Char growth ability idea

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Char growth ability idea

Post by zippo » Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:23 pm

As usual, a red-pill idea just hit me.
Even though I'm done registering and sticking to what I have, this might be an interesting lightbulb to someone else. But my mind is totally curious if something like this, in a different spectrum of thought but within the rules, could exist. Or if not, can be corrected in the rules somewhere. Basically, it might be a glitch in the matrix or something completely legal to do.

This can be hit with a quick no and short explanation, and trashed. I don't mind. Just heavily curious if such a thing is possible, if characters can have 'character-growth' based abilities, that do not involve combat, like so:

Ability: Training Contract
Effect summarized: This isn't like most abilities pertaining to combat. Instead, it pertains to their efforts as they grow [training]. Either with a trainer-like spirit they make a contract with or just an ability unlocked from within from extreme devotion, the user basically gains access to stat training word count reductions each time they reach a requirement or threshold [if it's with a spirit; transformations of some type]. The first threshold reduces word-count by x, and so on and so forth depending on the staff's discretion. This ability can stack with any reducers that can be stacked, but cannot go against the minimum word count of 400.

Growth-abilities like this one, are they possibly legal to have in Saigen?

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Char growth ability idea

Post by Lord-High-Lord of the Frogs » Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:21 pm

Abilities that 'grow' are absolutely possible, but in general they need to be very clear cut in how they grow, meaning something like the "depending on staff's discretion" wouldn't be done, instead you'd have a table clearly marked out with something that says like "D-Rank plotboards can give X jutsu training reduction." The specific example of a training reduction isn't possible as far as I know, as that's what the Henrin clan used to do and that got taken away from them. On the other hand, we have things like genma abilities that already grow, not just because of the mastery stat, but because you have to do threads to unlock your forms. Taijutsu characters/clans especially often have abilities that scale with certain stats, but don't quite 'grow' in that way.

There's also been a character approved somewhere who's an ability thief, and has to do plotboards to steal abilities and add them to his repertoire, and his grows in a more congruent fashion.


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