjutsu • Barrier Trap
D-Rank Charge Fuuinjutsu
After placing four exploding tags in a 10 meter radius, the user draws a line connecting each of the tags. When kai'd, all the tags are set off simultaneously.

*Fuuinjutsu • Storage Strike
C-Rank Storage & Force Fuuinjutsu
Used in conjunction with storage seals, the user forms the needed hand seals then touches the storage seal causing it to release up to three of the objects stored in it simultaneously, as if they were thrown at a strength of 10. The three objects will be released in a small spread, only a few inches apart from each other.
*[Ninjutsu • Hidden Needles]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user will focus chakra into their mouths and into up to five senbon within 3 feet of their position. The senbon will be summoned from their persons or nearby into the user's mouth, where they will be spit out aided by chakra at a speed of 6 and strength of 4. The senbon can be shot up to 7 meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Chakra Burst]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After channeling chakra into one of their fists, the user will then attempt to strike their target and if successful, they will release additional concussive force in the form of an outward explosion at D-Rank force from their fist. If the user does not strike a target within 3 posts the jutsu dissipates.

*[Ninjutsu • Wall]
D-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user causes a thin 3x3 meter flat barrier to form directly in front of them at a speed of 5. This barrier can take a hit of up to 5 strength before shattering, otherwise it lasts for 3 posts.

*[Ninjutsu • Multiple Chakra Kai]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
Despite requiring both hands and more time than *[Basic Jutsu • Chakra Kai], Multiple Chakra Kai allows the user to activate up to five objects simultaneously, up to 20 + (Control/2) meters away.

*[Ninjutsu • Barrier]
C-Ranked Ninjutsu
After performing the correct hand seals the user forms a 10m3 barrier around a target up to 10m away from their position. The barrier forms at a speed of 12, has a strength of 8, and lasts 4 posts before fading away.
*Fuuton • Wind Bullet
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the required hand seals, the user expels a basket ball sized ball of wind from their mouth. This ball of wind travels up to 20m at 5 speed, and explodes with the strength of a single explosive tag on contact with solid matter or at the end of its range.

*Fuuton • Redirection
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the needed hand seals, the user covers a projectile they are holding in fuuton empowered wind. Then, when the weapon has been thrown as normal, the user is able to change it's direction by up to 90 degrees once with no drop in momentum on the projectiles part. This technique only lasts one post.

*Fuuton • Vortex Screw
D-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After doing the needed hand seals, the user creates a small vortex of Fuuton chakra around a projectile in their hand that spins with a strength of 5. This causes the projectile to corkscrew through the air, allowing it to travel an extra 10m and applying the Fuuton passive when thrown. This doesn't make the projectile any faster, only increases its range and ability to cut.

Fuuton • Cyclone Shuriken
D-rank Ninjutsu
Isuzu will channel wind chakra into a shuriken or windmill shuriken. This will cause each of the blades to extend to be 1 foot long in total and cause a sort of small tornado effect to exude from it when thrown, with each shuriken as their own mini-twisters. The size will be 2 feet at its center and extend out on the top and bottom of the shuriken for 1 meter. The widest parts are at each end of the tornado, being roughly 1 meter in diameter. It moves at normal thrown speed and hits with 5 strength, applying the fuuton passive as it strikes. The shuriken will still strike with normal strength.

Fuuton • Tornado Shuriken
C-rank Ninjutsu
Isuzu will channel wind chakra into a shuriken or windmill shuriken before throwing it, augmenting it with wind chakra. It will extend each blade by 2 ft, and cause a "tornado" like effect above and below the blade when thrown, with the shuriken acting as the epicenter. The entire tornado extends 3 meters above and below the shuriken, with a diameter of 6ft (2m) at its center and 3 meters at it's top. If the distance to the ground is less than that, the bottom will shrink to allow correct distance to the ground. The shuriken moves at normal thrown speed and the Fuuton hits with 10 strength, applying the fuuton passive as it strikes. The shuriken will still strike with normal strength.

*Fuuton • Gale Blade
C-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After forming the necessary hand seals, the user coats their weapon in a vortex of wind. This extends the weapon's range by 1m while not adding anything to its weight for 5 posts. It also causes the weapon to gain an edge as sharp as your average sword. This also applies the fuuton passive with a strength of 10 on contact with an opponent.

*Fuuton • Wind Clone
C-Ranked Fuuton Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals, the user will create a clone out of their fuuton chakra. This clone will be able to act entirely independently of the user for 5 posts before dissipating, with physical capabilities equal to the stats listed below. This clone applies the fuuton passive to enemies it touches.
Taijutsu: 6
Stamina: 6
Strength: 6
Speed: 9
Flawless AimShow
Flawless Aim Style:
This style of combat is favored by specialists preferring to use projectiles, often serving as a staple for taijutsu-based projectile users. Focusing on the synergy between their hands and senses they strive to make their reach as far as possible with flawless aim.
Requires [Projectile Weaponry] and [Upper Body] concentrations
*[Flawless Aim Style • Sentinel Stance]
D-Rank Taijutsu Stance
A stable and steady stance practiced by nearly all wishing to use projectiles. At this stage they are planted and focusing on their arms and shoulders, moving in smooth motions to mitigate unnecessary movements that may ruin their aim.

*[Flawless Aim Style • Multi-shot]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The practitioner is able to knock multiple arrows upon a single shot, loosing all of them simultaneously. Their accuracy suffers from this, taking a cumulative -2 Strength for each additional shot.

*[Flawless Aim Style • Arcing Shot]
D-Rank Taijutsu Maneuver
The practitioner is able to shoot in arcs up and over most obstacles, being able to accurately hit a target that is behind obstructions as if they were in the open. Granted, they must know of their target’s location or have another means of detecting them.

*[Flawless Aim Style • Tracking]
D-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
This allows the user to hit a moving target so long as it is moving in a way predictable to the user. They must still take into account travel time, and sudden changes in the path will still affect the outcome.

*[Flawless Aim Style • Rapid Shot]
D-Rank Taijutsu Stance
The user will hold multiple projectiles in their hands to reduce the amount of time needed for each shot. When required they can quickly and fluidly draw more projectiles and keep up a steady stream of attacks. However, while utilizing this Stance the user's feet must be planted, limiting the range of their assault, and their ability to be mobile while using it.

*[Flawless Aim Style • Evasive Maneuvers]
C-Rank Taijutsu Discipline
The user has learned to maintain accuracy while on the move. This allows the user to move at full speed and even change directions without interrupting their rhythm.
Place Genjutsu in here

Historical AccountsShow
Zu was born to a very high strung, uptight family. His parents were always very concerned with what others thought of them, though when push came to shove they truly did love their child. His father worked for the office of the local Daimyo, thus they went to several of the more important gatherings as a child. His mother didn’t have a job, retiring from her shinobi job at a chuunin level to raise their son full time. She was from a long line of fuuinjutsu specialists, a skill she wished to pass on to her son.

Isuzu’s childhood was full of books and scrolls. They were his only friends in his youth. The training regimen his parents put him through started at the age of 5, learning to write elegantly, and as fast as possible. Zu excelled at this type of training, mastering the ability to write two different seals at once for added speed. Once he entered the academy, his parents slowed down their training a bit, allowing Isuzu to become more familiar with the basic shinobi arts, and perhaps make a few friends. Isuzu did the first at least but never talked much. He was always the quiet one in the front of the class with his face in a book or looking down at his writing. He was never picked on or bullied though. He just simply didn’t interact with his classmates very much, which he was content with.

Now a full-fledged genin of the village, he is going to be forced to interact with more children his age, pushing him from his comfort zone. A welcome challenge after all of his years in the books.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t ready for the task. After suffering a gruesome attack from a fellow genin during a sparring match, Isuzu decided perhaps he wasn’t ready. His parents took him traveling around the Fire Country, seeing many places and learning many new things. He learned to open up a bit more to people and had some fun along the way. He arrived back in Konoha a changed young man, now ready to truly conquer what it takes to be a shinobi.


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